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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia SIgn Ups
Sure, I'm on board.

Maxim watched Abby's every move, curious at first, then with growing fascination. She clearly knew what she was doing - of course she was, she wouldn't have set up a sale otherwise - but the way she was moving around, getting work done with such efficiency and glee at the same time, that really was something else. It was almost...invigorating to watch, yes. Maybe a bit overly dramatic the way he put it, but still.

Only when Cristo addressed him did he snap out of his sort-of-trance. Good question, actually. Had he ever baked before? One would have thought that he would have asked himself that question the second his friend had invited him to come and help out. But he hadn't, for some. In fact. he couldn't quite remember, actually- no right, there was that one time. Years back or so.

He shrugged. "I suppose saying I'm inexperienced would be a mild understatement. Tried it once, with my father helping me even. Still turned out...not that great." Maxim looked to the side, scratching his head. His scalp felt kind of itchy, he regretted not having showered earlier. Obviously too late for it now. Nothing he could do about it, except maybe scratch himself every once in a while when nobody was watching.

His gaze wandered back to the other two. About time he started actually being of help, enough time to loiter about later. "I should be able to work with a recipe though - basic stuff and such, can't be too hard, even for me. If you could hand it to me, that'd be nice."

Romeo And Juliet
Well, fuck. Took all but a few sentences from Ben for Aiden to have to cover his own mouth with his hand, to avoid bursting out in a fit of laughter.

"Got his ass knifed....Fuck, man, that's a damn riot!" His words came through muffled and snorting, and he felt his palm getting all wet with his spit. Guh-ross.

His giggling lasted a few, in retrospect awfully painful seconds, before he caught his breath and removed his hand from his pie-hole. Not going well, nope. Getting distracted too easily, so he was. If only his dumb ass had remembered to take the meds sooner, all would be hunkily-donkey-dory by now, focusing and stuff. They had to come into effect sooner or later though, sure as shit. Rocky-ass start aside.

"Sorry, just, you saying a thing like that all serious looking and sounding and stuff...funny to me, you with me? Over now, I'm good, won't happen again, scout's honor!" He ended the sentence by pounding his chest just above his heart and giving a quick salute. Prolly looked goofy as hell, but screw it.

Aiden looked from Ben to Scarlett, then back at Ben. They'd show some understanding, right? Not like they were some bitter, crusty ol' fogeys. Dude maybe, but not Scarley Scarls, no way. Grump and not so grump. Yeah, that worked. Except his head was wanderin' up Trash fucking Alley again. Had to fucking pull himself together, for real this time.

"So, anyway, divine order, yup. No, natural order, yeah. Sounds like it'll work, sure does." He rubbed his forehead slightly, as if to look like he was actually using his savvy. Prolly saw right through him, so they did. Or maybe not. Normally, he'd have just admitted that he was in way over his beak. Head. But not now. Could just pretend like he was followin', so he could. Maybe he'd actually get it after a while. Eventually. Yeah, he would, for sugary sure. Crank up the optimism.

"Like, wanna split it all up? Everyone gets one act or two or so to go through, scan, take notes and shit, you follow me? Wait, there's five acts, right? Won't really work." Aiden looked around the room while tapping the tip of his nose. "Maybe just go through it together? Three Musketeers style?"

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Fallout Thread
Good game, everybody.

Though I fear the Bianca-Flavor was wasted on someone like me^^

Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Aiden let out a short laugh. This guy, this frickin' guy.. Nowhere near the ultimate level of vexing-schmexing he had expected, nope. Kinda funny, really. But fuck was it hard to ignore his style of munching. Dude was like some sorta hungry, hungry hippo or something.

Wasn't going to look at his mouth again, noooope, nope nope nope - shit. Damn saucy waterfall right there. Saucy, heh. Literally. Still though, Bradman's point was kinda whack. Like, sorta out of context, pretty weak. Either that, or the guy was just making a damn joke. Couldn't tell. Especially when he was trying to avoid lookin' at him too much.

"Like, you're sort of shooting for the stars here, aren't ya? Blowing this outta proportion, true as truth. These guys are like, the absolute mofos, right? Top of the class. Dunno bout Tesla, forgot what the guy did."

He grinned. Had no shame admittin' that, nope.

