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guys i need friends ;)
Due to Johnathan being something of a dick/bully, my character Jake (a member of the anti-bullying committee) might not like him.

Let's mash some characters together and see what happens!
Matt already knows Ulysses through Ulysses' tabletop group. Jake might get along with him due to his friendly nature and the fact that they both smoke weed.

what are friends
Both sound good to me!

what are friends
Hi there! I'm Privyet, new person. New to SOTF, but not new to RP in general, etc. Anyways, I figured that I'd do what some other people were doing and make a thread for character relationships.

Matthew Moradi

Jacob Berkowitz

V6 Tabletop Crew
One of my characters, Matt, would definitely be down for something like this, considering that he's basically a huge nerd. In contrast to his appearance, he'd probably play strong and brutish Barbarian types optimized as much as the DM would let him.

One cool system is Hollow Earth Expedition. It's easy to learn and based on the pulp serials of the 20s and 30s. Think Indiana Jones.

V6 Concepts Thread
I think I managed to come up with two passable character concepts. If there's any huge flaws, please tell me.

Matthew Moradi: Matt is a nerd. Not the Hollywood kind of nerd that gets the girl at the end of the movie, the kind that doesn't have sex until they're well into their 20s. The kind that wears a wizard hat and cape when they're playing Dungeon & Dragons. The kind that.. yeah, you can probably see where this is going. His interests are exactly the kind of stuff you'd expect from someone that looks like him. Video games. Computers. Tabletop games. Matt, of course, gravitates towards people who share his interests. Matt isn't exactly anti-social, but he's a bit socially awkward and he knows it. Weak and short, Matt obviously isn't the most intimidating kid in the world.. he is, however, a straight A student. Matt is determined to get into a good college.

Jacob Berkowitz: Jake is large. Standing in at 6'4 and weighing in at a whopping 354 pounds, Jake is large, yeah. The youngest of 8 siblings, Jake comes from a middle class family. Having only moved to Arizona from Newark a few years ago, Jake still has a slightly noticeable New Jerseyan accent. Jake haslow aspirations, wanting to go to trade school to become an electrician as soon as he graduates. Despite not being the most approachable person, Jake is naturally friendly and has a fair amount of confidence. Despite wanting to become an electrician, Jake's true passion is cooking.

Introduction Thread
Hi, I'm privyet. I'm new to SOTF (and stuff like this in general) but not to roleplaying. It looks like I joined at a good time, considering the last game just ended!