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Darius Van Dyke
Name: Darius Van Dyke
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Gardens, anime, sketching, pranks, gaming

Appearance: The 5'2" tall Darius weighs 139 pounds. Darius has a small build and appears to be slightly overweight, due to having a bigger torso. He has a dyed green streak above his right eye on the top of his short, brown, frizzy hair. Darius' face is round and full. His face complexion is light olive, due to being quarter-Argentinian. His nose is big and above his hazel eyes, which are often squinty, are thick brown eyebrows. His teeth are yellow and his lips are full. While a goatee would appear around his lips and on the chin, he is clean shaven.

Darius usually wears green hoodies along with blue or black jeans. On the day of abduction he wore a dark-blue coat with a fur hood. Underneath it he wore a green t-shirt. He also wore black jeans along with white-blue sneakers.

Biography: Darius Van Dyke was born in 1997 to Dustin and Pina Floyd in Kingman, Arizona. Dustin worked as an IT technician, while Pina was a store clerk. Darius especially had a good relationship with his mother, as the Van Dykes owned a garden. When Darius was young, he often played outside at that garden. He often was gardening, but sometimes just played outside. Often, his mother helped him with gardening and taught him what to do in case he did need help in gardening, though most of the time he tried to take care of the flowers without the help of his mother. When Darius grew older and was about 7 years old, he also helped his mother at gardening, like at cutting the grass, which is something he enjoyed, as he felt proud of being able to fulfill these tasks. Their garden was also a nice place to barbecue and when friends came to their house, they often went there.

Thus he had a deeper bond with his mother and continues to garden in his free time. While he now doesn't always have time for gardening, he usually helps his mother at taking care of the garden every weekend. He enjoys gardening and is proud of what he has created.

Darius had his first experience with computers at an early age. His father used to play games on the computer and Darius also then began to play games there, for example, solitaire or puzzle games. While he grew up, he continued to play more games: At first free flash games, but then he also bought games he wanted to play, not only on his computer, but also on consoles. His first games he completed were New Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon Pearl, which were games his father gave him as a present on his eighth birthday. While he isn't a fan of platformers anymore and prefers to play shooters or strategy games, he continued with his habit of completing games, often using the internet for walkthroughs in case he's stuck. He also continued playing roleplaying games as well, particularly the pokemon games, which were addictive to him, but also bigger roleplaying games with more story, like one of his favourite games, Skyrim.

During elementary school as well in kindergarten, Darius tried to act like a class clown, which brought him attention. He liked it when he could make his friends laugh, which is why he often liked to kid around during class or outside of class.

This however changed when he accidently half-blinded Astrid Tate when they were in elementary school. During recess, Darius and some other kids threw paper pellets at each other via elastic bands. After Astrid was hit in the eye, it had consequences for him. He felt guilty for having hurt Astrid. After his teachers contacted his parents about the accident, they were shocked and the Van Dykes had a lengthy discussion at home, resulting into Darius getting a sanction via an 2 month grounding. At school Darius felt guilty for that and around the teachers he tried to act better, feeling observed and judged by them. All pupils who participated in the game with paper pellets also received a lecture by an elementary school teacher, elastic bands were banned on the playground and the teachers observed the kids better so that it could not happen again. As Darius felt guilty for having half-blinded Astrid, he apologised to her. But Astrid hated him, so he tried to avoid her in the future, feeling uncomfortable around her. The Tates and the Van Dykes had a discussion with the result of no sueing to occur.

As he was scared because of the permanent damage he had done, he changed for the better. He concentrated more on class and didn't want to fool around in class anymore. He continued to joke around, but rather outside of class. And he's against violence and just jokes around with words.

He had a good relationship with his cousin Brady, who dyed his hair when he was 15. Around the same time he was introduced to more gaming and anime by him. With his classmates, he played multiplayer games. And when he got Steam and Skype, he invested much of his free time to play games. However, he tried to not play too much, never neglecting other important things. For example when he had to learn for an exam, he focussed to learn instead of getting distracted. He also liked to watch anime over all genres. Two of his favourite series are FMA: Brotherhood and Cowboy Bebop.

As he was interested in anime and liked the art, he even attempted to sketch in his free time, when he was bored. In breaks, he had a college block with many drawings with him. In these he often draws anime characters he liked, video game characters he wanted to draw or something random that comes into his mind. He doesn't sketch during class, though, as he wants to concentrate on the subjects in school.