"But like, me, I just wanna be able to live my life and all, you with me? Support a family, that sorta shit. Still a bazillion years in the future, but I already know I won't aim too high. Just do my thing and do it sort of right. Make my folks proud."

Land of Milk and Honey, Don't Fail Me Now
Maxim nodded, once, twice - almost every third word out of Cristo's mouth was met with a nod. He was barely even catching what the other boy said, focusing more on making himself look as agreeable as possible - no, agreeable wasn't the right word, was it? Approving, consenting, that was probably it. He still wasn't as impeccably fluent as he would have liked to be. Bother.

This Cristo though, he seemed to know the ropes, be at home in the subject of localities. Knew his way around, well versed and all.

Too many synonyms. He really needed to stop thinking so much about what he was thinking - overthink everything. This guy here, he clearly was all relaxed, casual, didn't look like he was worrying about anything at all. Didn't look like it took him much or any effort either. Maybe that was what he, Maxim, should try. Be all casual. Worth a try, at least.

"Sounds good, yes, it does! I'd die for a good sandwich. Not, uh, literally, you know what I mean. " Maxim chuckled. Didn't feel like he was forcing himself to do so. Well, maybe a bit. But he was getting there or would eventually, at least. Maybe. Possibly.

"In any case, we have an agreement then, right? Meet up at the weekend and all." Yes, this was working out for him. Only had to seal the deal now. Like proper grown-ups. So much for casual.

Maxim, albeit reluctantly, extended one hand, reaching out towards Cristo over the table. He didn't like the prospect of touching someone else, but he needed to be sure, sure that Cristo was giving him his word, no empty promises, even though the boy certainly didn't look like one to do such a thing. Still, it had to be done. This one security, he would insist on.

"Shake on it?"

Romeo And Juliet
There they were, Ben all down to earth, while Scarlett was sitting on her couch like it was a plushy throne or something. Curly and the Grump, sure made for a functional duo. Throw in a little Beaks and you have - something less functional, to be sure. Just like they said, two's company, three's a crowd. He wasn't deluding himself, those two were prolly even a whole lot smarter than he was. But that was fine. He was mostly there to add some spice anyway. Other two could use some of that, sure as shit.

He eyed the empty spot on the coach, then glanced at the ground.Tempting, yeah. Buuut then again, maybe not. Woulda been kinda weird, with him next to Scarley Scarls and Ben going solo on the ground. Besides, couch didn't look that comfortable anyway. Bit more space to himself sounded a whole frickin lot better, yup. Floor it was, then, fitting, seeing how he needed to get to the bottom of things. Better keep that pun to himself though - not his best work.

"Ground's fine by me. Looks comfy enough." Without as much as another word, he practically leaped to the spot next to the couch, then let himself drop and get into a cross-legged position. He was now staring up at the other two like some kiddie expecting gifts or something like that. Knew he wouldn't get any, but what the hell.

In any case, it was time to get serious. That assignment sure wasn't no walk in the fucking park, more like a rooftop parkour. He had to give it his goddamn all, owed that much to his sis. Well, to those two as well, even though he didn't really like Ben all that much, dude seemed like he could use a shot of vitality straight in the veins. Scarlett was nice enough. Seemed a bit bothered by something, but that was prolly just her thinking really hard. He'd try and do the same, even though he prolly wasn't going to be much of a help.

"So, what do we have so far? I didn't exactly think about our task and stuff during my little break, so like...anything you wanna share?"

Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Like, this wasn't really that bad. He'd have expected worse, like, oodles and bunches of worse. Way some people were talking bout Bradman, they made it sound like he was some sorta hellspawn or some shit, henchman to Big Daddy Satan.

But then again, people did talk a lot of crap, didn't they? Being all political correct and stuff, easier to upset than his mom during laundry sessions. He wasn't judging though. To each their own, that sorta deal. Same thing for Bradley. Dude seemed like he was the type to just be doing his thing, not give any freckled fucks, zee to the ro. He could respect that. 'slong as he didn't get too dickish or anything, he'd be cool with him. Could make this work, so they could.

"Yup. Not like we got a choice though, right? Shit sucks sometimes - most of the time - but we gotta just wade through it to get to the honeypot, you with me? To the victors go the spoils, you know the drill."

Like, watching the guy eat was still sorta yucky, stuff flyin' around like that. Maybe he had been raised by wolves, Mowgli style. Still, not that big of a deal. Nobody was forcing him to stare at the guy's mouth, after all. Gross thought, really.

