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Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
Al awkwardly stood around, while Serena sat down reading the map. Perhaps he should also sit down. A lounge is a place where people sat, so Al took a seat on a chair that was a couple of chairs away from Serena. He dropped his pole to the ground and took out his rubik's cube from his hoodie pocket.

He shuffled it, and tried to solve it.

While looking at the cube, he floated another question.

"Where...What now? Do you know where to go?"

Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said
((Alessio Rigano continued from She Swallowed Burning Coals))

Alessio and Serena were exploring. They wanted to figure out where they were, so the two of them walked upstairs. As Serena had thought, she explained that they were not in the library depicted in the map, but in a different one instead. Their plan was, after all, to go find the place where Serena could use her key. Al wished it was a key to a big boat that was able to drive them all home. But, that wasn't the case. He did not even need to ask.

They found themselves in a large room with chairs (a broken one?) and a sofa. Al had no clue where they were.

The chess pieces however, reminded him of home. Not his home, but the US, civilisation. It was such a calm, unthreatening room. Not so scary like the library. A room they could relax in. They could even play chess to distract themselves. He had to think about Maxim and Alvaro. They were dead like him, too. That was sad, since both were great people, who certainly would have had a better future, deserved one better than this. Alvaro, a hard-working boy, would have become successful, Al was sure. Same as Maxim, a really smart guy. But now they're both dead. It was hard to imagine.

"Do you know what this room is?"

He looked at Serena, hoping she had a plan, knew what to do.

Okay, Al smelled a disgusting smell. Vomit? Blood? He wasn't sure.

This room was not reminding him of home anymore. This was scary.

Conrad recognised the other voice, but could not recall who it was. Another reason why he should not go up there. Clarice told him to stay here if he was not trusting them.


He shortly considered leaving, but he could not leave Clarice alone. He did not want to be alone either. But she was already gone, upstairs. He waited for some moments. Should he follow her, help her if the people up there were hostile? Or go outside, risk his girlfriend getting killed due to her not being cautious? He waited. He thought. Clarice would do fine alone, he was certain. If the people upstairs attacked her, she'd just knock them out. Conrad could leave, find Maria perhaps. But.

He could not leave Clarice alone. He just could not.

Leaving now would be a death sentence to Conrad. There were certainly people out there who wanted to kill. Conrad did not want to die with the last memory of her being angry at him for not trusting Nancy. He did not want to split up and die. He did not want to never see her again. It was fortunate enough that he met her in the first place.

Conrad slowly began to walk up the stairs.

She Swallowed Burning Coals
There was no hope. There was no key to freedom. The terrorists did not give them a key to free themselves, as the solution of this horrible puzzle that would have been designed by Jigsaw. There was no solution of the puzzle. Die or die.

So he followed Serena, hoping she knew where they would be safe.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said))

It was just Nancy. Nancy, would she kill them? It was hard to imagine. But to be fair, it was hard to imagine either student on this island would murder them. He had to be cautious for sure.

"We are friendly and-"

He added that while screaming up to underline Clarice's statement of him being here. He wanted to say 'friendly and unarmed'. But should he really give her the fact that he was without a weapon? That wasn't even true, he had his weapon. But he had no gun. And if Nancy had a gun, it would be bad for him and Clarice.

"-and looking for a group!" he finished. He hoped Nancy did not ring the bell just to get people here to kill them with her weapon. Her voice did not sound like that was the case, but...

"Clarice, I'm not sure if we should go up to Nancy."

She Swallowed Burning Coals

Was he up for this? He could say no, lay down, stay here forever until he died. But that would be the wrong option, wouldn't it? He'd be alone, all by himself. He instead chose to follow Serena out of the room, taking the bag and pole with him, making sure that he did not forget anything.


She asked him where they were and Al was sure to know the answer. "This is the library, I'm certain," he mumbled.

Al appreciated that Serena had a plan, although it seemed like an odd one. Having a key to open stuff on the island? He wondered how that would be helpful. Perhaps she gets a more dangerous weapon, like...guns. Or a car. But the only way this would be helpful for Al and Serena would be, if the key could deactive the collars around their neck.

"Do you..."

He wasn't sure if he should ask it.

"Does the coll- uhm key dea- uh, does the key seem, uh, to be able to fit into...deactivate the collar?"

