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whaaaaat? MORE characters?
Jamie and Quentin. Prepare for nerding out over PC specs, competitive teams, screaming matches of CoD vs Battlefield, Quentin talking at Jamie about animu when he's out of his mind on pot... Fun times.

"Politically Incorrect" Meme Page at George Hunter High
Oh my god Jamie would troll the fuck outta this for shits and giggles. Randomly posting excerpts from the Communist Manifesto, spamming Stalinist memes, and generally being slightly less cancerous than the actual alt-right fucks.

Randomness' Relationship Request Room 2017
If you'd like to go down this route, Emily and Jamie could have one hell of a trainwreck of a relationship. Not only does he do average despite giving zero shits about school, but he's liable to constantly try to get her to calm down and generally encourage her laid-back binges whilst discouraging her from trying to work. When they're both in cooldown mode, the relationship goes amazingly, but most of the time she's bitching at him, he's annoyed that she's bitching at him, and both of them know that they're stuck in a cycle of fun times and awful times.

V7 Foncept Clash Prompts
Cicada Days
Aug 22 2017, 12:12 AM

I'd especially like to see your more abstract, figurative prose in play.

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Join a band! Befriend a methhead! Play Dungeons and Dragons!
Man, Jamie's having a field day. He'd be bros with Mik for sure. He's not musically talented, but he's a chill guy and I could see him headbanging whilst high and generally enjoying chatting with the big guy.

Jamie and Felicia? That would be interesting. If she does actually end up dealing, he might end up buying from her, but if not they could know each other as 'that stoner fuck' and 'that tweaking bitch' respectively. She seems like one of the few people Jamie would straight-up dislike, regardless of if he's scoring drugs off of her.

Whilst he's not much of a D&D fan, fanboys will fanboy. Jamie could have a friendly teasing dynamic with Alan, and each of them could try to introduce each other to their fandoms, with varying levels of success.

With Lizzie, things would be different. She'd probably steer clear of someone with a reputation for violence and an unset nose, maybe not harbouring any resentment towards Mik, but also holding nothing positive in her head about him. If he's an Eastern Catholic, might be a talking point between them, but otherwise little reaction.

Her and Felicia are just... Not going to get on. Forget it.

However, with Alan... Lizzie might actually look up to Allen as someone who can be proud of their 'differentness' and 'otherness.' She'd likely be friends with him, even though they have little in common, simply because he's a friendly and welcoming individual, and has likely had bad experiences with bullies in the past, something which they can bond over. Plus, she may or may not have come to some of his sessions and secretly liked it.

*Pulls up a chair*
Dr, yeah, I actually like the idea of having Akiem and Lizzy be buddies. If nothing else, Lizzy probably feels reassured that she's got massive footballer guy friendly rather than hating her guts, so it all works out well. Lizzy and someone with anger management... I'm torn between her wanting to help Heather, and her despising Heather. Perhaps both.

As for MK... I dunno, would he stoop so low as to bully a girl who had lost her eye?

Friendship is Tragic~
Well. We have two characters who have lost eyes in car incidents. Despite being very different, I don't suppose there would be much holding back Lizzy Wilson from being pals with Cleo?

*Pulls up a chair*
Yaaay, people.

Aloha, that 'weirdness' thing is going to be the opinion of quite a lot of people, so I reckon she'll be used to it, if not fully liking of it. Any thoughts on a bible club? And as for Jamie, well, he's the kid who goes to a party only to sit on the couch and drink. Party smokers for sure.

CBP, might be a source of conflict if Lizzy thinks she's being patronised, but if Violet's tact about it, they would probably be friends.I did want some sort of casual photographer buddies as well, forgot to mention that in the first post, so Lucas and her probably know each other, but not beyond 'that guy who likes pictures too,' and 'that girl with one eye.' I'll see what I can do about the discord, but otherwise yeah, sure, I might get Jamie to be a bit of a fixer-upper in exchange for some cash, and they could always chat for free. Jamie and Max would probably hate each other anyway.

Ryuki, first of all, hello! I haven't seen you around before. Yeah, Lizzy isn't one for pranks, mostly because she was 'hurdurr pranked' a lot when she was younger. Jamie would probably laugh his ass off at the vids though. Gaming pals sounds AOK for the Nedster.

Oh man Jamie and a dick that doesn't mind him. Sounds like Wyatt would be one of the kids who Jamie would love to take down a peg, but is under no illusions that he would be crushed as soon as he was doing anything.

I expect Wyatt and Lizzy not to get along well, unless she's just so pathetic she doesn't even trip his radar.

Aloha's V7 Fursona Cabana
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Lizzie as a Lynx please, this seems awesome.

*Pulls up a chair*
So, I have two characters in my mind right now, and would love to see them get some attention, unlike last game when through my own fault, I basically had no interactions with anyone bar three or four people.

Without further ado, my two kids:

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Wilson: Lizzy used to be a pretty excitable girl, but she lost one of her eyes in an accident when she was a child, and has been pretty withdrawn ever since. She's rather religious, and enjoys photography and cinematography. Very straight-laced, not good with people, and tries to make herself as small as possible thanks to bullying when she was a child.

Looking for a small group of friends, old bullies, and maybe a few people interested in a bible club. Potential very awkward boyfriend not needed, but appreciated.

James "Jamie" Goodman: PC Builder, wannabe-pro-gamer and slacker extraordinaire, Jamie does as little as possible when it comes to schoolwork, and doesn't mind that he does't excel. He's laid back, is a casual user of equally casual drugs, and generally doesn't give a fuck who or what you are as long as you ain't a dick.

Looking for friends, gaming buddies, maybe a 'team' of other gamers. A few ex girlfriends would also be possible. Enemies as well.

We who are about to die send you a friend request
Jamie Goodman, wannabe competitive gamer and casual drug user would probably be friends with Salvadore. Neither of them would be judgy enough to put each other off, and there could be some fun little scenes with them talking about their childhood whilst on the old console.

V7 Foncept Clash Prompts
Elizabeth Wilson is a quiet, reclusive girl to two parents who normally never would have met. She lost her left eye in a childhood accident, and has taken up photography and blogging to fill out the fact she doesn't have many real-world friends. She's also pretty religious too.

Jamie Goodman is a wannabe competitive gamer on the PC and a casual drug user, who does the bare minimum in school. He's saving up for a round the world trip.