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V6 Nineteenth Rolls
Jonathan Gulley survived a shot to the head, falling off a bell tower, getting stabbed, beaten, cut, and tazed.

Died to Knee high water.

Jon rolled down the stairs, electricity coursing through his veins. He grasped at the railing as he fell, trying to stop his descent. He hit the bottom, landing on his back with a wet thud into the knee deep water.

"I'll kill you..."

He heard the footsteps disappear into the distance above him as Jae made his escape. He tried to roll to his front, but the machete hanging out of his gut was making it that much harder. He tried to reach up and grab the railing, trying to pull himself up. His hand slipped and he fell back into the water.

"I'll kill-"

His body strained hard to keep his head above the water, but his shoulders and neck kept giving out under him. He pulled himself up again, long enough to call out to Jae. "Coooome baaack! I'm not done with you!" He fell back into the water again. His legs weren't working for him anymore...

He had to climb out of here... He had to catch Jae, he had to find Alba... He couldn't let it go like this, he needed to do something. He reached his arms up to the railing, gripping it as hard as he could. He started to pull himself up... All he had to do was get up the stairs, he could drag himself the rest of the way... He had to hang on, he couldn't give up yet. As he dragged himself up he wondered, "Why?" What was the point, why couldn't he just let it end?

That moment's hesitation forced Jon's hands to slip. He fell back, the drop into water feeling much longer then it did the first two times. He could notice a similar feeling he had back when Jae pushed him off the bell tower.

He splashed into the water sinking deeper and deeper, his whole body submerged. It felt much deeper than before, and no matter what he tried to do, he just found himself sinking further and further into the water. He saw the stairway slowly rising away from his vision, getting smaller and smaller as he sunk into the abyss. He kicked his legs as he reached for the stairwell, trying his hardest to swim back up and reach it, his lungs burning for air.

He was getting closer to it, he could make it, he could warn Alba, he could still do something! He continued his swim up the water when something grabbed his foot and dragged him back down. He kicked away from the hands and tried to swim back up, only for them to come back and pull him down. He fought against them, but they just pulled themselves up him and tangled around him.

The more he fought the more arms he could feel wrap around him. He could only watch as the stairwell got smaller and smaller as his vision of it blurred and his lungs burned. He couldn't fight it anymore...

Jon gasped for air choking and spitting up water on the beach. He curled his fingers underneath the sand and looked towards the ocean he was pulled out of. He could still faintly see the stairwell down there. What the?

Where was he? What happened? He looked around at himself, at the wounds he thought he had. They were gone, all of them. Jon felt his face, he could feel that he had both of his eyes back, that... even the scar under his eye, the one he had most of his life... It was gone. It was all gone.

He turned around to catch his bearings, and he saw... Everyone. Michael, Barry, Darius, Brendan, Coleen... All of them. They were all fine. Barry wasn't broken anymore, Darius was in one piece, Michael wasn't torn apart, Brendan was still whole... Coleen's hair was tied back, but there were no burns on her face anymore... They were all there.

Jon realized what this was... He turned his head back to the water, and saw that the stairwell wasn't there anymore... He didn't want to go back anyways.

He heard their voices behind them as he tried to put everything together.

"It's over."

"You don't have to worry anymore."

"It's finished, no more pain."

"It's okay Jon, we're here for you."

"You don't have to be scared anymore, it's okay."

Jon turned back to them. They'd been gone so long now, he didn't know what to do anymore....

He guessed a good start would be to give them all the biggest hug he could.

B040- Jonathan Gulley- Got What He Wanted

Jon felt the machete catch in Jae's hand, with a blade slicing along Jon's chest in return, forcing him to let go of the machete.

Regardless of the wounds across Jon's body, he felt great. He felt great after all this days of failing and messing up everything. He felt great after losing everyone he cared for. He felt great that he finally got to give someone his pain, the pain of the ones who died, and the pain of the ones who lost. He felt great that the recipient for it all absolutely deserved it.

He kept moving forwards, ready to force Jae to the ground and drown him in the filthy water below. His arms outstretched he brought himself towards him, ready to wrap his hands around Jae's throat. Jae had ducked below and dragged himself forwards, and then Jon felt it. Jae pushed the blade into his gut, forced it deeper, then pulled up, looking Jon in the eye.

Jon's eye widened in shock, his body going into convulsions and blood forced itself out of his mouth. Jon's hands wrapped around the handle as he looked down at the blade jammed into him. This was it.

It's over.