His mother disliked it how he spent more time inside on the computer than outside, like she does. But as Darius still liked gardening and helped her out every weekend, she still spends an amount of time with him, although there are just few subjects they talk about both are interested in.

On the contrary, Darius and his father talk more often. When talking to other people, Darius often tries to impress them by making them laugh. Since Elementary he liked to tell jokes, often ones he had heard from friends, but from time he also could think of own ones, so he liked it when he had something witty or funny in mind, he could add as a comment to others. His father also likes to laugh and is humorous as well. They get along well and are open to each other, often laughing about stuff or ranting about stuff together.

He isn't serious all the time and loves being sarcastic and overexaggerating, which can be interpreted as loudmouthed or rude sometimes by his classmates, like when he brags about his grades or makes fun of other people. This lead to him not being a popular guy to hang out with. Still, he had good friends he hangs out with. His use of humour depends on the situation he currently is in, as he hates it if his jokes are ruined by them being too inappropiate. For example, when younger kids are around, he avoids joking about some subjects. To strangers or people he doesn't want to leave a bad impression on, he also tends to not joke too much around, but rather is trying to be friendly. Though he loves to mock other people he dislikes with jokes. Their annoyance can even be entertaining in some cases. Often he can also be brutally honest with humourous undertones to people he dislikes, which make some of the students consider him as unfriendly or jerkish. He prefers that to pretending to be nice and lie at others, which is why he thinks that he is cool and a rebel by doing that. With friends he likes to joke around, mostly with insider jokes, or mock games or other people, sometimes even the friends themselves. To make them laugh, he also sometimes makes jokes at other's expenses. He's an humourous person and likes to laugh, although he can be a bit obnoxious by his actions.

When Isaac Brea pranked him, he wanted to seek revenge. This lead to Darius researching what pranks he could pull off. Upon stumbling on some funny pranks on youtube, he also continued to watch prank videos. Youtubers he liked are Remi Gaillard, Vitalyd and among his personal favourites are whatever and Tom Mabe. He also did some small pranks in Kingman with friends and sometimes filmed it, but pays attention about what to do as he does not want to hurt anyone physically or break any laws. Isaac and him sometimes prank each other, but they can get along, which is why they also sometimes did pranks together.

He likes to surf on the internet, but on the internet he's ruder than in real life. He sometimes trolls on the internet and he can be more daring to joke around and his jokes have no limits there. Anonymity helps him to dare more things, which is why he had multiple account names as well.

He had started a channel on YouTube as well, where he does LPs and does anime reviews as well. Though he also likes to rant about stuff, generally about games, anime or what comes into his mind. He also planned to do pranks or social experiments in the future, but he had no ideas for original or good pranks that are worth putting on the internet.

As he takes school very seriously, it lead to him getting good grades, getting As or Bs in classes. He stopped joking around during lessons and concentrates and acts well in class. Therefore he understands the concepts that are taught to him. Just outside of the classrooms or during the breaks he likes to fool around. He also doesn't mess with teachers or authorities to avoid conflicts with them.

He had no special subject he's particularly interested, thinking the time outside of class to be much more exciting than the one spent inside class. Except maybe computer science, where he can learn more about programming. A subject where he is not as good as in the others and acts more silly there as well is PE, as most of time they did physical activities instead of learning. Due to his good grades he gets, he is proud of them and that gives him the motivation to become better.

He aspires to become a successful Let's Player or Youtuber to live off the money and it's a dream of his, but he realises that this would be improbable. So he wants to start an apprenticeship at an IT company, as computers have interested him since an early age. He thinks it would be good for him to learn more about them and work with them in the future.

Due to surfing through the internet he also discovered SOTF as a shock site. He was disgusted and did not want to visit links he doesn't think are safe.

Advantages: Darius is smart and determined. He can also be a creative person, whose thinking outside of the box could help him on the island. His ranting could also help him to get sympathy from his allies.
Disadvantages: Darius is pretty honest. He might get in trouble with other people, because he says his opinion out loud. He also has made a good amount of enemies, which may hinder his classmates to trust him. He also is not in a good shape.

Not On Target
"Sounds good", Scarlett said before following Irene. Scarlett had to giggle at the magical journey part.

