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Club/Team Masterpost
Dustin Cole: Track, Debate, Drama, (maybe) activism

Aoi Mishima: Academic Decathlon, Anti-bullying, (maybe) book club, chess, (maybe) doctors without borders, science, maybe stuco, volunteering/interact

Megan Summers: Orchestra (violin), activism, anime, book club, maybe gaming, gsa, volunteering, maybe writing

V7 Questions Game!
Aoi: ...what are you doing with your life?

Megan: *tilts head* San! Like, the wolf girl from Princess Mononoke! I'd say Kiki or Naoko from The Wind Rises but...um, those seem a little too easy given the parameters? Sorry for munchkining...

Dustin: Nietzsche? Or maybe, like, a beat poet or something.

What's a major fear that you have that you're pretty sure isn't a fear for anyone you know?

V7 Questions Game!
Aoi: Whichever is most useful. Whichever would solve disease, world hunger, global warming, or whatever. Or maybe a keystone species whose extinction resulted in ecosystem collapse.

Megan: Aww, I can only pick one? ;-; Hmmm, well, since the universe is like infinitely huge, it probably contains alien fauna, so can I pick something like that? If so, I'd go with a powerful benevolent race of intelligent beings that went extinct through tragic circumstances, and also look like puppies. If not...uh, mammoth, maybe? Maybe dinosaurs are cooler, but I feel kinda guilty about what we did to the mammoths.

If you could be somebody else, who would you be?