You lost Jon.

You're finished. Give up.

You have nothing left to fight him with. He won.

Jon looked back up and stared in Min Jae's eyes. This couldn't be it... Not like this, not this fast... Jon survived everything, even a bullet to the brain couldn't kill him, a-a-and it was just over, like that? He tried his hardest to hold on, he couldn't let Jae get away that easily.

Jon tried his hardest to focus, but it was all fading away so fast. This was it. He was done...

B040- Jonathan Gulley- Eliminated

Then again, has dying ever stopped him before?

Jon's eyes widened as his arms reached out, digging his nails into the flesh on the sides of Jae's head. He forced himself deeper on the blade to get closer, but he dragged Min Jae to him. He screamed as he opened his mouth, clenching his teeth along the gash on Jae's face, the taste of his iron mixing with the taste of Jae's.

"I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill you!"

Jae's screamed heightened in intensity as Jon tore his head away from Jae, chunks of meat stuck in Jon's teeth. Jon snarled as he pounced, forcing Jae to the ground as Jon brought his fingernails across Min Jae Parker, slashing his face left and right. He could feel the pressure of Jae pushing at the machete in his gut, but Jon didn't falter, he couldn't feel anymore form of pain at this point.

"Die, die, die! Just fucking die already!"

Even if Jon couldn't kill him, he would make him remember him, and remember everyone he hurt. Jae would feel the pain of one hundred dead classmates before he climbed out of this room.


Jon bared his teeth and shot forward raising his machete above his head.

There was no more point in talking, no point in drawing it out any longer. Jon would make his mark on Min Jae one way or another. He would end this, one way or another. He would show the world that he wouldn't take it anymore, one way or another. Jae would fall, then soon after Jon would, and he was okay with that.

You wanted this to end Jon? Well you better get ready, because it's coming faster than you think, and it's closer than you think.

Jon hissed as he shot the blade down, ready to split Min Jae's head in half.

Jon turned the corner and slashed down at Min Jae as he tried to shoot him. The bullet missed, and Jon's machete collided with the gun, knocking it out of Min Jae's hands. He slashed again, and Jae fell to the ground, narrowly missing getting his guts cut out of him. Jon poked the rifle with his machete, and slid it behind him, out of Jae's reach.

"He died so Alex wouldn't hunt me down too, for all the good that did, you don't know shit!" Jon wasn't angry at this point. He was... eccstatic, now, a large grin forming on his face, even if Jae tried to smile through it, he saw he was hurting him now, and it felt great.

He'd taken something from everyone he met. He wanted to do the right thing by Barry, he wanted to bring some justice to the dead like Michael, he learned how to hurt people from Alex,he wanted to atone for his sins like Brendan, he learned what fear was from Alessio, and he learned how to fight those fears like Coleen... Now it seems he's gone and taken his hatred from Min Jae.

"Bet it hurts you though... Bet I hurt you telling you that. You lost everyone because you're worthless, so you took it out on others. Your friends all died because you failed, so you wanted others to feel the same way? That's why Brendan had to die right?"

"Are you afraid Jae? You should be... All the people I've met, and the shit I've seen, the pain I felt, the pain they felt, I'm tired of holding onto it... I'm going to give it all to you."

He drug himself forward, disappearing behind the lockers again, circling Jae like a shark.

"How many ghosts are on your shoulders? How many people did you kill, how many people did you watch die? I've got a lot, and I can name them all, what about you? I bet you tried to repress it, you want to forget don't you? Or do you just want everyone to feel like you? There's nothing you can do to hurt me, but I can do everything to hurt you... You're selfish Jae, you're selfish and you're a coward, the biggest coward I've seen, and that's saying something, considering I made Alessio beg for his life... Get up."

As Min Jae got up and tried to catch his bearings, Jon leaped out from the shadows and struck, sending a slash along his back. Jae fell again. He tried to get back up and turn around, but Jon was already gone back into the shadows.

"You know it's easier to buy something from someone who died to save you, then it is to believe some bullshit from someone too scared to look someone in the eye when they killed them. You're funny, you know that? You called him a coward, yet here you are, you're all alone, shaking in those cheap boots, because you're afraid of some crippled fucking twink with half his face blown off ,because you killed someone who'd done nothing to you. You're scared Jae... You were scared in the solitary confinement wards, you were scared at the bell tower, and you're scared now. You should be too."

Jon struck again, and again Min Jae was forced into the ground, another mark tattooed on him from Jon's machete.

