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RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Told you Yugi was a bad bitch from the start. Can't trust a ho like that.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Need help packin'?

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from The Dynamo Of Volition))

Life was all about choices . Simple enough phrase, probably printed on the back of God-knows-how many greeting cards, in some variation or another. Maxim had forgotten what exactly had lead to him taking this specific train of thought, maybe it was a thing from that novel he had started reading a while ago, a quote or something like that. Been too long for him to remember, he hadn't touched the book in a week or so, didn't really get into it all that much. Made him feel sort of bad, since it had been a gift by his godmother, but what the heck, he'd just pretend having read it.

Speaking of choices though, he was at least certain to have made the right one this time around. It had been either accepting Cristo's request of him joining him to help with Abby's planned bake sale, or spending another Friday evening home alone in front of his PC, playing through Baldur's Gate for the fourth time - which had actually been a harder choice for him to make than one might expect. Only after Cristo had ensured him that it would only be the two of them plus Abby and absolutely no one else, he had finally agreed. Kind of pathetic, really, but no one else knew, so not that big of a deal.

Besides, it was a kind of welcome change of pace. Had been a more than boring week so far, even for his standards. Doing a little bit of work couldn't hurt, as long as it wasn't too sweat-inducing, no super heavy lifting and such. Not his thing.

Ironic that it was an upcoming bake sale of all things, though. Maybe another reason why Cristo had urged him to come along, as a reminder of how the two of them had first met. There was some sort of nostalgic allure to it, he had to admit. Another Brownie point.
Maxim had only just arrived at Abby's place by car, been dropped off by his dad, who was on his way to meet up with some pals of his anyway. Had to love conveniences like that. He had never been to the house of the Floyds before and his first impression was that...well, it was big, really big. Not much else that stood out to him, though he could see why it would be suited to host a bake sale here.

He didn't know Abby all too well, he had been first introduced to her via Cristo. Real sunshine, that one, though her attitude was a tad too positive for his taste. Little bit of pessimism never hurt anyone, at least in his opinion. Still, he was glad to be of assistance to her, especially with Cristo being around as well, granted he probably wouldn't have agreed to help had it not been for the other boy in the first place.

Almost 5:30 PM now. He was dead on time, as always. Slowly, he trotted up to the entrance door, then swiftly adjusted his shirt's collar. Had to make a somewhat presentable appearance, after all. With a driblet of enthusiasm and making sure his perpetual frown was absent for once, Maxim rang the doorbell.

He's So Tall and Handsome as Hell

Maxim tried his best to avoid eye contact with his friend as they walked alongside each other, heading to the restroom in silence. There it was again, that feeling of anxiety. But not like usual, it wasn't about himself this time, about him feeling awkward, uncomfortable with his surroundings. It was that kind of nagging gut instinct, a fear of what was to come. He had no idea what he was going to say to Brendan, how he was supposed to be of any help. He had tried before, even thought he had made good progress. A false conclusion, obviously.

At least he was still able to keep his cool, at least somewhat. Brendan, he looked like a was about to suffer a nervous breakdown. His expression, voice, demeanor, everything practically screamed that he was in over his head here. Though he did hit the nail on the head. The two of them about to have a talk in private in the restroom, especially on an occasion like this, it certainly was...well, weird, exactly. As far as he knew, girls did this all the time - or was that just some stereotype? Either way, it wouldn't help him out here. He couldn't even think of anything to answer Brendan's sort of apology with, simply keeping his trap shut instead. More silence followed. This wasn't going to get any less awkward any time soon, was it?

Finally, they both entered the men's room, still cloaked in silence. No one else was here at the moment. Good. Something to be sort of happy about, at least. Brendan immediately rushed to the sinks, obviously to get some cold water on his face. Maybe that helped. He certainly hoped it would, or at least not make things even worse, somehow.

Brendan turned around, facing him now. Maxim wished he could have procrastinated it all some way. His friend was depending on him, expecting him to support him, contribute helpful advice related to whatever it was that plagued him now. Too much pressure, too much goddamn pressure. He hated having to be responsible for anyone else beside himself. Hell, he had enough troubles with trying to keep himself in a happy place. But he had already agreed to this and the only other option was leaving his friend all by himself, on the edge of despairing. No, this here was the right thing to do. Uncomfortable or not.

Maxim chewed at his bottom lip as he listened to Bren's plight. So it really was about him and Alba after all. He wasn't really sure what else he had expected, but he still felt relieved in a way. At least it wasn't about something much worse, some other more serious trouble in Brendan's life. Still, this also meant that Maxim had no clue what in the world he was supposed to tell the other boy. He knew about as much about relationships as he knew about quantum physics, not to mention that the latter subject was decidedly more comfortable to discuss.

