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One Of Those Days
"Ya'know, if Ghostface came at you, it'd be a damn short movie. Moment he pops out, I'd fuck him up for ya'. Take that fuckin' mask of his an' shove it down his tr'oat." Michael laughed, Jonathan's joke may have not been the best one, Scream hasn't been relevant since last year, but hey, it worked, it gave Michael good material. As Michael and Jonathan walked to his bike, he felt himself go into autopilot, while his mind rationalized everything around him.

On one hand, Michael wasn't sure what Jonathan saw in him. Michael wasn't pretty, he wasn't that smart. If you asked anyone else, his hair was probably the most atrocious thing next his personality (Captain Rhodes was torn in half because of the same exact hairstyle!) His voice was gravelly, annoying, screechy. He laughed like a damn hyena. The only colorful thing about him was his Son of Mars Bel-Airs he wore, and quite frankly, Michael didn't know what Jonathan saw in him. He'd seen the boys Jonathan partied with. He wasn't nearly as fit as them. They were all way better looking than Michael could ever hope to be. Yet, Jonathan likes him above them all?! Jonathan deserved better, he wanted to tell him, but...

On the other, Michael felt relieved he was able to tell Jonathan everything. He had just wanted a talk really. None of this was really planned nor expected. But after this? Nothing was gonna be the same, he knew it, Jonathan knew it, but that was quite alright. He had only expected to just go to the movies, have a good time, maybe vent about a couple issues, but not this. Still, that was quite alright.

There was catharsis, and there was this. Catharsis to Michael, is the sense of dragging his knuckles across some rat bastard's teeth for talking shit about him, that was cathartic. But this, he didn't know what word to use for it. Maybe the feeling that you were about to drown, and had just managed to reach air in the last second. Actually, it's more like the feeling you are about to drown, but someone ELSE helps you to the surface. Yeah, that's a pretty good way to describe it. Whatever word he couldn't think of, he could always think of Jonathan saving him.

They were by the Bike. Michael grabbed the helmet meant for Jonathan and handed it to him. "I'm glad we're actually doing this. I don't really know what to say but that." He paused. " 'Thinkin' this is the best day of my life right now." Michael wasn't lying. This really was the best day of his life.

One Of Those Days
Michael started walking to his bike, with Jonathan at his side. No way, no fucking way. This was not happening, this had to be a dream. Nothing goes this well. There's no way this is real. Michael was arguably, freaking the fuck out right now. Silently of course. He was glad he was going on the date, but fuck he hoped he didn't fuck anything up. It'd be pretty awkward to mess up a date with your best friend.

He kept telling himself not to worry, and quit being so negative, but as he walked closer to the bike with Jonathan, his heart started sinking. Nothing was wrong but, he was just scared. He felt like he could've puked at any moment out of nervousness. Then Jonathan spoke up.

Those parties? Damn, Michael didn't care for them that much to be honest. Sure they were fun, lots of people, all there to have a good time but, Michael wasn't much of a drinker, or a smoker. In the sense he never done either, never cared to. Maybe it helped because he was the designated driver? Still, he never cared for the scent of alcohol or cigarette smoke. He'd always walk outside when it got too much for him. He never told Jonathan that he didn't like them though. He still couldn't bring himself to. "Ehh, they're alright." He shrugged nervously. "But in all honesty, you're the only reason I went to 'em." It's not like Michael's lying. He really did only go to the parties because Jonathan wanted him to. "They're pretty fun though, but I wouldn't go to 'em alone."

Michael was still scared. He knew it, Jonathan knew it. Hell they were probably both equally afraid, but Jonathan knew Michael was even more so. He had to. His breath rattled. "Man, you have no idea how scared I am right now." He had to laugh, but it was true. "I'm not afraid if my parents find out or anythin', I'm past that. I'm just afraid of messin' things up." He paused. "I don't wanna mess things up between us." Maybe if he told him he was scared and why, Jonathan would help. He decided to turn towards a more upbeat topic. "So uhh, yeah, let's see that movie."

