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Writing SOTF into one story
Hello, I'm Rockythetigre(not Rocky) and I want to apologize for my english in advance.
When I joined this awesome forum I wanted to read the Versions, but the only way to do that was to follow a character. But I asked if there is a way to read everything of a version instead of just 1 character. And Murderweasel did that for the first Version of Evo.

Now I wanted to try that for V1-V5,too. But obviously I am not as successful as Toben. And I just began reading it some weeks ago, so I just finished Day 1-3 of V1.And I may present you a testscript of Day 1

But,before you read it I want to say it has some flaws. First, I haven't decided whether I should write "90 players left", after someone dies or not. Or if I should write like Toben did, a Time and the Entrances of Exits of characters. And as I'm very uncreative I don't have good ideas for good Chapter Titles. And there are scenes, that should be rewritten(For Example the scene where Aiden and Daisuke meet as if they knew each other,but in fact don't know each other), but I don't know if I should do that or not. Or there is a missing thread of Naoji Hideyoshi, so there is a missing scene that should be rewritten. Or maybe everything could be written into a novelization instead of an archive,but I doubt someone would do that(Well, I would if my english was better).

Well that is just V1. Have you already read some V1 or not? V1 is ,as I heard from the chat, not the best version and barely canon.
But V1 is the beginning of SOTF and that's why I did it. And V1 has a positive aspect to archive it: Not all characters are introduced in 1 day, they come sooner and later.

And Im already working on V2-5, but I have 1 major problem that I don't know how to solve:
The Pregame. If I work on V2-5 how do I chronologize it? Do I begin with the Pregame and begin with the Main Game after that? Or should I use them as flashbacks? Or should I completly leave out Pregame? Or should I use the Pregame of a character after they die? Or should I use it as an Epilogue(As V2 doesn't have an Epilogue). And V4 and V5 have Memories. What should I do with them? And what with V5's Meanwhile?

I'd love to read opinions and suggestions for improvement on this project and the First 15 Chapters.

Joey Grey
Well, I'd like to adopt Mr. Grey, even though Jill and Shangela are higher in the priority list and more experienced. But at least I did not do nothing. Off topic:
Chase, are you Lien? If yes, I'm currently reading V1 and I like your characters.