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Getting Ahead of Yourself
(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Summertree))

The sun was starting to rise again by the time Jon made it back here. There were three reasons why he was here. Jon scoped the area out, he looked to the ground, his mask was still there. Check one.

He picked it up and walked forwards, looking at the AK and the nearby bag. Check two.

He walked to the bushes, and sure enough... Check three.

Alessio had lain there, dead as shit, and dead alone. A fitting end for the bastard. The hair on his head was nothing but cinders anymore, the fire had burned it all away. Most of his head had been darkened, but his face is still recognizable. That part was good.

He looked at the mask, then looked back at the machete.

He looked between the machete, and Alessio's corpse. He looked at the mask, then Alessio, then to the machete, then back to Alessio.

"This will do..." he said, as he knelt by the cadaver, blade ready. Min Jae is gonna shit his pants...

(( Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))

(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Waiting for The End ))

By the time they made it to the chapel, Jon knew what was going to happen to Coleen. There was nothing he could do for her now, though if he acted quicker, he could have saved her. She wouldn't have had to die.

At least he could choose to not let her die alone. Alessio was done for, so that meant it wasn't all for nothing.

Jon watched Coleen lie down, before he decided to sit down by her.

Coleen started talking about a play, Summertree, and how a guy peeled the skin off his hand or something. It sounded pretty morbid, but all it reminded him of was that one shitty B-movie him and Darius watched one time about a bed that had acid in it or something. There was a scene where a guy stabbed the bed and all that remained of his hands were little skeleton hands. All Jon could think about was that guy's deadpan reaction. Jon didn't mention the film out of respect.

"No... No I haven't seen it. It sounds crazy though."

He realized what Coleen was talking about when she brought her hands to her face. He never realized it, but she had her hair tied back, she used to cover her face. He got what she meant.

He looked away for a moment, staring at his own reflection in a nearby window. When he looked back, Coleen was unconscious. Jon knew she wouldn't wake back up.

Jon didn't really know Coleen too well, and he had no idea what type of pain she had been through on this island. He didn't know how many friends she saw die, or how many people she tried to save. He knew almost nothing about her.

From what little he saw, he knew one thing. Coleen was strong, and she wasn't scared. She fought back, she won. She deserved her rest.

Jon... wasn't like her. He was a coward, always hesitating, never deciding... He went after all the wrong people, and made all the wrong mistakes. No wonder he hid behind a mask... Everything that has happened to him, he deserved it, and for that, he didn't deserve his rest.

He wasn't done yet. Min Jae was still alive, and Jon had to fix that. He would only get one more warning before Jon would attack... Once he's done with him, then he'll come back and find Alba, maybe they could make it to the end. Maybe Alba will win...

Jon walked to the reflection in the window, looking at his bandaged face. He didn't need the mask anymore... He didn't need these bandages anymore. He had to be strong, he had to master not just his fear, but the fear of countless others. Some things were scarier than masks, anyways.

He peeled away the bandages, and looked at the result. There was no eye to speak of anymore, the simple 'graze' had forced it out of his skull when it hit. It had hit just outside the edge of his eyelid, and inch forward and it would have missed, and inch backwards, and he wouldn't be here.

It was kind of funny to look at himself now. Shirtless, scarred, cut, bruised, missing an eye and some of the socket... He couldn't recognize himself. It was like the unmasking scene of Friday the 13th or something. When Jason finally showed his face, you knew you were close to the end. Jon guessed he was close to his end as well. Everyone was really.

He only had his machete on him, he left everything else back at the cove. He would probably need it all at this point, he couldn't wait anymore. He had failed everyone else, he couldn't do it anymore. Now more than ever he needed to do something.

No more masks. He wasn't The Shape, he was just Jon. Everything he would do from this point on would be him, it would be his responsibility.

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))

Waiting for the End
As Jon tried to help Coleen up, he knew there wasn't much more time left for her, but he wasn't going to just leave her here to die with her killer. Jon glanced behind him at the writhing form of Alessio, laying in the sand.

Coleen asked about Vanessa. Jon couldn't say anything about her, he'd never seen her on the island.

As they were walking out, she asked what was Jon's name. He wanted to tell her that his name didn't matter. He simply told her the truth. Maybe she'd know, maybe not.

"Jon, just Jon."

Jon couldn't help but feel terrible however, if he didn't freeze up, he could have saved Coleen. It should have just been Al, or it should have been him instead of her.

"Where do you want to go, now?"

((Jonathan Gulley continued in Summertree ))

Waiting for the End
The Shape was closing in, Al couldn't shoot him, nor could he hide behind his rifle. It was over for him.

"You had a choice! You chose this!"

Something came from his peripheral vision, landing into Alessio's midsection. It was a spear! Where did it come from?!

The Sh-Jon froze, he was stunned. It was Coleen, despite the obvious, she... she was still alive? After all of that, she got back up?

