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V6 Reduced Activity Notices
With uni having started to really up the tempo, my activities on the site will be largely reduced for the next couple of weeks.

Thursday's Child
Goddammit, he was fuckin' glad that he wasn't all by himself, that Mel was walkin' next to him. Like, he still recognized him lying there, of course he fuckin' did. That t-shirt, goddamn knew it looked familiar. All he had to see was that ugly Deadpool mug on the front of it, then it was all crisp and clear.

Harold, motherfucking Harold. Yeah, he already knew and shit, knew that announcement wasn't just some phony deal, since it had mentioned Scarls. Still, some part of him had thought that like - maybe the whole fuckin' rest of it had been bullshit, just a load of bull and nothing but. Didn't look like it, didn't fuckin' look like it. That was Harold alright. Godfuckingdammit.

Aiden just kept walkin', didn't even look where was going. Only when Mel said something did he bother to turn and realize he was almost runnin' head first into a wall or - door, gate, whatever. Fuck, he should have listened, no idea what Mel had just said. But like, not like anyone could really blame him here. How many more fuckin' bodies did he have to come across? This shit was way fuckin' deeper than any guy his size could handle, so it fuckin' was.

"Hey uh, sorry, could you like respeat...?"

He shook his head, tapping his forehead forcefully. "Jeez, got fuss all over my tongue or somethin', can't even speak right." He wiped his eye and shrugged. "Yeah anyway, didn't catch the last thing you said, mind repeating?"

Prince of Nothing
Maxim nodded. Ben's words didn't warrant further response, so that was the best he could do. At least the guy seemed to have calmed down. It had only been a few seconds, a shameful display of insecurity, but just a few seconds nonetheless. If it was going to stay at just that, then all the better. But somehow, he doubted it.

He sighed and took another bite of his bread. They were wasting time and energy with this drivel, all they really needed to do was eat, search, sleep. In that order. And set up someone to take watch, of course, but that would take a minute at best, so no concern there. In fact, they could determine it right now, no need to procrastinate.

Maxim took a quick glance at his friend. It wasn't by much, but his confidence in him had still been shaken nonetheless. What if he'd have another sudden bout of useless self-doubts? Maybe he was making mountains out of molehills, but there was room for reasonable doubt here. And as much as he'd have liked to just go and lie down and rest, logic was dictating a different path.

Of course, Ben could still have a similar freak-out on second watch or any time after that. But if he got to sleep a little before having to do his duty, then maybe the chances of that happening were lowered significantly. Maxim would just have to trust that that would be the case. As much as he hated leaving things up to chance.

He sighed, though without actually making a sound. "I'll take first watch."

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued elsewhere))

Thursday's Child
Aiden let out a brief chuckle, but it felt more forced than anything. For once, not hearing from people was actually kinda good, that was true. Still, the fact that it was like that, that was still pretty damn depressing. Everything was, really.
"Yeah, guess so."

Even now that he was with Mel, he still didn't feel all jolly and comfy and shit. And like, even just speaking, trying to just exchange some casual words and stuff, even that felt all awkward. Prolly cause they both knew how fucked up this was and how nothing would be the fucking same, no way it'd be.

Well, looked like Mel was more curious than he was though, wanted to go take a peek into that tower. He was fine where he was. Not really fine, but still. Didn't seem likely that anyone would go and camp out in that rickety old thing, so no point in searching it.

"Eh, gonna be honest-"

Well, so much for that. Girl had already made her decision, so she did. Headed straight for the tower, straight for...them. Fuckin' hell, he had no choice though, did he? Not like he could let her go in all alone, all selfish like. Not like he didn't expect her to go renegade though, nope. Still, wished she'd have at least asked him.

"Hey, wait up at least."

Aiden started jogging, just a few feet, until he had caught with her. He made sure to walk next to Mel, on the side facing away from whoever was lying there. He wanted to have as much distance between him and them as possible, had already come in contact with one dead body and that had been fucking unbearable enough. He really didn't need to repeat that.

Thursday's Child
Aiden scratched his head, wearing a sort of tired grin. "Yeah."

More stuff he had been trying to forget. And even did, least for a couple of hours. Clothes were still sticky like a bunch of glue, but what the hell was he supposed do, run around shirtless? He'd have to roll with it, fucking nasty as that was. Had gotten used to it by now, really. Except now that Mel pointed it out, that itch all over his body was back.

"Like, you know..."

His smile faded away and he had to lick his lips in order to hide he was choking up a bit. God, all that shit coming back to him now. He really wanted to try and not think about it too much, least until he was safe, until all the others were safe, but fuck, it was just goddamn impossible to do.