Oh, there was more? Something else Brendan wanted to tell him? He figured. The way he behaved, there had to be more on his mind, clear as day. He had suspected it and now he had confirmation on the matter. Whatever it was, he had to try and not think about all the terrible possibilities that it could have been, at least until he had come up with something to answer Brendan's first question with. How he would have told someone that he just wanted to be friends? Hell if he knew! He didn't even know how to properly ask someone to be friends in the first place.

"Geez...I really don't know how I would do it, I'm sorry. I mean, I would really like to help you here, Bren, don't get me wrong. But like...it's hard for me to judge, you know? I never was in a relationship myself, never really cared for it either."

Maxim ruffled his own hair with one hand, his eyes nervously darting across the room. "I'm really, really sorry. I can only tell you again what I said earlier. Alba does seem like a nice, understanding person and all, you and her will be able to work something out, I'm sure. How, I have no idea. Sorry." That would have to do. Nothing else he could say. Nothing else he could think of.

"So...what was that other thing you wanted to talk to me about?"

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I have received my role as well.


For taking too long to confirm that his role has been confirmed. Clearly, he wants to confuse us. Not today, Satan!

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
He did not want it to end yet. His lungs sure screamed the opposite to him, but since when did those two fuckers have a say in this sorta thing? Aiden kept their tongues locked for as long as he could, savoring the taste and every itty bitty little sentiment, even the smell on her -

Until it stopped. Seemed the chick had reached her limit, grew bored, whatever. He felt a slight tickle as her slippery organ escaped his mouth, prompting a snicker from him. Holy French kiss Batman! He knew the bitch could bite, but that just now had been a whole new level of wild, straight savagery! Maybe enough for some wimpy-ass dudes to run back home to Nopeville, but not him, no way! He was diggin' this shit, had found a fucking goldmine here!

Oh man, that stare of hers too. Could just look back into her eyes for hours, so he could. Windows to the soul, they said, and this one here had one sexy soul, true as truth. He really had to be the luckiest motherfucker in the universe that day. Just had to be.

Ah, finally. Took her long enough to spot that ol' scar. Wanted to know how he got that one, did she? Course she did. She was prolly even into it, way he judged her. Hell, he wouldn't have been surprised if she was gonna add some fresh ones to his collection that day. Things would get intense, sure as shit. He couldn't fucking wait for it.

"Me being a naughty little boy is what happened. Turns out it ain't a good idea to try and enter some junkyard in the middle of the night, you with me? I mean, I'm into fencing alright, but not that sort." He pulled an innocent face, adorned with a coy pout, before his trademark grin took over again. "Sorry bout that pun, hon. Not my best work, I'll admit, but I came up with it myself, makes it special."

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Sign-Up Thread
I'd like to join as well.

Land of Milk and Honey, Don't Fail Me Now

Maxim's eyes lit up the moment Cristo had finished his last sentence. There, that right there was his entire existence in a nutshell, or so he felt at the moment. This guy here knew, he understood. Maybe he had suffered through the same hardships as he himself had? Maybe they had even more in common, even more beyond that.

He let out a sigh of relief, closing his eyes momentarily. Hell, he knew fate was just some made up fairy tale, something to lull little children and religious nutcases, or some people like that. But this here, the way this entire situation came to be, it felt like some higher power had intervened on his behalf. That was bogus, of course, absurd. He had simply gotten lucky. But even so, it all worked out for him. Some days, getting out of bed really was worth the effort.

"Tell me about it", he responded, chuckling lightly, only to immediately raise his hands in a defensive gesture right after. "Oh, I didn't mean that in a sarcastic way or anything, yes? Just meant to approve of your statement, to, uh - to show I agree with you. I made that clear, right?"

Gee, he really needed to simmer down again. He had no reason to get anxious like this. Cristo understood him. He understood him. He understood. For a few moments, he repeated those words to himself in his head, his lips silently shaping them as well. It was like he was muttering to himself without really muttering, almost mantra-like.

Finally, the procedure bore fruit, and his mind returned to a state of ease. He looked Cristo back in the eyes, wearing a rather self-ironic smile. "I pretty much just proved your point right there, didn't I? I'm a real piece of work, I know."

Tiny Vessels
"I'm doing a-okay, Zee Zee. Sorry 'bout the delay and all, had to go deliver something to the WC Republic real quick, you follow me?" He chuckled and scratched a spot of imaginary stubble on his neck. Yeah, fun was only about to start. Just had to wait for a nice track to play now, then it was time for some happy feet!

Or not. Looked like he had attracted some attention - no surprise there, really. He heard his name being called from the side, twice. Slapping on an impish smile, he turned towards the origin of the voices. Right, those two. Planned to stick around, did they? Might as well roll with it then, see if they could handle a concentrated charge of vitamin Beaks.

