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Hearts of Irony
Well, so much for getting an useful answer. He could have filled a warehouse with all the clues Alessio didn't have. Sort of mean, but as long as he wasn't saying it out loud, there'd be no harm done.

He dipped another chip into the creamy strawberry-flavored mass before him to devour it a second later. Much better, much much better than having to eat the chips alone. He would have to tell his dad to not buy those again, something more spicy the next time. Some with curry, maybe. Had to be some curry-flavored chips sold somewhere, for sure. Not his biggest worry at the moment, though. The bigger problem was that Alessio was beginning to make an admirable job of defending his king's realm, showing more foresight now, moving much faster too. Maybe he had been premature in silently celebrating his victory.

No, he still had this. Just stalling, that was all this was, his opponent was lacking ways to strike back. Couldn't win just by holing oneself up, certainly not.

Seemed almost strange to him that he was getting that invested. His occasional matches with Al were usually little more than tolerable distractions at best, depending on his mood. Right now though, he really didn't feel like even considering the possibility of losing to his friend. Maybe it was due to his current crankiness, caused by having to play chess in the first place. Almost seemed like a paradox.

Either way, he had to carefully consider his next move. His queen was now being threatened by the white rook, a bold move. He had expected Al to be less aggressive - well, less passively aggressive, in any case. Hole himself up some more, maybe move a pawn, but not his rook. On the other hand, maybe this meant he'd get more careless, impaired in his judgment. Had to make use of that, somehow.

"Good one, have to admit." Give his opponent a little praise, coax him into thinking he was on the winning track. There was no real opening to stage some sort of ambush, but he could create one, with a little patience. Maxim ordered his queen back.

"Your turn."

Tiny Vessels
Yeah, looked like Kizi wasn't plannin' to stick around much longer. Fine with him, totally was. He had something else in mind anyway. Night was still so young, so innocent, woulda been straight up cruel to end it right then and there, yup. Good thing people liked to talk a lot, lotsa shit too, but this one thing that everybody and his pet piranha had been talking about was definitely not belonging to the shit-category.

Junko that ol' party girl, stagin' her own thing and all, so she was. Aiden woulda totally went 'Screw Sadies, screw it hard', had Kizi not asked him to accompany her earlier. Couldn't turn down a friend's request, nope. Still, wasn't too late for it now, Junko's party was prolly going to go on for way longer than this, bein' in-official, fuck da police and all.

Would stay around as long as Zee Zee was still kickin', but not one milli ass second longer, nope. Would even give him an excuse to go for a mid-night jog, win-win. Yup, sounded like a plan, so it did. Nothing like some good ol' fashioned party crashin' to kickstart his mood, like he used to together with Fergie. Missed those times.

Tonight wasn't going to be anything like back then, but it had some high potential to be some fun, at least. Not like he didn't have a good time with Kizi, just a different sort, more tame. Other party was gonna provide some more variety, hopefully. Probably. Only one way for him to find out.

((Aiden Slattery continued in I Know What My Fortune Is))

Hearts of Irony
Maxim considered speeding up his walking pace, even outright jogging to the kitchen. But no, that notion was ridiculous, no need to hurry, none at all. Alessio would need at least a minute or so to make his move, he was sure of it. Besides, the sooner the game was over, the higher the chance of Al insisting they play another round would get. Definitely not what he had in mind. Not because of Al, of course, the guy was entertaining enough. Checkers wasn't though and never would be, end of story.

He trotted down the stairs to the house's main floor, careful not to step on that one creaky spot again. Hated the sound of someone stepping on it, almost as bad as nails on a chalk board, just completely unpleasant. How many times had he asked his dad to fix it now? Should have been easy enough for him, being a craftsman and all. Apparently though, he was simply too busy to be able to take care of it. Right. Never heard that excuse before, he might have as well admitted to forgetting about it over and over. Yes, he was his dad, Maxim should have been grateful and all, but still. There was no fool like an old fool.

Entering the kitchen, his gaze immediately wandered towards the Mickey Mouse themed clock hanging above the fridge. About time he got rid of that monstrosity as well. Reminded him far too much of their old place in Oldenburg.
Time was passing fast though. About ten more minutes till 4 am, when had they even started? He couldn't remember, but it had to have been...at least twenty minutes or so, right? Maybe Alessio still knew, he could ask him once he got back. If he even cared to.

