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It's a Snap
So he was going to live after all. He certainly couldn't trust Jerry - Toby's corpse served as proof of that - but he was going to live. At least for now, and now was all that really mattered. As for later, well.. he'd figure it out, certainly. He could always figure things out, he was sure of it.

((Matt Moradi continued here.))

It's a Snap
He wasn't going to kill him. Matt's fake smile nearly transformed into a real one when it became clear that no, Jerry WASN'T going to stab him to death. Apparently he could figure it out that needlessly killing people wasn't the right thing to do. He was going to live, thank fuck.

"Okay, uh.. yeah, yeah, we really need to get out of here. I, think we should go to the asylum, or, uh, something. It's big. Really hard to find someone in there, I guess.. uh.."

Matt was trying his best to bullshit a plan. He had to convince Jerry he was worth keeping around.

"Listen, uh.. I, don't think you need to find Trav. He's, he's probably going to kill you. I'm not joking, he's gonna try and kill you.. uh."

Jerry was explaining, poorly, why he didn't like people who were 'playing hero'. He didn't know what that mean, really, but he could sort of guess. Someone who wasn't going to win.

"Yeah, yeah. I saw it. She.. ah, fuck. Let's just get out of here."

It's a Snap
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Why was he coming closer? He had to get out of here. Maybe not right now, but later, when he could get out of here. Jerry was right. He was faster, definitely stronger.. he wasn't acting rationally. He hadn't acted rationally a day in his god damn life, but here Matt was and he was paying for it. He had to convince Jerry. Make him think that he was useful or not worth killing or something that would just let him make it through the hour. Let him get somewhere and think about what to do.

The weather was nice, really. Not too hot. Not too cold. He was sweating, regardless of the temperature. One stab, that was all it took. Hearing Jerry's words, Matt stopped backing away. He straightened up and looked Jerry in the eye, desperately trying to seem like he wasn't terrified.

"Okay, okay. I'm chill, Jerry. Just, uh.. what.. are we gonna do now?" He eyed Toby's corpse for a few fleeting seconds. We. Good choice of words, he thought, try and make it sound like they were working together.

"I mean, uh.. can't stay here, right? We're all, uh.. fuck, you know. Out in the open?" Matt smiled. It was so fake it hurt. His legs shook with fear. He didn't have anyone to stand in between him and one of Cochise's best and brightest. Not now.

It's a Snap
Matt was starting to notice how fast his heart was beating. He could guess why. Toby was dead. Jerry was starting to sound angry. Angry at him, for reasons he didn't really care to figure out - again, he would never know what went on in Jerry Fury's head. He'd never know and he'd never care. What he did care about, of course, was dissuading Jerry from making this into a double murder.

Matt, slowly, started backing away. He was trying to put as much space between him and Jerry as possible. Jerry was physically fit. Faster than him, stronger than him. There was no way he was going to win this fight if it came to that.

So, like always, he would run away.

"Okay, uh.. just, just.." He was stumbling over his words. He had no fucking idea how to tell Jerry 'don't stab me' in a way that didn't sound accusative.

"Just chill out, okay?"

It's a Snap
Matt couldn't move. He desperately wanted to, but he couldn't. Fear rooted him to the ground, keeping his eyes darting between Toby, Jerry and the knife. He just saw someone die - he didn't feel like doing much. Not puking, crying, moving.. maybe if he stood still long enough, Jerry would go away. He'd put away the knife he used to kill Toby and just walk off somewhere to go do whatever it was Jerry Fury did when he was alone. Matt didn't know what went on in Jerry's head. He never would, and that frankly made him feel fine.

He did know that Jerry didn't think twice about pulling a knife out and stabbing a friend of his with it. Maybe he wasn't thinking and that was it. He wasn't thinking. When most people aren't thinking, they miss a left turn or forget to feed the dog or something pointless and negligible like that. They don't kill someone. If they do, they don't kill someone they were friends with.

Matt took a step back.

His voice was low - quiet, shaky. Like he didn't know what to say.

He didn't. He had no idea what to say to this.

"Jerry." That's all he said. Jerry, staring at the object of interest. He had to make sure. Make sure that he wasn't going to kill him. A week ago, he wouldn't have pictured himself having to do any of this, but he guessed that today and the preceding days had been a day of firsts. First day he saw a dead body. First day someone ever threatened to kill him. First day he saw someone die - today.

"Put the knife away."

It's a Snap
Matt had given up entirely. Things had gone from "might be getting out of hand" to "out of hand. you fool. you dog. you have failed to prevent the event you wished to prevent." The question is, does he just.. leave, or watch things play out? He figured that maybe he should stick around to see who won. Jerry, probably, if he had to be honest. Standing back, Matt was left wishing that he had some popcorn. Popcorn and a lawn chair, really.

