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Worm Mafia
you know it

Worm Mafia
The Number Man: I'm the number man, look at what i can do

Doctor Mother: ew math

Contessa: math amirite




The Number Man:...

The Number Man: shit, there's nothing to do here, not even any records to bother with updating

Votecount 1.4

Yugi: MW (1 vote, L-5)
MW: Deamon (1 vote, L-5)
Cicada: Randomness, Cicada, Riki (3 votes, L-3)

Players not voting: frogue, Skraal, Kermit, Prim, CBP, Yugi

Players who have yet to check in: Kermit

The dayphase ends in

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Death Game ni Youkoso!
Worn out as of late, will develop on these relationships later. Yes to all of these.

Worm Mafia
Piggot: Hold on guyz I was in Brockton Bay and I play an important role in this arc, why am I doing narration stuff

Piggot: Was I not one of the role PM's


Dragon: paraphobe

Piggot: paraphone yourself

Votecount 1.3

Yugi: MW (1 vote, L-5)
MW: Deamon (1 vote, L-5)
Cicada: Randomness, Cicada, Riki (3 votes, L-3)

Players not voting: frogue, Skraal, Kermit, Prim, CBP, Yugi

Players who have yet to check in: Kermit

The dayphase ends in

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Worm Mafia
Simurgh: [flies overhead]



Votecount 1.2

Yugi: MW (1 vote, L-5)
MW: Yugi, Deamon (2 votes, L-4)
Cicada: Randomness, Cicada (2 votes, L-4)
Deamon: CBP (1 vote, L-5)

Players not voting: frogue, Skraal, Riki, Kermit, Prim

Players who have yet to check in: frogue, Kermit

The day phase ends in:

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Scum daychat has ended.

Worm Mafia
VIdeo removed for being mildly NSFW.

Worm Mafia
You're all BUTTS

Worm Mafia
Dr. Mother: All goes according to our plan

Contessa: lol

Dr. Mother:...

Contessa: [whispers]

Dr. Mother: SHIT

Contessa: keikaku

Votecount 1.1

Yugi: MW (1 vote, L-5)
MW: Yugi, Deamon (2 votes, L-4)
Cicada: Randomness, Cicada (2 votes, L-4)
Deamon: CBP (1 vote, L-5)

Players not voting: frogue, Skraal, Riki, Kermit, Prim

The day phase ends in:

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Scum daychat ends in:

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Worm Mafia
Activity requirement is 8 posts/day phase. I forgot to put this in the OP, but they must be meaningful posts. Feel free to shitpost though, :)

Worm Mafia
Role PM's have been sent!

Worm Mafia
Welcome to Worm Mafia!

Piggot: Hello Dragon did you hear the Slaughterhouse Nine are in town they want their ninth member

Dragon: fuk

Piggot: The local villains have proposed a truce with our heroes

Dragon: :0

Piggot: I no trust them

Dragon: :(

Piggot: I bomb them while they fighting the Slaughterhouse Nine, like two birds with one stone amirite

Dragon: :-/

Piggot: cuz like I'm not a hero and all so technically I don't have to follow the truce

Dragon: :'(

Piggot: Why the long virtual face

Dragon: idk

PRT Officer: Piggot you have mail

Piggot: :0

Dragon: Lemme see

Piggot: Oh shit it's from the Slaughterhouse Nine they want to play a game

Letter from the Slaughterhouse Nine: Rules of the Game

Piggot: Well, shit

Dragon: Yeah

Dragon: Wait fuck why is there mist everywhere

Piggot: fuk


Living Players:
1. Yugi
2. Cicada
3. Deamon
4. Kermit
5. CBP
6. Primrosette
7. Skraal
8. MurderWeasel
9. frogue
10. Randomness
11. Riki

Dead Players:

There are 11 players remaining, 6 to lynch. This day phase will end at 11:59 pm EST on July 31st.

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Scum daychat ends in 48 hours.

Posted Image

Friendship is Tragic~
Only gonna make notes for the relationships that I have substantive ideas on.

