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Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Matt, if pressed, would have to admit that he only really knew Bart's name because he was the kid who always smelled like fish. What was so unique about him - no fishy smell - maybe his beard? Whatever, it didn't matter. Matt pretended to check how many bullets were in his gun while introducing himself, again, to Bart.

"Matt Moradi. Generally cool guy. Notorious accomplice to Jerry Fury." He glanced over at Jerry. Eventual winner of the game, he said. That wasn't going to happen. Matt smiled, looking at Bart. "Just, uh.. don't run away if we get into a fight, alright?"

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Turns out Bart - no one watching his back, no weapons Bart - just wanted to go. That was fine by him. He could go off and die for all he cared. Slowly, Matt lowered his gun, just shortly after he had secured anything of worth from Alan's bag. He stood back up, glancing between Jerry and Bart. Looks like Jerry wanted Bart to come with them.

That was fine by him.

"Yeah," Matt said. "Uh, listen, just.. you're unarmed. You've got no one watching your back." And you smelled like fish, but given the choice between one person and two people watching his back, he'd gladly choose the latter. "Yeah. Listen, Alan was about to.. uh, flip out. And attack Jerry. He could've killed him. He could've killed me." He looked down at Alan. Still unconscious.

"I think it'd be justified if we killed him," he mumbled, not loud enough for anyone else to hear. He started talking again. "So, uh, yeah. There's that, I guess. You can leave and get killed by some psychopath or stick with us."

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Matt opened his mouth to say something but by the time he had said it, Jerry had punched Alan straight in the face. Whatever he had said was drowned out by the pipe clattering to the warehouse floor and the sound of a body hitting the floor, hard. He took a step back, surprised, before turning to look at Jerry. Steven Segal, he screamed. Matt wasn't a fan of Steven Segal - he couldn't really name a single movie of his he had seen - so he decided to hold off on saying anything.

He stared down at the unconscious man, circling him like a vulture. He squatted down. Still alive. He guessed that Jerry could kill Toby with one stab, but he couldn't kill Alan with one punch. Disappointing, maybe. "Well, I guess that solves that problem."

He had already started rifling through Alan's bag when Jerry had piped up that it was wrong to kick a man while he was down. Kick, sure, but steal food from him? That seemed fine from where he was standing right now, and he was standing in a warehouse on Shitfuck island. "Yeah," he said, whatever food Alan had left into his bag. He stood up. "Let's just leave him."

Matt turned to look at Bart. "Well, Bart, uh.. you need, anything? Anything else, I mean."

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
This entire situation was just absolutely absurd. Here he was, standing with Jerry Fury - practically his only friend right now on this island - aiming a gun at Alan Banks of all people while Bart Capotelli is begging for help. Maybe the pressure was starting to get to him. The pressure to finally kill someone, to be able to walk away when he won this thing. Jerry grinned and told him he sounded like a total dickhead. Matt shot him a glance of confusion before turning back to look at Alan.

He needed some god damn sleep.

Bart started explaining what he wanted to do. Get a big group and sing Kumbaya around the campfire until the terrorists detonated all their collars. Great plan - he could come up with a better one in his fucking sleep. Matt shook his head. Bart was delusional. That wasn't happening, not in a million years.

"Do you have any idea how.. not.. possible, that plan is?" Sounded like he was almost feeling sorry for Bart. "There's not gonna be an, uh, rescue, Bart. We're stuck here until this thing's over." Of course, the only way it could be over is if everyone was dead. He was hoping that Bart hadn't slept through Danya's fruity little seminar on how things worked.

Then Alan went off.

Went off on this weird, Ayn Rand-ian rant - who did he think he was, John Galt - and he started pointing that pipe around at people.

"Hey." said Matt. "Put that thing down." If you know what's good for you. He didn't need to say the rest.

