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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Nope, not coming back into the game. Just trolling/dropping by to say hi :)

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Just to make sure I follow, are you saying you believe the conversation was forced? I'm kinda tired at the moment, blame getting sucked into a long philosophical discussion on Discord until 5 freaking am >_<


jk, and I'm always down to chat more about this stuff. 'twas super interesting :)

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread

Hate to be weak and useless shit, but I'm weak and useless shit. Gonna bail for IRL reasons. Gotta admit, timing is terrible, considering the current topics of discussion, but I gotta look after my mental health for the next little while, and Mafia isn't doing it any favors. It's also taking up WAY more of my day than I thought it would, and if things continue at the current level of activity I'm gonna find myself short on time to do homework and such.

To whoever replaces me, uh...good luck.

No ill will towards anyone here, and I know that everything said here is strictly a part of the game. You're all wonderful people. Mostly. Yugi's still terrible, to use a running meme that's lasted way too long.

Y'all have fun!

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I'm not backing down cuz I see no reason to. Fogu's push against me, if serious, makes zero sense. He claims that all his questions thus far have been serious, but some of them seriously don't look serious, which makes that claim look like a joke. I'm pushing back, and insisting on pushing back, because if he's joking he needs to stop doing it in a way that hinders analysis, and if he's actually being serious then he's picking on really weird things to criticize, which reads scummy.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread

I am confused about how my argument is inconsistent. I am confused as to whether you are joking or legitimately pushing me. I say if because I am unsure as to whether you're throwing shade or joking. Your questions were framed in such a way that they were pushing against me, I'm certain of that, but I'm uncertain as to whether that was a joke push or an actual push. Because your push makes no sense, it reads as both joke and scummy. And I've posted in ways that made my confusion clear and invited a response. Technically I haven't asked you to clarify, but if you're a good townie you should've clarified once I made my confusion clear, rather than waiting for a *question*.

@zetsu no

@zetsu i have never memed and wil never meme. all questions 100% serious


@brackie @primrosette so it turns out that if you ask people to explain their actions and ask why they cast the votes that they did, it actually makes the game like, way easier? pretty crazy, right?

This can be a legitimate question, but is framed sarcastically.

does this mea n that you don't think voting without giving any reason is scummy?

if you don't think that is scummy, why the vote for candy?

If these weren't intended to troll me, I have no idea what you were going for, man. My accusation of Candy voting without a reason, as well as my vote on Candy, were in jest. I was stating that essentially all my actions in thread were in jest, because that was the essential state of the chat. Other people were making similarly silly votes, with similarly silly reasons. Thus, your push against me made zero sense, except as a joke push.

This is mixed with actual analysis, which makes it harder to analyze you.

Deamon's doing the same kind of stuff, but other people are saying that this is typical town play for him, and since they've played with him before I'll withhold judgment for him.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread

I just asked fogu a question, actually. He's refused to give any non-joke responses to questions thrown his way thus, which seems somewhat calculated to sow confusion, especially cuz he mixes in legitimate questions here and there. This makes my attempts to analyze him a clusterfuck, and apparent attempts at confusion read scummy. And if he's unintentionally sowing confusion as town, he's still being detrimental. He flips scum, cool. He flips town, it'd be a minimal loss unless he starts actually contributing analysis.

I didn't vote you because I don't have a read on you in any case. You're known for being long-winded and such, so I was gonna wait for a long follow-up explanation from you. I'm more certain that you'll follow up your contentless post with an analysis post, but fogu hasn't shown signs of memeing less. If you don't follow up it'll be weird, because I don't think you'll do that whether you're town or scum, so I feel comfortable waiting for more info on you.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
EBYOP: Ninja'd, whoops. Actual post coming in a sec.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
No, you!

but, in all seriousness, uh...I am talking?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread

Vote: fogu

For memeing excessively and making me confused as to when he's being a troll and when he's posing serious questions. It makes stuff harder to analyze, which reads scummy

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
dafuq did i do

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
@fogu: I read Cambodia a couple months ago. I remember details well enough, I guess. I read little bits and pieces of other mafias on this site, but not enough to get anything much from them.