It's a Snap
Alright, things were definitely starting to get out of hand. Jerry was definitely going to get his shit slapped - honestly, Matt could almost admire Jerry's resolve in not taking things seriously. One moment he's making jokes about dead kids, the next he's saying Pulp Fiction references right in Toby's face. Impending death aside, Matt really felt... just fine. This was actually kind of entertaining to watch. He might've started laughing if he weren't on this shitty island. This was just absurd. Jerry was absurd.

Matt slowly started backing away from Jerry and Toby. "Okay, uh.. you guys just, settle this among yourselves, I guess." He had fully accepted that absolutely nothing he could do was going to stop Toby from headbutting Jerry or kneeing him in the balls, or something like that. He was just hoping it'd be entertaining.

It's a Snap
Matt could tell that things weren't going to calm down anytime soon. Jerry, in his eternal wisdom, had decided to start doing his Samuel L. Jackson impression. Stellar, if not extremely loud. He had to put an end to this, fast.

"Okay, fuck, uh, let's all just think positive. Okay? My friends aren't dead, your friends aren't dead, we all got a whole to be happy for, okay? Things are gonna be fine if we all just stop yelling."

He started pacing around, looking every which way for someone. Someone who was no doubt coming to kill them all because of how fucking loud they're being.

"Just stop yelling, alright? Someone's gonna fucking hear us all yelling and they're gonna come and fucking kill us."

It's a Snap
(Matt Moradi continued from Ain't nobody got time for that.))

Okay, so the general area had about as many living people as a morgue. That was fine. While he wasn't particularly threatened by Jerry or Toby, he couldn't really say that he fully trusted them. Maybe he could find Ben or Nate again - they weren't dead. They weren't dead. When their names hadn't turned up in the announcement, he felt more relieved than he had in his whole life. Two people who he knew, one hundred percent, wouldn't try to kill him. Two people who he could trust on this fucking shit island. But two people out of what, a hundred?

It wasn't exactly a positive thought, but he was outnumbered. Outnumbered, outgunned. What was this, if not a competition? One with stakes higher than he was used to, but a competition nonetheless. All he had to do was keep his head down until the right time, and.. do something. Kill someone, just get it over with so that if - no, not if, when, he thought - when he wins, he gets to go home. It was a bullshit rule, but it was a rule he had to play by. He didn't feel much when he heard that Henry Spencer had been killed, except a tiny bit of satisfaction. Proof of a just world, maybe? He thought that maybe he could do it to Henry. He wouldn't feel that guilty, then, but Henry was out.

Oh, good - an argument. One he didn't really have much to add to, to be frank. The tension between Toby and Jerry had been.. a little bit more than palpable. Jerry was making jokes about their dead classmates and Toby wasn't taking it so well. Matt didn't care - Jerry's shitty sense of humor was his own problem - but all this standing around made him feel nervous. Standing around, talking real loud.. someone might hear and come kill them all. That'd be real great, he could picture that. They're all standing around yelling and some psychopath with a machine gun pops out from behind a rock to mow them all down. Maybe he could get them to stop.

"Calm down, okay? We're not gonna get anything accomplished by standing around kicking our fuckin' bags. Trav's still alive, so, uh, maybe he's hiding. I mean, he's probably alone. Fuck, I'd hide if I was alone." Matt was desperately trying to change the subject from Jerry's sense of humor to finding Travis and it was clear as day.

Ain't nobody got time for this
So maybe Jerry wasn't planning on killing him. That was.. definitely a relief, actually. So he wasn't going to die. At least not today, anyways.

"Thank fuck," said Matt, sounding a touch more relieved than Jerry sounded annoyed. Matt figured he was a good judge of character. Sure, Jerry.. might need a lesson in gun safety. But he wasn't going to kill him, at least not intentionally, and.. really, what more could he ask for from someone right now?

He didn't want to see anyone, really, so he just said no. Maybe Nate and Ben, if they made it, but he doubted that they did.

He'd know later on, anyways.

((Matt Moradi continued here.))

Ain't nobody got time for this
Well, better now than never.

"Hey, uhh.. Jerry, uh.. can you promise me you won't, you know.. shoot me while I'm asleep, or something like that?" He was being entirely serious.

Maybe he was being paranoid. Maybe. He didn't know what kind of thoughts popped into Jerry's head. And he didn't know whether or not he'd act on them, but anything went on Pissfuck Island, population: who the fuck knows? Of all the people he could possibly run into, he ran into someone like Jerry. Jerry wasn't stupid, sure - at least, he was hoping Jerry wasn't stupid - but Jerry just.. didn't strike him as that clever.

If Jerry wasn't clever, then he would have shot him the moment he saw him if he felt like it, right? Hey, maybe Jerry was entirely trustworthy. He might be a fantastic guy who wouldn't even consider shooting him or doing anything like that. Maybe he was just being a paranoid idiot because Alvaro - supposedly Nate's friend - didn't seem to have many objections to trying to kill said friend.

He was just being paranoid. Sure.

"Ah, fuck it, nevermind. I'm just being paranoid, I guess. Let's just, uh, start looking for your friend."