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[Matthew Moradi: PREGAME START]

Matthew paid an intense amount of attention, jotting down lines and lines of notes. It's not like he was that into Hamlet - or even Shakespeare, for that matter. Sure, he had influenced a lot of things. The English language, English literature, poetry.. he could appreciate that. Shakespeare had it made in the influencing department - keeping Matt interested, not so much. All the people in Hamlet did was murder each other - murder their brothers, their uncles, themselves. That alone should have kept him interested, of course, but there was just something about it that he didn't like. The way he saw it, Hamlet was just one long string of quotes, but that wasn't Shakespeare's fault.

If Hamlet's the rightful heir to the throne, why doesn't he just kill Claudius?

He went back to taking notes and listening - he had to pay attention. You don't have to understand Shakespeare to become a dentist, right?