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Michael Crowe
Alright I think I got it. Thanks for the critique by the way.

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
I think they'd work pretty well, they'd joke with each other and be somewhat passive aggressive, but they'd be friendly.

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
Yeah, that'd work out great.

Let's mash some characters together and see what happens!
I feel like Ty and Michael would be former enemies turned friends, probably having a fight Michael lost. For Jacob I feel like he wouldn't like Michael too much, as Michael would probably be with Issac in making fun of him.

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
Yeah, they'd work pretty well together, I can see them becoming friends after a short animosity that happened a while back.

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
Yeah, sounds great! Issac and Michael would be great together in the art of bustin' balls. I can see some great interactions coming from them!
Jane and Blair's presence is great as well, can't get enough passive agressivism!

I need some ol' buddies ol' pals!
Ayy lmao, Im toxie, and still new-ish to forum rp as compared to gmod rp, and I've seen many other topics like this for pregame, so I'd figure I might go for one to help me transition easier. So I got this guy, His name's Michael Crowe and his application page is right here, he's currently not accepted, but hopefully I'll be able to get him in.

So appearance wise, with his outlandishly dated hairstyle and a jacket that wouldn't look too out of place on Ryan Gosling from Drive, he's pretty easily spotted. His personality and point of view is more or less the same, loud and dated. He tends not to start conversations, but if people get to talking with him, he'll go on and on and on. To everyone who knows him, Michael's a kid from New Jersey who loves telling long and elaborate stories from back in the day when he lived there, and for the students at Cochise, it's hit or miss. While he's able to reel people in with his stories, others see right through his BS. He likes cracking jokes about mostly anything, but his favorite are impersonation jokes, news story jokes, or an occasion racial jokes. He's also known for making jokes about the people around him, both people he likes and people he dislikes, usually the jokes towards people he dislikes tends to range from pretty caustic to downright bullying. He's also notable for his thick accent and high pitched voice, though some might find it obnoxious or grating. To the few who are his friend however, he's known to treat them extremely well, using his parents good income for support in keeping them close.

Anyone like to be his friend or enemy? I'm fine with anything really. For friends it could be anything, ranging from simply acquaintances or really close buds, though I'm hoping for a group of fellow jokers and jackasses. For his enemies, I'd say people who consider him annoying, people he's previously been in fights with(though some of them could end up as friends if it's possible) or some people targeted for his whipping post.

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Edit: Working on the relationships now! Going to get this list set up as quick as I can.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Oh my god, this is fucking amazing.

Michael Crowe
Alright, fixed up I think.