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Jerry laughed softly, at least Michael kept his sense of humor. He calmly answered to the question with a smile drawing in his lips.

There was people he wanted to check up on them, to make sure they were fine, to make sure they were alive. Most of them, however, could handle themselves. There was one girl, in particular he was afraid she wouldn't be able to defend herself, but she was friends with everybody.

Nobody would go on a murdering rampage the first day, so she should be fine

"I'm not looking for anybody in particular, but if we meet our friends, we should try to help them."

He walked toward the door, feeling his weight against the floor. He wondered how old it must be, was there a chance of Michael and Jerry falling through it? That'd be anticlimactic, all this dramatic talk for nothing.

When he reached the door, he looked back to his companion. So that was his ally, and they both agreed to defend each other. That calmed the buzzing inside of him, he felt safe despite the situation. He knew that this feeling won't stay inside of him because only one person could get of this alive, unless someone came to rescue them, but it was the present that really matters.

Not the future.

"Let's go?"

((Jerry Larkins continued elsewhere))
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