"I mean, I was with people and we split up and - things just..." He put one arm around himself, grabbing onto his own shoulder, like he was literally trying to pull himself together. Didn't even know what the hell he was going to say, what words to use. He knew they happened, all of that freakin' terrible stuff, but saying out loud, it just felt wrong. None of this was supposed to be this way, like.

"I was with Scarls, okay? Tried to keep her safe, but it just, it didn't work. Guess you...heard about the rest."

His voice was quiet and he could sense that he was repressing some anger while speaking. Anger directed at himself, at Nancy, those terrorist bastards, fucking everyone. He didn't want to be angry though. Mel was here now, things were lookin' up. Startin' to, at least. "What about you? You been with some folks?"

Thursday's Child
The second Aiden felt the pressure on his shoulder, he let out a short shriek. His head filled with nothing but utter fucking panic for a heartbeat, he jumped a little and spun around.

His eyes met a familiar face and the fog in his head immediately cleared. Mel, holy fuck, he should have known. Always managed to come out of nowhere like that.

"Shit...shit, you scared me, man." He was panting a little, had to catch his breath. Goddammit, she got him good. Didn't change the fact that he was super fucking happy to see her show up like that, but still, his heart had to calm the fuck down. Was almost embarrassing him a bit, so it was.

"Jesus fuck, you scared me." He nodded, like he ne needed to stress that fact any more. Took him two, three more seconds to fully come back down to earth, then he finally found it in him to react to this the proper way.

Melanie, she was here, she was okay. She was only one person, only one of the peeps he was trying to find and so many others were still out there, but fuck it, she was here now. Only thing that really mattered. He gave her a smile and just a little more and he'd prolly have gone in for a hug too. Fuck, he really needed one of those. Not right now though, didn't want her to get the wrong impression right off the bat.

He heard her proposition and immediately remembered the goddamn body that was still there. He'd have been more than okay with just forgetting about it, like. That short moment of him just being all smiles to see a friendly face, that couldn't have stuck around a little longer, could it? Oh well. Not like complaining did anything now.

Aiden simply nodded again, not wanting to deal with whatever lay behind him right now. This was the best he could have asked for, distraction and stuff. Of course, he'd have been stoked to see Mel either way, no doubt there. He put both hands behind his head, rubbing his neck for bit, before lowering them again. "I mean, dumb question I guess, but how are ya?"

Prince of Nothing
Maxim didn't say more, since his mouth was occupied with the first bite of his loaf. He turned his head to Ben, careful not to make too much noise while chewing.

He had expected his friend to bring up the issue of first watch again, of their means of defense or really just anything else that had some merit to it. Something that helped them plan ahead. He got none of that, however, not even close. Instead, he was hit by a wall of words that he initially completely failed to make sense of.

He was confused, no other way to put it. Something had gotten into Benjamin all of a sudden and he was very certain that he did not like it. He had made out something about Benjamin being scared of being weak, at least he thought that was what his friend had been trying to say. The rest, he wasn't even sure. Sounded like a bunch of overly anxious ramblings, none of which he really felt like trying to follow.

Maxim kept his gaze fixed on Ben for a few seconds, having stopped chewing and with unblinking eyes. He felt a really strong urge to shake his head. 'Et tu, Ben?' Yes, that seemed like an appropriate quote here. He really couldn't help it, with that display just now, he simply felt disappointed. He swallowed, then cleared his throat.

"Look, I'll be honest; I'm not really sure what you expect me to say."

That approach was probably better than outright telling him to snap out of it. Tempting, yes, but very unlikely to accomplish anything. From what he gathered, this was a minor mental breakdown that Ben was experiencing, so he had to be delicate about it. Even so, he felt annoyed at having to deal with it in the first place.

"What I'm getting is that you're letting all of this get to you, yes? Or that you're afraid that it'll get to you even more, maybe that. But see, I want to ask you, what did you expect?" Maybe a little too aggressive there. Then again, he had to be at least somewhat forceful to get the point across. Delicate but forceful, now there was a tightrope act.

"This is a situation no one could or should ever even have to consider being in. It's simply fucked up." He coughed into his fist, slightly embarrassed to have to resort to cursing. That alone was reason enough for him to dislike the entire situation.

"I mean, of course this is going to mess with your brain, one way or another. Really all I can say is: It'll happen now and then, you have to accept that. As long as it doesn't distract you from being smart about all this." That would have to do. Maxim really, really hoped it would.