Brackie's looking the scummiest to me so far, but that's not really saying much. Not really anything of note to add here, I agree with EP's and Goose's assessments. He seems to be trying to shut down discussion in a way that's counterproductive at this stage in the game. Like, getting as much relevant information out is generally in town's best interests. Yeah, we could just look through all that stuff on our own, but why shouldn't we talk about it here?

Prim's very slightly scummy, but I'm dismissing my gut so far because I was leaning towards Prim being scum for most of the duration of Cambodia. This seems like pretty standard play from them.

@Prim: what are your thoughts on fogue, brackie, fogu? also, what pronouns do you prefer?

@fogu: What are your thoughts on grim, brackie, prim?

Grim's post was eyebrow-raising to me. It didn't really foster any further discussion, pretty much either reiterated stuff that's already been said or stated opinions without backing them up. I don't know what to make of his excuse of going to the movies, but to me it seems like evading a little. The only thing of note is his read on Deamon, but I don't have any comments there cuz I'm wholly unfamiliar with Deamon's play.

@grim: thoughts on fogu, prim? in addition to promised elaborations?

Alan Banks is homeless and alone
Alan will go to Wolley.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP, because i forget to check for new posts before posting: all good, brackie. but that sounds like a scum justification :)

@fogu they were framed aggressively enough to constitute a push against me

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
aaand by the time i finished writing this post more posts have gone up on that discussion.

@Brackie: that was possibly vyse not noticing that you were an old member. had you been a new member that question would've actually been pertinent

for the latter, it's not particularly valuable discussion but it's not like it adds nothing

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
could you explain what you mean by this, please? why do you say it?

what is the difference between trolling, banter and a forced meme? (i am old)

lore trolled me by jokevoting for me. once i respond it becomes banter. 'banter' characterizes the exchange of not-actually-witty remarks between us, but her first shot is trolling because well. SHE STARTED IT, OKAY. difference between those two as i was using them is pretty much just semantics, tho

forced meme: pieces of trolling/bantering that aren't based on existing running memes, and also not based on anything that has been posted in the thread recently. they come out of nowhere, basically

does this mea n that you don't think voting without giving any reason is scummy?

if you don't think that is scummy, why the vote for candy?

i am confused? i think voting without giving any reason is scummy. i was making the accusation that she was voting without any reason in jest, with the assumption that she was jokevoting

i was jokevoting candy, in response to her (joke?)vote on me

i just read brackie's post. oh well. i already wrote this. and it's not entirely useless as it gives everyone more information about me.

honestly though the way fogu went straight for attacking me makes zero sense, my sense of humor is bad but not that bad. read as somewhat suspicious, but also very unsubtle if he was trying to throw shade at me, and i would expect better of him after his scum play during yugi's cambodia mafia. i'll assume it's in jest for now, but it's slightly scummy jesting

@prim Brackie is a guy

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
none of my posts thus far have been serious

i'm assuming that candy/lore's trolling me but she has no history of feuding with me and there's nothing to trace this back to. felt a bit like a forced meme, but marking it down as banter

wagon on yugi is a meme, at least on my end

i didn't read anything out of grim's jokevote. opportunities for jokevoting are either based in context of the thread, or on running memes/jokes. if it didn't fall into either of these categories it would feel forced, but grim's is the former and passes muster with me. tl;dr it felt more like grim saw good material for jokevote and less like he was looking for an excuse to jokevote

frogue/fogu/fogue/fg/r/holyshitthiskindalookslikearedditurl isn't bantering, so i'm assuming your preference for his banter was a joke, if not i might get mad but will probably just cry

if you have nothing else you want to read, book's worth a shot

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
*attaches yoke and carriage to Yugi*

The List of Adrian Messenger.
((Asuka and Nate continued from Judas))

Asuka had always imagined that getting two quiet kids together was a good idea. Nobody trying to talk over you, and you can bond over being awkward and shy. Or at least bond in comfortable silence. Or something. The comfortable silence thing is only supposed to really work when you actually know the other person, but you had to dangle some straws for Asuka to clutch at.

