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Matthew "Matt" Moradi

Matthew "Matt" Moradi

Matthew "Matt" Moradi
Seventy-six years in the making! (Seriously though, my apologies that this took so long!) Edited.

Matthew "Matt" Moradi
Right, thank you! Edited the post. It should be better now.

Matthew "Matt" Moradi
Name: Matthew "Matt" Moradi
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Video games, literature, violin, tabletop games.

Appearance: Matt is short standing at 5'6" and weighing 137 pounds with a lean, skinny build. Due to his primarily Persian ancestry, Matthew has an olive complexion and black, straight hair, which he keeps short. Matthew doesn't shave, having been able to grow a beard since he was 14. However, he does keep his beard trimmed and well groomed.

Matt has thick, bushy eyebrows. His eyes are brown, the almond shape typical for someone of Persian ancestry. His nose is sharp, narrow and angular, a stark contrast to other parts of his face. His chin is short and poorly defined, which is the main reason he doesn't shave. Matt has large ears and small, thin lips.

In terms of fashion, Matthew tries to dress in a way that makes sense, considering the weather; he usually wears a single colored t-shirt and jeans. Shoes are usually the most expensive part of the outfit, often costing well over a hundred dollars, usually Roshe Runs. During the winter Matt usually wears a coat and Timberlands, if it snows.

Biography: Matthew Abdullah Moradi was born to Ahmad Moradi and Hester Moradi (nee Tehrani) on September 8th, 1996 in the city of Kingman, Arizona. Both of Matthew's parents were doctors, both having been born and raised in Arizona. Ahmad is a Kingman native, whereas Hester is from Phoenix. Hester and Ahmad agreed to give their son a Western name, Ahmad citing that problems he had fitting in at school due to his name.

Both of Matt's parents had decently high paying jobs: his mother worked as a physician and his father worked as a dentist, respectively. Due to the high paying nature of both their jobs, Matthew's family is relatively wealthy, living in a large house in a nice neighborhood.

Matthew's mother, Hester, had been raised as a nondenominational Muslim but had stopped practicing by adulthood. Ahmad had been raised as a Shia Muslim. Although Ahmad was not a very devout Muslim, he believed that being raised religious was the key to being a moral person. Hester wanted to raise Matthew without any religion, preferring to let him choose later on in life. Ahmad was relucant to raise Matthew without any religion, but eventually gave in.

Upon entering school, Matthew was pushed to excel by his father; he was rewarded for getting good grades and scolded for anything less. Ahmad pushed Matthew to do well in school because he believed that instilling a good work ethic was important. Hester agreed with Ahmad, but believed that he could be too forceful at times. Matthew learned from his father early on in life that if you want to succeed, you have to work hard. This is where he gets his dedicated nature from. Combined with his natural intelligence, Matt didn't find it too hard to get good grades in school.

Matt learned to read at an early age, starting to read at age four, kick starting his love of reading and literature in general. Matt was reading at a 9th grade level in the 5th grade. Matt also began using computers at a fairly early age, starting when he was six. Around this same age, Matt began playing video games, though not to the extent he would later on. Early on in life, Matt read anything he could get his hands on, fiction or non-fiction. Today, he mostly reads genre fiction such as fantasy and science-fiction. He likes these genres mainly due to the escapism.

Matt did well academically and socially early on in school, finding it easy to get good grades if he tried hard enough and focused on school. Matt was agreeable and friendly as a child, finding it easy to make friends with his peers. It was around this time that Matthew's mother started pushing him to start playing violin, hoping he would have some sort of talent for it. He began to take lessons from a tutor and, despite lacking any talent for the violin at all, Matt enjoyed it. Self-conscious about his poor skill, Matt rarely plays in front of anyone. Matt prefers to play mostly classical violin music and has yet to attempt to compose any himself.