He threw an amused glance at Kizi, back over his shoulder. "So these are your buddie-buddies then, Zi, do I have that right?" He let out something that was supposed to sound like an impressed whistle - with less than moderate success. "Well I'll be damned, hanging with the high society, are ya? Hell of a leap to the top, compared to a bum like me, eh?" He gave her a friendly wink, then turned back to face the other two again. Had to start with the goliath chick. Ladies first.

"Sup? Gonna say it straight away, I don't really remember your name or anything. You can tell me though, or you can't. Whatever ya prefer, C." Another wink, more frisky this time. "Yeah, nice to meetcha anyway."

Aiden shifted his gaze towards Conrad, then gave an almost mockingly polite nod. Social standards and all that shit. "Mister President." He gave it a fake undertone of respect, though only meant as a friendly joke. The guy had to have some sense of humor, right? "Or do ya prefer 'Mister Bond'?" He snickered, following it up with the third wink in a row. Triple, baby. King of combo right there.

"Nah, for real though, looking sharp in that suit, yes Sir! You too, tall lady, good stuff. You two here together or something?"

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean

She liked it. No dizzedi doubt, she ab-so-lutely fucking liked the way he was posing; no, she was straight digging it, lovin' it. Chick was on fire, all burning up on the inside, one big hot flamin' lusty inferno. All she had to do was come and take her prize. Hot damn, he was more than ready for action, ready for her to come and set him ablaze as well, light it up!

Atta girl. Comin' towards him, closing in on the beak of evolution, the one and only Aiden. She knew she wanted him. He knew he wanted him - her too. But mostly himself. Not really, though. His brain was just going all apeshit, comin' up with crazy shit that didn't make sense. Whatever. He didn't need his brain now. Just needed her face on his, feel the heat of the night. Shit on a stick, he was so frickin' thrilled!

She was close now, very fucking close. Tall as hell, exotic, untamed - straight up Black Beauty he got here. Oh boy, was she reaching for - nah, just closin' the door, so she was. Shame.

Door slammed shut. Big Bang. Didn't matter, just a distraction. Only thing that mattered now was towering right over him. Oof, she wanted to play rough, play the dominion game. Take his hands with hers like she was cuffing him. Show his beak some love as well. He swallowed. And then their lips finally made contact.

Whoa. She wasn't the first chick he had kissed. Wouldn't be the last. But damn, this one here was tasty! All sweet and salty and soft and supple and...painful? Biting. She was biting. He didn't mind. She could nibble on him all she wanted. Enough meat on him for her to nibble all day and night.

Holy fuck, she went All-in already! His lips didn't put up any resistance, almost opened up by themselves and let in that oh so fucking welcome intruder. Now he had to show some fighting spirit though, couldn't just stay passive like some weak-ass pushover!

Time to wrestle her sweet muscle with his, match of the ages, clash of the titans, just her and him. He was still barely moving. Only his tongue was doing work , nostrils trembling with delight, shivers down his spine, face heating up, hot breath mixing together. He was on fire, burning to death alive and fuck did he love it! Had been to fucking long since he last had his fill - but this one would more than make up for it.

His arms still crossed behind his head, he continued to almost literally suck on her face, more aggressive now, not even realizing he was running out of air fast.

He's So Tall and Handsome as Hell
Captain Underpants, huh? Well, that certainly sounded like a title to stay away from. Maxim didn't mean to be condescending, but he couldn't help but think that way. It was just as Brendan said, sounded like some sort of comedy - all too obviously at that. In other words, not to his liking, most definitely not. Humor was fine and all, but only paired with good story-telling. And this book certainly did not contain that, he could judge from the cover alone, in the figurative sense. That famous saying advised to refrain from such actions, but who was he to be limited by sayings?

Maxim had clenched his fist absent mindedly and upon realizing, he quickly took another sip of punch. Hell, what had gotten into him? To become so agitated and appalled by a mere petty book title alone, like a first class stickler. Or maybe it had been something else entirely, something else that had irritated him and said book had only been an excuse for his brain to get him triggered?

The location, yes, that must have been it. Even in rather pleasant company, he still didn't feel comfortable at all, not even discussing his favorite topic. Had he been alone with Brendan and Alba, at some isolated spot, surely that would have been to his liking. But not like this. He wasn't nervous. no. Not anxious either. Just...somehow, he really just didn't want to be there anymore.He had to leave, as soon as possible, find some sort of excuse. He'd certainly feel bad having to leave the other two behind like this, but it was how it was, he could not change it, as much as he wanted to.