Cleo and Megan: Megan is in need of momfriends and is also a weird mix of 'chill' and 'timid' that'll give her a similar tendency towards doing adventurous stuff cautiously. Maybe they cheer each other on and give each other life advice?

Aoi and Blaise: They hate each other. Aoi is somewhat bigoted against transgender and non-binary people (of the 'you have a biological sex, that's science, stop trying to argue with science' variety) and sees such issues as 'PC nonsense'. Probably judges them for their appearance, and thinks of them as vain and shallow for all the temporary appearance-changes. Judges them for being impulsive too.

Blaise and Megan: Former friends/romance, before Megan accidentally did something to enrage Blaise? Even if she never did, she'd probably be extremely put off by their vindictive streak, and attempts to confront them over it might trigger a falling-out. Anyways, their relationship right now will likely be pretty problematic.

I actually do have more things, but have to go for now. Gonna go ahead and post, will update!

Death Game ni Youkoso!
Aoi and Yuki: There are two ideas that I like for this: one is that they were really close friends in the past and still sorta maintain that friendship, but neither actually likes each other at this point. The other is that they have a really good working relationship to the point that Aoi thinks of her as a p close friend (due to his idiosyncratic views about what a 'friend' is) but Yuki kinda quietly dislikes him, and there's not actually a lot of depth to their relationship.

Aoi and Zach: Probably a pretty antagonistic relationship, but if Zach's edgy enough Aoi might secretly admire him or something. Aoi kinda likes all anti-norm thoughts and theories, regardless of how much they contradict each other.

Aoi and Ned: Aoi would think that Ned's immature and impractical, but might not tell him so unless Ned's, like, aggressively friendly or talkative towards him or something.

Megan and Ned: The nature of their relationship will depend on what kind of extrovert Ned is. Is he hyperactive? Attentive? A goofball, or a momfriend, or something else? In any case, they'd probably be friends.

Megan and Zach: She hates him, he messes with her. Go ahead and make her cry.

Megan and Yuki: Probably pretty good friends. Maybe Yuki also tutors Megan and that's how they first met?

Worm Mafia Sign-ups
As per his request, Red has been dropped from the game.

Death Game ni Youkoso!
You know the drill (better than I do). Here they are. Also, names are subject to change.

Aoi Mishima: The Evil Self-Insert

A fairly even blend of arrogance, and self-hatred. Also, simultaneously rule-abiding and edgy. Judgmental more-academic-than-thou honors student, but isn't actually particularly interested in learning. No social skills, cold, blunt, distant, awkward. Justifies himself by believing that he's just 'saying it like it is', thinks his classmates are phonies and sheeple. Fixated on academics and success as a means to prove his worth: if he's more successful than them when he grows up, it doesn't matter that they don't like him, right? For the most part, he's painfully straightlaced, mostly because he doesn't want to lower himself to the level of his more vulgar classmates. He also likes to think of himself as morally superior to his classmates, in a 'I might be an asshole but I don't do those immoral things you guys do' way. Preoccupied with the notion of being someone who cares about the Big Issues(tm) and being Deep(tm). Hates bullying, will pick verbal fights with bullies. Tends to see people as being worse than they really are, if that wasn't already abundantly clear. Secretly suspects he's a psychopath, and has a good deal of issues on that front. Plays chess. Tends to join clubs and such for the sake of putting them on his resume, but never lands leadership positions. Probably occasionally ventures onto the alt-right thing; he's attracted to notions of 'say it like it is', is anti-PC (yet also doesn't swear...:thinking:), and is interested in the edgy ideas there, even if he isn't sure he buys into them (sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't). Likes dissing celebrity culture, fashion, and other things he sees as superficial. Sexually repressed, heterosexual.

