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So your character wakes up in a room...
(Using Will, despite the fact he's technically not accepted yet.)


This was juuuuuust awesome wasn't it. He rubbed his arms, he'd been wearing a thin workout tank top and a pair of tracksuits, and it looked like whoever had done this hadn't deigned to stop him from freezing his ass off. Don't get him wrong, he'd been in colder weather with only slightly warmer clothes, but the difference was that he was doing something to take his mind of off the cold. Like hunting, or running, or... Just about anything really, let's be honest, it's not like he was a couch potato or anything...

He rubbed his temple, trying to think up of anything, any possible smidgen of a memory that would betray why he was stuck in a fucking walk-in with nothing to freeze. He stood up, muscles complaining. Of course he'd been taken the day after one of his hardest workouts. Of course... He rubbed his temple again. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He couldn't remember anything but having breakfast, and going out for a run in order to stretch his muscles, wake 'em up a bit. He should've gone pest hunting... Even if it's just a .22, people tend to leave you alone.

Let's Get Cooking!
She was conscious of the general lack of people. The kitchen was normally pretty empty anyhow, but this was strange. There was basically nobody. She kept chewing though, she'd skipped breakfast as she'd overslept, and then lunch to do this. Bar a granola bar, this was the only thing she'd eaten for the past... Seventeen? Eighteen hours? Christ. She didn't think it was that bad... She finished her meal and tided the remainders up, taking her mic off of her chest afterwards. She'd always assumed she'd need to take her shirt off for the mic before she got it, and whilst that was true for putting it on, she found that it was much more straightforward for taking it off.

Laptop powered down, in the bag, webcam unplugged, also in the bag. She stood up and rolled her shoulders and back, getting the cricks out of it that she'd earnt from leaning over cooking. Her sports shoes made a soft 'thump' against the floor as she walked out, as she mentally calculated wether she could get a drink tonight. No urgent work, Friday night so she didn't have to cook... She dialled up her father to tell him she wouldn't be home tonight apart from a quick change. Party time.

(Maria Cucinotta, continued in Morning Dew)

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Heh, the big drop of the Dust Line RS6 has finally come out for everyone, which is making me laugh as everyone scrambled to get the new ops, and I have the season pass.

Feels goooooood.

Oh, and I just got the galaxy edition for Stellaris. I'll probably be playing it over the weekend/watching the Yogs do all the common failures.

Once I was ten years old...
She whistled, her first set of proper cookery knives lying sharpened and polished in front of her. He had looked at each one in detail, carefully examining them, the artwork on the metal handles, the, well, everything! It was soo cool! She had her own blades! And, it was perfect, as tonight was spaghetti night! She kept on whistling, picking up carrots, a tin of tomatos, basil and more, assembling the ingredients in the order she was gonna use them, and set to work.

She splashed some water on her face, the boiling heat of the enclosed kitchen getting to her, and she opened the door to the outside. The end of a coyote howl could be distantly heard, and she breathed in deeply. Time to cut the carrots and the herbs, and she's be set. Walking back inside, she picked up the peeler, stripping thr carrot of of it's 'skin,' and moving on. She lines them up, and started chopping.

She liked the onomatopoeia of the cutting, the steady, muffled 'thump' as the knife hit the cutting board below. It was almost hypnotic in a way. Thump, thump, thump, thump. She picked up the next carrot. Thump, thump, thu-.

She screamed. The knife was covered in blood, the tip of her index finger the epicentre of the rapidly expanding puddle, and she screamed again. Her father ran in, his face a mask of first worry, then surprise, then fear. He ran up to her and looked at the end of her finger, before running to the first-aid kit in the car. When he returned, Maria was not-so quietly crying in pain, unable to quite believe that it was gone.

(So there we have it! The tale of how a ten year old lost the tip of her left index! Isn't that delightful?)

Let's Get Cooking!
Christ almighty... Why had she agreed to do this? Maria frantically glanced around. She needed to put the dish in in four minutes for Christ's sake! She didn't have time for this now!

She wiped off the knife she'd just been using, and hefted the onion in her left hand, before slamming it down on the chopping board and setting to work. First she halved it, then she quartered it, then she diced it. She scraped the entire board's worth of onion into the pan, added the other ingredients, and took a step back as steam billowed upwards. The chili in the dish made her eyes water, but she pressed on, preventing the stir-fry from burning. The rice should be just about done by now, she was counting on it.

Expertly, she picked up the wok, tipped the contents into a bowl and moved onto the rice. She'd managed to get the consistency bang on, not too wet, but not too dry and under cooked. As she assembled the various dishes together, she became conscious of the webcam behind her, and the fact that she'd not said anything for a little too long. She cleared her throat, and corrected that. "So, that was pretty intense, but it seems to me like it's all come together. Let me just finish with the assembling..." her voice trailed off. Finally, she brought the full dish in front of the camera.