Wait, what? Had he heard that right? Brendan asked him to accompany him to the restroom? Now that was a strange idea if he had ever heard one. As far as he knew, couples normally sought a moment in private on an occasion like that, not buddies. Either that, or everything he believed to know about social behavior was a lie and that really would have been ridiculous, even for him.

Still, though. Brendan didn't look good at all, he had completely forgotten to pay attention to him during his mad ramblings. Poor guy looked as anxious as ever again, like all his attempts to calm him down had been for nothing. To be expected, really. But even so, he couldn't just leave his friend hanging now, could he? Rejecting that request, that would have been a real "dick move", as his peers would say. He had to comply here, no choice. Couldn't leave a comrade during the peak of battle. Besides, if this would get the two of them somewhere less...crowded, all the better. Kill two birds with one stone.

What about Alba, though? She would certainly be all but pleased with this, would she? Her "friend date" running off with some guy she barely even knew, leaving her all alone at that. As bad as he felt for her though, it was not his responsibility, was it? Bren had asked him to come with him, plain and simple, no way Maxim was to blame here. The two of them would have to discuss that later, right now, he had to focus on getting his pal back to a relaxed state. Somehow.

Clearing his throat, he slowly got off his chair, almost knocking over his drink in the process. "I - well...I suppose I'll accompany you, then. Lead the way, Bren."

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Bravo, nice one. Aiden would have congratulated himself on that ace whistle - only it had sounded like some wheezing old fart sucking on a respirator. No kudos for that one. Eh, whatevs. No harm in trying. Though he would have liked to-

Holy motherfuck! He almost toppled down the stairs as he had to stop himself mid-motion, to avoid crashing into Fi, who had just stopped dead in her tracks. On the plus side, the tip of his fabled nose also made contact with the lovely sight before him. Sweet Jesus. Only for a second, quick dip and gone, but still. Aiden let out a pleased snicker, contemplating whether or not he should go in for another close encounter, but he decided against it. Still had plenty of time left to explore that later, like a straight spelunker.

Straight minx though, that chick. In for the funzies, livin' for the moment, giving no fucks about nothing. Could a guy get more lucky? He'd see soon enough.

Had reached the third story now, if hadn't miscounted. Yeah, three's the charm, or some shit like that. Or was it third time? Fuck it, had the same number in it, close enough for him. No need to be a stickedy-ass stickler about it. But hey, guess what? He had hit the nail on the head, this really was it. Girl went to unlock some door, gateway to heaven, hell yes! What was that name on the door? Senay, huh? What the freckles was that supposed to be, Mexican? Nah, didn't make sense, chick didn't look the type. Then again, what did he know about those tacos? Maybe one of her parents was from over there, maybe her genetics were a bit fucked up. Maybe he was just being a dumbass again. So many possibilites.

For real though, who the hell cared? American, Mexican, Nubian, Klingon, no difference, he'd play hide the sausage with her either way. As long as she didn't take his ass hostage, he was cool with anything.

Hungry or thirsty? Damn right, he was! Not even sure if that was supposed to be some sorta tease. Hell, either interpretation promised some sweet results. Aiden stepped forward, finally ascending the last step of the staircase. His T-shirt was prolly looking soaked and gross, smelled like some bum from under a bridge, rank as rancid roses. No sweat though, pun intended. Girl was pretty much the same. Down and dizzedi-dirty, for real.

"Think I'll pass, sister. Trying to fatten me before the feast, do ya? Ain't gonna happen. What you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less." Winking playfully, he struck an exaggerated pose, putting his hands behind his head and sucking in his stomach.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Didn't even respond on that, did she? Preferred to play it cryptic style. Fine with him, more than fine. That teasing game was one he was all too happy to take part in - and her game was top-notch, no room for argument there.

The wind was getting stronger now; not that he felt cold, he was the goddamn Iceman in that regard, chill as a chinchilla. Still, kinda annoying. All the more reason to look forward to go inside. And go inside he would, his fucking pleasure.

Finally, door was open, welcome to the dungeon! Literally rubbing his hands together in anticipation, he entered the building after Fi. Two steps in, he immediately halted, examining the interior. Well...that was one small-ass staircase, if he had ever seen one. Was this Bilbo Baggins' crib or something? Even two lanky-wanky peeps like him and Fi wouldn't fit on it both at the same time, he was willing to bet both his nuts. Whatever. Wasn't his house, not his problem.

He watched his lovely host starting to go up the stairs. No more words needed - she lead the way, he followed. But oh boy, was he glad to follow. That chick might have been one skinny beanpole, but damn, that certainly was a sweet patootie on her. Nothing too special, but enough for him to warrant a sign of appreciation. Always nice for a gal to receive compliments, right? He knew he'd want some.

