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Don't Expect Too Much
So, where do I begin? I think his two memory one-shots are amazing. They both are realistic, well written with cool narrative and show pretty nice moments of Marcus' life.

So, in "Never Stop" Marcus is introduced in a very nicely written narrative, meets Taylor and then has a friendly conversation with him, showing the normal, scared Marcus. Nothing eventful happens. Then they split, and Marcus goes to the Aqua-Museum. Marcus is not a static character, which is pretty cool, as he changes through that scene. Even though "Good Morning, Goodbye, Good Luck" is a private thread, it's super awesome written, and gives every character involved (Vahka, Marcus, the hiding Asa) some nice development! I'm also curious what would happen if Marcus and Vahka remeet. Yes, I definitely would love to read a scene where Vahka and Marcus meet again with neither of them being rolled. So yeah, Marcus was betrayed, broken and robbed by Vahka, which lead him to be more scared and scarred than he already was. He still was the old Marcus a bit, just without hope, which is pretty cool, as he's still Marcus after all. So yeah, then he killed Eden, after she tried to give him hope, and the scene is also a nice written one, his intentions are also very cool, as he kinda sees a reflection in her. Everything made sense. His thought process was very well written and fluid. Then he went, teamed up with Angie and Jaxon, heard the announcement and apparently recovered from the Vahka shock, as he allied with them. That however ended when Jaxon wants to leave and Marcus stops him by killing him. His motive to kill people then also changed, which is pretty cool, as that way it's not repetitive. And it's not random either, as the thoughtstring really fit. Uh, yeah, now Marcus will probably kill Angie. And then? I'm not sure what will happen after that. Then he'll be alone, which will be sad. It's probably hard to recover from it.

Yes, the texts were long, it hadn't really hooked me, but when I focused to read it, I really liked it. It's well written and nothing seems superflous. The details and narrative is nice.

Marcus also is a different villain, a very interesting and original one, as he isn't really hunting or trying to kill and his psyche and thoughts are revealed. Not only that, he's also sympathetic despite being scary...well yes, everybody he encountered was either killed by himself or Vahka.

I don't know what else to say. His story isn't completed. And I hope it won't be for long. He is one of the people I want to see win, even though I have others that I want to see win, too.

V6 Concepts Thread
I think I already have to think about a way to distinguish Aleksander Virtanen, Alex Darby, Alex Machina and Alexander Tarquin.

Naft makes SotF related images
This thread should live. Forever.

Don't Expect Too Much
Hello, I'm RC and this is my first critique thread. Don't expect too much as I have no idea what to do, this critique won't have a vanilla flavour, nor a strawberry-chocolate one. All I'll do is follow the rules and guides and stuff. Well, if I give an advice or opinion: Welp, I'm not a good writer, so you don't have to listen to me. I'll probably just give an opinion how I like the character...probably just the story. Or rather how I view or impress the character as a reader. So no analysises here. Because I think the reader normally does not analyze things. And well, I think we're all here to enjoy reading the characters instead of philosophing about them. The length probably won't be too long or too dephty, because I don't want to go inactive. But this thread will probably go inactive anyway, trust me, I'm an oracle.

I approve every version, profile, Mini, Main, Pre-Game, Meanwhile or Island. Well, the character has to be written by you, because, I'm not going to review Chuck Norris. I have no cap, because well, I hate caps. If I put one in, people would might miss it. That'd be bad. But well, if there are 7 pages of bids without me doing anything, that'd be bad, too. You can send multiple character, if you want. But you know, the second, third, etc. will be reviewed later for obvious reasons. But here's a priority list too, below. Also rule will be first come first serve, maybe. I might skip and review later, because another character's easier to review, so don't be mad at me. Also, yes I know this will be a mess.

So priority list:
I - V1, because I already have my opinions on them, so it will be quick
II - V2, same reason as above
III - V3, same reason as above
IV - V5, because I'm currently trying to finish it, which is impossible, as it's not finished and stuff. TV2 will also have the same priority, cause it's also going on, just with the difference, that TV2 will have a higher priority, because it's smaller, and yes I hate the number 8 and just want to use 7 priority ranks
V - Evo, REvo (if it's even allowed), maybe Riverside or some other roleplaying you did or something I don't even know that exists, hell, you can even link me a fanfic you wrote or a diary entry or something like that
VI - Minis, because I need to read some of them
VII - V4 characters, just because I barely read V4. And reading V4 surely takes a while, more than anything stated above, I think. It's pretty looong.
list removed because of idiocy. First come, first serve. Or I could roll them, whatever.