"It's not fun when you're the one who doesn't see it coming is it? Unlike you I looked the people I killed in the eyes, I didn't run away like you. I was there, I saw them die, like I saw the ones close to me die... You probably didn't even watch your friends go did you? You probably closed your eyes and hoped it was a bad dream, that it will all be over soon... Hah!"

Jon limped out of the shadows, and stared Jae down. He was tired of this, and he wanted it to end, one way or another.

"One way or another, you're going to see this... You won't be able to walk away without finishing it this time."

Jon slid through the doorway, ducking to the right as a bullet slid right by him. Jon's suspicions were confirmed. He was in fact deaf in his left ear, considering how close the shot was, and the fact he only heard it from one side. Kind of sad he needed to be shot at to realize it, but there we go...

He decided to taunt Jae, to make him come to him. "Hurts, doesn't it!?" He ducked down, and started moving towards a pair of nearby lockers, staying low. His foot kicked something odd, and he reached down to pick it up. It looked like a knife, covered in some sort of gel... Was that an eyeball? There was something familiar about it, but Jon threw it to the side. He felt like he wouldn't get much use out of it.

He called out again. "How's it feel Min Jae? You like getting hit when your back's turned, you fucking coward?!" He continued to crawl low, watching out to make sure he doesn't mess his leg up worse than it already is. He couldn't stumble now. One second's mistake could end it all for him.

"Follow my voice! You're not scared of me are you?!" He yelled out, waiting for his target. He would lie low, strike Jae, and move somewhere else. Rinse and repeat. Brendan never deserved what happened to him, and Jae deserved everything that comes his way because of what he did. Once this was over, Jon would find a nice quiet place to lay down and die in, maybe tell Alba on the way there. But until then, he was here, and he wasn't going to let it all end this easily.

"What's taking you so long? Should I stand out in the open facing away from you? Would you actually be able to finish the job if I did?! Michael was right! You ARE bitchmade! Bet you used your friends as shields when they died too!"

Jon had finished taunting, and lowered himself, moving positions again. All he was going to do now was wait.

Come on you son of a bitch, you're gonna get it now. You're gonna feel the pain this entire island felt before you pass on.

Jon waited for the footsteps to come closer. He lowered himself as best as he could with his messed up leg. Each step was coming closer behind him.

Jon knew he wasn't going to win this, and he knew he didn't want to anyways. What he didn't know was why he was still here, still holding on. It was something itching at the back of his head for a while now. Why'd he keep doing this? What was the point of it?

Jon was sure he'd never find the answer at this point, especially because Min Jae just walked in the door. Jae would turn around at any time, and it would be the end of it. Jon was weaker than him, and more injured, he couldn't win this. He couldn't...

Unless he whittled him down first.

Jon crouched low and remembered Jae's bad knee. At the very least, he could even things up for the moment.

Jon lurched forward, and slashed the back of Min Jae's knee open.

He didn't stay to hear him scream or rage, instead choosing to slither out like a spectre through the doorway, moving to the next room across the hall. Min Jae wanted to hunt him?

Then he would have to find him...

Jon continued to ram his shoulder into the wall over and over, the pain driving him insane. Pops and cracks of his shoulder mingled with the smacks of the wall, the screams and grunts of Jon.

With a sound rivaling the noise he made falling from the bell tower, an intense pain flooded Jon, and he slid to the floor. He raised his arm, and moved his fingers. His shoulder was on fire, but his arm worked, for now. He took a deep breath, listening to nothing but the silence, and the ringing that was probably never going to leave.

He didn't have much of a breather, due to nearby footsteps, and the fact that Jon knew exactly who they belonged to. He slowly raised his arms above his head, grabbing the railing behind him with both of his arms, his left one burning in protest. He slowly pulled himself up, and putting his weight on his legs.

He put too much on his broken one, and it snapped right under him. Jon screamed through closed lips, muffling a mixture of anger, pain, and pleading. He dropped to the ground again, and slowly pulled himself back up. His arms and working leg dragged him along the wall, his broken one sliding behind like the tail of a slug.

He looked behind him, and saw Jae going down the steps.

Jon ducked into a nearby room that smelled of death and something else. He hid behind the corner of one of the doorways, machete ready.

(( Jonathan Gulley, continued from No Rest for the Obsessed.))