Thursday's Child
((Aiden Slattery continued from Nuts in May))

Saying that he was glad about anything at all at this fuckin' time, it felt more than a little weird. Facts were, he had no goddamn clue where he was going, hadn't seen a single soul for way longer than he was comfortable with and was starting to feel a little dizzy. And all that wasn't even counting all of the other...obvious stuff.

But there was no other way to say it, he was fuckin' glad to finally be outside of that goddamn place. That huge, bulky, dusty fuckin' labyrinth of a building, no way he was settin' foot in there again. Well, maybe after all of this shit was over. To go back to Scarls and - fuck, had to stop thinkin' about it. He couldn't change that now. Had to keep lookin' forward, some generic sounding thing like that. Still, it was probably true, so it was.

Aiden rubbed his neck. Wasn't thirsty, not anymore, had already taken care of that. Still, his throat didn't feel like everything was A-okay down there. Like sandpaper; he sure wasn't lookin' forward to his next meal, last one had already hurt, kinda. He checked his watch again. Like knowing the time was gonna make any goddamn difference. Still, he was just glad to have it. Only thing he had that still mattered.

He looked up again, staring at the tower that was less than a short jog ahead of him. Thing looked no less miserable and grim than the fuckin' pile of cement he had just left. Only advantage was, prolly couldn't get lost in it that easily. Didn't seem like anyone was gonna hole themselves up in there though, let alone one of the peeps he was searchin' for. Didn't exactly look inviting, nope. Especially with all the -

Wait, the fuck was that thing there? Something right there next to the entrance, looked like a - an ironing board or something? Nah, prolly not that. Something on top of it too.

Aiden took a few steps forward, walking in the direction of the tower ahead. That thing was some sort of gurney, was becoming more clear now. And someone was fuckin' lying on top of it. Couldn't tell who, not yet, but someone was fuckin' lying there and not moving. He took another insecure step forward as he stared, then froze where he was standing.

Holy shit, please no, not again.

Prince of Nothing
Maxim watched as his friend made to go and join Lili in her room. He was pretty sure he didn't approve. Not that he would have admitted it to Ben, but he was rather glad she was out of the picture for now. He knew Ben, he didn't mind his presence. Lili, he wasn't sure he wanted to stick around yet. First impressions could be deceiving, but still. He'd have to make a choice in that regard, sooner or later.

For now, he was content with her staying by herself. As such, he was just about to raise his voice to object to Ben's efforts, but it immediately turned out to be unnecessary. Asleep already, was she?

"Well, that was fast. I'm almost impressed, have to admit." He didn't bother to speak quietly, like Ben did. No way that little talking was going to disturb her rest.

He followed Ben into the next room, satisfied with how this had turned out. They wouldn't necessarily have to share this room for sleeping purposes as well, but for now, he was all too happy with sharing his company.

Watching his friend chomp on a dry piece of bread that enthusiastically reminded Maxim of his own hunger. Choosing the promising comfort of the mattress over the ground, he sat down on the bed as well, though minding to keep some space between himself and Ben. Seconds later, he had retrieved his own rations from his bag. He elected to take a good deep swig of his water to commence the 'feast'.

"At least it's non-carbonated", he remarked without looking at Ben. It almost made him chuckle, really. Here he was, trapped on an island full of his peers, forced to commit murder to survive and his biggest worry up until a few seconds ago had been whether or not his water was still.

V6 First Announcement
Jane Madison has gone down for the Big Sleep.

I've Got No Strings
Jane stared at the sky.

At least she thought it was the sky. She couldn't tell. Everything looked the same.

She tried to breathe. She couldn't. Only more wetness and liquid in her throat, like she was drowning.

Why. Why the fuck did nothing work? She couldn't breathe, couldn't move, couldn't even see. Even her mouth refused to move now. Everything was betraying her.

Only heat, that was all she had. The only thing she felt.

She tried to wiggle her fingers, grab onto something.

Someone. Someone had to be there, please, someone had to. She didn't want to be alone like this. She was so fucking scared.

She could feel the burning sensation fading away, slowly, until it was replaced by an overwhelming numbness.

No, not the heat too. It couldn't go, she wanted it to stay.

She tried to move her fingers again. Just feel something. All she wanted was to feel.

Jane repeated this effort a few more times, until her fingers ceased to move as well and her eyelids closed halfway.

G054: Jane Madison - Deceased

96 Students Remaining

I've Got No Strings
There was a bang.

Her cry was cut short.

Her jaw froze and then all she felt was heat.

Her ears fucking hurt. Ringing.

Why. Why was it like this?

She tried to say something. Shout for help.

A gargle was all that escaped her lips, followed by a short gush of liquid.

