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No Milk Today
Julius awoke. Yawn. Stretch.

Jumped off the bed. Stomp. Step.

Walked through the house. They left.

Looked for the others. They slept.

Something was missing. Strange that.

But it was not bothering that he left.

He still had Michelle, Massimo and Jeff.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Oh man, thank you!

Gene looks pretty stoned xD

Worm Mafia Sign-ups
Worms was a great game in my childhood, let's play it again.

I hope I get a grenade.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Oh, you want more requests? Sure!


Creativity's Burning Pyre
All of them are beautiful poems!

Suggestion: increasing the character cap per handler
I trust our people to not actually write fodder characters, but to love all of them.

A 4 character cap would be neat, considering the handler:character ratio, yeah. But if it stays like it is, it's okay, too.

Taking Requests for Character Art
Wow, the art looks great and the images of the characters are super recognisable!

Also, props for having done the whole v6 crew!

New General SOTF Discussion Thread

I think we /might/ need a new SOTF logo

Second Chance Roll Calls are Open!
Yay! SC2 starts soonish. End of July, even o.o

We used to have Mini announcements on this board, but now they're archived in the advertisment archive. So I decided to just remind you guys in case you haven't had checked Mini for a while.

Hopefully many people will join! I'm hyped!

Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: me
Dates Away: 10th - 14th July
Days Away: Five
Reason for Away: Seminar
Characters: Dead

help, I can't decide which concept to kick out
Scotch Wiggum - Sporty Party Girl
Quentin Wythe - Nerd who Wyatt hates
Thomas B. Skinner - Gordon Ramsey and Tarantino fan
Ned (surname changed) - System of a Down enthusiastic loner
Kobe Sleeper - Christopher McCandless is his idol.
Iago Croxley - kinda blank
Desiree Beck - Beck from PAHL?

Which one to kick out? Also want to be friends/enemies with them?

I'll draw your character when I'm bored
Wow, great art!

I'll look forward seeing these SOTF characters in that style!

V6 Top Ten
My faves:


Got no time to explain. Will explain later, perhaps. Essentially they are recs to sum up v6 for the people joining in v7.