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V6 Concepts Thread
This thread. I hope the next April fools will be awesome, too.

V6 Concepts Thread
Oh, I don't know if people actually do this, so I'll ask. Do some people do character challenges? Like, creating characters as a challenge. I think Adam Morgan was a challenge or something like that. Maybe doing that would help you to find a concept, BRO. Do Batman

But, if you want, you could create a character, who's part of a group of V6, maybe. Like...a character who's the girlfriend or boyfriend or friend of somebody or just a member of a group. Maybe like how Goose asked. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember Renard posting his concepts sometimes ago. And he offered an NPC, so yeah.

Or, you could do a character who like trains.

Now to Yugi.

Alvaro looks like a neat concept, but I'm a bit confused about the family business thingy. I think his personality is pretty cool and will be pretty nice to see in pre-game. And of course the chess thing might be pretty cool, too! Well, I sure will look forward to find out more about him!

V6 Concepts Thread
Oh, names. I like names. I could list many names that weren't used in SOTF before. I don't like using names that were used before super often. I can't count the James and Johns and the Smiths. Alvin or Chloe weren't used yet. Neither was Orlando or Tracy. And there are lots of unused common (or less common) surnames, like Snyder or Truman.

If anybody ever wants a list of names, for whatever reason, PM me.

Wait. I did off-topic things and am confused.

Anyway. Whoever your 3rd character is, they won't be bad. It'll be a V6 character, afterall.

V6 Concepts Thread
Have no idea, tbh. Point 3 in the rules say that it is allowed to be inspired from other people, but not to copy them without permission. Or something along that lines. Changing names is always a neat idea, cause everybody self-googles once. And it might cause trouble and stuff. But I see absolutely nothing wrong in getting inspired by hobbies or personalities.

I like inserts, personally, to read them. Like, Adam Dodd and Bryan Calvert were self-inserts of their handlers and Riz was an insert from a friend. And there are many good inserts, that aren't self-inserts (Rugga's characters, Rob Adams and more)

Edit: ignore this post, cause ninjas

v5 Final Ten Congratulations/Opinions
Congratulations, Arscapi, decoy, BRO, Naft, Dea, Medic, Dan, Rugga, TT and Rattle! And of course the people who write the announcements. And the guys who write the Meanwhile stuff! And the people wrote V5 and read V5. And obviously Zetaboards for not crashing again.

The Endgame I'd love to read would be Hansel vs Maddie vs Matt vs Mara and, as I think it might be a Final Five, due to the fact that V1, V2 and V4 all had a Final Five IC, the fifth finalist I would wish would be Joe.

And I'd love to read some real awesome Final Ten scenes, just like before. Remember the V4 scene, with Ivan, Tabi, Aston and Aaron? The one where Kim and Reiko allied till the more than epic Endgame? I want something like that.

Or the V3 scene, where Steve and Ryan went to the hospital and were attacked by Reeves and Ryan wrote that letter? And that epic fight with Riz and Eddie? And again that Endgame.

Or V2: Rob and Mari fought and also Jana and Beth died in that thread. And Mari fought with Damien and Damien had one of the most memorable death scenes of V2. And then there was that scene where Mari and Bryan reunite. And also the Endgame.

And of course V1, with a car chase that ended with the destruction of the warehouse. Oh yes, I want to see more destruction in V5 as well. You know the scene, where Jack hid in the chopper to kill Kaige, who killed Drew Lynn? Maybe the Dodd one-shots? And, who expected it, the super large Endgame?

So, it doesn't matter how far these characters go, whether it's Endgame or not: make the V5 Final Ten moments awesome and memorable. Oh yes, and the Endgame, too. Make it epic.

So my opinion on every finalist is as following.

Matt is someone who I really want to go far, I think his concept was a nice and realistic one and he's an underdog, too. But yeah, what Persy said, if the scenes were a bit more happening, it'd be more thrilling to read or so. But I liked his latest thread where Finn wants to go kill, while Matt didn't, so that certainly is cool. And a bit ironic. His plans were in his first post and he had rules, just like Maddie. So having rules helps. That's a fact.

Gray is a pretty cool character, doing some stuff with Andi first and now is with Sean. I'm not sure about him winning, I mean he'd be a cool Endgame finalist, but if he wins, I think it'd be interesting if he'd be in V6, Sydney Morvran style, because he has no kills yet. But, he's a nice realistic character. But I wish Dawn was alive.

Zubin went from Russian Roulette to Belgian Roulette and he survived, with some story with Brian and Ruby and Ami in between. I liked his story with Tyler. I miss Tyler. And yeah, he's surely makes scenes more interesting and awkward, which is pretty interesting to read. But yeah, Zubin is not exactly what I thought would happen when I read a Bear Grylls, but he's basically the last escapee. Could he be the Jack O'Connor of V5? I don't think so, because stone deaths are pretty V3. But, to be fair things I really liked about him were his avengers ratio post, or his introduction post: Rule Number 0 - Don't go to trips. And some other moments.

Joe is a wonderful character, it's good people recommended him to me. So you know what to do? Read him. I like also his relationship with Travis. I think I should read his pregame. I really, really pray that Travis and Joe would meet again :c

First, congratz to Dan for being tied with Dodd with the most times in the F10 on Main. Joey is currently the only adopted character, as far as I know it so yeah. Every Main Endgame had an adopted character, so I'm not sure what will happen to Joey and what not. Dan and Rattle (and maybe Rugga, if Evo counts...but there nobody won so nvm) already won a version, but there's nothing wrong to do it again (after all Toben did it, too). But Joey did not do much, so yeah. But his interaction with Kam, the thread with Tyler and that sleepover thread was nice, imo. But, I really wish that Joey will do something super cool in the Final Ten!