I'm not good at rules so Anarchy, so keep in mind that the rules of the forum applies. And fairness, maybe. I dunno. Choose your characters wisely. I might edit rules in, I don't know. Just don't break this thread, please.

So, I'll look forward for...something

V5 Halfway Plastic Hammers
Uh, always wanted to fill this out. So I'm gonna do it. Also yeah, this certainly improved from the previous Plastic Hammer categories! Awesome job, Toben! So I'll try to fill this one out...for all 5 Main versions! Because, well, why not, I want to be innovative and hipster-ish. It might be against the rules as there's a big "V5" in front of it, but anniversary will be soon anyway and the former templates were not developed as this one. And I'm super scared to bump the old ones.

Site note: I'm not even sure on questions in V4! Haven't read all characters.

Anyway, here it is.

The Plastic Hammer Awards!

The Basics

Handler Name: RC

Your Trademark Character: Nobody

Current Status of Trademark Character: In Limbo

Favorite Character: Can't decide, so I'll take multiple
V1 - Dodd, Barclay, Rice, Torres
V2 - Bryan, Franco, Rob
V3 - Bobby, Lenny, Neil, Dominica
V4 - Ilario, Aaron, Dorian
V5 - Rosemary, Max, Hansel, Joachim, Theo, Garrett

Favorite Weapon:
V1 - Bulletproof Vests
V2 - Grenade Launcher
V3 - GPS, Ida or Mari's/Jack's head/Rice's keys
V4 - Molotov Cocktails

Favorite Scene:
V1 - Lighthouse Ambush, because it was an early-game scene I enjoyed
V2 - This Could Be Anywhere In The World, because dropkick death.
V3 - Sound And Fury, because triple kill and SADD and Bobby Jacks and saying fuck you to the post order. And probably the Plot Twist.
V4 - Endgame. Do I need to explain that one?
V5 - Too hard to decide. Probably will be the Epilogue. Or Wild Childs

Favorite Death:
V1 - Starr's death at it was a pretty good scene and fight and death
V2 - Harry's death, as it was pretty innovative and awesomely handled by Bryan
V3 - Bill's sacrifice, because it was filled with action and killed many people
V4 - Danya's death. Awesome unexpected death
V5 - Theo's death scene was awesome

Favorite Quote:
I'm not a quote guy, so whatever

Favorite Post:
No clue, either. Maybe It's "Fantastic"

Favorite Location:
V1 - The Small House
V2 - Probably the Hotel
V3 - The Barracks, because important stuff happened there, like Blood And Thunder, Them Vs. You Vs. Me and Sound And Fury
V4 - The Coastal Woods...
V5 - The Town, as stuff happened there


Best Character Development: What character development has kept you intrigued?
V1 - Dodd, Starr, Hyde
V2 - Bryan, Rob, Matt
V3 - Dominica, Will, Geve
V4 - Haven't read much of V4, but Liam Brooks
V5 - Adonis, Rosemary, Summer

Best Game Impact: Which character do you feel has brought the most positive development to the game as a whole, outside their specific storyline?
V1 - Rice, McLocke and Kaige. O'Connor for the virus, too.
V2 - Carter-Madison
V3 - Dodd and Sinclair
V4 - Polanski, probably. If not, then Lombardi!
V5 - Hunter's escape and the Beach scene made a huge impact that impressed me. Not only it killed it Murphy, had awesome reactions to the bodies, but it had even an awesome impact in a specific Meanwhile thread I liked!

Best Innovation: Which character has been a breath of fresh air for you?
V1 - Uh...everybody? Except maybe the Battle Royale inserts.
V2 - Mitch Gunther!
V3 - Dacey's concept was pretty innovative and good
V4 - No clue. Maybe Sarah Atwell?
V5 - Hansel. Never saw a cowboy that was that good o.o

Best Realism: Which character is really grounded in reality in a way you find appealing?
V1 - Hawley Faust, as he and his death was handled pretty realistic and was a badass character
V2 - Jameson Dooert, as he basically pointed out what could happen if you throw people out of choppers! So basically like some of Slayer's wake-up posts in V1, just more detailled and dephty
V3 - Lulu <3
V4 - Pretty many, luckily :>
V5 - The majority, which is super awesome :3

Best Heroic Character: Which good guy has you solidly on their side?
V1 - Garrett, Jeremy, Aiden
V2 - Whitney, Rob, Blake
V3 - Neil, Eddie, Trish
V4 - Ivan, Dorian, Jaxon
V5 - maybe Garrett? Every handler who used a hero card!

