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Ain't nobody got time for this
Matt had seriously started to reconsider hanging around these two. Sure, Toby was.. fine. Didn't strike him as the murdering type. Jerry seemed like an accident waiting to happen. Like he'd wave that gun around in his general direction and it'd go off by accident and then he'd be dead. Jeez, what a rotten way to die - getting accidentally killed by Jerry Fury of all people. He only hoped that when it did happen, no one could see it. No cameras, anyways. That's the best he could hope for.

As for the philosophy that comes from being trapped on an island with more than its fair share of crazed murderers - the total number being far higher than what he'd normally like it to be in any area he was in - he figured it wasn't worth much more talking about. He'd spent two days moping around in a closet. All he had to do was make sure he made it out of here in one piece and pondering what led Alvaro to pick up a gun wasn't doing him much good.

"Ah, uh.. yeah, I dunno. He'd probably come down if he was in the tower, right? Whoever this 'Trav' guy is - I mean, he's your friend, right? He'd come down if he heard you."

Walking around aimlessly. Something to do. Better way of spending our energy, as Jerry put it. He didn't particularly object to his plan, mainly because he couldn't see how walking around could end up with him dying.

Ain't nobody got time for this
Bullshit, she said. Maybe she was right - it was pretty doubtful that Alvaro would have started killing people anywhere but here. But he had a choice, Matt thought. He didn't have to go out of his way to kill anyone. Maybe if he hadn't said anything Nate could've talked him down. And maybe he shouldn't dwell on that sort of thing right now - it'd only make him regret running away just a tiny bit more.

"Okay, maybe the people going around killing everyone weren't, uh, about to go crazy. But they have a choice, right? They don't have to do it."

It just didn't make sense to him. Something that made somewhat less sense to him than the moral struggle he was currently going through was the notion that Jerry should be allowed to have a gun. He seemed to be struggling to figure out a door. What? If he's this smart, then who gave him a gun? Whose idea was that? He really hoped he started off with it. If not, he really had to question why someone gave a man as clever as this a gun. Was the gun even loaded? Did he even check? He could picture it - Jerry is about to get stabbed by some psychopath. Out comes his gun. Click. There goes Jerry.

There goes Jerry, finally figuring out how to open that door.

"Holy shit."

Ain't nobody got time for this
Matt's plan, around a minute ago, was to get away from Alvaro. So far, that seemed to be working - he hadn't suddenly provided a loving home for a bullet - and he didn't exactly have much time to plan beyond that. Sure, getting new 'friends' would be a good plan. Strength in numbers and all that, but for some strange reason he didn't really trust Jerry. He just struck him as the type of person to shoot him while he was asleep because he just realized he hadn't killed anyone yet, if he had to get more than a tiny bit specific.

A few dozen other scenarios involving Cochise's best and brightest student ran through his head. Sure, he was being paranoid - he couldn't deny that - but Alvaro was Nate's friend. He didn't know Jerry, Jerry didn't know him. If Jerry wanted to kill him, he probably could do it and feel the minimum amount of remorse someone feels when they take a human life. An amount of remorse on par with realizing you left the oven, if he had to guess.

Quite frankly, he was hoping he'd kill Toby first. That'd buy him enough time to run away.

He stood up, starting to walk towards the bell tower, after Toby.

"Yeah," he said, in response to Jerry's question. He wanted to say something clever, but he was just starting to realize his only two friends on this rock were probably stone cold fuckin' dead. "I guess he's always been murder happy. I guess."

Ain't nobody got time for this
Looks like he wasn't going to die today. Well, maybe today, just not right now - and what more could a guy want, really? A gun? Actually, yeah - he could use one of those. Maybe a bulletproof vest, too, considering Jerry motherfuckin' Fury is packin'. A helmet would be nice, too. And while he was at it, maybe someone could just send a helicopter here so he could just leave. A helicopter with a bed, preferably. Fuck, was he tired.

Naturally, he wasn't going to get any of those things. Not easily, anyways. But it didn't hurt to hope, did it?

"Okay, uh, shit, uh.. it's not who think, it's fucking Alvaro. He just killed two people. Fuck, I was right there, man.. he could've gotten me." Truth be told, he wasn't feeling all that good. Maybe it was the running. Maybe it was Sandy's rotting corpse, his friends dying - probably a combination of all three, to be honest. He sat down on the grass, the adrenaline starting to leave him. Just narrowly avoiding death made him feel relieved, more than anything else. Alvaro could've gotten him, but he didn't. He only had himself to thank for that - himself and Alvaro's grade A marksmanship.

Fuck, was he tired.

"Wonder if that bell tower has any.. fuckin' chairs in it, or something."