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Mystic River.
"Sorry. I'm done."

Crash. And burn. Why does Asuka have to be so bad?

((Asuka continued elsewhere))

Aperature Science Mafia Signups!
against my better judgment

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
thx bby

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
Actually, your death didn't hurt anyone, Randomness. We dun goofed and decided to shoot Paige even though Vyse had a pretty good idea she was the second lover. That actually worked out in scum's favor, sorta, because then Vyse wouldn't have been able to use his MyLo argument. I'm kinda freaked out that we might've won the game based off of that.

Also, having schemed with Vyse it's safe to say that I will never ever trust him again.

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
Anyways, this was my first mafia game in a forum, so my gameplay was really really simple and basically focused on self-preservation.

Anywho, thoughts/advice for improving future play? :)

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
*thinks about trying to play mafia while trying to write papers and study for tests*


Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
tbh I'm slightly disappointed that all our night 4 panicking came out to nothing

Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
gg, everyone

Prim, I'm really, really sorry about how that turned out, and I hope you feel better soon.

Also, I apologize for disappearing during the latter part of day 1, dunno how that affected the game. It doesn't feel very clean, but if I didn't come back it'd cripple the scum team because doctor+cop was presumably in the game, and I decided that staying in would probably be less bad for the game than leaving it.

This game was also much, much close than it looked, I think: Goose, Yugi, and I were essentially confirmed scum by the end, and Vyse would've come under suspicion sooner or later.

Mystic River.
Phew. Momentary gravitas dispelled.

Asuka had started to wonder if Scout was totally humorless, but it figured that she would go through some character development. Well, character reveal. Scout was already a complex person, even if Asuka couldn't see all of that. You're only the main character of your own story, Asuka. That's the whole point of your time on the island.

So maybe the joke's a little stupid. A banana is innuendo for a penis, ohohohoho. So what? It might not be a good sense of humor, but it's a sense of humor, and Asuka hadn't even been willing to give Scout credit for that. Why was she like that? Why couldn't she fucking give people a chance, see them as what they might be rather than what they appear to be?

Gravitas was setting back in. The least she could do was try to respect the mood.

"Umm. There's no way I'm getting either of 'em before I die?"

A little too self-pitying, but too late to worry about...no, not too late.

She gave a shrug. "It's okay, I guess. Don't really...like...either of them too much."

Fuck dignity, right?

NAFT's lyric prompt event thing based off of Hamilton.
i'm willing to wait for it

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I used to be able to do maths, but then I quit my engineering major and that part of my brain magically stopped working.

Uhm...yes. The math checks out.

Scumnulling Yugi and Decoy, but not enough to risk a flip on either until we have more info.

I feel more or less comfortable with throwing in my VOTE: Toxie, but I wanna see if we can get more info out of Yugi and/or decoy before hammering.

My thoughts on them:

Decoy's been lurking hard, while just barely scraping by enough to dodge inactivity, and his posts don't really offer much in the way of reads. Any other time I'd push for a policy lynch there, but we can't afford a mislynch.

Yugi's a mixed bag, but scumnull and trending scummier: his no-voting combined with his echoing of other people's pushes is scummy, his day 1 refusal to back either the fogue or the flare wagon is very sketch just cuz it looks like he's trying to avoid suspicion without having to actually push flare, and this is only somewhat alleviated by his 'yeah, i know I'm not being super original, but I don't really have new thoughts here' disclaimers. Scum can easily put that kind of thing up to avoid having a strong opinion. I still like his push on candy, even though she flipped town, because it was a hard push based on pretty solid reasoning, but I'm biased because I thought Candy's play was scummy af. Could've been a legit push, could've been scum targeting flailing townie. I've already brought up why I don't like his play this round, though I'm inclined to believe out-of-game claims to tiredness, since lying about irl stuff is highly frowned upon. The main thing about Yugi is that while his plays can be characterized and understood from a town perspective, he still looks scummy.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Can someone link Yugi's ISO so I can look through it tomorrow? Won't do anything tonight, way too tired.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
...oh. That happened.

Sorry to hear that, Prim, hope you feel better. <3

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Gonna request that we chill the fuck out a little, both for Prim's sake and for mine.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Hey guys I'm back did anyth--


In other news, I have to head out in a few minutes. Probably won't be able to post until ~9 pm US Central Time.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Nothing too much to say, here, Naft and Vyse have been making most of the recent contributions and there aren't very many new posts to analyze.

I mean, I can totally see backslash's comments as just being about her general frustration, but I'm not buying it.

@Backslash: What I mean is that it basically reads as you signaling that you're going like, 'fuck it, I'm tossing out all my reads cuz none of them make any sense', thereby giving you an excuse to throw out stuff willy-nilly. And again, those comments totally make sense as a way to quietly nudge us in certain directions without actually having to push anything.

Outside of that, my opinions on backslash are unchanged. The analyses she provided are alright, nothing I could pick apart there, but are basically null since it could just be scum giving genuine reads to throw us off the trail. Will agree to a backslash vote, both as our best option for catching scum and our best option for getting more info even if she flips town.

Deamon I've had a really hard time reading all game, but I've more or less taken everyone else's town reads on him at face value. His stonewalling of backslash is mildly suspicious, but not too much. He immediately comes out in defense of backslash without waiting for a general mood to form around that read, which is either really overzealous scum-buddying, scum trying to get other people to sheep along, or a genuine town read. If Deamon's been bold as scum, before, I'd side-eye him more, but if not I'm inclined to say that if he were scum it'd be more likely for him to wait for a general mood to form, then decide whether to bus or not. His defense of backslash does strike me as odd, given how laid-back his playstyle was for the most part, but I have trouble believing that scum wouldn't be paranoid that someone would look at his sudden switch-up in style. Townnulling him.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Vyse, not yugi, was investigated as town, Espi.

MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Side-eyeing Yugi and backslash both for the following reasons:

(tfw your biggest townread to this point suddenly starts saying a bunch of weird things and you don't know what to make of it)

Me, looking at my biggest townread: ":/ ???"

So that's pretty much everyone I was leaning scum on who was also not a lurker gone, gg

fuckign is everyone scummy going to flip town or what

These caught my eye because they're ways to look like they have an opinion without actually contributing analysis. Now, to be fair to both of them, most of these are either followed or preceded by actual analysis. The problem is that those pieces of analysis are mostly unrelated to these, which makes me feel like they're trying to offer soft reads so as to influence discussion without appearing to actually take a side.

They also smack of a 'my townreads are being weird, and my scumreads are all flipping town, welp the world's flipped upside down!' kind of vibe, which basically sows confusion and can be used to arbitrarily dismiss townreads/scumreads.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Slight scumnull on backslash for that last post, which is also not a very constructive way to get prim to say more.