A minute filled with pleasant anticipation later, he was sitting back in his beloved desk chair, yoghurt in front of him, putting his headset back on. "Back. Did you move? Wish there was some sort of indication by the game, showing which piece was moved where or something like that. Have to rely on memory, which isn't exactly - ach, never mind, I'm seeing it now."

Not the worst move to make. Certainly an improvement over the one before. Still, didn't look like it was going to help Al much in the long run. Pretty safe to say he had him, only a matter of time now. Dipping a single potato chip into the yoghurt, Maxim moved his cursor over his queen and made it move towards the white frontline.

"By the way, how long are we playing now? Think I lost track of the time. Definitely feels longer than our usual matches though, but that might just be me."

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
So claiming wise, that only leaves Danny and Bik now. I would definitely say that Bik should claim before Danny, since the latter is pretty much town in my eyes and Bik has yet to say a single thing in this day phase.

Hearts of Irony
((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from Wasserweber))

Maxim reached for the bowl of chips placed next to his PC's monitor, grabbing a handful, then crammed them into his mouth, all while not taking his eyes off the virtual chessboard. A bit too salty for his taste. Too much salt, too little else, made for a stale mix. Maybe getting some yoghurt from the kitchen would help, as soon as he had made his next move. Yes, that did sound like a good idea.

It was still Alessio's turn, the guy certainly did take his time. He regretted not having insisted on setting up timers for each turn, make the game a little more fast-paced. Too late for that now, but it didn't matter that much, really. This way, he would have plenty of time to get his yoghurt, at least, no time pressure or anything of the sort.

There, finally, his opponent made his move. Huh. That had certainly not been what Maxim had expected. Moving the bishop almost seemed kind of unnecessary, he couldn't think of any way that it would benefit Al. Maybe he just ran out of ideas? His opponent's situation wasn't exactly looking bright, could be that he was simply panicking. Poor guy. Hard to not feel at least a little bad for him, especially since he himself had been so eagerly pushing for the two of them to play some checkers.

Even so, he was still not having too much fun. Chess was probably just not his game, too straight forward, lacking narrative et cetera. Had hoped that his disposition towards it would change at least somewhat, after playing it for a bit, but no. He was still rather bored, though that did not mean he would start to go easy on Al, no. His friend had picked it, now he was going to suffer the consequences, no room for mercy. Well, that sure sounded a tad harsh, but honestly, he was feeling slightly miffed, though he couldn't blame Alessio for it. He could have protested when his pal had proposed to play chess and he didn't. Least he could do was winning the satisfaction of...well, winning. And so he would, it all looked like that was going to be the case.

Now it was time for him to find a suitable response: Board hadn't changed much, Al's king was still mostly safe behind his wall of pawns. Good thing he had taken both of his knights already though, those ones could be real pests, if used correctly. How, he would show his friend soon enough. Could move his own bishop in order to threaten the black rook over there, or-

Ja, holla. Couldn't believe it had taken him so long to notice, but the bishop Al had just moved was now standing completely in the open, on a silver platter. All it would take was a quick diagonal swoop with his queen.

"I feel kind of bad doing this, but..you were a bit unobservant just now, weren't you?" A word and a blow. Yet another of Al's pieces lay slain to his own feet. Maxim couldn't help but smile a little, just a little bit. "I'll go fetch something from the kitchen real quick, be right back. Take your time with your next move." He could have added 'Wouldn't want to lose another one of your pieces like that, would you?' He didn't really consider it though, bordered far too much on asshole territory. Not a place he was willing to cross over to.

Wiping some crumbs off his lip and taking off his headset with his other hand, Maxim got up from his chair, eager to get his hands on some strawberry yoghurt.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I am Woo Hwang - Townie Commuter

Twice per game, I can make myself immune to any night actions, by announcing to Yugi I want to use my ability via PM during night time. I have been a little paranoid, since I did not want to end up getting killed by scum early on like in Drag Race Mafia, so I used it once on N2. If anyone targeted me that night and received no result, that's why.