Oh, she remembered that she wanted the jeans when she left the store. Whatever, they can wait.

((Scarlett McAfee continued in She also fuckin' writes and shit))

Not On Target
Scarlett had to think. What would speak against that? Nothing.

"Sure!", she said. "Where do you wanna go lunch?"

Kingman had lots of places where they could eat. Like, they could eat pizza. Or go to Cheryl's. Or to Diamondback. There are other places, too. Hopefully Irene decides, so she wouldn't have to. Homework can wait.

Not On Target
"I still have to do my homework, later."

She dropped her imaginary bat and stood up again till she was at her normal height again.

"Though I won't need to take the whole day for that."

Scarlett wondered why Irene asked her that. Maybe she wants to hang out later?

Not On Target
Scarlett then stood up again till her shoulders met Irene's hands. It was a silly situation right now, Scarlett realised. Learning baseball techniques in a store.

"Maybe...we can do the baseball thing later."

She looked around the store, hoping no one would see them. Scarlett had no intention of joining a baseball team, although the advice Irene gave would definitely be helpful. But on the other hand, it looked silly.

Not On Target
After Scarlett got lower, she said: "But if I swing now, the ball would fly over the bat, wouldn't it?"

She wasn't sure. But that's what happened most of the time. It either flew over or under the bat. She swung the bat again.

The balance of her whole body was on her front foot. That was something Scarlett could do easily. Scarlett had balance, Scarlett could tap dance. She swung the bat again.

Not On Target
So Irene did join for Cris. When thinking of a situation where she did something, because she liked someone, Scarlett couldn't think of one where she'd have joined a club or something like that. Be nice, be helpful, watch something you usually don't like, listening to garbage, because friends like it, yes. But joining a club wouldn't make sense when she has no motivation of doing it. Like, she wouldn't have joined the ballett club for Danny, because honestly. Haha. Scarlett dancing ballett.

On the other hand, some people she liked didn't even know her and live far away from the town of Kingman. Like, Hollywood. And now that she thought about it, she'd definitely join a Hollywood tennis club or something like that to become friends with some celebs and stars. But she didn't think that's what Irene meant. A reason to not reply to the question she cannot answer properly and avoid it by shrugging her shoulders and then asking a counter-question.

"Oh, so you're experienced with baseball already, then. Then nothing can go wrong, right?"

Scarlett swung an imaginary baseball bat through the air.

"I never understood how to actually swing the bat. And how to hit the ball properly. Like, when I hit it, it just doesn't fly the direction it should. Or they just don't fly."

Ah, the troubles of PE Scarlett and baseballs that don't fly. Baseball sure is complicated.

Not On Target
"Heh, you can never be too late, I guess." After all, Irene was a junior so she still had time in this school. It was kinda sad that the time in school is slowly coming to an end, but starting a new hobby is never a bad thing. "I might even be able to visit a game you might play some time!"

Scarlett was curious. Irene had a crush on Cris, who played baseball and she also started playing baseball.

"Sooo...this is how you and Cris met, am I right?"

Not On Target
"Oh, the smile? Nothing." Scarlett stopped grinning and looked around the store. Then back at Irene with the smile gone.

"Ohno. I do not practise on the field. I'm not interested in any sport there."

Scarlett quickly thought about what to say, what to add to the sentence.

"Do you play baseball?"

That seemed likely, considering that Cris played baseball.

Not On Target
A lunch with Blair would've been interesting, but Blair left. And she didn't even say bye to Scarlett. It's as if Scarlett wasn't here. Oh, well. Blair was busy or something. Still, it was kinda rude.

Once Scarlett got the Magic! song stuck in her head - and that wasn't a good sign as the song was an awful reggae song despite being catchy - she looked at Irene. "Oh, a thing with Cris?" She smiled broadly and raised an eyebrow.

As far as Scarlett knows Irene got a huge crush on him.

For the people all said "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat."
Oh, of course. Discovering a corpse, how romantic. Conrad grinned at the statement that it was not a thriller. Jeremy was a class clown. Maybe he meant it ironically. Or not. It doesn't matter, Conrad grinned.

"Oh, sorry. It is a romance, of course. Sorry."

And then Jeremy said that the protagonist was creepy. Oh, who doesn't find creepy protagonists romantic? It's definitely not a thriller, nono.