One Of Those Days
Damn, now you scared him. Jesus Michael, you gotta do better than this man. "Sorry about that, I uhh, I'm scared as hell to be honest. I don't know what to say or do, an-" Oh damn, he wasn't the only one nervous. Michael eased up a bit. Yeah, this was pretty awkward, but they say that's the fun part. I think. Maybe they say if it's awkward its' gonna end bad. Fuck if Mike cared. Jonathan felt the same way, it's all that mattered. "Yeah, I know what you mean man, I been askin' myself on the way up here if this was a dream." His lower lip quivered. Fuck, he's acting like such a dork. "So uh, we ready to head out?" Michael was anxious, Jonathan was anxious, maybe it'd be better if they just broke the ice and got to the theater.

Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer
(( Michael Crowe Continued from Gunfight U))

Jesus Christ I am sore as a motherfucker! Michael quietly and slowly walked into class, still sore from last night's paintball fight. His lower back hurt like hell, his legs hurt, his dick hurt. Everything hurts... He lowered himself into his seat, his leather jacket creaking against the chair. He noticed something about a car driving through the woods or something, he wasn't paying attention, right now, he was focused on if that creaking noise was his jacket or his bruised as fuck skin. The car driving through the woods seemed familiar though, wonder where he saw it from? Today was horror day though, so we're probably watching the intro of some dumb teens on a joyride bef-SHIT ON MY DICK! Holy shit wow, why didn't he see that coming?! That was the German coffee commercial right? How did he forget about it? Fuck dude. That made him kinda sorta jump. He didn't need that, he already hurt enough without twitching and collapsing his spine. All he did to react was lower in his seat and make a small groan in pain.

Oh well, today was horror day, so fuck it, hype time. Mrs. Webber asked what happened, and Michael was gonna say something about it being a cheap tool to get a reaction, but Henry beat him to it. A long, long, long, really long, oh my god is Henry wearing a white T-shirt, what the fuck? long, long, oh my fucking god dude, it's a fucking two second scare, you don't need to- oh he stopped. Damn Henry, did you rehearse for this? Dude seemed so proud of himself for this.

Not long after Henry's answer, Caedyn pulled the rug out from under him and stole his five second spotlight. That was pretty rude, and that's coming from Michael. Caedyn proverbially just walked up to a puppy getting attention( that's Henry) and kicked it across the room so people would look at her. And that's terrible. Aaand she was so SMUG about it too! Eugh. Michael hated smug. Hated it more than anything. He wanted to make a 'cough "Your hair's a screamer" cough' joke, but Noah stole the screamer joke from him before he had a chance to. Damn, everyone's stealing all the words today. Of course they're saying different shit, but fuck, Michael wanted a chance to speak.

In all honesty though, he had hoped that we wouldn't just have a conversation about screamers, or jump scares or cheap scares, whatever you'd like to call them for the entirety of the class. I mean it's HORROR! Horror's more than just 'Boo! I spooked you!' right? Welp, here's your chance. Michael raised his hand. "So uhhh, when're we gonna get to 'a bit of 'da ol' ultra-violence', eh?" He did his best Alex from clockwork orange impersonation on the ultra-violence line, Fake British accent and all. "I uhh, heh, I wanna see some chainsaw action, y'know?" He chuckled as he imitated cranking a chainsaw with his arms.

What? It was a legitimate question! Especially on horror day.

One Of Those Days
He saw Jonathan's face change the moment he made the "Going somewhere after" remark. Oh shit. Michael just fucked up. How the fuck was he so stupid!? Michael should've know man! Going somewhere?! Fucking hell you idiot you just asked him if you wanted to fuck on first date! "No, no not that man! I was jus' askin' if you wanted to head anywhere after the movies! L-like a restaurant or something, man! I- I uhh I didn't mean what you were thinking, aheheh!" Damn Michael. Any charisma you had at the beginning of this just wore off in two sentences. Maybe three. He really didn't know how to do this.

"I uhh, I honestly don't know what to do though, aheheh. I've uh, I've never really done this before. Never been on a date." At least he got that off his chest. Michael wasn't sure if he was trying to save face or ask for help, maybe both, but fuck if he hoped it'd work. "What actually, what do we do?" He really had no idea about this after all.

Gunfight U
Michael finished taunted when he heard Alex yell ''Out!'' Oh shit, he did get him. As he quieted down, he heard another sound. Jonathan rushing up behind him. Michael quickly turned and ducked like he was in a western and lit up Jonathan like a pink Christmas tree. Fuck yeah! Round one won! Nadda-scratch too! Or a paint, or whatever.