Jonathan Gulley knew he was as good as dead. There was no point to leave, but his body wouldn't listen to him, it was on auto pilot. His mangled body slid along the wall, leaving a smear of blood as it drug itself across it. His entire left side was destroyed by the fall, his arm was dislocated, and he was pretty sure his leg was broken... It hurt his chest to breath on that side, his eye was gone as it had been for so long, and now he was pretty sure he couldn't hear out of that ear, there was a feint ringing in the other.

His right arm was dragging him along, holding the railing with the machete between his fingers. It wasn't a good grip, and he found himself falling multiple times, but it was the only thing guiding him at this point. He saw a doorway to a dark area, and thought it best to hide there.

Hide from what? He wasn't going to survive the night. He wondered why he couldn't just be dead now, why? Everything's been thrown at him, and he's still here. Why couldn't anyone finish the damn job?!

He took one step down into the basement, and tumbled all the way down the stairs into the murky waters below. He laid under the water, his body not moving. His lungs protested for air, but he ignored it. He would choose to end this himself... He would...

He would just pop his head out of the water and gasp for air, wouldn't he? He was tired of this. He was tired of running, and tired of pretending he had any actual value whatsoever. He was tired of the fact that even though he wanted this to end, something gnawed at him, it wouldn't let him. Why? Let Min Jae win... You know what? He deserves it. He worked hard to kill everyone he saw and hurt his friends and... He deserved to be alone. That was his special place in hell, let him win, let him realize what it feels like to be a winner. Give up Jon, you're finished.

His arm pulled himself up by another railing. He wouldn't though. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't let himself. He would hold on until it was over, and that was that. He could at least try to fix himself, he realized.

He looked at his left shoulder, and a nearby wall... Even if he was probably going to die, he wanted to take Min Jae down with him, and he couldn't do that with one arm.

This was probably going to hurt worse than everything else that's happened to him, combined, and he wouldn't get the luxury of going unconscious to avoid it this time.

Jon took a deep shaky breath, and forced his arm into the wall. In return the wall gave a loud whacking sound that was only half as loud as his screaming.

No Rest for the Obsessed
Jae laughed...

He fucking laughed... Jon was disgusted by this callous bastard... no... a blade to the face is too good for him, Jon would blind him, flay his face, cut this bastards cock off before he fini-

Jae's hand lunged to his face. Jon screamed as he felt the slimy fucker's fingers enter his skull, as the clench tightened, and grabbed, and pulled. Jon reeled back, and The Shape was no more.

Jon blinked his remaining eye in shock, stairing at the bloodstained fold of plastic in Min Jae's hand. He froze and stared at the mask. His body shaking, his remaining eye twitching, he stood, and he stared. His grip tightened on his machete.

Jon screamed and raised his machete once more as Min Jae lurched forwards, pushing him back. The railing behind Jon snapped, and for a moment, Jon felt weightless. In the split second he was still going back and not down, Jon imagined flying away, he imagined that none of this was real, that this nightmare would be over soon. Once reality hit Jon, he reached out in an attempt to grab Jae and bring him down with him.

He missed.

Down and down he fell, the world slowed down for him. All the things he experienced over these last two weeks. Friends he never knew, enemies he thought were friends, the lover who died for nothing, the killers who killed for nothing. Jon took comfort in the fact that he would see them soon. He would see him soon too...

It didn't help that he failed though... He never was able to save anyone. Barry, Darius, Michael, Brendan, Coleen... There was nothing he could do now... It was over now.

All he could do was try to enjoy the ride until he reached the destination.

Jon watched the world spin as he got closer to it. He saw the sky, then the ground, as he flipped heads up, tails up.









No Rest for the Obsessed
Jon was bolting forwards, machete raised. Min Jae simply pushed him back again, slamming the butt of his gun into Jon's chest, winding him. Jon stumbled back, out of breath, as Jae moved in, wailing on him with the rifle, hitting him again and again.

Another smack to the side of the head sent Jon stumbling to the right. He turned his head to look back and saw it, Min Jae was aiming his rifle at him, ready to finish this. Jon shot forward once again, smacking the barrel of the gun downwards, the discharge sent protests through Jon's ears as the bullet shot through the ground. Jon smacked the rifle again, knocking it to the ground.

Jae hobbled back, trying to gain ground, but Jon wouldn't ease up. He kept moving forwards, swinging his machete in a blind rage, most of the time missing, but he got a hit off here and there. Jon sent a kick to the leg Jae tried to favor, and got a squeal of pain from him in return.