Jon was missed by everything, and he was too terrifyed to move. Coleen was burned alive and shot multiple times, and it didn't take her much longer to jump back into it.

He looked back to Al who was raising his gun again.

Jon lurched forwards, driving his machete into Alessio's abdomen.

"Not this time you bastard! Not again!"

He wrapped his other arm around Al, and pulled him closer into a form resembling a hug, forcing Alessio deeper into the blade.

"Not again! Not again..."

He only stared straight ahead as he felt the blood drip down over his hand.

"It's over... It's over Al. You don't get to choose anymore, we choose!"

He stared into Al's eyes as he dragged him away from Coleen, away from the gun he dropped.

"You're through... Just give up. It's over... It's over for you... Don't worry about home anymore."

Jon's voice lowered to a whisper, as his hand left Al's back and moved to his chest. Jon gave a hard shove and forced Al off the machete.

As he watched him hit the ground, Jon realized he wasn't wearing his mask. He wasn't The Shape. He was Jon, Jonathan Gulley, and he may have just done something right for once.

Wait... What about Coleen...

Jon turned around and ran back to her, hoping if she got up, maybe she could be helped. A gut feeling told him otherwise, but he still had to try.

Waiting for the End
Jon thought that maybe, just maybe, people could be redeemed.

He thought maybe he could talk sense into Al.

Why was he always wrong?

Every time he tried to do something right, it went wrong.

But every time he did what he thought was the wrong thing, it brought results.

From the way Alessio spoke, he knew it was going to be the latter.

Out of everyone he's met, Al was one of the worst people he knew, barring Min Jae Parker, and Alex Tarquin.

Whereas the other two were psychopaths who did this purely for enjoyment, Alessio did it out of cowardish, and selfishness.

He didn't care who's lives he destroyed, and he didn't regret a single thing he did. He thinks he's going to go home, and just start over, and nobody will remember a thing he did.

Jon would have kept talking to him until he got the chance to shoot Al himself, however, a girl, Coleen, was sneaking up behind him with a rifle, automatic too. Any videogame or movie he's ever scene told him all he needed to know about the gun. That gun was pointed right at Al's back.

He won't be seeing what happens next on this island. Jon and Coleen will.

She called him out, but she didn't shoot. Not yet. Wait...

The safety. Al threw something, he's rushing her, stop him Jon!


Jon dropped everything and hit the deck, ears ringing. He felt cold sand cling to his bare skin as his eye trailed up into the stars.

Was he hit? Was it over? He couldn't hear anything but the feint ringing in his ears. He felt frozen, paralyzed. The world stopped, nothing but the stars and clouds and that ringing. What the hell was going on? Why couldn't he move? He couldn't feel the pain of the bullets, but he could still feel everything else. Was he hit or not?

Was he going to die?

It couldn't have happened now, not now! Not this close. He had to get up, he had to move! There was things he still had to do, he couldn't lose it all this close!

He didn't want to die... He didn't want to die!

Jon was finally terrified of the unknown.

The ringing in his ears turned to screaming, his eye moved over and saw Al forcing Coleen into the fire.

Move damnit move! He wasn't hit, he couldn't feel it, he had to move!

Jon was terrified, he was helpless again, he couldn't save her. He remembered what happened to Barry, to Michael, to Brendan.

It didn't take long for that fear to become anger.

Jon felt his hand twitch.

He couldn't find his gun, it was gone, fuck! His hand felt around the sand and gripped the machete.

He turned back around and saw Al with the AK.


Jon scrambled to his feet as the familiar sounds filled his ears.

He shot her. Jon failed again.

Jon was running forwards as those horrid sounds filled his head again.

Al turned the gun to Jon, ready to fire.

Was this it?

Is it over now?


Jon screamed as he swung the machete towards Al, knocking the barrel of the gun upwards.

Jon wasn't good at helping people, but The Shape was great at hurting them.

It was time for Al to figure that out.

Alessio Rigano would never see his home again.

Waiting for the End

"No... We won't."

Waiting for the End
"Well... that makes two of us then."

"What's even been keeping you going?"

"Do you really think you can just 'start all over' again?"

Waiting for the End
"The cafeteria group you mentioned, they said it was better to die with their friends then kill and end up alone..."

"Why didn't you stay with them?"

"Didn't you have any friends, or did you forget that part when you started killing people?"

Waiting for the End
"You don't have a choice. You might as well, because it's coming faster than you think."

"I want to know why you did what you did. Why did all those people have to die, Al?"

"Just talk, Al. How many people do you think are watching you right now? Don't you think the families of your victims need to know? Doesn't your own family deserve to know?"

Waiting for the End
"You don't get it Al. You won't get it until later. I don't know what type of person you are, but I couldn't sleep like a baby knowing there's blood on my hands Al! I've seen the dead, I've fucking talked to them!"

"I... I want to be one of them. They're the only people I could belong with anyways."

"Al, do you really want peace, or are you just scared of dying?"