She was burning up. Everything was hot, she couldn't fucking bear it.

Her neck, her back, everything was hot. Heat running down her skin. She was fucking burning up alive.

She tried to see. Just see anything. See Oskar, see what he was doing.

She couldn't, her eyes wouldn't let her. Why the fuck not? Why was there only fog?

Jane stood there for a few more seconds, feeling like she was melting, heat dripping out from her mouth and neck and her everywhere.

She tried to fight it, but her legs gave out and she fell over, landing on her back.

She barely even felt the impact.

I've Got No Strings
A massive shiver went through her the second she felt the cold press against her bare skin.


Dear fucking god, please.

This wasn't right, this wasn't what was supposed to happen.

Mom, Dad, Cris, someone, someone had to step in, fucking god, she couldn't do this.

She couldn't fucking do it.

She cried out. Her hands moved purely out of reflex, shot up towards Oskar's shoulders. Trying to push him away.

I've Got No Strings
God, what if she was wrong. What if he was being serious, what if he was going to pull the trigger, what was she gonna do then? She'd be fucked. Dead.

She couldn't allow herself to even think that. She couldn't back down now. She could do it, she could make him back down. She just had to believe it, just had to push it all the way, it was gonna be fine. She fucking had this.

"So what, Oskar?"

She almost bit her lip, she didn't want her fucking voice to shake like that.

"You know there are cameras here somewhere, right? That people are fucking watching?"

God, she only realized it now. Her family, they were watching too. Oh god, fuck, what was she putting them through? Were they even able to take it?

She bit down on her lip, harder this time, until she thought she tasted blood. She took another step towards Oskar.

She could do this. She was gonna be fine, they'd see. She was gonna make them all proud. She had always wanted to be on a stage, right? Fucking irony, but she kinda was now. Everyone was watching her. She'd show them all.

Another step forwards. She was now directly in front of Oskar. Looking down at his fucking stupid face.

"You really wanna do this knowing that? You really wanna fucking kill me? Everyone is gonna see it, see what kind of sick fuck you are."

Almost there. C'mon, he had to back down any second now.

"Don't be a fucking idiot."

I've Got No Strings
The smart thing was to just fucking do as he said. Take a step back, give up her stuff and get the hell outta dodge. She wanted to do it. To just run and hope she never saw any of these fuckers ever again, just run away and somehow escape from all of this.

But fuck that. That was her fucking stuff, it was all she had, all those terrorist shitweasels had allowed her to have. It was hers and only fucking hers, who the fuck was this piece of shit to think he could take it from her? Probably the first time in his life he felt like a big man, with that fucking gun in his hand. Not fucking fair.

She could see it though, she could fucking see it. She hadn't watched those people on stage for no reason all those years, no, she had watched them real good. She knew when people were putting up a goddamn act and this midget shithead had it written all over him. He was fucking bluffing.

"What if I don't?"

She tried to swallow whatever doubts where holding her back, no fucking time for those. She knew what she was doing. She could handle this, she could take control here, that fucker had no idea, he was just a tiny bitch with a Napoleon complex, nothing else.She had let herself be blinded by her fear of that fucking gun at first, but she was seeing it now. A gun couldn't do shit to her without the guy on the trigger having the stones to actually pull it.

She breathed out, taking a step towards Oskar, her lips still trembling slightly.

"What if I fucking don't, huh? Think about that, you fuck?"

I've Got No Strings
Oskar was reaching for something, something on his backside. What, was the fucker going to literally pull something out of his ass now?

The first thing her eye caught of the object was a gleam, somehow metallic. It was small. Black. And it was pointing right at her. No way.

He was pointing a motherfucking gun in her face.


Jane froze, her mouth just hanging open. The fuck. Where'd that come from, where the fuck did he get that fucking gun from? No fucking way, this was beyond insane now, this couldn't seriously be happening to her.

"Hey, hey."

She let go of her bag, heard it collide with the ground, sounds of the wine bottle clinking against something. She didn't even bother to take a look at it, all she could do was stare into that tiny fucking tool in Oskar's hand.

"Why do you have that thing? That's not fucking fair, why do you goddamn lowlife get stuff like that?" Her voice was trembling, threatening to break, grinded between fear and fury.

"Fuck you, seriously. You don't deserve to have that." She gave it her best to spew those words out with as much spite as she could muster. Jane could feel all her muscles twitching, she had to fight her own fucking body for control.

"And fuck you too, don't even pretend like you're not in on this!" She pointed at Caedyn, feeling the panic rise in her throat, steadily upwards. "You and your goddamn good cop/bad cop routine! I mean, I'm the stupid bitch here? I'm not the one pointing fucking guns at people!"