Despite a second of doubt, devoted to the fact that he couldn't whistle for shit, he still decided to go for it. Grinning coyly as ever, Aiden stuck two fingers in his mouth and gave it his best shot at an acknowledging whistle, all while following Fi up the stairs.

Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Jesus, what a frickin' waste. Cut down in its prime, before ever getting the chance to achieve anything worthwhile. Could have lived a long, fulfilled life, coulda become a lanky-ass acrobat, then escape from its circus and go on to star in Chicken Run. Oh well, wasn't going to happen now.

Aiden raised his fork with an almost dramatic gesture and brought it down with force, impaling the peeled, hard-boiled egg on his plate through its center. "Shit oughta luck, son. Time to put you out of your misery." Chuckling to himself, he went on to dissect his unfortunate victim, or rather, part of his lunch. He was sitting in the cafeteria, legs crossed, drumming on the table with one hand and shoveling niblets of egg into his mouth with the other.

Whole thing still kinda sucked, though. Not only that boring-ass meal, situation in general. He was sitting all by himself, like a lonely little troll, no peeps around for him to chat up. None he wanted to talk to, at least, only a bunch of sad dweebs and slowpokes, no fucking fun. Now to be fair, it was kinda late already, most of his peers already had eaten their lunch in here. His goddamn fault, really, for showing up all last minute like, taking all damn day to take a dump.

With a frustrated groan, he checked his wrist watch. Was it ritalin time yet? Nah, he was still good, all fine, everything a-okeyzies. Once he started getting the shakies, then he had to start worrying. Wouldn't happen though, no way José. If there was one thing he was good at, it was not fucking up his medication schedule. Skill came with practice, after all. And he, oh, he sure had plenty of both!

Aiden glanced at his wrist watch again, as if that was going to make time pass quicker. Man, being able to control time would have been the shit, even only for funsies! So many more ways for him to troll the shit out of his little bro, then make it up to him later. Good times rolling, 24/7. Too bad that wasn't going to happen, like, ever. Fun enough to think about, though.

He had almost finished his lunch, save for the remnants of the never-to-be cock aka his egg and some greenstuff, though he wasn't gonna touch that. Fucking cress man, made him sick just looking at that stuff! Distraction would have been nice right about now, even some motherfucking jet crashing through the ceiling, all "Heeeere's Johnny!" like, anything!

He was really fucking bored.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Hell yes. There it was again, that sweet, sweet chuckle of hers. Could watch her do that all day, true as truth. Really hypnotizing shit, like that weird-ass snake from the Jungle Book, never mind that fucker's name. Heh, recurring theme here, trying to swallow someone alive. Straight man-eater. Yeah, that definitely worked for him.

Aiden licked his lips, more subconsciously than anything and rather swiftly, but still noticeable. It finally dawned on him, that most obvious thing. From the very fucking start, he had never been the predator here, no Sir. No badass jacked huntsman hounding after his prey, or trying to off Arnie. No, he'd been the prey, the tool himself all along, a horny-ass bee chasing after flowers, some dumbass moth fucking burning up on a light bulb - kinda like that. But guess what? He was totally okay with it. More than okay. Fucking stoked.

That cold-ass breeze though. Shivers for days, ice age around the corner! The two of them really oughta be going - yeah, she had the right idea. Time to go inside, enter the stage and warm up - not necessarily in that order.

He flinched slightly when Fi gave the tip of his nose a little treat, though that grin of his stayed on his features. Never stopped smiling like his name was Joker. He almost wanted to call the chick adorable for doing that, but that would have been way fucking off the mark. Girl was about as adorable as an actual real life anaconda - shared all its good qualities though. And some more.

Aiden flinched once more when his behind was given a quick touch as well. Cheeky beaky, that one. Tried to tease him already, did she? God alfuckedy-mighty, she was the best.

"Your wish is my command, Miss Fi." He said it in a joking tone, though he absolutely meant it. He was hers now, no dizzedi doubt about it. Silently snickering to himself , he jogged after her meaning to catch up. Man, she was tall, he still got surprised about it every ten seconds he looked at her. Only more of the legend to love, then.

Finally managing to get next to her again, he swiftly raised himself on tiptoes to try and whisper into her ear. "Do me one favor though, yeah? Be sure and wait with devouring me until after we're done, like a proper black widow, you with me?" He chuckled, then let himself shrink back to normal size. "Sound like a deal?"

Bare Necessities
Boy, oh boy, he sure was pooped! What a day, what a frickin' long-ass, tiring, total mess of a day - totally rad!

Aiden had just said goodbye to the last of his birthday guests, wouldn't leave the damn nachos alone, that damn guy. Prolly why he was such a fatso. Or the other way around, whatever. He was gone now, as were the nachos as well as every last bit of energy still left in Aiden's body. Good times, good fucking times.