Next round Michael wasn't as lucky. Maybe it was because he was too cocky, or he got tunnel vision, but when he turned on his 80's movie mode, and decided to emulate Arnold's technoir movements, it didn't end as well for him. Left arm up, holding the paintball gun with one hand, he ducked and turned corners. Looking for someone, anyone, he decided to play it slow instead of the fast paced Tony Montana he pulled earlier. He caught Jonathan in his sights, and was about to shoot him, when a large quantity of pigment based projectiles smacked him in his lower back and kidneys. Goddamn that hurt! He turned around only to see his 'killer' get Jonathan got in the forehead as he turned the corner, like that head explosion from planet terror. Fuck that was pretty cool actually.

Michael thought was gonna be hard to pee before with the kidney shots, but little did he know, it was gonna get it a lot worse in the third round. After Michael had picked off Alex, Jonathan pulled the same shoot from behind tactic he did the first round. Only this time he shot low. Michael hadn't ducked like Jonathan had planned, and instead of a head-shot, it was a head-shot. Michael went from watching The Sopranos to singing it. At least it was from a distance.
Michael took round 4 off to recuperate, while Jonathan and Alex ran circles around each other. It ended with Alex pegging Jonathan pretty quickly.

Round 5 Michael got back in, and he decided to play a bit more seriously. Mentally playing Scattle's Knock-Knock in his head, he moved slow, around cover, while sprinting across open areas. He managed to chase Alex around, until Alex tripped over a barricade he tried to vault across. Michael got him before he had a chance to get back up. Jonathan then popped out behind Michael and got him in the back. Sonufabitch he's never gonna get used to that!

On the final round Michael and Alex got into a cover war, firing back and forth. Jonathan used this to his advantage, and went ham. Sprinting down the field, he managed to get both Alex AND Michael on one bombing run of paint warfare. Shooting Alex in the back before spraying down Michael's alley he managed to catch Michael once he got out of cover to shoot back. Goddamn Johnny boy, you're crazy.

Michael walked back to his truck exhausted. That was equally fun as it was excruciating. He called out to Alex that they should do this again sometime soon. Michael noted that he was mostly hit in the lower back, but it didn't really hit him until he sat inside his truck. Oh god it was gonna hurt waay too bad to sleep tonight. Damn, he was gonna be feeling this in the morning. When he turned his truck back on, the welcoming tune of Red Rider's Lunatic Fringe filled the car. He cranked up the volume and noticed Jonathan was on his way home. Michael figured Jonathan would not have to walk, so Michael slowly drove towards him, rolling down his window. "Ayy uhh, Ey man, you need a ride back to your place?" Jonathan accepted and hopped in. "Man, you got me good." Jonathan apologized about the hit, stating it was an accident. Of course Michael knew it was an accident, but he wanted to mess with Jonathan a bit. Groin shots fucking hurt. "Yeah, maybe, but I been thinkin' you were aimin' there on purpose you know? I think you like beatin' me up." Jonathan must've knew Michael was kidding, because he digged right back. "What's the matter Mike? I thought you liked bein' beat up." Michael chuckled a bit. Damn that was savage. He hoped his negative traits weren't rubbing off on Jonathan. Michael shrugged. "Touche, aheh, can't really think of a comeback for that one." Of course the paintball war was fun, but it was moments like these, the calm after the storm that was the best. That moment you can look back on a recent event like it happened years ago, and laugh about it. It was a long drive back, but Michael didn't mind.

((Michael Crowe continued elsewhere))

One Of Those Days
Aaaand cue the question. Damnit. Of all the days he'd have to slap someone's shit, it'd be the day he'd be going on a date. Michael tilted his head to the side as his lips curled back into a guilty grin. "Weeelll, I may have gotten into a uhh, hehehe, I uhh, I got into a disagreement. With a junior. 'Should check him out though, coz' he looks a whole lot worse than I do." Michael chuckled. At the very least he could keep his dignity, or feign keeping it in a situation like this. First dates are awkward enough without a black eye to make you resemble a panda, let alone a panda that was dressed like he was trying to audition for a minor antagonist role in a Stephen King movie.