Land of Milk and Honey, Don't Fail Me Now

He could see it in the other boy's eyes, no, written all over his eyes. The question had taken him by surprise, startled him. Of course it had, it had come out of nowhere, after all. Had he been too rash, overconfident? What if Cristo took it the wrong way? He barely knew him for a few minutes, after all and he was already being pushy like this.

Maxim could feel his heart sink a bit, fear creeping in. Cristo wasn't taken aback by him now, was he? Anything but that, please. He didn't mean anything by it, he had only gotten excited, happy to be comfortable around someone for a change. That was no crime, was it?

But it seemed he had worried over nothing - again. The other boy didn't seem to be angered, annoyed or even rattled. He was either hiding it quite well or he was legitimately content with his request. So he had been right in the end. This one was someone to latch onto - only figuratively, of course. He just had to refrain from overdoing it, which could very well happen, given these new sentiments of overwhelming excitement. He couldn't let that get the better of him. Stay relaxed and go along with it, all he had to do.

"I'd be happy to! I mean, I don't really have plans for the weekend either, nothing I can't do at another time, at least. So...yes, why not?" He was genuinely smiling by now. These would be some tough few days to get through until the weekend finally rolled by. Burdened with impatience and unease and all that. But it looked like it'd be worth it in the end. Yes, definitely looked like it.

"Just one thing: It won't be too crowded there, will it? The places you intend to show me, I mean. Because...you know, I'm not really good with crowds. Reason I came here, after all."

Tiny Vessels

Nice. Aiden complimented C's remark with a snicker and an acknowledging nod in her direction, honor to whom honor was due, stuff like that. "Good one. Trying to beat me at my own game, are ya? I approve."

Deadpan was the way she was swinging, eh? Big, snarky mountain. Hey, now there was a pet name. Something to keep in mind in case she'd stick around some, hang out around him in the future. Which he was seriously doubting, but eh, one could never know. Better to be prepared than...not.

El Presidente took the reins again, saying he and tall lady where there together for the dance - like, duh. President Obvious right there. Getting personal now though, asking bout him and Kizi, was he? Aiden glanced at his friend next to him. She was okay with him telling that to Connie, right? No real secret, just some random trivia bout The Beaks and K-Eazy. Yeah, why not.

"Me and her? Could say childhood friends, I guess. No big story there, unless you're into biography style tales." He raised his hands in an apologetic gesture, though contrasting this with a sly smirk. "But don't let my spiel hold you two off, you wanna dance, you go for it. Woulda asked Kizi to do the same, but she's not really into swinging her feet, you with me? Easier to get her to uppercut me than do that."

He gave his partner a slight nudge with his elbow, offering her a more warm smile. "Ain't that right?"

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
On an off note, I know I really am colorblind when votes look green to me.

But yeah, I feel like all this is what RC was planning. He was all too happy to softclaim all of a sudden after Prim revealed her role. I don't see how that would have made him react that way, given how he has acted and reasoned with us thus far.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
To be fair, I didn't believe RC's claim even before you pointed out the inconsistency with his flavor. I am still in favor of the lynch.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Also, this was an awfully convenient time for RC to drop off the map/go to sleep. I still think he's trying to buy Mafia time, but I might be wrong. In any case, we need more thoughts on both RC's and Prim's claims.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Little mistake there, I believe. Prim unvoted RC, I did not.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Does Prim's flavor match up with her role claim?

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Alright, just one question RC: Why would it have been better for town if you revealed tomorrow instead of today, as you stated earlier. I would just like to hear your reasoning behind that.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
What about your flavor, Prim? That might make it easier for people who know Drag Race to tell whether or not your claim is valid.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
By tomorrow I mean the next day phase.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
The majority of RC's statement have been quite shallow. He is claiming to actively scumhunt, when most of the time he is rather pointing out general things, rather than pointing us in a specific direction. It really seems like what he's trying to do is to avoid a lynch of any sort. Why? Because a lynch would give us information one way or another and scum profits from town not having much info to work with.

If he is scum, which I really believe at this point, he is probably expecting to be lynched tomorrow, making us loose a whole day and a lynch in the process, to buy scum time. I really feel like one more person should vote for RC, so we force him to claim something.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Can somebody recall what the current vote count is?