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V6 Roll Call
I can feel it, coming in the air tonight, oh law, I've been waiting for this moment, for all my life.
(Ye, I'm bringing Mike in.)

The Outlanders!
Exile's second week starts tonight!

The Outlanders!
Exile 2.0 episode 1, introductions, recap.

Episode 1 day one.
The Alamo Rangers began their attempts at marking uncharted territory, however, two of their squads went missing. One disappeared into the living forest, it's possible the cannibalistic Jungle Boyz tribe had a hand in it. The second squad was killed en-route towards the concrete jungle. The vehicles were all missing, however the corpses remained. It's clear the motorcycle club of mutated snake hybrids, The Saracens MC were involved, as a corpse of one of their prospects were lying on the ground.

The Long Arm of the Law traveled from Armadillo to The Alamo to settle a crime problem involving the incompetent Disciples of Rock. Faster than you can say "Draw Cowboy!" all subjects were apprehended with zero casualties on the Law's part.

The Church of Holy Fire's war-rig was heard from a mile away as it kidnapped and converted a group of scavengers.

There are disturbing rumors told by stalkers living in the sewers and tunnels of the metros. Many stalkers go missing, and mutant attacks are becoming much more common. Some stalkers say they can even recognize a few of the mutants as missing individuals.

Zeed's Gang, angered by the death of one of their top liutenants, Spade, at the hands of the Gruppa Krovi, have decided to attack their base. Calling for the head of Viktor Tsoi, the mohawk wearing marauders ran into the metro station, only to be bombed out by the resurrected Russian rock star and his red fist of reveangance. In a massive defeat for Zeed's Gang, they retreated.

New America decided to be a good neighbor and do some odd jobs for the slaver's guild, by defeating a Warboy squad that has been firing at the guild's walls for some time now.

There have been rumors of a driverless ghost car, bent on revenge, traveling the wastes.

Episode one, Day 2.
Saracens were seen traveling towards the Slaver's Guild, possibly with the intent to play in the Slaver's Guild's famous Arena Challenge.

The Law was Ambushed on the way back by a group of angered criminals. They were defeated easily, with no casualties. The Law continues to head back to armadillo.

The sewers are still a dangerous place to live, stalkers continue to go missing, and a large war between the Cheeki Breeki Balaclavas, backed by New America, and the Tsarnov Tracksuits commenced. The fight was quick, brutish, and heavy in casualties on both sides, however, it seems the Cheeki Breeki Balaclavas were the victors, thanks to their new allies.

The Susan B. Anthony Boyszzz were seen outside of their sewer in the first time in years, heading towards the coasts. Is it some kind of lemming-esque migration?

The Church of Holy Fire almost lost their war rig today as they attacked a group of Zeed Gangers who just weren't having a good day. The Zeed Gangers managed to momentarily hijack the Church's famous war rig before their leader Fryer Fuegon took the reigns of his chariot back with the help of his flamethrower.

Recrusadence goes on a supply run, and dukes it out against the Disciples of Rock for a large shipment of gasoline crates and weapons.

Jungle Boyz were spotted along the coasts during a recruitment ceremony.

Episode 2, Preparations teaser.
The Slaver's Guild are preparing a delivery job towards The Crew's Favela, utilizing one of their prized war rigs. They are looking for 3 factions that can guarantee delivery. Who will join in on this job. And will the Rig be delivered, or will another faction steal it. Will the factions recruited be trustworthy enough to not take it for themselves? The Preparations are starting. Slaver's Guild are operating on a first come first serve basis. Who will be selected to drive the rig in Episode 3, the Travel?

(Me, Rikk, and Whoowee will be down for GMing again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, however I may not be able to make it for Friday due to some community service, but there is still the chance of me being there. Either way, I hope to see everyone tomorrow!)

The Outlanders!
Apologies to Dannyrulx for not being able to gm for him tonight. I had what seemed like a few errands at the time, but my family noticing I did them faster than normal decided to pile more shit on my plate. I'll be able to get shit done this weekend at any time, as I've made sure I've now got nothing to do over the weekend.

The Outlanders!
It's time!

The Outlanders!
So, the first day of exile. As there are some conflicting schedules, it will be split between two days, of thursday the 23rd, and friday the 24th. I'm going to get a turn order set up for the first two days, then afterwords get a regular schedule everyone can work with (with some leeway for differing timezones.)

The Outlanders!
All ten are claimed. Start your engines, as we're going to die historic on the fury road in a few short days!

The Outlanders!
The playable factions!

The Law- Whoowee (GM)
New America-Rikk (GM)
The Saracens Motorcycle Club- Toxie( GM)
Recrusadence- R.C.
The Ascendancy- Dannyrulx
The Church of Holy Fire- Gruvee
The Jungle Boyz- Trashbag Wizard
The Susan B. Anthony Boyszzzs- Psymon
Roger's Roadies- Serious Solid Snake
Gruppa Krovi- Feels Good, Man

The Outlanders!
With only 3 maps left and the statting of character sprites, we're almost done! I just need to comprise a list of the players who joined in. Could everyone who joined in claim their exile faction through a pm so I could get the list ready?

Introduction Thread
Welcome aboard! And yeah, what Dannyrulx said. There is never a better time than now to join in and make a character. V6 is still in pregame, and the hype for it is pretty real.