He shrugged. "I've had worse though." He pointed to the purple bruise. "Tomarrah' I bet you wouldn't even notice it, aheh." Mike decided to quickly change the subject, because he really doesn't want to spook Johnny's mom. Jonathan's mom didn't like him too much, though it was justified. Michael did have a bit of a reputation, despite Michael's pleas of him being a 'victim of circumstance'. That plea only works the first hundred times. It wouldn't be any different to her if Michael showed up with red skin, horns, and a pointy tail. It'd probably be a bit different with Jonathan though, hell, he'd probably be into it. He stifled a chuckle at the mental image, unless Jonathan could read his mind, he's probably thinking he'd still be thinking about the fight. It was kinda anti-climatic though in all honesty. Like what? Six hits? Fifteen seconds max and the little shit was already curling his arms over his face. He should probably change the conversation though. He didn't want to give Jonathan's mom the wrong idea, even if she had a good idea who he was already. "So uhh, you need to bring anything? Don't worry about money, I got more than enough, jus' askin' if you need your phone to tell your folks where you're at or somethin'."He smiled again . "For-ehh forgot to ask, by the way, but is there anywhere you wanted to head after the movies? Or would'ja rather head back home?"

Thank God he actually got to talking, it already made him forget about how fast his heart was beating right now. Until he remembered he was nervous again. He decided the smartest decision of hiding the fact you were nervous was holding your breath, though that probably wasn't the smartest decision. Especially not in a suspenseful situation like this. Everything was so sudden, it almost felt like one of 'those' dreams. The ones where everything goes great until you wake up. Please don't be one of those dreams. Michael nervously bit his lower lip as he waited for Jonathan to get ready. This was either the best or worst decision he had ever made.

One Of Those Days
Michael pulled in and turned off the motor. He knocked his kickstand out before sitting in place for a moment. Now that he was here, he was pretty nervous. Not for the previous reasons mind you, he'd gotten over the whole "what if my parents find out" thing. Now is the actual date. What the fuck does he do?! He's never been on a date before. He took off his helmet, leaving it by the front tire of his bike. He walked up to Jonathan's house. Oh shit, what do I do? Nervousness was taking over, and Michael felt his hands shaking. He hid them in his coat pockets, he couldn't look this scared on a date. That'd just be pathetic. What would he say? What would he do? What should he have done?! Should he have stopped at some store, got some flowers or some candy, like in the movies? No, too cliche. But he felt as if he should have done something. He didn't forget his wallet did he? Wouldn't even be able to get in the theater without it. He pulled his hand out, and fingered the chain hanging from his belt. Yeah, his wallet is with him.

He was at the door now, but he still had no idea what he was missing. He brushed his hands through his hair for a moment, making sure it wouldn't fall in his face. Something was missing, but he just couldn't quite grasp it. He was just about to knock on the door when Jonathan opened the door. Jonathan looked equally scared as Mike felt. To lighten the mood, Michael decided to put on his 'award winning' Patrick Bateman grin. No, not the meme one with the open mouth. The normal one. The type of smile you make to make a good impression, or to hide the fact something was bothering you. The one he rehearsed so well to put on a good impression, or to hide the fact he was scared as shit. Curling his eyebrows upward, and bringing himself to smile he only realized what he was missing once he brought himself to do the slight squint the grin requires. That's when he realized what he was missing... Or well, what the problem was. That stinging feeling just above his right cheekbone. Michael did not tell Jonathan about the wicked shiner he got today. Damn dude.

After a brief stint of awkward silence, Michael finally spoke up. "Hiya." His grin did not falter, despite the dull ache just under his eye. Yeah. He was not good at this whole dating thing. At least he's got time to learn...

Gunfight U
((That's fine with me, I'm down for anything really.))

Junko Kurosawa's Anti-SH Party
Michael's heading there for sure.

One Of Those Days
Michael was already opening the garage door when his phone rang again. The text he got wasn't exactly something he wanted to hear either. Was this a mistake? Fuck it no. No pussyfooting Michael, man up. You can do this. Michael wanted to tell the truth. But at the same time he feared what would've happened if he did. Would it ruin his relationship with Jonathan? Fuck it. Telling the truth, why? The truth fucking sucks. Had he not lied to himself all these years he'd have never even made it to Kingman, let alone past the 6th grade. A lie or two isn't horrible. He thumbed his phone. "Nah man he kinda stares everyone like that. Probably vet nerves or osme shit." Sent with all the class of a used car salesman.

