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Introduction Thread
Thank you very much for your welcoming words. Allow me to return the compliment RemoteControl, your username has quite a ring to it as well.
I will be studying the current threads about rules and suchlike and simultaneously work on my first character application. I still have various questions, so expect me to PM you ever once in a while to ask them, granted you have the time to answer.
Also, feel free to point out errors in my grammar or even weird choices of words in my posts. In fact, I would prefer you to always point them out to me, if you find a mistake of some sort. I do always love to improve my linguistic abilities.

Introduction Thread

I call myself Rorick Skyve, an alias I have used ever since I started indulging in roleplay on the web and I am excited and honored to be able to participate on this realm of RP.
Like many others, I first read about this page on TV Tropes and as a passionate lover of both roleplay and writing in general, I felt the time was right for a new adventure.
I look forward to be hopefully able to join the next version of this RP and to get to know a great many new faces around here.

PS: I excuse myself should my choice of words seem pretentious to anyone, but since I am a non-native speaker of this language who fell in love with it due to excessive consumption of pop culture and gaming, I have gotten used to utilize rather fancy vocabulary. I apologize again, should this rub anyone the wrong way.

In any case, I am pleased to make your acquaintances and hope to be in for a marvelous experience.