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The Veil: Erosion Interest Check
close the world, open the next

(declaration of interest, we'll see on participation)

Worm Mafia Fallout Thread
ngl low activity was pretty :/ for me but like what did I expect what with sc2 starting and lingering bitterness from the previous game

Worm Mafia Fallout Thread
Also, I actually was gonna make Skitter JOAT (with a one-shot investigation rather than a 1-shot watcher) and Tattletale a Tracker, (Genesis would've been replaced by a 2-shot Watcher, which would've likely been Imp), but rejiggled the balance at the last second. So there's your validation yugi.

Worm Mafia Fallout Thread

Worm Mafia Fallout Thread
Welp, that's the game. While I do think there are some things I definitely could've balanced better, town did basically hand scum the game by no-lynching every day (that, and the game was, if anything, town-sided).

Role PM's:

Cicada - Panacea

Prim - Genesis

Yugi - Skitter

frogue - Tattletale

Randomness - Trickster

Riki - Assault

CBP - Battery

Skraal - Clockblocker

Kermit - Weld

Deamon - Jack Slash

MW - The Siberian

And here are the night actions.


Mason Chat
Deamon x Randomness Neighborhood
Deamon x Prim Neighborhood
Spoilered Deadchat

Worm Mafia
Trickster: [bows]

Trickster: [takes off hat]

Trickster: [throws hat into air]

Trickster: [pirouettes]

Trickster: [blows a kiss]

Trickster: [dabs]


The Siberian: [bumps into Trickster]


Battery: it's all your fault Cauldron

Battery: if it wasn't for you Assault wouldn't have had to die

Battery suicide charges Contessa, determined to go down fighting, but got struck by lightning halfway there.


Genesis: this isn't my real body u cant kill me

Contessa: adfghjkl

Genesis: zetsuboushita

Genesis, having lost all hope, shot herself in the head.


Trickster - Randomness, Bus Driver
Battery - CBP, Masonized Lover
Genesis - Prim, Jack-of-All-Trades


Deamon - Jack Slash, Ascetic Neighborizer
MW - The Siberian, Bulletproof Strongman Roleblocker

The fallout thread will be up shortly.

Worm Mafia
Brockton Bay: Scion

Brockton Bay: SCION


Scion: mmm?

Brockton Bay: HALP

Scion: soz I was helping this ant cross the road

Scion: she was, like, really slow

Scion: anyways i'm on my way

Scion: oh you didn't even tell me which bad guy i'm supposed to kill anyways

Votecount 3.1

Randomness: MW, Cicada (L-2)

Today's day phase has ended in a no-lynch.

The night phase begins now and will end on August 27th at noon EST.

Posted Image

I'm gonna be lenient on the modkills and prods since I was too distracted to keep this thing updated regularly. Everyone who made a good-faith effort to talk in the thread will be given a pass. Prim will be modkilled barring an appeal, which must be made during this nightphase.

Worm Mafia
Yugi and Riki were both modkilled.

Worm Mafia
Clockblocker: You can't kill me

Clockblocker used Harden!

Clockblocker: ha, get it

Clockblocker: I'm hardening

It wasn't very effective...

Clockblocker: Oh c'mon


Meanwhile, Assault and Skitter was getting dangerously close to interfering with Cauldron's plans.

Contessa: Hey, Assault, your lover girl is hurt, you need to head to the Boardwalk. Skitter, go and help him

Assault and Skitter rushed to Boardwalk as quickly as possible, where they were promptly struck by lightning.


Clockblocker - Skraal, Jailkeeper
Assault - Riki, Masonized Lover
Skitter - Yugi, Tracker

7 alive means 4 to lynch. Dayphase ends at 11:59 pm on August 22nd, EST.

Posted Image

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Asuka and Alan, I guess

Worm Mafia
A little over a day to send in night actions.

Worm Mafia



Votecount 2.5

Yugi: Skraal, CBP, Kermit, Randomness (L-2)

Today's day phase has ended in a no-lynch.

The night phase begins now and will end on August 14th at noon, EST.

Posted Image

Riki, Prim, Skraal, CBP, and Deamon have all fallen below activity requirements today. CBP and Deamon have received prods. I have elected to be lenient with Prim and Skraal--both only fell below activity requirements by one post (as did CBP, but a modkill is more serious than a prod, so yeah). Riki will have until the end of the nightphase to submit an appeal. If no appeal is granted, Riki will be modkilled at the end of the nightphase. Everyone else has until the end of the next dayphase to appeal their prod.

Worm Mafia
Votecount 2.4

Yugi: Skraal, CBP (2 votes, L-4)

Dayphase ends in:

Posted Image

Worm Mafia
Random Weather Forecaster Person: It is an extremely misty day today, and it's red mist which is hella weird

RWFP: also i have no idea why i'm still on the job when i can't remember anyone else's name

RWFP: don't i have more important things to do?

RWFP: like run around on the streets freaking out

RWFP: like usually these kinds of services stop in this kind of crisis situation, y'know


Meteorologist: I'M A METEOROLOGIST


Votecount 2.3

Yugi: Skraal, CBP (2 votes, L-4)

Dayphase ends in:

Posted Image

Worm Mafia Sign-ups
Requesting for someone to replace into the game!

Worm Mafia
Votecount 2.2

Yugi: Skraal, CBP (2 votes, L-4)

Dayphase ends in:

Posted Image

If Yugi is not replaced by the end of night 2, his slot will be modkilled. Regarding unvoting: I required in the rules that you unvote before placing down a new vote. While I'll still count your new vote even if you didn't unvote, I'd really appreciate it if you unvoted since that makes counting votes easier.

Worm Mafia
I'm too tired to meme today.

Votecount 2.1

CBP: Skraal (1 vote, L-5)

Dayphase ends in:

Posted Image

Worm Mafia
Tattletale was on the brink of figuring it all out.

Tattletale: truth to power

Tattletale: and knowledge is power

Tattletale: but u can only know what is true

Tattletale: uuuuuh I think i'm mixing up my stock phrases

???: hey there

???: knowledge me

Tattletale: f-

DEAD: Tattletale - frogue, two-shot cop

Ten alive means six to lynch. The day phase will run for seven days and end at noon EST on August 11th.

Dayphase ends in:

Posted Image

Also, the following have fallen below activity requirements and received a prod:


If you wish to appeal your prod, please PM me by the end of the day phase. If you have been prodded and fall below activity requirements again, you will be modkilled.

Worm Mafia
A little over 7 hours remaining for night actions. Please be prompt.

Worm Mafia
Piggot: So where's Scion huh

Piggot: Scionnnn

Piggot: Scioooooooon

Scion: sorry i was busy af some guy needed me to douse his barn

Piggot: kill someone pls

Scion: nah

Scion: I think I'll knock everyone out randomly right when before someone's gonna get killed lol

Scion: wait that wasn't funny

Votecount 1.5

Cicada: Randomness, Riki (L-4)
Riki:Skrall (L-5)
CBP : Murder, Deamon, Yugi, Cicada (L-2)
Murder: CBP (L-5)

This day phase has ended in a no-lynch. The night phase will last for a little over two days, and will end at 11:59 pm EST on 8/3.

Posted Image

Don't have time right now to count posts, so I'll send out prods tomorrow. I will be lenient today given the relatively short day phase and give a pass to anyone who posted meaningfully 6+ times. Day phases in the future will be 7 days, and the activity requirement of 8 posts/day phase will be enforced.