Yeah. Neither of them could hold a conversation. It sucked.

They'd winded up wandering around the island, Asuka trying to come up with something to look for. It'd been quiet. They probably should've been quiet anyways, seeing as they were essentially helpless, but Asuka wouldn't have minded finding out a little more about Nate. That was the whole point of staying around, the only reason she'd bothered to do anything other than hide in a corner, think whatever pretentious things she felt like thinking, and wait for death. She'd gotten up and about to tell her story, to help other people tell their stories. To make sure that at least one of these stories was better than the narrative they'd been handed. She hadn't done her part very well. Anxious depressives don't make very good protagonists. But if she didn't try to interact with somebody all she'd be doing is walking around and looking at all the nice scenery. Not that the scenery was bad. But she could imagine better ones anyways. If she was going to venture out into the real world, it'd better be godfuckingdamn beautiful.

Truth be told, she'd been looking for people. That's what she'd decided on after the first ten minutes or so of walking. Find someone, anyone she'd met before. Be all like "Oh brave new world, with what people in it!" Except it wouldn't be ironic, cuz Asuka knew. This was a brave new world, and it was crawling with murderers and suicidals and heroes and all of it was fucking wonderful. Asuka was sure it must've been wonderful.

A shame wonderful things terrified her, then. That's why she'd turned down Penelope's offer. Because even here she was doomed to walk the path of

Ennui, again. Why couldn't she escape it, even when she'd centered her whole existence around fighting it? Around making wonderful flighty romantic fantasies? You know why, but there are other culprits.

Blame the depression, blame the anxiety. Blame the fucking system. She'd blame herself, but she already does, and look at where that got her.

And in the end, she couldn't find anyone. They'd ended up falling asleep a couple hundred feet away from some cabin. The map said it was a hunting cabin. It looked cute. She wasn't willing to sleep in it, though, because self-preservation was apparently a bigger priority to her than comfort. When you've been wearing the same clothes for three days, without a bath, you either become miserable or you forget your body exists.

Asuka was tired enough that she only made cursory efforts to make herself hidden, but then she couldn't fucking fall asleep. Nate probably thought she was a dumbass by now, for suggesting they sleep after not finding anything. You know what? She doesn't fucking care.

Oh, she could tell him that he'd found himself or something. Maybe he'd think she was deep or something. Hopefully not. Asuka was pretty sure she looked about as useless as Nate looked to her, right now. She doesn't like being judgmental, and she reeeally doesn't like it when she finds out that she was right while being judgmental. Not that it stops her from, y'know. Doing it.


If someone went and killed her in the middle of the night, that would've been one hell of a last thought. This one was okay though. And so was this one. And so was--

She's being pretentious again.


The announcements woke her up. Some of the names registered as repeats, but she didn't have anything to write stuff down on. Not that she was gonna run away if she saw a killer or anything-- actually, she probably would, but let's pretend for a second that Asuka isn't a fucking coward and somehow overcomes her aversion to existing in the real world-- but she would need to change her approach depending on who it was.

The list of names stopped. Danger zones, natch. Asuka waited for the pang of what happened to come, the realization that-- 8? 9? fuck, she couldn't even remember how many had died-- ways of perceiving the world, 8 or 9 whole universes of thoughts and personalities and memories were deleted and irretrievable, but it wouldn't come, and she couldn't entirely blame it on the grogginess affecting her ability to process her thoughts and emotions. No. She'd gotten desensitized.

Well. How many times does she repeat this narrative to herself?


Yeah, yelling at yourself doesn't seem to do anything.

She walked over to Nate. Shook him awak-- he was already awake, eyes wide. A hunting-we-would-go?

She probably should've asked Nate if he was okay after hearing the announcements, if his friends had been on there. Dumb of her not to think of it, when he'd been freaking out about that earlier. She couldn't even remember their names. But it was too late to say anything helpful now. Fuck her.

Asuka hat-- strongly disliked hunters.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
but random, you make claims to existence

therefore you matter a lot

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
giving ambiguous answers

scummy af