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Aperture Science Mafia.
I feel even more useful than normal right now. When my flu's cleared up a bit I'll give the thread a re-read and make a longer post.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Yeah, clusterfuck is the right word. I am so confused, and I've just had caffeine.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Honestly, the thing that's confusing me is how a joke flavour vote was apparently 'suspicious' when I had literally been writing it at the same time as he had been. If you look, it was posted a single minute after- so there was no way I could have read it.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 6 2017, 02:26 PM
Mar 6 2017, 02:11 PM
@Mod: Is it possible role to be handed out twice? If a role is handed out but the player dies, does the role go back into the pool (e.g., if doctor dies night two can someone else draw doctor night four)?
The answer to this will be obvious upon the Tests starting. I am going to refrain from discussing anything more specific regarding the Testing mechanics until such time as they are underway.

Suffice it to say each Test is handled independently of any others.
Read: Yes.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Mar 6 2017, 12:54 PM

EP: What do you think regarding Danny's vote and Random's suspicions regarding it?
I didn't vote for anyone.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Now the pros come out and I get lost. Time for learning methinks.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Ah great, jokes over. And it wwas going so well too.

Aperture Science Mafia.
Also, claiming pistachio. That shit is delicious.

Aperture Science Mafia.
The salt levels must have been off the charts last game, huh?

Aperture Science Mafia.
Whelp, I'm checking in. Let's go blow up lemons.

V6 Facemaker!
It's my first go, and Will is incredibly generic, so I'm not sure how good it is, but it's as close to my headcannon as I could get.
I goofed on formatting

Critique Me
This actually means a ton to me, thanks.

Critique Me
Ich, the basebal scene. Rereading everything, that makes me cringe and wonder what I was thinking. The church scene after feels like I was trying to absolve myself.

As for the oneshot, did it really bother you? I was never sure aboutit, it was something I threw in because I'd wanted to do a hunting scene with him for a while, but what got you annoyed about it?

Critique Me
Hi, Danny here, requesting a critique on my pregame handling of Will McKinley. I feel like I played him too Mary Sue, even by the blatant MS that he is, and I'd like to know what I did right and wrong to you guys.