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whaaaaat? MORE characters?
Heyo, what's up. Get inspired by my janky concepts and plan out stuff with me so that I can finally feel the v7 hyyype.

Kobe Sleeper - will be the winner of v7, or so I hope. So hero him, please (the epilogue concept will be hilarious). He loves the nature, kayaking, beatboxing and actually hates the system and wants to break out like the guy from Into the Wild. Of course, he doesn't have the balls to do so, but he can dream.

Ned - I don't want to use Harrison as a surname, because there are cooler surnames. Either way, Ned is a loner who's into working out and being cynical. Also is a nu metal fan (SOAD ROCKS) and goes to festivals regularly. He likes to read books (who does it in 2017? He does.). He doesn't like you. Well, maybe, if you're an okay guy and have similiar interests, like when you might meet him in the gym or at a festival. But otherwise he doesn't. Okay?

Scotch Wiggum - party girl who is friends with everyone, so you have to be mine, too. So if you like parties, you know her. She's friendly and energetic and likes to do sport. Unicycle, too, because she did it since she was young! So yeah, a couple of friends of her would be nice. Don't call her Scottie, though.

Thomas B. Skinner - Thomas B. is into cooking and watching films. He can quote the Quentin Tarantino films, because he's a goddamn genius. Oh. Also, Thomas B. is fat, so he also gets mocked for that. And he doesn't react well. His temper is not a thing he can control well. Also whats wrong with him loving vaporwave and the 80s music? i dun geddit.

Quentin Wythe - Don't show Wyatt this concept. He's a weeb, but not the awkward, lonely one, but actually a social one! He's into speedrunning, animu, manga, pokemon go and video games in general. He's always friendly and laughing but also is kinda selfish. Either way, he's a funny guy and is a let's player and watches let's players, too. If you're a nerd or an otaku, who's into esports, Quentin would like to talk to you about vidya games or manga. Also, he's a pretty tall and big Albanian boy (so think twice if you mock him) and likes to rant for entertainment. If you don't like him, he doesn't care.

Iago Croxley is doomed and will not appear in v7. We're all sad.

Wait, I forgot Desiree Beck - if you're in her class and stupid, she probably hates you secretly and she's better than you in everything (classwise, at least). She owns a cute Chinchilla and plays Minecraft all day. Also she's weirdly into watching tchoukball, that's a cool sport, if you didn't know that. If you're her friend, she likes you, if you're a classmate, she doesn't. Simple. Also, she's chinese @all the right people in Chattanooga.

First come, first serve. Wait what?

The V2 Read-o-thon
I really enjoy reading your reactions to V2 :3

It's truly a rad version.

Yugi's Arty Thread!
vanilla ice can rap???????

Fenris & Yugikun Do Sprites!
Double the pixel power! Fuck yeah!

I don't think Blaine had a sprite yet, I think.

Introduction Thread
You could always post a Meanwhile thread in the v6 section, though, with Dante!

Or use a palette swap of Dante for v7!

Introduction Thread
Welcome back, Fenris!

Taking Requests for Character Art
Yay! Thankseee

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
ofc I should take the chance and then also add a second character to the queue.

But who.


Lance Adams (SC2), I suppose.

Taking Requests for Character Art
My SC2 chars Lance and Blaine don't have pictures yet! I'd like to have some for my avatar cycle, please <3

Creativity's Burning Pyre
...I just realised what the purpose of the thread title is.

I'm slow.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
thanks for the conrad critique! I totally forgot I used comparisons.

Here's my last v6 kid. I intentionally did not break Hansel's thread record with Al for your sake <3

I just tied it.