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Bart wasn't worth even considering hurting. What could he possibly have that either of them could want? Food, maybe, but he wasn't that desperate yet. Still, he could relate to Bart, somewhat - separated from his friends. Who knew where he'd be right now if he hadn't ran across Jerry and Toby? Dead, maybe, or maybe he'd have found someone else. He didn't have the time to consider that sort of thing, not right now.

He narrowed his eyes at Alan and raised the gun ever so slightly more, towards his head.

"So, what? You're saying you'd be doing something stupid if you had the drop on us, or something? That it?"

This was crazy. Where'd you see yourself in a week, Matt? Pointing an empty gun at Alan Banks in a dark warehouse? No, not really. At home, probably, that's where he saw himself at about this time, a week ago.

He let out a deep sigh. He didn't take his eyes off Alan. "Sorry, Bart. Can't do anything for you."

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Alessio. Okay, he'd have to remember that, in case Alessio was ever beating him to death and he was trying to remember his name. Out of the dark comes Bart, potentially the least threatening person he's encountered on this island right next to Nate. Bart wasn't much, generally speaking. He didn't play sports. He was kind of fat. That, and he smelled like fish, for some weird reason. He heard it was a medical condition but he kinda just always assumed that Bart didn't shower regularly.

Still, he preferred seeing/smelling Bart to a lot of other people. He lowered his gun, slightly - his face didn't really say much. Slight surprise, really, that Bart was alive.

"Bart? Man, am I.." Glad to see you? Well, not really. "Just, uh.. man. You're still kicking, huh?"

Then he remembered. Soap thrower. Somewhere in the dark - he raised his gun again and out came Alan Banks.

Banks, he wasn't so happy to see. He was athletic, so he'd stand a decent chance of beating him in a fight. Beyond that, they sort of not really knew each other. They'd argued a couple of times, but beyond that, not really a whole lot. He didn't lower his gun, this time.

"Alan? Fuck me, is half the god damn school in this warehouse or something? And yeah, I'm doing great. Just great." He glanced over to Jerry, before quickly turning to face Alan again. He had his gun on him. "Just, uh. Don't do anything stupid, alright, man?"

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Nobody could think the way Jerry Fury did - that was for certain, yes. He'd warmed up to Jerry a touch. Sure, he wasn't exactly the best long term planner. And sure, he murdered Toby. But he was protection, in a certain sense, and he wasn't that dumb. Definitely smarter than some of the people in Kingman, he guessed. He could never argue with having someone as physically fit as Jerry not wanting him dead.

Noise, a thud. They weren't alone. Someone else was in the warehouse. Slowly, Matt pulled up his empty Mauser, holding it in a vice grip. He glanced over to Jerry, who was busy trying to intimidate whoever it was that had the misfortune of running into the two of them in the dark. He decided to add his own little piece to it, when he had another noise in the dark. Talking. His head darted around, looking for the source of the noise and.. someone was throwing something. Shit, what if they had throwing knives, or something?

Well, he doubted they knew how to use them.

"If you know what's good for ya," Matt said, doing his best to try and sound intimidating. His best was as good as Jerry's worst. "You'll come out where we can see you. Me, Jerry fuckin' Fury, and.."

Who the fuck did Jerry say was with them? Hell, was that even a real person? He had no idea.

"And the other guy." He held his empty gun tighter.

Let the Darkness Flow Through You
Matt agreed, somewhat. The asylum was big - a little too big for his liking, really - with far too many places to hide in. Still, he preferred it to the openness of the outside. Just something about being outdoors on this island made him feel uncomfortable. The outside could go fuck itself, in short, barring something horrible going on inside of wherever he decided to plant himself for any imaginable stretch of time.

"Yeah," he said, coughing. "That's where Alvaro fuckin' ambushed me and, uh, Ben and Nate." Matt glanced over to some of the worthless shit lying on the shelves. Soap. So much god damn soap. "Watch out for them, alright? They're both good."

Different wavelength.

Jerry had no idea.

"Oh yeah. Definitely."