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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia SIgn Ups
I'm down

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
So it's in July? Because we all know about Christmas in July...

The Outlanders!
Quick update! In terms of sprites, all we have left to do are two player based factions left. Shortly after that will be the maps! Stats, lore, weaponry, and character sheets are done! With proof of progress pics! Posted Image

This may not seem like many pictures, but, when going into a single folder, say the generic raider folder, you'd see there's at least 24 sprites, for just the generic mooks you off!

Posted Image

However, faction pages are a little different, as not only are there combat and death sprites, there are also vehicles, knockout sprites, and variations between each lieutenant to make them stand out. Gruppa Krovi, the bomb lobbing red army remnants lying inside one of the metro stations underneath the dead zone have around 18 sprites. There are around 13 player factions, not including npcs!

Posted Image

That's a lot of spriting(even if they are hotline miami sprites because I'm a talentless hack).

As mentioned earlier, Exile 2.0 will be ready around early to middle june, provided there aren't any setbacks or screw ups involved. Hell, it may be out earlier since I've gotten a few friends from the last exile campaign to help this time, so combining that with earlier resources(Including some previous player factions and some unused outlanders factions converted to npc factions for the few who aren't here for the second one! from the first campaign, it may come out quicker! So expect updates in the next few weeks. I'll post a link to the character sheets, rules, and gameplay mechanics when I get the chance!

A Magnet For Trouble
"Wha... Why da' hell are you apologizing to me?!" Really? Fucking Really?! Michael's smile fell, as he felt himself pinching his brow. Okay, so this is new. Michael had simply tried to help some poor soul into saying the customary greeting of normal human beings, simply because he did it wrong towards another individual. Yet Brendan has to apologize to him. What the fuck? This hasn't even started yet, and already it's a disaster. Ah well, at least he wasn't too difficult to work with. No fuck yous or who do you think you're talking to bullshit, like some of the other punks around here. At least he could work with this. Wouldn't be too difficult.

Michael simply faced Brendan in Darius' direction, pointing at him. His grin came back. "See him? If you're gonna apologize to anyone, apologize to him." At least that'd be a step in the right direction.

Ah well, at least he did know he was in the wrong on that one. We're almost half-way there to making a better adjusted person for society! Now all we gotta do is help him learn how to say 'hi' and 'bye' properly...

A Magnet For Trouble
((Michael Crowe continued from Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer ))

Michael hated cellphones with a passion. For an invention that has improved technology greatly, it's bastard son is fucking worthless. Like comparing a hard working buisness ceo to his worthless 30+ year old stay at home kid. You call someone, someone else is already talking to them, or their phone's off. Nobody wants to call, that's inconvenient, but typing full fledged messages out filled to the brim with three or four letter acronyms? Apparently that is convenient. On the rare occasion that someone calls you, your phone's either dead, or it's a fucking telemarketer. Duhh helow wuld yu like to sampool sum naturaw maw enlurgemint pillz! Michael didn't need some jagoff on the phone telling him his Johnson was little, let alone someone who can't even speak American well enough to say it in a way that's not more broken than Steven Seagal's acting career. Not like his little Richard was that little or anything... He wasn't well endowed to be quite honest, but fuck at least he didn't suffer from micropenis. He wasn't ashamed of being an inch or so under the average.

Still point at hand, cellphones are garbage. He wanted to see if Jonathan was open to do anything after work, but Michael's phone died shortly after leaving school. Guess he should have charged it. Fuck it, Michael liked talking to people in person anyways. Talking in person was nice. He figured he'd cut through the skate park. Maybe he'd find someone else to talk to on the way there. He had all day to get there to be honest. He was sure Jonathan didn't get off of work for at least three more hours. Still, he should have charged his phone once he got home. He couldn't blame the cellphone on this one. Still, that's basically a 1-100, the cellphone was still winning in terms of fail counts.

Well, there's two people he knew a little ways down. There's good buddy Darius, and... oh, Brendan. Speaking of problems involving cellphones. With people so used to talking to words on a screen, they forget how to act normal in normal civilization. Case in point, Darius waving to him like a good samaritain. How does Brendan reply to this act of kindness? Not even replying back with a hello, or good day, Brendan was just barely flopping his limp noodlefuck arm up as if to say I acknowledge you, but you're not worth my time. That wasn't very nice. Well, if anything Michael could do something about it. He was great at turning the socially awkward into people you, uhhh fuck what's the word? Non-socially awkward people...? Michael didn't know what fucking word it is to use when describing non-socially stunted individuals. Fuck it, the point he was trying to make is he should be a Drill Sergeant or something. Like the guy in Full Metal Jacket. Wait no, not that guy he died. Fuck, well maybe a little bit like him, he was pretty cool.