That was a dumb question. He knew the answer. It was going to be a no. But hoping that it was the key to their freedom might give them hope. If that was the case, Al would hug Serena and be happy to be free, live his life happily, would appreciate living. But maybe he'll just be disappointed. Maybe there was no hope.

((Conrad Timothy Harrod continued from The Calm Before the Storm))

Oh god she was shouting. She was revealing that they were here. She was inviting killers to seek them.

They arrived at their 'headquarter'. The tower, where they planned to stay to gather people. But, they probably were not alone. They heard the bell rung before, so here used to be people. Maybe still there are. Hopefully, they all ran away and Clarice and him were alone. He feels much more secure now, now that Maria left them and he was alone with his girlfriend.

He could trust her. She could trust him. The problem was also that she could trust Isabel, she could trust Maria. She could trust a killer, a murderer. Someone who plans to betray them. Conrad had to be cautious. Cautious who the person upstairs is.

96+ Quite Bitter Beings
Junko looked pissed. He could understand why, but eh. Such is life. Wait, was she charging at him? The bat. Attack him over water? Fucking water? There were hundreds of students here, both with 4 bottles. Junko sucked at math, didn't she?

As Junko came forward, he dropped the br-bottle, watching it fall and roll on the ground, to take out his chisel to defend himself against Junko if she did anything suspicious.

He pointed his assigned weapon at Junko, hoping she might mistake it for a knife or something. Something threatening.

"You're the asshole. Go away."

Where to point it? He was fucked. He couldn't do shit with this chisel. He went steps forward, chisel pointing at her face, hoping Junko to retreat. Hush, hush.

The Calm Before the Storm
Isabel left. Relief. One less person to be afraid of backstabbing him. Now, just Maria remained.

But. Clarice wanted to go to the bell tower to expand their group. Bad idea. More people meant more people meant more people meant more killers.

Conrad followed Clarice to their destination by sprinting to her to catch up.

"That's a good idea. We could use the bell to find the people we search for. Like Scout."

However, Maria was right. People with guns could come. Guns. They had nothing to defend themselves against guns. Maria's realistic. Maybe Maria's too afraid of the idea of the bell tower, that she leaves them. Then, it would be just him and Clarice. Then, there would be no strangers.

((Conrad Timothy Harrod continued in Jinsei no kyoku))

V6 Podcast
oh hey, here's a podcast about v6 pregame i just randomly found on the internet

Huge thanks to Cicada for doing the wonderful editing for the video, Lore for the artwork and the Guests for the awesome contributions!

She Swallowed Burning Coals
"Yeah, sounds like bells."

Bells? Yeah. Perhaps, that was a sign for the announcement the terrorists told them about. They did not sound like school bells. But bells were bells. But no announcement came. Luckily. Alessio did not want to hear announcements. He did not want to know who died. He did not want to know if Vanessa died.

Alessio put his hands into his hoodie. He thought about nothing. Looking over the ground, staring at his bag. He had his stuff. Right there. Next to it, the pole. Should he pick it up? Yes. It is better to take everything you can take. Just like in video games. Take everything, loot everything, inventory management, don't waste anything. Productivity. He knew that in the end his productivity would not matter at all. He could not be materialistic when he was about to have an awful fate. But it was something he had to do, if he wanted to help himself and Serena. He bend over to pick up his bag and weapon. He checked the insides of the bag. It had his rubik's cube.

A good way to distract himself.

He put his magic cube into his hoodie pocket, slung the bag over his shoulder and leaned the pole against the book shelves. Serena knew what was happening. She had a plan. She had good news. He was ready. He wanted to be ready.

"What now?", he asked in a silent voice. A silent voice that seemed so loud due to the emptiness of the room.

Al felt a bit more secure, ready. Not smiling, not seeming happy, still down. But, he had Serena. His worrying thoughts went away, or at least he tried to ignore them. His thoughts were not isolated with himself. Focus. Focus, Al. Man the fuck up. Al looked at Serena. Straight into her eyes.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
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96+ Quite Bitter Beings
Darius caught the bottle and hit it lightly against his head, closing his eyes, pretending to fall, as if he knocked himself out with the bottle


Then he recreated his balance and laughed at his fabulous acting. He looked at the water bottle and considered emptying it right away, but he really was thirsty. So he opened it, drank from it, and Jesus, it was refreshing. He did not care about spilling the contents of the water bottle, so his shirt ended up a bit wet. Finally, he emptied the bottle by letting the H2O hit the ground.

