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Hannah was breathing heavily, clutching the plank of wood like a massive club, both hands wrapped around the fabric handle. In-between her labored breaths, she heard another set of lungs breathing, and froze. There was somebody behind her, and she was largely helpless should they have anything better than a stick. Or, you know, have the muscle mass of a twelve-year-old. She whirled around and started into the eyes of whoever was behind her.

And breathed a sigh of relief. No weapons in their hands, and besides, she knew the girl. Not well, but she made a point to know everyone a little bit, so she knew that Olivia Fischer really wanted to be a watchmaker, was a big anime fan, and was also into robotics. She also had very brightly colored fingernails, which always made Hannah envious of her sloppily-painted rushjobs of fingernails that she barley did anyway because varnish tasted terrible when you bit your nails. Olivia was also a local to the area, although Hannah was pretty sure that her family of watchmakers had puttered around the Mojave long before the bright lights of Vegas had drawn in the Kendrickstones.

She sniffed and sat down again, placing the plant in-between her knees and looking up at the girl, a feat unto itself as Hannah was about six inches taller than Fischer. "We're fucked, you know that right? You, me, Wade, Irene, whoever you call friends..." She waved her hand feebly as if to offer an apology, before continuing. "All the kids who would be fine in the real world. Not too rich, but not going to be poor. We're the cannon fodder for this FUCKING GAME!" She screamed the last two words, trying to convey immeasurable anger in them. It was pretty impressive if she said so herself, but she continued.

"The poor kids who have had to claw their way to where we are, they're used to fighting. Maybe not with axes and guns and spears, but they've been fighting for a long time. The rich kids are just that. Rich. They get through this because they're above all this shit.. They could be the perfect snipers, like '*pew,* another oik gone!'"

"So that's fucking it. we're dead and done for. Fucked completely and utterly by being thrown in an environment that we were never supposed to survive in..." She tapped the plank against the floor, creating steady percussion that echoed throughout the entire cave, bouncing off of the walls and reflecting and bouncing again and reflecting until the sound was absorbed by the dark, mossy rock.
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