As for RC's suspicion of Bik, I don't really see frogue buddying with him as much as RC seems to do, but I haven't read through the entire thread again, so I will probably do that, once I have the time for it.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Yes, that, we agree on.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I agree RC, that there is a high probability of there being several vanilla townies. However, what I'm saying is, that every claim as vanila townie without flavor from here on out could also very well be a scum member trying to take advantage of this fact. Now I am not saying that you are automatically a scum member by claiming to be a flavorless town at this point, all I'm saying is that save for EP and Randomness, all of those claims should not be taken as automatic proof of the claimer being town and should be scrutinized further, to make out their autheticity. I hope I made that somewhat understandable.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
The problem here is, while Randomness and Paige are pretty much town to me, Randomness having claimed the 'no-flavor-thing' first and Paige having added more details, anyone else claiming the same thing now can very easily be a copycat, trying to get around the issue of having to flavor claim. We must consider, that the last nightkill on Vyse was performed by Kelley Wentworth, as Yugi's summary of the night stated, so that person will of course be trying to avoid having to claim being Kelley. I do believe that there are at least two vanilla townies with no flavor, namely Paige and Randomness, but anyone else will remain suspicious to me.

Granted there even is a 4th Mafia member. In the best case scenario, we'll lynch frogue and Prim turns out to be Kelley Wentworth tomorrow, with no further scum members being present, but that is not guaranteed by any means. In any case, RC's argument, while somewhat sensible, rubs me the wrong way with it's tone. Now I have only been in one game with him prior to this one, in which he had been scum, so I don't know much about his town play, thus I will reserve judgement on this, until someone else, preferrably MW, Randomness or Paige, state their opinion on this.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: Last paragraph: 'to go on about'

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
@everyone being quiet: Yes, please, what Prim said!

Don't mean to come off as cocky, but technically, I said it first : P

Anyway though, here are my thoughts on the current situation:

First of all, on the claims of Randomness and EP: While I was suspicious of EP earlier in the game, I have to say, I am mostly convinced now that both are town. The only scenario in which this wouldn't be the case, is one in which both are scum, but looking through the previous pages, I don't see that being the case. It doesn't make sense for only one of them to be scum either, because

A: Randomness was the first one to announce he had received no flavor, just his role;
and B: Paige claimed the same thing after him, but added more details. Now if she had merely claimed the exact same thing without adding details, I would still consider the possibility of her being a scum member trying to get around the issue of having to fake a flavorclaim, but the way it is, it's highly unlikely. Also, it doesn't make sense for Randomness to be scum and Paige to be town either, since Randomness was the first to proclaim he had received no flavor, which would be an incredibly risky move and there is basically no way he could have known there was another town member without given flavor beforehand.

Ergo, the only possiblity for them not being town is if they were both scum, which again, I just don't see as likely, especially since there is the possibility that there are only 3 scum members, making them both town in my eyes.

As for Prim, I do agree that she has acted rather scummy overall, but I am not completely convinced that she is indeed scum. For the longest time, I myself had believed backslash to be on the town's side, mainly because I had not done enough flavor research etc at that point, so I could actually see someone getting deluded in that regard. Still, Prim would be number 2 on my current potential scum list, with frogue being the virtually confirmed scum member on top, of course.

However, if there's a 4th scum member, I would believe that to be either RC/Bik or Goose. MW is obviously town, unless he pulled off the biggest mindgame in history here, but not even he would be bold enough to pull off such a feat, I'd say. Randomness and EP are town as well in my eyes, for the aforementioned reasons. With boogie out of the picture and frogue already being confirmed, that leaves Lore/Danny/RC/Bik and Goose. Should Prim flip scum at any point, I don't believe Lore to be the 4th scum member, the sort of feud between the two that has shown lately comes off as genuine and not acted out to me. Danny has been pushed too much by both frogue and backslash on D2 and I don't see scum being willing to sacrifice one of their own, so that makes him town as well in my eyes.

Between RC/Bik and Goose however, I have very little to on about. RC hasn't acted much different than usual and I also know that his laptop has been repaired in the last couple of days, sort of justifying his silence in this thread. As for the other two, I have no clue, honestly. Thus why I would like them to speak up more.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Will give a more detailed description of my current thoughts later, since I am currently outside, but I would ask Danny/Goose/RC/Bik to at least participate in this discussion some way, since this round is somewhat dull for the lack of input.