He finished opening his garage, before cranking up his bike. He'd place his purple and silver full face helmet over his head as he grabs the second green and white helmet. Knowing he'd have no where to put the second helmet, he just laid it in his lap as he revved the engine a couple times. He decided to finish his text with "Got2b there in 5 minutes, heading out." Michael was smart enough to not text and drive, but goddamn did he hate getting calls or texts while he was driving. It throws him off or leaves him wondering what it was until he parks somewhere.

He knocked his kickstand back and accelerated.

On the way out of his road, he was cut off by some dumb ass kids in a dumb ass pickup truck. Didn't even stop at the red light. Michael politely gave them the message that he was in the right away as they drove away. With his left middle finger. "Fuckin' Shit heels!" Michael shook his head and turned his bike towards Jonathan's place to pick him up. Let's hope he's ready.

One Of Those Days
Then Michael got the next text. "Oh shit." He mouthed quietly to himself. Jonathan WAS serious... Damn dude. This wasn't what he asked for, not by a long shot. He looked behind his shoulder. Texts like these always made him feel like somebody was breathing down his neck. Watching him. Judging him. "Somebody to say, Hey everyone! Look at this faggot's phone!" Nobody was there of course, but that gut feeling, it never leaves. Michael shook his head.

What the fuck was he being so paranoid about. He'd never dated before, never asked anybody out. Never kissed anyone. Never hugged anyone outside his family. He's never been romantic in his life. Was that what he was scared of? Being romantic? Maybe. It was definitive that he'd fear being caught. All it takes is someone who'd know his parents, and a couple words later. If someone had dirt on him, they'd always throw it to the public. Didn't matter who it was, or what they'd have wanted. Fucking snitches, hate the goddamn punks. Nobody likes a fucking snitch. That's why the Hell's Angels drop the ball peen hammers on them. Maybe that was it. The fear of getting caught. It was always that. It's easy until somebody sees you. Somebody says to somebody else what you did. Reputation=ruined. Fucking cowards can't clear it up like a man, always gotta get someone else. Always gotta talk when you ain't looking.

But the fear of getting caught never bothered him much in a fight. He'd do it anyways. If he gets caught, sure it sucks dick. But more often than not, nobody caught him. You know for sure the guy in front of you won't snitch, he's in the same boat. Despite the differences, the animosity, there's a respect, a mutual one. When it's just two, nobody talks. It's the people who watch that do. So what was different about this?

Love, that's it. That's what's different. Love isn't a pissing contest. He's not trying to prove a point with love. Fuck it. If he gets caught. Sure. It sucks dick. But more often than not, he wouldn't be caught. What ever happens now; It'll be worth it.

He pulled out his phone. "I understand man, it's cool. If you want to go on a date, we'll go on one. For serious this time :)" He pocketed his phone. No turning back now, but then again, why would he want to?

V6 Questions Game
Feb 4 2016, 02:52 AM

Question: You have the ability to implant a thought into everybody at Cochise high. What thought do you implant?
Michael: "Well, obviously, there's the tried and true 'Snitches get stitches. I mean, what else would we need? Well, maybe 'Talk shit get hit.' but those are pretty interchangeable. If you're a rat, you get a slap, maybe? Man, I don't know. Something where people don't get involved in shit they have no business in. That's common courtesy right?"

Question: If you had a vision of your class trip being taken into the SOTF program, ala Final Destination, and woke up in your bed the morning of the trip, what would you do?

Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!
Michael will probably go to Junko's party if Jonathan heads there.

One Of Those Days
Michael sat in the garage, waiting for a reply. Once his phone buzzed, he checked it, reading over the reply. Jonathan must've had a different idea than Michael, because the first thing he asks, is if this is a date. Michael frowned a bit, in a way he kind of wanted to say yes, but there was the chance Johnathan would've been fucking with him, which would've been awkward. There's also the problem in that if he wasn't fucking with him, well, his parents would find out a lot sooner about, well, y'know. There's close friends, then there's close friends. "Nah man, i was just looking to see a movie."

Before Michael could post, Johnathan made his second reply. Yeah, he was kidding. Damn. Well if that's the case, Michael could kid too. He edited his text. "Nah man, I was just looking to see a movie, but i could cut a hole in the popcorn box if you want ;)" I think he'll get a kick out of this, Michael thought. Hell Johnathan might even take him up on the offer! But who'd be the one holding the popcorn box? That one is the important question.

"But in all seriousness tho, which movie u wanna see? I'm thinking of seeing Nightcrawler, it'll be up in 30 min i think."