Jon's free hand wrapped around Jae's throat as he forced him into the wall, raising the machete behind him. He pointed the sharp end towards Jae's face. In a few moments, The Shape would send the blade into his mouth and through his throat, and it would be the end of it. Jon's eye locked onto Jae's as he tried to get the final word in.

"Brendan forgives you... I don't."

No Rest for the Obsessed
Jon saw his target and swung, before something caught him right in the mouth. He felt the blade catch onto something as he stumbled back, the taste of iron filling his mouth as small things crawled and moved around inside of it. He stumbled back, feeling as if he was choking on something. His back hit the railing, and he swore he could almost feel it give way from behind him. He stumbled forwards, his free hand gripping his face as he spit up the excess fluid in his mouth. He could feel a numbness in his gums as things slid out from them, falling through the mask and clattering on the ground. He puked up more blood coming from his mouth, it pooled inside his mask before leaking out of the various orifices inside it.

The Shape look up towards it's victim, crimson draining from the nose, mouth, eye sockets, and neck seam. Blood dripped from the plastic parody of a face down across the shirtless emancipated figure. The cyclops eyed it's target, and realized how easy it could be to finish this. Min Jae was a mess, practically falling apart at the seams, all The Shape had to do was stay on the offense, and it could cut him down. The Shape lurched forwards.

Jon raised his machete and chopped down at Min Jae, the blade connecting to the rifle's barrel, he did this multiple times before Min Jae shoved him back. Jon shrugged the push off and shot back towards him.

No Rest for the Obsessed
The bell's ringing started to cede, and Jon got up, ready to fire down at the stairwell again, this time ready to hit the target.

He got up and stumbled forwards, the ringing in his ears pounding his skull. He moved over to the edge, aiming his assault rifle down.

He'd only get a glance of the target before the bell roared again.

Jon screamed and raised the rifle, unloading it's contents down the well. The intense recoil sent the rifle upwards, and Jon inadvertently shot the bell himself multiple times.

Jon screamed again and let go of the rifle holding his hands over his ears, it fell down the stairwell, still firing until it hit the ground, fired some more, then quit when it ran out of ammo.

Jon fell to his back, rolling around on the balcony, hands gripping his ears through the mask. He rolled to his front, and curled his knees under him, holding his arms over his head, rocking back and forth. His screams of pain melting into snarls of fury. Jon smashed his head into the ground, forcing himself to get out of this position, to get up and do something!

His arm reached away from his head and into his bag, pulling out the machete he had kept for so long. He crawled behind the stairwell, and waited for his target to climb up.

He stood there waiting, the pounding ringing dulled, his skull on fire once more.

No Rest for the Obsessed
Jae just got closer and closer, and none of Jon's shots seemed to hit. It didn't hit him until Jae was under him that he was supposed to shoot at where he was going, not where he was at.

He kept his rifle trailed under him, he had to get out of this position or else he was done for. If he even slipped an inch, he would smack into the ground like Aiden, like Barry.

He shimmied along the wall again, splinters jamming into his exposed back as he slid along it. He was cold, shirtless, in a lot of pain, and probably going to be in a lot more if he survived this. It didn't take much to get the bastard to come for him, but he came.

Jon just might be getting what he spent all these days wishing for.

He reached the barrier and climbed back up it. He turned around and aimed the rifle there at the doorway. If he knew which side Jae was hiding on, he would shoot through the wall...

Jon made a guess. He aimed towards the wall to the right of the doorway, and switched to fully auto.

Jon opened fire, spraying the wall down, unloading bullet after bullet into it, when he saw movement, he saw it too late due to his lack of depth perception.

Jae moved out, and aimed at him.

Jon tried to move the barrel towards Jae with his finger still locked around the trigger.

There was an ear shattering blast coming from right in front of him. The bell gonged vibrating Jon's brains through his skull. Jon's arm left the grip and moved towards his ear, as his other arm held the AK down still unloading. Jon screamed as he waved the spraying AK back and forth down the well. The bell screamed that his time has come, his ears screamed for the noise to stop, his elbow and shoulder screamed for support to hold the AK, and Jon himself screamed in pain.

No Rest for the Obsessed
Jon Gulley finally saw the bastard, and he had a new weapon from what he had done to Brendan. Jon wasn't going to let him get the chance to use it.

He breathed in a few times to steady himself, before he trailed the barrel into his direction.

One... Two... Three...

Jon let off four shots, all of them low of where Jae was.

He saw a pop of red shoot up as Jae made a sudden movement. It got Jon's hope up as he watched, until the realization that it wasn't him he shot. It was his bait.