It's Raining, It's Pouring
Aiden paused for a second before tryin' to come up with a response, biting his lip, thinking. That been an innuendo just now? Like, hard to tell, could never know with that one. He woulda chuckled to show his approval, sure as shit, if only he had been sure that it was supposed to be one. Moment was already over though, sorta like whenever he didn't get a joke and had to think about it for frickin' ever. Still, he went with a little snicker anyway, just to be on the safe side.

"Same, honestly. Not much going on for me right now, like. Woulda prolly just up and went for a sorta underwater jog, had you not picked up."

He leaned back against a wall, careful not to knock his mom's favourite vase flying. Stayin' alive was kinda important to him. Shifted around a bit, tryin' to get comfy with his thin ass shirt rubbing against the coarse marble underneath it. Fuckin' sandpaper right there.

Underwater jog. Yeah, as if. Was being desperate to get a little adrenaline up in his head, so he was. Didn't mean he was gonna be stupid though, risk catchin' a cold. Not like they had cut off his commonsense together with his umbilical cord. That one actually wasn't half bad, had to try it on Fergie some time, prolly exactly his vibe.

"Y'know, not really, just me being all pumped up like usual, is all. But anyway, what's happenin' for you? Anything you're up to?"

Wasn't even sure if he wanted to hear a 'yes' or a 'no.' Potential to make him a very happy Beaks in both, really.

It's Raining, It's Pouring
Well, hello there. Finally hit bullseye, someone actually being available, hallelujah. Aiden rose up from his seat, silently pumping his fist into the air. Looked like the tide was about to turn, so it was. From what he had experienced, Fi always meant fun, one way or another, yup. Hadn't even uttered one word yet and he was already flyin' over the moon.

"You're already helpin' just pickin' up the phone, Fi. It's Aiden. Yknow, shorty, nice ol' scar, big beak, bigger pecker. Ring a bell?"

Alright, maybe a bit heavy bustin' in like that, hammin' it up all the way from the get-go. Then again, worked before, so no reason to change it up. For all he knew, chick was into all that feisty stuff, would prolly get a chuckle or two outta her at least. Yeah, he'd stick with that, to be sure.

"Anyway, figured it was 'long time no see, no hear either', so I called. How ya doin'? Get as much joy from this weather as I do?"

Last thing was obviously sarcazzedi-casm. Like, he had made it totally obvious, right? Not like she was gonna assume he was diggin' this cat-and-dog weather, singin' in the rain, all that shit. Kinda dumb to even worry about it, really. Fi was a smart cookie, she was gonna figure, sure as shit.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I'll state this right now, since I will certainly be asked about it anyway: I have received a PM from Yugi detailing the nature of the advantage. However, the PM also stated that I am not allowed to reveal it in-game, since I will be automatically removed from it otherwise. I realize this looks scummy, but honestly, the game has not been very interesting to me up to this point, so I am willing to accept that.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I had a pretty rough day and honestly, this seems like it could potentially be mildy exhilarant at least. So yes, why not:


Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Sounds like a plan.

It's Raining, It's Pouring
((Aiden Slattery continued from What Are Little Boys Made Of?))

One of those days again. One of those frickin' days, fulla chores, fulla bores. Usually, Aiden woulda just gone 'Fuck it', dashed straight outta the house and went for a jog, lap on his bike, anything that could get his blood pumpin'. Didn't work today though, nope. Not with the sky pissin' all over the place, going maximum high tide, like. Sure, he wasn't made of sugar, not like he couldn't stand a bit of rain, but this - no fucking way. Catching the sniffles was on the very bottom of his to-do-list, so it was.

So what else was there to do for him? Mom and dad gone over the weekend, meetin' some old buddies or whatever. Good for them, 'slong as they didn't crash their car, what with the weather and all. He wasn't scared though, Big Daddy was the best goddamn driver 'round these parts, bit of a drizzle wasn't going to take him down, nope.