Waiting for the End


"I... I don't really like wearing the mask to be honest with you, and I know it's still me, but I like to pretend it's not when I do bad things with it."

"I want to pretend I'm some insane psycho killer on the hunt for people who wronged me or something, but I'm not. I'm just... me."

"I wish my friends were still alive, so I could do something else, but they're not. I could've got us all out of here, but I was just too dumb or lazy or scared to actually pull through."

"I can kind of agree with you though, living is good, but do you really call this living?"

Waiting for the End
"Al, I'm not going to beat around the bush here... I'm probably going to end up shooting you anyways in a few minutes, maybe earlier if you reach for that gun."

"It's not a trick question, all I want is an answer."

"If this conversation's over, then tell me, because it'll just be a waste of time otherwise."

"Can I take off the mask, now?"

Waiting for the End
"Why... Alessio, why would you want to kill your friends anyways? I don't get it."

"I couldn't do that. I've killed someone already, and I know I don't deserve to go home. I don't want to anyways. I want to be with the people I care about."


"You mind if I take my mask off?"

Waiting for the End
"You don't talk much do you?"

"So... You still want to go home, after everything you did?"

Waiting for the End
"Not without shooting at each other, no..."

"What are you doing here anyways? Hiding from someone?"

Waiting for the End
"I don't know, actually."

"I expected you to pull the trigger."

"Do you know who I am?"

Waiting for the End
"You're not Min Jae..."

"Al, put that shit down before I put you down."

"I'm not playing games here, put it away."

give me shadow, put on my crown.
The Shape hid behind a corner down the hall. He waited for the door to open, for the message to be sent.

The message was simple. It wouldn't be quick. The mangled and decayed form of Conrad was used, because by the end of this, Jae's remains would look similar. The Shape would strike eventually. Clawing, biting, chopping, and shooting, and nobody would be able to recognize whatever was left of him.

There was the creak of the door being opened, followed by the familiar twang of a crossbow bolt being shot into flesh. He heard Jae mumble from within the room, followed by some dry heaving.

He could turn the corner now and end it. The Shape could just massacre Jae like it meant nothing.

He didn't. Not now, too quick. He wasn't done with him yet. He would spend at least a day of this, slowly whittling him down. A sighting here, another message there.

He would strike fear into him, he would make him regret every choice he has made upon waking up on this island...

The Shape turned it's plasticine grinning face towards the camera. Staring, Smiling.

When it's done, everyone will get the message.

The Shape looked into the camera, and brought it's finger up to it's mouth, almost mocking the watchers at home. Be quiet, or else he'll hear you, the action said.

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))

give me shadow, put on my crown.
The Shape slammed the door shut and barred it with his machete.

He could just leave him there. Starve him out, leave him to rot. He knew it wouldn't work like that. Someone would come and help him out, regardless of who he was, or what they knew about him. He'd prey on someone else's innocence, and come back to hurt someone else.

He should go in there and finish it.

A part of him wanted to draw it out however. He couldn't just end him here, a part of him wanted to chase.

The Shape wasn't sure why. Maybe Jon still wanted it to end for him, or maybe needed something to keep him going. He'd spent so long without a purpose that now that he has one, he's not sure if he should throw it away.

The Shape
turned it's head to the room behind him. He had an idea...

From inside the door, there was the sound of something shifting outside, followed by the scrape of the machete leaving the latch.

give me shadow, put on my crown.
(( Jonathan Gulley continued from This Is The End Of His Story ))

Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot.

Jon followed the trail Min Jae had made. It wasn't hard, he'd only gone down a linear hallway with a corner leading to another one. There was only two ways to go from their, upstairs, or downstairs, or stay in the hall.

Jon breathed through the mask as he realized that he chose to do this. This wasn't to make the world a better place, this wasn't for the greater good.

Left foot. Right Foot. Left foot. Right foot.

This was revenge, plain and simple. Jon didn't do this out of some want for justice. Min Jae Parker had killed a friend of Jon. Brendan didn't even want Jon to do it, but here he was. You could call it selfish, maybe. Hell, Jon would've called it selfish if he were still himself.

Left foot. Right Foot. Left foot. Right foot.

Thing was, Jon was not himself. He was simply a shape now, The Shape. Nothing remained of Jon except a few memories. All replaced with primal urges and instincts.

He slowed down as Jae walked into a nearby room. He could hear laughing coming from within it.

Min Jae wouldn't be laughing soon.

Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot.

He slowed his walk as he crept closer to the doorway. He turned the corner and stared.

The Shape stood in the doorway, watching Min Jae.

Breath in. Breath out.

His eye stared at the figure sitting on the floor.

He could end this right now, but he heard him laugh. That would have been too quick. He wanted to hear Min Jae scream. He wanted him to beg, to plead, to apologize and say he regretted everything.

He wanted Min Jae to beg him to end it.

The Shape stood there and breathed.