He picked up the pieces of paper that were parts of the Danya guide and put them inside the bottle and closing it with the cap.

"Look, Junko. A message in a bottle. We throw it into the ocean, a fisher will find it, will read 'Danya' and will think 'oh shit' and we will get rescued in some days."

Darius had a smug smile.

"Easy peasy."

He knew it wasn't going to work. That was an unrealistic plan. The ocean was big. But at least he showed Junko that his intentions were good and for the good of all and that crap. And he still had his water bottles while Junko had one less, which was also an advantage. He just needed to support his lie by revealing more false information to Junko.

"I already threw my bottles out, on the other side of the island. Now we just have to throw this one in this direction", he pointed at the horizon near to them, "and the chance of someone finding us increases."

V6 Island Tracker
So I thought it'd be a good idea to bring back Persy's Island Tracker. Now you guys might have a good overview on all open areas.

Open Areas = No ongoing threads in them. You can post a new thread.
Closed = Ongoing threads. But I'll add how many people are in them (in parenthesis) and whether they're private or not. If I don't state that they're private, they probably are open. Closed does not mean that you're not allowed to join in and you're not discouraged to join it. It just means you're not allowed to start a new thread there that isn't a oneshot.
Closed (1) threads are also highlighted as they are new, fresh threads.
Dangerzone = Self-explaining

Lobotomy Lab: DZ
Electroshock Therapy: DZ
Water Treatment: DZ

Group Therapy: Open
One-on-One Therapy: Open
Art Therapy: Open

The Wards
Regular Wards: Open
Intensive Care Wards: Closed (3)
Solitary Confinement: Open

Social Areas
Cafeteria: Closed (4)
Asylum Library: Open

Peaceful Meadows Crematorium
Chapel: Open
Gardens: Closed (3)

Staff Area
Doc Office: Closed (3)
Staff Lounge: Open
Storage Closet: Closed (4)

Asylum Exterior
Bell Tower: Closed (1)
Rooftop: Open
Cove: Open
Northwest Cliffs: Closed (1)

Supply Depot
Docks: Open
Storehouse: Open
Helipad: Open
Shoreline: Open

Staff Housing Block
Hunting Cabin: Closed (2)
A Block: Closed (3)
B Block: Closed (2)
Connecting Bridge: Open

Warehouse: Open
Radio Tower: Open
Vehicle Depot: Closed (3)
Slopes: Closed (2)

Staff Social Areas
Library: Closed (2)
Pub: Open
Gym: Open

Last Update: Under this post, the 'last edited' thing. Don't wanna manually update this every time xD

I'll try to update it whenever I can, so you have an easier time.

She Swallowed Burning Coals
He felt his back being lightly kicked and closed his eyes even further before deciding to open them. Serena really wanted him to stand up, he could hear that from her voice, her wording. Almost like a threat: she would not let him waste away on the ground. Al was acting selfish by lying there. Not that it mattered. It was rude to her, yes. But it was none of his business, and him having been selfish wouldn't matter when he's dead. But it would not matter if he was not a selfish asshole by ignoring her, either. And he might feel better. It would be better to die not-sad than dying guilty. Temporarily. Al was not doing himself a favour by lying on the ground, feeling shitty and waiting for someone to finally kill him.

Three, two, one.

He pushed himself up with the help of his arms. He had decided to wake up. To face reality. As if that helped. He rubbed his eyes hoping to get rid of the dried tears and looked at Serena. His muscles felt weird. He felt cold. His heart beat was crazy. Alessio was awake.

Serena. With a collar. He was shaking slightly.

"Where are we?"

He checked his surroundings. His senses were flooded with the new information. They were in a library. But that did not answer his question. Where were they? Were they still in the US? The books. What language were they? But there was a thing that caught his attention even more. On the floor next to him, his bag. And a pole lying next to his bag. His weapon.

He recalled the introduction again. Weapon, collars, the film, Mr. Graham. Graham was such a friendly person. He was so smart, he'd never imagined Graham to die. A gun, what a surreal scenario. A gun that blew the mind of an intelligent teacher away. Blowing away all the knowledge and experience, his biography.

That person who introduced them. He could not recall the name. But what he could remember, and it was hurting much to remember it, was, that he was never going to see that man again. Never.

