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The V1 Read-A-Thon
Poly: Shoar Wilson

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Cassandra Roivas: Cassandra Roivas

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Aura: Amber Phillips

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Impereld: Stevan Hyde

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Woah, long time no see o_O

Welcome back, Impereld!

Impereld: Waldo Woodrow

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Randomness: Elise Aversano

The V1 Read-A-Thon
I'm awake now

Flare: Niniko Kishinawa
Polybius: Vince Noir

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Blastinus: Glenn Hughes

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Blastinus: Venka Rapler

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Ricky: Xian Chun

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Mara: Devi Satome

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Aura: Aiden Ambrose
Fenris: ADAM DODD!!!

sorry. Random.org gives me high numbers I have no clue why :c

RNGsus why do you do this to us.

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Aura: Aiden Ambrose
Fenris: ADAM DODD!!!

sorry. Random.org gives me high numbers I have no clue why :c

RNGsus why do you do this to us.

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Yugikun: Not Dodd

The V1 Read-A-Thon
Polybius: Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau
Kermit: Mason Lucien
Rugga: Jeremy Torres

The V1 Read-A-Thon
It was the summer of 2005, the Pussycat Dolls thundered through the radio, we danced to the Black Eyed Peas, the AOL Instant Messenger was used, and somewhere on the internet someone opened a BLUE FORUM OH GOD MY EYES. (sorry naft)

A Battle Royale fan decided to adapt the setting into a newer one with original characters. It was a twist of the setting. Instead of the government being the bad evil, it was terrorists instead. Mr. Danya, Dorian Pello, Achlys, Garnett and many more were born from Kaishi's hand, abducting students for mysterious reasons. The plot was set, and from that point on the whole thing has developed and snowballed into something big.

Let's explore the roots!

Anyone who has interest in reading OG SOTF, post in this thread, so I can randomly assign you a student. You read that student and give a review on the character. That's the deal!

After you've posted your review, feel free to request another one.

It's important to be nice, though! The handlers of the ancient SOTF origins might have vanished, but they are still human beings who don't deserve to be mean to. Character bashing for the sake of being a dick is frowned upon.

Read-A-Thons should be about the FUN! of reading characters of different versions ^^. Since there have been people uncomfortable with scenes in previous Read-A-Thons you have the option to tell me if you'd rather want to not be subjected to some subjects, so that I can avoid rolling you to them.

V1 has a total of 123 characters. Let's go.


Rank (Your Own) Characters!
These are all very cool and interesting to read! I'll rank mine too, I suppose. Without Lance, cause he's still alive and I'm not sure if I still like him when he bites the dust.

6. Forrest

He was a failed concept not going in the direction I wanted him to go. That's why he has to come back for SC3.

5. Conrad

Who. Writing him was a challenge and pretty hard. I don't think I really made him a good character. I even had less motivation to write him than Forrest and kinda wanted to swap him for Scarlett or Jeremiah, but I had to be stubborn and choose to write him. On the plus site, writing the relationship with Clarice was great and I think the chemistry was written well. Same with the Kizi crush.

4. Darius

Pregame with him was a blast. MFAA was the most fun thing I've written in pregame. Same goes with the island. I really liked writing with CBP! I was hyped to write a proper escape group. However I kinda slaughtered Darius into making him a stupid one-noted comic relief character that could not be taken serious, which is what I'm kinda sad of. Which is why I decided to kill him because I couldn't take him serious myself. I hope Toxie will write him better in SC3.

3. Blaine

I did everything I wanted and he got rolled at the perfect time. Gilbert.

2. Al

My longest living character. I am glad I could execute so many ideas I had. Pregame and Island. The long run did kinda harm him, since Al was very much a mess at the end. But I guess that fits him. I have some decisions with him I regret, but I suppose that's a learning experience of what I can do better in V7.

1. Gene

My very first character that connects me with the best memories. It was very fun to write him and interact with all the cool people. Due to his story being short enough that I did not mess him up gives me good feels. Would've loved to have continued writing him beyond his death though, since I had much more wacky ideas, but whatever. The threads with Yagmur were my favourite threads on SOTF and I hope that me writing with Goose in SC2 will somehow recreate this magic.

v7+ concepts
Ah, our dear Namira has written a Tutorial on how to come up with characters and Mr. MurderWeasel did a tutorial specifically aimed at newbies! Maybe they can help you to get inspiration! Or maybe check out chat, so you might get inspired there, who knows? (Naft concepts are a great idea and I support it 100% personally)

If you can't come up with anyone yet, sure, that's fine! There is no pressure since v7 takes a while to start and good characters and concept take some time before being developed fully, so no stress!

If you wanna write a new character (or multiple, because, yay! SOTF has a character limit of 3 character), though, a key to come up with characters and developing are hobbies! There is nothing wrong with having a loner character like Eric! But I gotta tell you from experience that it's a much more fun experience to have the characters have hobbies and relationships with other people.

Maybe look at the other v7 concepts and perhaps you might find cool awesome hobbies you want your characters also to have. Because before the murder island game starts, we'll have a time of pregame where we just play school kids in their home town. And our school kids will have relationships with each other. Some are friends and some are rivals! So creating some characters with already established hobbies and interests and already having enemies and friends is freaking fun in pregame ^^.

If that isn't enough inspiration: I really like that you want to deconstruct a character type! Maybe you can think of a character type you would love to deconstruct other than the one of Eric. Because yeah, the dark subjects being stacked is not pleasant. The backstory is very heavy and I don't like reading it because these subjects make many people in this community uncomfortable, no matter how well it is handled in the end.

I'm not staff, but I personally could see you work writing an Eric, if you tone down him a lot. Like, what do you want to write in the core? You want to write a character that in the game has a fearsome reputation but isn't actually very intimidating during the game? That's a great idea and I love it. But you don't have to do horrible stuff like Eric does to justify him being the bad boy. There are cooler and less controversial ways to be the bad boy. In V5 for example, everyone thought Adonis Alba was gonna play, because he was such a jerk. He was a bully, he had anger issues and he was always rude to others in pregame. But it turned out he was a good guy on the island. What a twist!

So yeah, you don't have to have this backstory to get a reputation. Being a normal everyday jerk is enough for that too :p

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Heyo, could I request a Darius? :3

Fenris & Yugikun Do Sprites!
Woah I love Kermit doing all these hip retro students