Hansel is my fave character of Naft (Sorry Natali) and I seriously want him in Endgame at least. It'd be so anti-climatic if he wasn't. His threads, his scenes, his narrative, his handler, everything was right. Actually, you know what? I don't care if he's in Endgame or not. He actually would be a winner of V5. Just like Bryant Carver and Samuel Wilson. Naft did a damn good job and put all the right work in. Hansel did win my heart. I'll recommend him to every V6 newbie who orders a cowboy. Also congratz for surpassing Dodd in threads. The fight with Theo, the revenge with Theo, the allying with Andi, that unrolled death. If V5 had a best-of, he'd have a lot of screentime. To not look like a complete Hansel fanboy I'll admit that I did not like the idea that he was a cowboy, cause that sounded a bit odd and unrealistic and it sounded like an earlier version concept (but, I met cowboys myself in cities, so it apparently isn't odd at all). Also, I don't like his name. Hansel sounds like a super strange name. That's why I pronounce him Hunsel. But yeah, the execution of him is just. Awesome.

Maddie has a super nice plot and I totally like her rules. Does anybody remember them? But yeah, her scenes with Nina and RJ: Awesome. Can't really wait to hear them. In that audio thread thingy! Yeah, her early game was pretty legendary and she's hopefully go farther. And she has the best weapon. Instantrecommend.

Mara is a super nicely developed character which I just want to see in Endgame, because her character, story and scenes were perfect: The scene where she killed Ray, the scene where she gave the pizza, the current scene and of course the Summer Simms thread. Oh yeah, that thread was cool. I love grenades. I think know that Rugga does the best inserts.

Kathryn is a character, that I honestly haven't read completely yet, but I'll catch up. From what I've read tho, she was in nice scenes. And she was in a group of important people (softball girls), that have a pretty cool story. That's what I heard, because I did not realize that group was a thing until like the 2/3 mark? But, her surname is Nguyen. You know what that means? I don't. But well, I'll probably read her and the team.

KK is an excellent character and everybody loves her. And she's the first BKA winner. And every first BKA winner went far (except in V3). She hasn't hooked me really like other characters, but I like her scenes and her concept and character! Wouldn't mind going somebody else further, but wouldn't mind her going further. Actually, now that I think of it: Rosemary. Yeah, Rosemary.

And that was it. I'm crazy/tired/potato. Might edit. Might not. It's a mystery.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Gene Steward, cause why not

V6 Concepts Thread
Round III!

Yeah, as I stated, my opinion isn't that much important and I hope it won't change much of the wonderful concepts, just saying my open thoughts/reactions.

So, Sunny's concepts. I already like the names!

I like the fact that Rochelle is an old concept that is not given up! Her backstory sound pretty awesomely developed and her personality also seems to be pretty uniquely and dephtly developed. The gaming stuff, as well as the good at school stuff is a pretty neat combination. Her pregame sure will be interesting and the fact that she wants to become a doctor might also add super nice things! She seems like a nice more dimensional character and I think she'll be pretty awesome to read!

Rhiannon's band thing is also pretty cool in pregame, especially when we have a band in pregame! Her family story is also pretty nice and I bet that her siblings will be pretty awesome characters, maybe in pregame or even in Meanwhile. Her harshness might be pretty interesting, as it might affect other characters as well as herself. And the jealously and popular thingies are also a super awesome idea, as V6 might have popular characters, whom she might react to. I really, really like the idea of how she views the other people and how she might be reacting to them. I totally want to know how she develops in the school and on the island and what she'll do and if she might succeed. So she's definitely on my V6 to-read list!

And JDelgado's.

Sarah's extrovertedness probably be pretty interesting in pregame and especially the attention loving aspect. I have no doubt that it will be an awesome character, after all you wrote Lily.

Sam is probably my favourite concept of you and will probably a character I will love to read in pregame/game. I really love the concept of ghost hunting, it might put a different atmosphere in pregame or in the memories! Her having a creative mind, might be also cool. She's a pretty original character that I will like to read.

Yay! Another balletclub member! Annabel seems like a pretty cool character, and I think the scenes with her in pregame will be pretty awesome. Especially when she, as a serious person, will meet a character that is less serious or silly. The interaction with her and her classmates will be pretty cool, I bet. Maybe it will affect her story on the island as well. I'm looking forward!

V5 Final Four Predictions
Guys, endgame will be in the Nuclear Plant with explosions and fusions. That way I think my four characters are legit.

Tyvis Webcas I think Tyvis would guarantee an epic fight in Endgame. I mean every endgame version had pretty cool fights, so why not V5? Also is there a better place to end Tyvis' rivaly with Mattsel than Endgame? I don't think so. The storyline of him is pretty cool and the previous scenes all had some memorability.

Amaddie Wilcalvo Amaddie is a character that should be read in V6 either way. Most Endgame finalists are good characters to read to understand the version, so this version should have these too. I think Amaddie is a good rolemodel for characters. I really love her realism, the story arc and the development. Also her first kill of Rayna was pretty awesome.

Mattsel Willtoogian Mattsel is an underdog. Well, 50%. The other 50% is pretty iconic. Either way Mattsel should be in Endgame. The story of Mattsel is pretty cool, the partnership with Finndi and the whole story arc is awesome. I really love the cowboy side of him, but I also like the underdog side and want to read more of it.

Joechael Mitchrasco Well, what can I say? I liked the story arc, and he was recommended to me (I think he was one of the first V5 characters that was recommended to me, so...) Who wouldn't want to see Joechael to meet Mattsel or even Tyvis again? Violent-boogie is a pretty good writer and I want to read more.

Yes. Decisions are my weakness. And I'm an awful cheater and super late and whatnot.

Also, honorable mention is Bellami Flynnstrong, although she is already rolled :c
I wish she wasn't. Read her anyway.