No, don't think about it. Don't. Serena, instead. Serena is not a stranger. She could relate. She was in the same terrible situation as him. She would understand. He could understand. Looking at her, he did not feel like smiling at her the way he did when he was in school. More like crying in front of her. But he could restrain himself from doing so. It helped to not look at Serena and staring at the floor instead.

The Calm Before the Storm
They were four people now. That should worry Conrad. The more people came, the more people came he had to be afraid of. He could trust Clarice. He wasn't sure on Isabel or Maria. But perhaps Maria did not want to stay. Isabel apparently did not want to go away, though.

"Greetings", he repeated to Maria. Conrad did not like so many people coming. But perhaps Clarice would be fond of it. Maybe it makes her plan of grouping up come true. What then? Conrad had no clue. But having a big group was a good way to keep themselves clear from attackers. Unless, the attacker was in the group. In which case it all was pointless.

Conrad tried to have a rather friendly face to Maria and Isabel joining. He did not want to think that they would not be invited. But he thought different. Conrad hopes Clarice to be less willing to invite new people to their party. Scout, Kizi? Sure. But people they did not know that much, people they weren't close with. It was not worth it, risking their lives.

She Swallowed Burning Coals
Al had to worry about what Serena had said.

A car. What then? Drive over other people with it? Drive away from killers? How can a car solve death? Also, the fact that she said that their goal was on the other side of the island made it even more unlikely for them to even have a car. Alessio doubted they would not be surprised, attacked and killed while walking to another location.


He closed his eyes once again and tried to block out the situation he was in. It was none of his business.

96+ Quite Bitter Beings
"No, I don't have my own anymore. I ran, like, a lot to come here and it was exhausting. I needed to drink."

It was the truth that it took some time to come from the building (it was fucking creepy there), to this one. It was not true that he had no bottles anymore. He started drinking from one, but still had his others full. Darius did not plan to make a fool out of himself, using his own bottles. No, he needed Junko's bottles.

"As for trusting, you can't trust anybody, you're right, you're smart. But you can trust me. Like, what do you think I'm going to do with the bottle? Beat you to death with it?"

Darius giggled. Oh man, he shouldn't laugh at such a situation, but the seriousness of it made it more funnier. He could compensate sadness with laughter. That was alright.

He reached her his hand.

"Also, hurry up. I want us to go home ASAP."

The Calm Before the Storm
Hmph. Clarice really could not forgive him for suggesting to do the thing the terrorists told them to."We are not playing", he confirmed. But, like Isabel had said, surviving was important, indeed. Perhaps the three of them could become a group of sorts.

"We are up to..."

Conrad had to think of a reply. What were they up to?

"We have no plan yet. No clue what we are going to do. We will not play, we will try to be peaceful. Other than that? No clue. Absolutely no clue. You have one?"

While he spoke, he grasped his halberd harder. He was unsure what to think about the talking trash about him. Conrad hated it when people talked against him. He absolutely despises it. But it did not matter, did it? If Conrad had known that Isabel was talking behind his back, he would have...

Don't be angry. Calm down. Having a grudge against someone right now is not good timing.

Still, if one person is not honest and honourable, why would they be in this situation?

She Swallowed Burning Coals
Step. Step. Step. Al could trust Serena, but still the sound of her coming near him made his heartbeat beat faster. He would not had expected her to suddenly kill him, though that could have been a possibility. He also did not expect her to kick him with her feet to wake him up. It was not a kick, per se, but it still made him open his eyes again. He could not sleep anyway. Perhaps being awake and not thinking can get rid of the nasty thoughts he had.

He looked up to Serena. She had her pink t-shirt with the funny caption on. It was not funny anymore. Nothing will be funny anymore. She wore the shirt some times. It used to be fun. Back in school. Alessio now could recall her wearing it in the bus. She looked like she looked back in the bus. She looked like always. No, something was off. But who wouldn't be off with being on this situation? Alessio won't recognise his friends anymore, everybody will be off. Everybody has changed the time they woke up today, in this situation.


Good. Serena had something good. What can be good in this situation? She had to be lying. She could not have something good. Good what? Good news? What were good news? No news are good news, a song had once said. Good weapon? Al did not know what his weapon was yet. He did not want to know, though. Good. Al was curious.

"What is it?", his voice was quiet. He changed from looking at Serena, back to looking at the floor.