Matt started middle school around the same time that he had started going through puberty. Matt's voice started changing, his skin became greasier and was soon covered in acne. Bullying started something Matt was helpless to stop due to his lack of confidence. Due to this he rarely, if ever, spoke out against his bullies. Matt simply took it instead of telling anyone, believing that trying to deal with it by himself was the best option. His parents and teachers had noticed Matt's sudden change in personality and tried to put a stop to the bullying, which only worsened it for a while. By the end of middle school, it had mostly stopped, but Matt had changed as a person. Matt himself didn't consider what he went through bullying, mainly because it wasn't the stereotypical kind. Instead of, say, being shoved into a locker, Matt was picked on a lot for his height, appearance and ethnicity. Because of what he went through, Matt withdrew socially, having few friends and rarely speaking. Due to the bullying and social isolation, Matt developed an extremely abrasive, rude and sarcastic personality in order to avoid getting emotionally hurt. If he spoke, it was almost never anything nice.

As a result, middle school was a struggle, at least socially. Academically, Matt did poorly, at least by his standards. His grades had dropped from an A average to a B due to his lack of focus thanks to the bullying, something that frustrated him. Around this time, Matt began using the internet more and more for recreational purposes; he had mostly used it for the news before that. He began browsing websites like Tumblr and Reddit, eventually creating a Tumblr blog and a Reddit account. It was also around this time that Matt's political views began forming. He began questioning religion, especially Islam, and became interested in social justice, though he only remains involved in the online aspect of the movement. Beginning to play more video games, Matt built his own computer to play more graphics intensive ones more efficiently, sinking a thousand dollars into it. His interest in computers barely went beyond this. In terms of taste, Matt plays all genres, but he prefers Indie games due to what he perceives to be their originality and creativity.

Soon after he started attending Cochise, puberty began to end and Matt's acne began clearing up, something that had left him with a new found sense of confidence. Matt quickly began to realize that his personality wouldn't help him find any friends. He began trying to change his personality, toning down the abrasiveness and sarcasm the best he could. Though not as irritating as he once was, Matt is still much like the person he was in middle school: abrasive and sarcastic, just not to the same extent. Usually, he stays decently reserved and cautious when dealing with other people, at least until they give him a reason to start acting abrasive.

Shortly after starting high school, Matt became interested in tabletop games, mainly Dungeons & Dragons and its derivative games, like Pathfinder. The escapism aspect of tabletop gaming is what attracted Matt to it. Matt's determined nature lead to him playing more optimized characters, ones that tended to be as optimized as he could make them or as much as the GM would allow. This, combined with his abrasiveness, makes him a difficult person to play with at times; roleplaying takes the backseat to winning.

Matt does well in school, at least academically. Due to his sheer dedication to studying and his natural intelligence, Matt is almost a straight A student, finding trouble with few subjects other than French, a subject he has little enthusiasm for. Compounded with the trouble he has with conjugations and simply learning a new language, Matt's grade in French is a B, something that disappoints him greatly. Other than that, he particularly excels in history, finding it the most interesting due to the way history seems to tell a story. Matt often studies history, European history in particular, outside of school. Matt has little enthusiasm for most subjects other than history, not finding the majority of them hard, except for French.

Socially, Matt has few people that he himself would call his friends, not feeling very close to many of the people he knows. He feels this way mainly because he doesn't feel like he spends much time with them. Recently, he's been trying to change this. Matt is heterosexual and still a virgin, something that frustrates him.

Matt's relationship with his father started to become strained around the start of high school. They often come into conflict over varying topics, usually religion or politics. Matt feels as though his father is intentionally trying to start arguments with him, but it's the opposite: Matt is usually the one to bring up politics and religion. His relationship with his mother is slightly better, although distant due to the hours she works.

Matt despises sports. Never having been particularly athletic as a child, Matt's lukewarm attitude towards sports and most kinds of physical activity has shifted to an open dislike of them. Matt often asserts that he doesn't like sports and has little understanding of them beyond the basic rules. Physically weak, Matt has made few attempts to fix this or become stronger.

After graduating, Matt plans to go to college. He hasn't looked into any in particular, but he plans on getting a bachelor's degree in something like chemistry or biology before attending a dental school program.

Advantages: Matt is a decently intelligent person, having a good amount of natural intelligence. On top of that, he's very determined, never giving up on something he sets his mind to. Matt is also a generally cautious person, not rushing into things headfirst.
Disadvantages: He's physically weak and has a quite abrasive personality, which isn't considered a good trait by many people. Due to his abrasive personality, Matt may have made some enemies in the past.