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The First Mistake
Matt watched as the table became emptier than a Republican convention in California. "Yeah, dude. Nice to meet you and all but you're right. Dry sandwiches are the exact opposite of fun." Putting away his water and standing up from the table, Matt realized something. "See you around, kid whose name I don't know!" said Matt, coming across about as rude as you'd expect. He sort of knew who Rick was, but decided to passive aggressively scold him for not introducing himself instead.

"We should shit talk dry sandwiches some other time! Until then, bye." Matt left the cafeteria, in hot pursuit of his education.

((Matthew Moradi continued some other place))

The First Mistake
((iirc weasel can't SOTF at the moment so i'm gonna skip over them.))

Matt lifted his arm slightly and sniffed once or twice, wondering if it was true that you cant smell your own body odor. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that you can't and slowly put his arm back down. He sighed, going back to finishing the world's worst sandwich. The sandwich was a mistake. A big one. It was a lot like Mass Effect 3's ending, in that way. "Y"know," he said, inbetween bites, "I"m kinda dumb. Like, I get nearly straight As and shit. Not bragging or anything but I seriously forgot to put mayo on this sandwich." Finishing, he pulled out his water and took a swig. "Driest sandwich ever made, I fucking swear."

Raising an eyebrow at Jerry - who seemed to be desperately trying to remember someone-s name - Matt asked, "Uhh.. whose name, dude?" Matt grinned slightly, not entirely sure if Jerry was the smartest person at the table. This only made him wonder if he knew BB. Some of her friends, in Matt's opinion, weren't exactly Cochise's best and brightest.

Matt chuckled at what Rick had said, not really thinking too much about it. Looking over to Rick, sort of sizing him up, Matt shrugged and said, "Hmm.. yeah, you totally look like a dude who loves the smell of shit. I’m Matt, by the way."

The First Mistake
"Hey, man." he replied to Jeremy, more focused on the sandwich he was eating than him. Turkey on rye - one of the biggest mistakes he'd made all year. Mentally, he began flagellating himself for not putting any mayonnaise on it - what the hell is wrong with me, he thought, taking another bite. Apparently the current topic of discussion was cocks. What kind of cocks, he didn't know. He took another bite. This was the first thing he noticed as soon as he sat down.. this sandwich was dry as shit.

He listened as Jerry started talking about continuing the battle later on, then something about cocks. Matt watched as he walked away. There goes Jerry, someone he doesn't know. "Yeah, uh, see ya later."

Opening his mouth to say something about chickens - cocks, chickens, get it? - he closed and looked at Jerry, who just said something about chickens. Son of a bitch, he thought. This kid's got all the right moves. He liked him already.

"Yeah, dunno who that was. Guess he got blown the fuck out." He looked over to Rick as soon as he popped the question - yep, don't know this guy. But hey, why not? "Yeah, sure. Some guy just left."

And then someone else got up and left. This was the second thing he noticed - people started leaving almost as soon as he sat down. Someone else he didn't know got up, said his goodbyes and left. "Yeah, bye." As soon as he was out of earshot, he grinned and asked, "Man, everyone's leaving. Do I smell like shit, or something?" He didn't smell like shit. At least, he didn't think he smelled like shit.

The First Mistake
((hopefully i'm not breaking any rules by doing this))

((Matthew Moradi continued from Imparare))

Matt hated it whenever he forgot to bring a lunch. The food at Cochise was - all offense intended to anyone who had worked there, past and present - shit, in his opinion. Maybe it was just an off day when he had to suffer through the food here? Either way, he had started making sure he brought his own - extra sure. He made it a day in advance - make Monday's lunch on Sunday. Tuesday's on Monday. And so on, and so on. Maybe he was going a little too far - all he knew is that he really, really didn't want to eat any cafeteria food.

Seeing that the place was starting to get a little crowded when he entered the scene, Matt looked around for somewhere to sit. Noticing someone he knew - Barba Gunnerson, pretty okay person, kinda weird - Matt hurried over and sat down at the table they were occupying, carefully putting his backpack down on the floor beside him. "Heeey, BB. What's happening? I mean, other than lunch. That's happening."

Noticing the three other people present at the table that he didn't know, Matt decided to take the initiative and introduce himself. He was feeling fairly sociable today, for some reason. He figured he was just in a good mood - he had just beaten NG+ on Dark Souls 2, after all. "Matt Moradi, generally cool guy. Hi."

He scratched his beard and reached into his backpack, pulling out a brown paper bag. "Alright, let's see.." He began pulling out his lunch - sandwich, turkey on rye with mayonnaise and lettuce, wrapped in tinfoil. Bottled water. Chocolate bar. Matt began carefully unwrapping the sandwich, waiting for some sort of response. He figured that this'd be a decent way to spend his lunch period, at the very least.

Matt coughed, wondering why everyone in Shakespeare had to make things so complicated. A lot of these people's problems probably could've been solved if they were a little more direct. Hamlet really didn't have to pretend to be stupid and dick around with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, did he? Everything would have gone a lot smoother if he just killed Claudius at the start, or something like that. He was the rightful heir, after all. Not that that would've made for a very good play. He coughed, before going back to taking notes and listening to Ms. Webber's narration.

((Matthew Moradi continued in The First Mistake))