I've Got No Strings
Alright, alright, this was getting fucking ridiculous, who did those two pissants think they were, poor man's versions of Jesse James or something? 'Nobody needs to get hurt', bla bla fucking bla. Fucking Oskar and his nice guy act, little hobbit was starting to get more creepy than anything. And Caedyn just---she was fucking Caedyn, so what'd she expect? Should have known better, should have known better from the start.

"You two can go eat each other's shit in hell."

Jane felt the rising urge to punch both their lights out, knock'em flat and leave them lying there; they could make out with each other when they woke up for all she cared. She looked from Oskar to Caedyn and back, her breathing becoming increasingly heavy. Fuck it, she was sweating too, just from how much this was pissing her off.

"You want my stuff? Fuck that noise." Still clutching her bag with one arm, she brought her other one up again to flip them the bird. She was actually straining her hand muscles so much that it hurt doing so, her knuckles shining white underneath her skin.

"I'm getting the hell outta here, should have left you two freaks to yourselves the second I met you!"

I've Got No Strings
At first, Jane thought she had heard him wrong, misunderstood what he was saying, something like that. Tried to wrap her head around the meaning of those few words. Wasn't that difficult. He had asked her to hand it over. To not make it difficult. That -

The fuck. The fucking hell, was that midget going insane? Seriously, this had to be a sick fucking joke, that guy wasn't really trying to rob her, was he? Jane instinctively frowned, clutching her bag tighter with one arm, pressing it against her side.
Her instincts told her to take a step back, but her mood was telling her to fuck that noise and take a step towards Oskar instead. So she did.

"Are you trying to pull my fucking leg? You're not being serious, right?"

She caught a glimpse of Caedyn somewhere behind Oskar and shot her a glance, trying to look as pissed off as possible. She didn't even really have to try.

"Did she set you up for this?" Jane raised the arm that was not holding the bag and pointed at the other girl in an accusing manner. "Did she tell you to try and mess with me a little or something? If so, fuck her and fuck you. Seriously, fuck you both."

She was mad, god fucking almighty, she was mad. What a bunch of malicious fucking clowns, trying to scare her at a fucking time like this. She really felt like just smacking them both over the head, but she had to keep herself together, she knew that. They wanted that, they fucking wanted her to flip. Goddamn assholes.

"Our fucking classmates are dying left and right, you just heard it! What the fuck is wrong with you two?"

Prince of Nothing
Maxim watched as Lili scampered away and disappeared into the room he had occupied for all of two minutes earlier. Didn't seem likely for her to miraculously recover all of her strength after she'd be done with her meal, so she was probably out of the picture for now. Fine by him.

He turned back to Ben and let out a short hum of amusement. "An etch-a-sketch? Didn't see one of those ever since I was...nine or so, I don't recall. In any case, you seem to have gotten it even worse than me."

To be fair, he'd have preferred it if Ben actually had a somewhat decent weapon on him, but knowing that he wasn't the only one who had gotten...well, garbage, that was a bit satisfying at least. Still, it meant that Lili was the only of them with an actual means of defense, her nightstick. Though he couldn't see her benefitting much from it, any somewhat burly person would probably still be able to overpower her. He'd have to convince her to give it to either him or Ben sooner or later, get the most use out of it. He'd worry about that later, best to work out things with Ben first.

"How big? Well, as you can tell, not bigger than this bag it's in. Honestly, I was surprised it fit inside in the first place." He'd avoid mentioning the writings that were all over the bow for now. Doing so would only make Ben want to see it for himself all the more and Maxim really wanted to avoid having to take another glance at that stupid thing at all costs.

"Let's leave that for later though, I'm almost literally starving here. Can't think straight like that."

He looked down the hallway again, trying to count how many doors there were. One was all they needed really or two, if Ben insisted him and Maxim have separate rooms. "I'd say we let your friend have her privacy and go occupy a different room, yeah?"

I've Got No Strings
Jane raised a brow in confusion. So what, he was pointing at her, what'd he mean by -

She looked herself down to figure out what exactly he was pointing at and her eyes met her bag. Was she missing something here, not getting the punchline? Yeah, of course she'd take her bag with her when they left, what was so goddamn special about that?

"Yeah, so what's your point exactly? Unless you're trying to give being Captain Obvious a shot, I have no goddamn clue, to be frank."

Maybe Oskar was getting instable, saying stuff that made no sense. She couldn't exactly blame him, what with the news and all and just everything being fucking terrible in general.