Still, that meant he was all Home Alone, minus the fun of being able to mess with some goofy goons sneaking around. Shame, really. Not even his little bro was there, went to visit college girl Sharon over at her place. He did regret not going with him now, he felt like a right eejit. Some frickin' dumbass sittin' around on his ass at home, with nothing to do but twiddle his thumbs and maybe show his pecker some love. Wasn't even in the mood for that now, not after thinking about his folks that much, nope, nopedi nope. Maybe some other peeps who were into that, but not him.

He sighed and picked up his phone that was lying next to him on the sofa. No new messages. Of course not. For a second, he wondered why Fergie hadn't called yet, announcing his arrival, but then he remembered. Dude was gone as well, some shit with his tonsils needing a check-up or some stuff. Meaning even their weekly karaoke night was a total bust, whole fuckin' universe had conspired against him, playin' one big fat joke on him. Shit sucked, so it did.

Overcome by some sorta desperation, he started scrolling through his phone's contacts, as if by some miracle, divine inspiration was gonna come over him or some shit, Jesus comin' down and tellin' him how to get his mood back in the green. Danny, Kizi, Johnny, nope, all of them already busy, far as he knew. What the hell was the world coming to? Maybe he had missed out on some big inside joke or something, everybody pretendin' to be busy over the weekend.

So he scrolled up and down and up again, like he was tryin' to hypnotize his own ass. Then finally, he stopped. One name there he had overlooked before, one that brought back some sweet ol' memories. Had barely seen the chick since their last session of bouncy boning, had been too busy with...nothing, really, he had just forgot to give her a call again. Like, she hadn't called him either, but it was usually the other way around, right? Lad ringin' up the lass and stuff. Yeah, sure sounded like an idea he could get behind.

Just chattin' woulda been enough for him, anything that helped distracting himself, gettin' his mind outta the gutter. Only had to hope she was available. Luck o' the Irish had to have his back on this one, just this one fucking time.

Aiden rubbed his neck and yawned, then pressed Fiyori's name and finally the call button.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
Well, this day phase will certainly be a short one. I get the feeling frogue is trying to play the jester card, but there's no way there would be a jester in a Survivor-themed Mafia.

What Are Little Boys Made Of?
Well, crap. Now there was an example of 'How to turn any situation awkward in less than 30 seconds.' He had fucked up, yup, effed up good, effed up royally. Aiden could almost feel the enthusiasm draining from his face, grin was the first to go, then his nostrils stopped quivering, his eyes closed somewhat - for the first time since he had opened that door not too long ago, he was looking serious. As serious as a shorty like him with a face like that could get.

"Yeah, uh...kay then, got it, roger that. Enough time to talk later, yup." He couldn't tell if it was the pills finally taking effect, or if his own senses had just sort of made him...well, come to his senses, shitty as it sounded. Either way, chick was right. Went a little crazy there, so he did. Like, still pretty harmless, but clearly not what Miss No-Nonsense over there was willing to dig. Had that same sorta tone like his sis now, whenever she got serious and gave his ass a roasting. Like she was tryin' to train some sorta pet dog or something.

It was okay though, totally fine, yup. Not like he couldn't handle it, couldn't handle gettin' a lecture every once in a while. Nah, it was prolly for the best, to be sure. Time he got himself to work, make sure that money he was payin' Lee Lee wasn't gonna go to waste. Not like loosin' those lousy bucks was hurtin' his wallet much, but still. Penny saved was a penny earned, and whathaveyou.

He didn't waste any more time, sat his ass down on a chair opposite to his tutor and snatched the required book from the table. "Alrighty, I'll ask whenever I need help with something, you with me? Spoiler alert: Gonna happen a lot. Just as a warning." He followed it up with a rather half-assed attempt at a smile, before immediately opening the book at the page she had showed him.

"You need some more to drink, be sure to tell me. Enough ice here to keep a whole family o' penguins feel fit as a fiddle."

Yeah, he really couldn't help it, had to try for some comedy gold - or silver, whatever was decent enough. Not anymore though, had to keep his trap shut now, like Sharon had taught him. Had to be the good boy, straight up paragon. Wasn't gonna be easy, but hell, when was it ever? He'd give it his best shot, true as truth. All he could ask of himself. Maths didn't have shit on him, he was gonna conquer it, ram his banner up its ass. Startin' with this frickin' excercise.

((Aiden Slattery continued in It's Raining, It's Pouring))