He was standing in the living room, coated in dirt and sweat, messy hair, clothes looking like he had been through a trash chute and then a shredder, in that order. Still, that wouldn't stop him from chilling his life right there, right now, no showers or nothing, time for that later - or never.

His impish eyes glanced around the room and finally caught onto the large, purple plush couch of the Slatterys. Couch. Yeah, that sounded like something he could get behind, throw himself on, rather. Couch plus plush equaled cozy as cucumbers, or...something.

Without wasting another thought, he took a running start and jumped straight onto the furniture, making it inch closer towards the wall and furling the carpet underneath in the process. He didn't notice and even if, he couldn't care less. Time to be chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. With a sigh of approval, he snuggled his head into one of the pillows. So fucking fluffy. Awesome.

"Mom's gonna be stoked seeing you treat her darling little sofa like that. I don't think a dirt pattern is considered all that fashionable this season."

Sharon! Aiden hadn't even heard her enter the room, but to hell with it, she was here now! Yus! Time for cuddles!

He rolled around on the couch, now facing his big sister, who was standing across the room, right there in the doorframe. Arms crossed and making a stern face, like she was scolding him, but she always did that. Was just trying to screw with him, sure. Took a whole lot more to get Sharoney-Rooney mad. Not that he ever wanted to do that.

"Hey, mom's not here now, is she? I'm just gonna tell her someone else did that. Kizi maybe, or...someone, whatevs. Nothing's gonna get me off this thing right now, sis, you bet your pretty head on that."

Sharon immediately dropped her serious facade, a chuckle escaping her slim lips. "You are the worst, Beaks." Still smiling, she walked over towards him, unfolding her arms. "But that's what makes you so adorable, you little scamp. Doesn't it?" With another chuckle, she reached down and patted his head, which was still lying heavily on the cushions.

Aiden couldn't help but utter a little squee. No way he could avoid that, being around his sis always transformed him into some diaper-shitting toddler. But hey, she didn't mind, so why should he? He'd be her little baby, all the way. Kinda creepy, but who cared.

Rolling on his back, he opened up his arms and looked up at Sharon with big puppy eyes. Couldn't give a clearer signal to bring in a hug than that. And it totally worked. His sister shook her head for a second, snickering. "Come here, my little grubby urchin. Let this be my first present to you, birthday boy."

She leaned down and embraced him, nuzzling his face against her shoulder. Aiden immediately felt like melting on the spot, curling up into some fluffy ball, purr like a teeny weenie kitty cat, all at the same time even! Nothing in the world like big sis' hugs. He'd quit having birthday parties for the rest of his damn life if only he'd always have these. Just never ending, cuddly duddly, soft hugs.

"Hey, don't fall asleep on me now, baby brother. I have one more gift for you." Aiden felt something icy cold touch his neck and he jolted up with a startled yip. His sister laughed, then turned his head with her free hand, to show him what she had just pressed against his bare skin.

Wow! Awesomesauce, that was totally neat! Before his eyes dangled a silvery object, that he clearly identified as a wrist watch, clock-face and all. Exactly what he had wanted, now he could go into school all boss-like, wear that thing like a trophy or something. Not really a trophy, but who the fuck cared?

Aiden didn't even bother uttering a 'thanks', instead, he launched forward and caught his sister in another embrace, almost throwing her against the wall behind the couch. "Whoa, careful there, little bro. Guess you like it, hm?" Aiden looked up at her again, excitement written all over his face. "Like it? I fucking love it, Ronny! Best thing to happen to me today!"

"Hey, watch your language", she playfully scolded him, ruffling his hair. Boy, that felt great. Wanted to curl up all over again. And he did. Letting each and every muscle in his body relax, he let himself sink deeper into his sister's arms, until he was almost buried down there. Wished he could just fall asleep on the spot."I love you, sis."

His words came through muffled, but still audible enough for Sharon to discern. Her smile grew softer and she closed her eyes as well, leaning back on the couch. "Happy birthday, Aiden. Our big man. One day, you'll be the one hugging me like this. Me, Sean and mom and dad, all at the same time. Maybe in a year or so." She giggled once more and started caressing Aiden's head again.

She was right. One day, he would be doing all that. He'd grow big and strong and protect his family, Aiden the Man, Aiden the Hero. But not now. Right now, he was happy with the way everything was. Didn't need another goddamn thing in the world. Life was awesome.

Land of Milk and Honey, Don't Fail Me Now
That was new. Yes, it most definitely was, that usually didn't happen when he behaved strangely. Someone actually reacting with genuine interest. People just ignored him most of the time, made some offhand remark, but he knew, he always knew when they wanted him gone, he could see it on their faces. And he could see it in Cristo's face right now- that was not that same dreadful look. That was the face of an honest young boy, as far as he could tell. Which didn't say much, but still, it was something to start with.