"Chicken and peanut stir-fry with garlic, onion, and a whole bunch of other things thrown in for good measure!" She wiped off her knives and put them inside the sink, letting her audience look at the dish as she did so. She checked the comment feed. Spammer, spammer, someone complimenting her, sexist joke, sexist joke, about a thousand other random comments saying 'yum!'... Basically what she normally got. "Well, thanks for watching everyone! That's gotta be one of my tamer and easier dishes I've done for a while, but I really enjoyed doing it! A break from all the insanity eh?" She stood in her signature pose, and smiled. "Well that's me, Maria Cucinotta signing out! If you liked this video, check out my Youtube channel, and I hope to see you all again soon!" She cut the feed.

"Bloody hell..." She muttered to herself. She carefully undid her apron, and took the bandanna she wore around her hair whilst cooking off, wiping her face with it to get rid of the sweat that had run down. She hung the apron up, stuffed the bandanna into her pocket, and breathed out heavily. She looked around the room and sighed again. White walls, white floors, steel, steel, steel. The place looked more like a lab than a kitchen, all white lights and minimalistic.

She picked up the dish she'd prepared and pulled out a chair. Plonking herself to eat, whittling down the meal with expertly-wielded chopsticks, most of what she'd done tided away. A good chef always tided in-between dish-making, and she was most certainly a good chef.

Well, she hoped so anyway.

Sure, I'll throw Maria in. She'd probably not really fit into the kind of social circles that Sandra and Nancy do, although she might know Sandra from her sports. (Not that she cares about sports that much...) I'd think she'd probably be a friend/tutee of Jennifer though. She studies hard, and has a "school is the best opportunity" attitude, so they'd mesh nicely.

Love Me & I’ll Bake You Cookies
Maria would probably be friends with Oskar simply due to similar 'mother' situations. Both of them lost parents when they were young, although they've got different relationships with paternal figures, so it's a mixed bag.

(Damn I am late to all of this...)

Seems me like Maria and Nate would be friends. Both of them are cooking enthusiasts, and whilst she's no sportswoman, she can keep pace. Considering she's Italian, she's probably gonna be more catholic leaning, buuuuut whatever.
Let them be friends!

Oh, and Maria and Vanessa should be party bros. (Bro-ettes?)

The Magical Friendship Thread of Dannyrulx!
Alright, so now that Pregame is about to end, I really need some relationships so I have a basis for character interaction on the Island. I've got 3 people that would be happy to make your acquaintance or to tear your throat out depending on how much they end up having in common.

First up is Maria Cuccinota (links aren't working for me right now and I don't know why...)

She's an Italian cooking enthusiast who dabbles in recreational drug use and partying until she blacks out. On the flip side, she's a hard studier and hates those who don't take their education seriously, as well as most of the higher-ups in school. If you want to find out a bit more, check out her profile.

What I'm looking for in Maria is a few friends, some casual accuantainces and a few enemies, along with a potential boyfriend if you'd be so inclined.

Current relationships with Maria are:
Jasmine King: Mutual hatred.
Rea Adams: Wants to strangle.
Will McKinley: Also wants to strangle.
Amanda Tan: Cooking buds and general friends.
Benjamin Fields: Dated, but didn't work out.
Bradley Floyd: Fine on the dance floor, not so much in school.

I've also got William McKinley.

He's Scottish nobility with a penchant for hunting. Patriotic for the Bonny Blue, can't stand the Stars and Stripes. Incredibly wealthy, surrounded by wealth and probably wouldn't mind cracking a few heads for his gal.

I'm really only looking for friends with this guy; plenty people are pissed off with him already thank you very much.
Rea Adams: Adores.
Cristobel Williams: No love lost.
Benjamin Fields: Unofficial trainer for the U.S. Armed Forces and general buds.
Bradley Floyd: Thinks he's a fat fuck, had probably taken a swing or two at him.
Georgia Lee Day: Angry at him for his anti-americanism. He doesn't mind her.

And last but not least, Hannah Kendrickstone.

She's a Las Vegas native with a drama and literature hard-on and unmedicated ADHD. Does Yoga, has a few fursonas and is a non-closeted lesbian to both the school and her family.

For Hannah, I need everything as she's a fairly young creation of mine. I litterally have one relationship going on, so give her some lovin' guys!

Wade Cartwright: Furry buds.

So there you have it guys. Apologies if I missed anyone I've been pm'ing with, I'll update this later.