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Let's Talk About Death
So, I already read that scene when I started reading Brook, but I can't remember reading of Tiffany before the thread. And I read it before I was told that invisitext existed.

So, the scene is a pretty cool one. I like the misunderstanding, which kinda made sense, the love triangle, which seemed to make the scene even more tragic, even though the love confession was kinda random or cliche. But, lots of people were there, also, handler having two characters, which might be pretty normal for V4, maybe? Anyway, the scene made me feel pity for Liam and it made me dislike Jason (as a person, not as a character, if you get why I mean). And it kinda made me sad about the death of Tiffany, as Liam never really had enough time with her. I don't think the death was bad, it worked, the scene developed characters and it made sense.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
I guess that's even more awesome then, right?

Naft, you're the most amazing toy that doesn't fly. Thanks for the critiques! Also, a sexy beast.

Vyse, I think you are a genius.

I'll request a Naft. Wiki page with all important stuff can be found here.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
Ah, thanks for the critique very much! :3

Uh, Forrest Doe, because why not.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
Gene Steward.

I should actually start writing posts that make sense.

Let's Talk About Death
As I barely read V4, I volunteer. So I'm interested.

Also, what does mean "death sequence"? Do we only read the last thread or the last post or do we have to search a post to begin to read or something. Cause, for example, if I get rolled Jason Harris, it'd be odd to read the whole Bloodgarden thread. And if we just read a one-liner death post, it wouldn't be right, too, I think.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
Forrest Doe, as you already did my other character.

Brackie's Whacky-Tacky Critiques
I'd give you my V5 character, but I have none. So...I guess, Forrest Doe?