"Me? Talk about something?" His surprise hadn't worn off yet and his tone showed that. Little bit of accent thickening as well. He wondered if even that perpetual frown on his face was gone for the moment. Because now, he was sure of it, that crushing feeling of anxiety was no longer omnipresent. It was still there, somewhere deep within, but not the prevalent one among his feelings. No, what he felt now was...gratitude?

Maybe, yes. The longer he looked at the other boy, the more he felt that way, felt grateful. He had allowed him to sit here, when he could have easily sent him away. He had answered his inquiries, tolerated his quirks, he had suggested to him that he was welcome.

Maxim could feel a slight itch in the corner of his eyes. Was he tearing up? Now that was just silly. No need to get all sentimental here, really. Besides, Cristo would get the totally wrong impression if he did that.

Turning his head slightly, so the other boy wouldn't notice, he began to speak again. "Not...really. I mean, not about the thing that just happened, you see? That was nothing of importance, best to ignore that. Sorry."

Was that all he wanted to say? Strangely, no, it wasn't. Maxim suddenly felt the urge to tell the other boy a great deal more, make him see how he felt. He felt he owed him that. Not only out of gratitude, but because he felt like he could trust him. Even if that trust was to get betrayed, possibly, he didn't care. Right now, he wanted to share. And so he would.

He turned his head back to face Cristo directly again, even managing to smile a little, his eyes still glistening slightly wet. Didn't matter. "Well, you see...I don't mean to be all that aloof, yes? Truth be told, I'm just scared, okay? I didn't think you'd be happy about me sitting here in the first place, or anything I would do or say. So, like...I wanted to thank you, I guess? For being patient with me and all. Yeah, thanks."

Maxim was quivering slightly, but still smiling. He was actually being hopeful for once.

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
Whoa. Going right at it, huh? No time wasted on sugary shit, no winking, no blinking, nothing. Just straight up to the point; arrived five seconds ago and already skin to skin action. Kind of a shame, skipped the part where he'd hold his epic entrance speech, no escaping the Beaks, that kinda stuff. Woulda been fun. But hey, why complain? He had what he wanted.

Aiden's muscles were mostly limp at this point, he was in a state of complete relaxation. This was actually really damn nice, this whole hugging business. Would have taken a hug by his lovely sis over this any day, sure - shitty comparison, really - but this here, this was quality too. This chick was unpredictable and he was lovin' it. Could have probably eaten him for breakfast, if she wanted to, sure as shitfire. Only one reason more for him to be into her.

He could actually hear her heart beat under her chest. Nice. Rhythm of love, rhythm of life right there. Again, reminded him of Sharon, but now really was the worst fucking time to think of his big sis. Was creepin' himself out, so he was. Plenty of time for that left on another day in paradise. Just not fucking now.

Not sure if he even wanted to move. The more he thought about it, the less he wanted to. Running and gunning and jumping around like some crazy-ass ball-lighting was beyond awesome, true as truth, but doing absolutely fucking nothing for a change, that was...nice. Unexpected, yup, but nice. Not to mention her smell. Who needed some cow drowning in fancy-ass perfume? Odor of Mother-fucking-Nature right here. Sweet as hell.

Still, they couldn't just keep standing there all day and night, could they? Stars would be watching them soon, those shiny pervs. Privacy was kinda important. As sorry as he was, he had to end that hug.

Tenderly, almost politely, he pushed himself away from Fi's torso, handling her with all the gentleness necessary in order to not anger the lion queen. Didn't want to undermine her authority, after all. Show her she was still in charge. Large and in charge. Not even exaggerating.

Her hand still loosely clinging to his back, he looked her back in the eyes, still hidden away behind those shades. Even so, they were made of pure fucking fine. As was she.

His lips formed a smile, somewhat softer than before. "You're one tall chick, Fi. Wasn't kiddin' when I said you could eat me all up back there." The impish gleam returned to his eyes. Corner of his mouths curled all the way up again. Cloud ninety nine and beyond, suckers. This was his moment. No wannabe punk in the world could ruin it for him now.

"Hey, and even if you did, I'd be a-ok with it. Cuz you are ab-so-lutely worth it, true as truth."

The Dynamo of Volition
Unbelievable. The two of them really couldn't keep their mouths shut now, could they? What had he even gone to the library for in the first place? Silence, of course. Welcoming, all-consuming silence. Another plan failed. He should have seen it coming.