He flipped the assault rifle into burst fire, firing more shots at the target moving his way towards him.

Jon took a few more breaths before firing his shots down at him. He had to slow him down, he couldn't let him get in here, or else he would be exposed in a very bad place. If he could slow him long enough to get a hit in, then he could finish this!

No Rest for the Obsessed
(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Getting Ahead of Yourself))

Jon wasn't sure what brought him back to the bell tower after so long. It was such a different feeling back then. There was still fear, still anxiety, but... there was a chance for things to go right. Jon wished he knew all of it would have died with Barry back then. He wished he could have just lost it then and there and joined the monsters. No regrets, no pain... He wished he could have really gone crazy instead of pretended to, maybe then he would have had an excuse for how terrible he was.

Jon looked at the mask in his hand in the eyes for a minute straight, before he put it on and went inside. Jon didn't want Barry to see him like he was. It was a shame that had to happen to him, he never deserved it. Barry only died because Alvaro was scared of him, of who he was friends with. Jon knew he hung around the wrong people, but he never thought he was hurting anyone, he didn't think it could have hit Alvaro as hard as it did.

Jon should have fell off the tower instead. Barry would have found Brendan, and Darius, and Alba... He was an actual leader, he would have done something, he would have helped everyone... Wait, who was that over there?

Jon's eye hovered over to the second crumpled body at the stairwell. He got himself closer and recognized the boy.

Aiden! He... He was the only other person who survived... That first day, when Barry had opened the gate to Jon's freedom... Aiden was there. There were... Five of them, including Jon. Him, Barry, Aiden, Tina, and Scarlett... All of them died that day except him and Aiden, and Jon never seen him again until now. Jon didn't even know who did this, or how long it had been since he died. He wasn't sure if he was unconscious or just... forgot.

Jon felt heat rise up in his face, he could feel the pressure building in his remaining eye, and a fire building in the one that didn't exist anymore. How many people actually died? How many could Jon actually remember? How many people died alone, with no stories to bring home? How many were faceless?

Jon realized that nobody would remember the majority of them, that they'd all be drowned out by the stories of the 'heroic' winner, or the disgusting horror stories of the cruelest creatures here that could barely be called human anymore... Jon wondered how the winners felt, if they even remembered the faces of the people they killed, or the people they lost. Would they try to black it out? Or could they never forget it?

Jon started climbing the stairs to the top.

Jon wished he could go back, he wished he could change things. He wished he could go back to being a decent person again, and not the cold, cold, Shape he was now.

Jon walked to the broken balcony that Barry had been shoved through, he looked down. How long of a drop was it? How long would it feel? Three seconds? Five? Ten?

Jon didn't know as he stepped through the opening, stepping over the edge...

He wouldn't find out either, his foot resting on the support beam just below it. One hand held onto the barrier, the other his AK as he stepped his other foot on the beam, and shimmied along it until he reached the wall to his right.

There was another reason he came back here...

The bell tower was a great vantage point, the main problem being the fact the open area at top faced the wrong side, however, the openings on the other side despite not having floor boards or railings had the beams that edged along the walls. He had to pull a balancing act to get to the other side, and again to get back, but it gave him a good view of the island, probably the best. It was an area where if you saw it, you could shoot it semi-reliably.

Jon continued to shimmy along the wall until he reached the corner he was going to nest up in. He shimmied to the left of it, resting the AK along it to steady his aim. He wrapped his arm around the corner as he crouched down, making sure to watch his footing. One he got in position, he leaned the barrel of the rifle out of the window opening, his arm moved from the corner to the grip, pointing down at the path below.

Along the path, there was a little red and black bump that used to be Alessio. Jon laid his sights on it, his eye scanning the rest of the area as he waited. For most people who would come by, if they weren't scared off by the obvious warning, he would fire a warning shot to try again, hopefully they would get the message a second time, though by now the message should be pretty clear.

The reason he came back here was for a trap, and this trap wasn't for them. It was for someone special. Someone who was going to deserve everything that was about to happen to them...

There would be no warning shot for the one it was intended for.

Jon flipped the AK into Semi-Auto, his breathing underneath the mask slowed as his eye matched up with the iron sights of the rifle...

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Holy Jeb Bush's Guacamole, Jon looks amazing!

I really like how realistic yet stylilized your art style looks. It's subtle but at the same time stands out as it's own thing and it's great! You got a real talent!

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Okay, this is cool as hell, and I'm really digging the art style.

Could I request Jonathan Gulley?

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