Michael had managed to catch up to Brendan, placing a hand on his shoulder. Brendan turned to face him. Michael simply gave his rehearsed shit-eating grin and asked, nay, told him "Hey buddy, you're gonna say hi back right? Kinda' fuckin' rude to jus' brush him off like that..." His gaze shifted to Darius, whom he gave a quick nod. I got your back homeboy!

Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer
After a while, the conversation died down, and class really began. For the most part it was somewhat underwhelming, but the slideshow that came up was pretty interesting. Then something more interesting happened. Well, not really, it wasn't exactly interesting, it was fucking gross to be quite frank, but it was different from the norm. Henry's nose started bleeding everywhere and the teacher sent him out.

Poor bastard... Henry's white shirt was probably star trek red by the time he made it to the nurse's office. Michael felt a little sorry for him, after all, Michael would be pissed too if he had to leave class on one of the more hyped days of the year. Well what can you do? Shit happens.

There wasn't really much conversations after that. Class slowed down, Michael took his notes, then the bell rang. Michael got up slowly, still sore from last night's paintball game. This was NOT gonna feel better until next week more than likely. Well, what can you do? Shit happens.

((Michael Crowe continued in A Magnet For Trouble.))

The Outlanders!
Well, phase 2 of getting Exile 2.0 is done! Only one more form for you to fill out if you're joining! All I have to do now is stat everyone's gangs, sprite the new guys, and build the maps! Exile will most likely be done around early to Mid june at this point, but damn it's gonna be worth it!

Second form >(this is for your leaders, and your gangs' armory!)


I Know What My Fortune Is
Well Darius, I guess I should just step out of the way and let Raina go Kill Bill on your ass... Michael wasn't sure if it was because Darius was used to shooting the messenger, or if he was too drunk to know where he was at. Could'a been a little bit of column A, column B. Michael could have turned Darius' joke around. 'My face ain't worth what? Your body pillow? I'd hope so...' But Darius was drunk as all hell, so it seemed kind of unfair. Didn't stop Michael before, he's not above ripping on drunk people. Darius was his friend however, so he was above ripping on him specifically. Michael wasn't gonna make things worse over what amounts to jack shit in terms of importance. Best course of action was to keep his mouth shut. Even if Michael just had to keep the same half-assed smile and nod, while letting Darius walk off.

Y'know, in all honesty, Drunk Darius, he's kinda ehhh... reminiscent of Lennie Smalls. He'd hope that it didn't make him George, he really didn't want to spend the party babysitting Mr. Potato head. But y'know, if Darius continues on like this well... It'd be kind of necessary, at least it would be, if Darius wanted to walk home without his testicles getting kicked up into him and out his mouth like a demented Looney Toon's sketch. Well, what can you do? He did his job for the moment. One man walking EOD disposal unit. Bomb defused baby!

Michael turned around and walked back to the group.

"So eeehhhh...." Michael honestly had no idea what to say. Fuck uhhhh, what should he say? "You uh, you okay?" Gee captain obvious good fucking question. In all honesty though, he didn't really care. Raina's just overreacting over nothing. Didn't help Raina acts like a 'see you next tuesday' around him either. Well, in all honesty she did fall on her ass, while holding a hot dog skewer, I mean, it could've been bad. It wasn't though, so he didn't really get the crying over spilled milk shit. Darius got it worse, getting a can to the head and getting doused in beer. Some of which stuck to Michael's jacket.

As he was walking back to his friends and...Raina, he heard Darius singing yet again. Michael found himself slipping back into a giggle. "Ohhh shit..." Michael seen enough drunk people to know where this was headed. He really couldn't be mad at this event, it's hysterical. Give it a good five or ten minutes, it's going to be the running gag of the night, and the party group's in joke for the next week or two. "How much you wanna bet..." Michael had trouble not laughing on delivery of the sentence. "How much you wanna bet he's gonna-he's gonna start singin' he's a lil' teapot while pissing in plain view?" Michael shook his head. "I gotta feelin' Lil' Dee's gonna flash his lil 'dee." He bent over in laughter. He couldn't help it.

This entire situation was comedy gold. In all honesty, it wouldn't have surprised him if Darius was only pretending to be drunk, just to fuck with everyone. He continued laughing.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He regained some of his composure. "It's just, it's just funny, y'know?" He held a straight face for only a second. Everything that had happened in the past sixty seconds was beautiful, almost choreographed. "It's jus-" Michael bent over laughing again. Wasn't like he was gonna make the situation worse. You'd have to have no sense of humor to NOT think it was funny.