Maxim let out a pained sigh, simultaneously chewing on his bottom lip. He had barely managed to get through three sentences yet. He had to keep starting all over, his peers' words blending in with the carefully braided web of words he was trying to focus on. Artists. Tattoos. Artsy stuff. Something about brothers and sisters. Someone just sew their damned mouths shut!

He lowered the book, his fingers slightly quivering as they desperately held on to it. Annoyed, yes, that was the term. He way beyond annoyed at this point. But then again, he couldn't really blame those girls, now that he thought about it. They succeeded where he was failing. Casual conversation, being sociable. What people of his age were all about, usually. Maybe he was just being jealous.

Was he really? No, the idea was preposterous. He was fairly content the way everything was, why would he have been jealous? Maxim the loner, the hermit, the outcast. That's what he was and he was fine with it.

One of his hands left the book cover and felt at the furrows on his forehead. Yes, there it was, that permanent frown. Not even out of place this time. Out of place. Yes, that's what he was. Out of place, out of his element, a foreign body. Even here, at the library, which he usually considered sacred.

Maxim looked at the other two once more. They seemed content, both of them. He, he was just a disturbance. A liability. Which was fine. He was okay with that. Still, he had to act accordingly. Let his actions speak for him.

Slowly at first, then with a sudden jolt, he got up from his chair, almost jumping to his feet, the book firmly clasped under his arm, the bag held in the other hand. He glanced at Astrid and Mel, only for a split second, before averting his gaze again. The less said, the better. Let them have their fun.

He felt a shiver going down his spine. Couldn't even describe what it was. Maybe shame, excitement, anxiety, anything and everything combined. Whatever it was, it was his prompt to finally leave the scene.

And with that, he crept away, head hanging almost submissively low. He would find another place to read, a place nobody would disturb him. Where he wouldn't disturb someone else. Seek and you shall find. Yes, that would be his motto for the rest of the day. As swiftly and silently as possible, Maxim exited Beale Library.

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued in Wasserweber))

Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean
((Aiden Slattery continued from Aloha Heja He))

Fuck. Not cool, not fucking cool. He couldn’t have lost her, could he? No way that had happened. He wasn’t some slow-ass pushover, he was motherfucking Aiden, The Flash himself didn’t have shit on him! And yet…

Aiden stopped his sprint along the walkway, came to a slithering halt. He wasn’t tired yet, no way. Bit out of breath, sure, but nothing that would hold him back for long. He was standing directly in front of a junction, going four ways. Crazy chick couldn’t have gone back the way he just came, so there were three options. Had to rely on the luck of the Irish again, did he? Shit on a stick, man. Not. Cool.

He rubbed his neck in frustration. There, that was the spot, still a bit itchy. The spot where cougar girl had tried to take a bite outta him. Fuck, he’d have given another chunk of his dizzedy damn ear to have her at his neck again. Wasn’t even that farfetched, really. With the levels of nuts that gal was, he sure as hell wouldn’t have put it past her.

Well, shit. Even the motherfucking sun was stabbing him in the back now. Started to shy away, that oversized light bulb, did it? Couldn’t handle a simple Irishman in hot pursuit? Pussy. Bring on the fucking dusk, then. See if he cared.

Aiden looked at the junction again, glanced to the left, then the right, then ahead. Right. Left again. Repeat. Finally, he gave up, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. No use. No frickedy frickin' use. No way he’d figure out which way she went. Had to take a gamble, choose Door One, Two or Three. Only he wouldn’t even get a goddamn booby prize if he chose wrong. If he chose right, though…

Fuck it. Whining like a baby bitch wouldn’t do him any good. Whatever would happen next, he’d leave it up to his old pal fate. Hadn’t been around in a while, that prick. About time, really.

Once more, Aiden looked to he left. That way? Nah, not left. He was right-handed, why the fuck would he choose left? Right, then? Hell no. Right was where that son of a motherless goat Bradley had ripped up his ear. Straight ahead, then. That your final answer? You bet it was.

He started running again. He went fast, like he was running for his life, like the T-Rex, the baddest of bad motherfuckers itself was behind him. Must go faster.

Aiden had already stopped caring about anything at this point, even though only seconds had passed. His body filled up with adrenaline, head to toes. Running, dashing, sprinting, it was all he wanted to do in that moment. Livin‘ the high life, raging bull coming through! Best thing in the world. Just keep running. Feel the flow of the fucking universe. Run until he was an old fart, then topple over and die, end of story. Didn’t matter, as long as he could keep-

Nevermind. Theres she was.

That figure all the way back there, that straight up amazone on the fence, that was what he was after. Success, baby. Oh, he did love it when a plan came together. He slowed his pace, gradually slacking off until he came to a halt, almost within reaching distance of her.

He grinned. Of course he did. He had every reason in the whole, round-ass world.