Now that Conrad thought about it, the creepiness of the protagonist actually made him believe that it was in fact a romance. After all, the main characters of many romance were creepy. Stuff like 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight and other stuff noone would ever want to read. Except maybe Jeremy.

"Do you like romance novels in general?"

He looked at Jeremy. The question was asked in a calm way, without a mocking expression. After all, he asked due to his curiousity.

Not On Target
They talked about Asimah or the tee or coughs or something like that. Looking back at the other two, Scarlett tried to figure out what the current topic is, so she might also talk with them, instead of staring in abstraction.

Lunch. Yeah, it was time for lunch soon. But was it directed to her or to Irene? Or both. Scarlett wasn't sure, so she waited for what Irene would say.

While Alessio was curious about how Adelaide felt about hugging, it's none of his business. Also, he could kinda understand that some people don't like hugging. Some people do, some people don't. Also, the weather was hot, so that might explain it a bit?

So he said "Michelle, Massimo, Jeff and Julius". He tried to smile at Adelaide. He liked it that she was interested in him and his cats enough to bring them back to the topic instead of talking awkwardly about something else. That, or the other topic was something she really didn't like.

When Penelope looked at the phone, he looked at his bag. He also needed to go home to bring the bag back home.

Pool Slingshot
Jerry had to giggle loudly. Puns were funny and made Jeremiah smile. Okay, sometimes they were lame. But now they aren't.

He wished he could think of one, too. But he couldn't. Kurosawa, Kurosawa. How the hell can there be a pun made with this name?

Still, Jeremiah was a bit afraid of a possible sanction of Parkinson and tried to not get noticed by him.

Oh, Parkinson's a good name for a pun. A parking son. Or something like that. Waitno, that wouldn't ever make sense in any context.

Yeah, puns are lame.

Not On Target
Scarlett wanted to answer what she was going to buy, but then she was surprised by Blair's discovering of her tee. That was actually Irene's. Scarlett assumed that they were going to talk about the pink tee the next minutes. Let's see what happens.

Or listen. Looking around the room, drifting her vision away from the tee, she thought. She couldn't remember when she was that excited about something to buy...

Now she could: when she was younger she wanted some cool-looking shirt. She was really annoying her father about it, so he bought it to her. Silly thing is that today her former favourite shirt doesn't fit anymore.

And she doesn't care anymore, she has enough after all. Nowadays she wasn't that interested in buying something. If she has a cool shirt, she has it. If she hasn't, she hasn't. Anyway, it's more about post-materialistic stuff, right? Like her tap dancing or her writing or- hey that's a nice pair jeans.

She mentally noted to go in the direction after the discussion.

Not On Target
Blair's coughing was concerning. Scarlett should take care that she won't turn ill by getting infected.

"Yeah, Asimah wrote a poem for me, which was pretty amusing."

She had to smile. Irene said something about hitting up the town. She wondered what they'll do later.

"What're you two searching for, by the way?"

She looked at the tee Irene held. It looked pretty cool.

Not On Target
Blair finally noticed her. And then there was also Irene.

"Heyo, Irene!"

Scarlett knew Irene, she was nerdy as well. Irene's sister, Asimah, also was. Oh god, that poem. It was just hilarious. Memories came up and she had to smile inwardly.

She noticed that Blair also laughed and coughed.

"Yeah, we know each other!"

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Okay, so. I doubt the Vyse lynch will happen and a Deamon lynch is still bad.

So...I was about to unvote Vyse, but I think that might be a bad idea. I mean.

What alternatives do we have? A Cake lynch. Yep, a Cake lynch would be neat. Especially since Dea's voting him. But a Vyse lynch would be better.

I really don't know what to do. Day 1 and stuff.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Lynching Dea is a bad idea, okay?

He doesn't seem scum, has claims Denise, which is a town role and this bw is a bit too fast. We should switch to somebody else instead.

Dea has been scum the past games, but I really doubt he is in this one.

I'm not fond of the pushes of Vyse on him. However, his push tells me that Vyse and MK are not mafia partners, because MK was kinda convinced, if you know what I mean.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Vote: Vyse

Good, then I'll vote Vyse before I forget it tomorrow.

Uh, reasons are because of his forced towntell, which is a good reason.

Another reason would be: Lynch>No Lynch.