Searching for:

Bullies (not necessarily people who bully him, but characters who you would call bullies)
Anti-establishment rebellious types (political alignment doesn't particularly matter)
Academic tryhards
Chess club?
Popular kids who bear him no ill will, but who he hates

Megan Summers: Cinnamon Bun

Moved to Chattanooga during the last year of middle school, was bullied a lot at her old school for being overly sensitive and fun to pick on. Currently recovering from self-harm. Shy and timid. Hates conflict; likes to be the voice of reason, likes to moderate conflict, but too shy and timid to step into that role very often. Smart, but relaxed when it comes to schoolwork unless she finds it interesting. Non-denominational Christian, has put a good deal of thought into her faith (basically, she likes Kierkegaard). Likes cute, soft, fluffy aesthetics. Heavy avoidant tendencies, but places a great deal of value on the relationships she has. Likes to think the best of other people. Alternates between cutesy cheerfulness and silent observation when in public. Compulsive daydreamer. Pansexual, interested in relationships but too shy to pursue them without a push. Obsessed with being open about her negative emotions, how's she feeling, etc., which can make her seem childish and emotionally needy and makes her seem really self-aware in some ways and lack self-awareness in others. Wants to create a post-ironic society. Tumblr yes, fandoms yes, weeb yes.

Friends who protect her/look after her
Church friends
Weeb friends
Romantic entanglements

Oh, and I have one more concept who's not fully-fleshed out, but will probably be a lonely misogynistic otaku.

Worm Mafia Sign-ups
15 hour workday tomorrow, tack on another day.

V6 Eighth Announcement
Boris needs to stop drinking so much

((Asuka continued from Ship's A Goin' Down))

And in the end, it turned out she still wasn't ready.

Asuka sat, best as she could, cross-legged, Lili's gun--not the gun that she'd been shot with, which made things less poetic maybe, except maybe that was poetic and sent a message in and of itself-- across her lap. Her shoulder was screaming, but not as much as it should've been. Shock, or adrenaline, or damaged nerves. Anyways, it looked like she was gonna bleed out and fall unconscious within a few minutes. Enough time to choose her manner of dying, to decide which platitude would define her death, and her life. Shoot a camera, or shoot herself, or just sit here and enjoy what time she had left, or

Quick, think of some nice and warm and comforting thoughts.



Hey. It's okay. It'll be okay. You're okay.

Give me a hug. There, there. It's okay, I understand. Even if the only reason I understand is because I'm literally you. So, like, let's tell each other stuff, okay? That'll, like, knock out two birds with one stone! Not that efficiency is the goal here.

Go take a bath. Take a walk while wearing your favorite outfit, and breathe in the smell of spring. Don't wear it for days on end, though. The outfit, I mean. That would just make you hate yourself more. Eat your food pyramid. Then eat a bar of chocolate. Brush your teeth. Smile, even if it's not real. You just might make someone else smile. And then go give that someone a hug; it'd make both of you feel good. Don't be shy. Both of you already smiled. No takesies-backsies. Deep breath in. Release. Relax. You're doing fine.

But Asuka, you say, this is all stuff related to the body! My body's bleeding and rotting and very quickly completing the transition to corpse! And besides, I don't know how to take the small pleasures in life, to live in the moment. Even now, you're imagining this letter to yourself partly because you like the concept of comforting yourself, not just because because you want to get some comfort before you die. Die alone, of course. But anyways, yeah, I don't expect you to follow that advice. You'd be dead long before you could finish it. You just needed someone to fuss over you, remind you that someone cares about you enough to notice that you've been neglecting your body. And besides, your mind isn't separate from your body. Unfortunately.

That doesn't change the fact that you're feeling nihilistic, though. That really sucks. But hey, it's okay. We can be nihilistic together! We can die alone together! You don't have to be alone anymore!

So yeah. That's it. I'm sorry I'm the one writing this, instead of literally anyone else. Just pretend I'm not me, okay? I'm sure there's someone out there who would care about you like this, if they knew you. Take care of yourself. Say hi to the void for me.

So long,
Asuka Takahara


That'll do, right?


Faint whispers of sobs. That'll do.


Worm Mafia Sign-ups
That's time. Give me 2-3 days to work out the balancing stuff, and then roles will be coming out.

Worm Mafia Sign-ups
Yeah, if you're gonna have an activity problem, just let me know ahead of time and it should be no problemo.