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Bohemian Purgatory
"Huh? Yeah," he nodded. "I am alright, I am totally fine." Get a grip, Al. Stop staring in the crowd, awaiting her, look at Cristo instead. No need for eye contact, but at least concentrate.

Uh yeah, what to say? It was hard to not think about her.

Perhaps, distract with a song, with music. Not the song that was currently played on Sadie Hawkins, but one song in his head. A song that reminded him of Sadie Hawkins. Alessio did not hum. Al did not sing. But he had the lyrics in his head. Come as you are. As you were. As I want you to be.

Who was he kidding? He had the guitar in his head, not the lyrics. Much more comfortable than this playlist. The music in Sadie Hawkins was so loud, so happy, so...it did not fit his mood. Al liked every genre, but he really did not feel this current song. He did not feel the vibe of the music. Al did not feel Sadie Hawkins.

In his head, his internal playlist could reflect his mood. And if he felt like Nirvana fits, then he would feel like it.

Anyways, look interested to Cristo. Concentrate. Cristo. Rene. Focus on what Cristone has to say. Eh, Cristo.

Hearts of Irony
Maxim returned with not only yoghurt, but also lots of questions.

"You." Oh, Al was interrupted by the German as he started rambling. "Ther-", Alessio tried to explain how one can see the changes, but Maxim interrupted him yet again. Maxim had a weird accent. The 'ach' sounded so weird. But at least he knew the move now.

When Maxim asked how much time had passed, Alessio replied with a simple, flat: "Uh, I have no clue."

Oh, he was muted. He always was muted. Because being muted meant being save, being muted meant not bothering the other person with besides noise. He unmuted himself.

"I have no clue."


This time the 'I have no clue' was less flat. More prepared.

Oh, the queen, the big queen. Alessio did not like when a queen was threatening something, he really did not like it. But, Maxim would not be stupid enough to let him lose his queen, so Alessio moved his rook to protect his site from the dangerous queen.

A Magnet For Trouble
Bart really had a problem. Darius covered his nose with one hand.

"Don't remind me of the smell. My nose already bleeds thinking about Bart...and I don't mean that in an anime way. I mean it in a 'his smell hurts really fucking bad' way."

And meanwhile, Bart's brother (Darius was glad that he was not near enough that fat skater boy to smell him) was a complete loser at everything.

Do a flip. Jesus Christ, that one-liner. Darius had to laugh out loud hard. Do a flip. Do a barrel roll. Do a flip. That was impossible. That guy could never do a flip at this state, weight, whatever.

Darius had a good time having a civil conversation with Mike, laughing at the jokes several times and after like 3 or 4 cigs, Michael intended to leave.

"Yeah, Jon usually works. I met him last week or so." Or was it a week before? Who cares. Darius waved at Michael leaving, and stomped on his last cig before also heading home.

"See ya!"

((Darius Van Dyke, continued in Food's Better with Friends))

Tiny Vessels
The Sadie Hawkins Dance was a good experience for Conrad, even if it was awkward with Beaks and Kizi being together.

He could have been the one that...

He is the one who danced with his girlfriend, he was the one who spent his time with his girlfriend. And it was a beautiful night, no complaints. Conrad was looking forward to Prom, which will even be better.

((Conrad Timothy Harrod continued elsewhere))

Hearts of Irony
"Okay, see you."

Dang it. Maxim was observant. Alessio was going to lose.

Al concluded that Maxim was good at chess. Maybe he was as good as Alvaro. The times he battled against him in the café, Al mostly lost. Alvaro would have also seen Al's mistake. That was a dumb mistake. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

And he was going to lose. But, maybe he can do something smart. He watched each piece of the board. What was the best move?

This time, he thought about the consequences the move would have. Then he dragged the chess piece with his mouse.

Oh w-

No, everything was alright. No threat, no threat.

And now Alessio even had the time to calm down, as he waited for Maxim's return. The clock showed 3:47 PM. Hm, how time passes once you have fun. He stood up to take the water bottle again and drink a sip out of it. There was not much he could do while waiting. He could do something else, but that'd be rude towards the flaxen-haired boy. So he waited.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
the way frogue demanded thoughts from him seems more buddying to me

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
btw, from the interactions, I think that lore is town and that bik is scum

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
flavour cop, then

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
frogue is not a mafia cop, I believe

if decoy was eliminated by the mafia, I think it might be because of his knowledge. If frogue really is the mafia cop, I think they already know another role than decoy.

Also, 2 BPs is suspicious.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
oh, frogue is mafia? That makes it easy to determine his partners then, through the ISO.

Also, should I already vote for him, then?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I mean, luckily Survivor has no graveyard either, that would suck.

But I know that like Vyse and Z died, I think. Who was the third?

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I have flavour claimed.

What have people claimed and who's dead and so? Because the OP is unchanged and there is no graveyard.

Hearts of Irony
((Alessio Rigano continued from Not My Tempo))

Wait no. It was not a great idea to move the bishop there. If Maxim did the right move now, Alessio would be screwed.

Please, let him not notice his mistake. Please let him not notice his mistake. Please let him think that it was a smart move. Please let him just worry about the bishop and not notice his mistake.

While Al waited for the move of the German, he viewed to the ground, to spectate the, luckily unopened plastic water bottle that was lying on the ground. He picked up the bottle to place it back on the table, just to pick it up again to place it on a closet to protect it from being knocked out again.

Staring back at the computer screen, he awaited Maxim's next move. Please let him not notice the mistake. Fall for it.

I Know What My Fortune Is
Johnny gave him a cig. Johnny was good. Be like Johnny.

"Sure, sure. Menthol, ethanol, methanol. I'll take it all."

Dariush took one cig and digged into his pocket to pull out a lighter. Trying to ignite the cig, he covered it with his hand so no wind would blow out the fire. But, he shall not burn his fingers. He needed his fingers, damnit. They were his golden tool. In gaming, in drawing, in writing exams. His claws are holy. But, luckily, everything was fine and he could put his lighter back to his pocket and the minty cig into his mouth.

Darius turned his back to Johnny to watch Maria and Junko gossiping about him. False information, mostly. He needed to comment on it, point out the lies.

"A) I did not try, I succeeded and B) my singin' was wonderful. I can sing again, will sing again. Jesus, Junko, have I not told you, when I invited you here, that you should bring a guitar? Campfires without guitars suck."

And with that he bend, to take a beer and open it.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
yep, but I strengthen the point that the two of them are town

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
rorick, the game would be severly imbalanced if there were just 2 vanilla townies while everybody else would be a power role. I assume there is also a 4th vanilla townie that might hide.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
that role is called villager without a power. And it is a common role.

Feel free to lynch me to have 2 confirmed clear people. Paige and Randomness cannot be mafia, everybody else is a power role or mafia. Simple.

Lynch me, wait for my flavour, then Paige and Randomness are certainly town. No mafia member would know the vanilla villager flavour, so to me both of them are 100% town.

then, I'd like to request Boy Number 9

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I think Prim is too agressive to be town. Town!Prim always seems more defensive than pointing at people.

As for my flavour claim: I have the same role as Paige.

Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Game Thread
I will try to participate more, but 37 pages, man. That is a lot to read thoroughly.

I'll be active now, ask away any question.

Also, Prim looks the scummiest to me.

And Paige and whoever the 2nd person to claim Paige's role was, seem to be very town.