Best Villainous Character: Who is your favorite ne'er-do-well?
V1 - Jacob, Peri/Stevan, Hawley
V2 - Franco, Eric, Felix
V3 - Bobby, Mr. Rizzolo, Lenny
V4 - Kris, Staffan, Aaron
V5 - Hansel, KK, Max

Best Tragic Character: Whose sad and inevitable fate have you most enjoyed lamenting?
V1 - Madelaine :<
V2 - Anna :c
V3 - Too many :cc
V4 - Liam :C
V5 - Bella :CC

Best Humorous Character: Which character made you laugh the most? (And I will smack you if it's someone doing it "unintentionally". Be nice in the hammer. >:C)
V1 - Uriel Hunter <3
V2 - Mitch!
V3 - Carson?
V4 - Milo Taylor feat. the horse
V5 - Michael

Best Tactics: Through elimination of the competition or a solid plan for survival, who's kept you interested in their struggle to make it back home?
V1 - Jack had no scratches till Endgame, so yeah. Yeah, Dodd played smart, too.
V2 - Bryan!
V3 - Dante had a nice plan with the Jack O'Connor strategy, so had many others like Lex, with the killing strat...so not sure at all.
V4 - I think...I don't have a clue, there were lots of people
V5 - Zubin maybe? If not, Paris.

The Sympathy Award: Which character did you feel the most for, and most want good things for?
There are plenty of these. So I can't decide.

The Empathy Award: Which character could you most easily put yourself in the shoes of?
I seriously aren't sure at all.

The Gone-Too-Soon Award: Which deceased character should have stuck around a little longer?
Pretty much every inactive character, so I won't count them
V1 - Sydney, Cole, Alan :C
V2 - Dan Johnson, Marvin, Kim
V3 - Joshua, Leo, John Cox
V4 - Everett, Jason, Raidon
V5 - Francis, Chuck, Brandon

The He-Had-It-Coming Award: Who best earned their (possibly still forthcoming) demise?
V1 - Cody, Jacob,
V2 - Mari, Walter, Damien
V3 - Gabriel Theobaldt, Natanya, Reeves; honour mention: Mr. Rizzolo!
V4 - Maxwell, Clio, Reiko
V5 - Max, Brandon, Theo

Scenes and Deaths

Best Tragedy: Which scene or death made you the most teary eyed?
Will fill this later.

The Stomach-Churner: Which scene or death has most effectively played with the gory/violent/overall disturbing side of the game?
V1 - Shinya Motomura's suicide
V2 - Either Walter's psycho scenes, or Damien's death
V3 - Too many
V4 - Uh...I dunno, I avoid long texts with that, maybe Bloodgarden
V5 - Summer's cannibalism scene?

Best Impact: Which scene or death do you think best played a positive role in changing the course of the game?
V1 - Prelude, the thread where the terrorists were put on the island
V2 - Probably the thread where Bryan and Tori meet
V3 - The Escape, pretty much
V4 - The Rescue...because imagine the escapees being still stuck on the island, that certainly would've changed stuff!
V5 - As stated, Gavin Hunter's escape

Best Comedy: Which scene or death served as the best comic relief?
V1 - Uriel and Jacob scenes
V2 - Matt and Rob scenes
V3 - V3 was rather dark, imo...uh, can't decide which scene to take without being hated
V4 - No idea
V5 - Michael's scene with...uh yeah.

The Sunglasses-and-Explosions Award: Which scene or death had the best action going on?
V1 - Onslaught Redux, gotta love grenades
V2 - Maison D'abattage, cause there will be much action
V3 - The Escape scene, Amaro, Sound And Fury, When We Die, BB's death...there's actually some more
V4 - Endgame and the sword fight between Maf and Nick
V5 - The Mad And Hungry Dogs, Max Sawyer massacres...and...Theo's death

Best Feeling-Inducer: Which scene or death provoked the best emotional reaction from you?
V1 - Though We May Not Survive It, Hawley dies, Madelaine's story with her former friend got me, as I raged on Nanami
V2 - Carry Stress In The Jaw, awesome song actually, also is a pretty sad story, has this special Endgame feeling
V3 - The awesome Thrice song titles. Just kidding. Uh, hard decision, actually. V3 near Endgame had many emotional moments.
V4 - Never read enough V4 to get attached enough
V5 - I'll be sooo sad if Endgame comes. Endgame will provoke my best emotional reaction. I can foresee it :'c

Best Drama: Which scene or death had you on the edge of your seat in the way of conflict, suspense, and drama?
Can just say for V5, as I got too much spoilered by the wiki in the previous versions
V5 - Wild Childs, definitely

Best Surprise: Which scene or death caught you most off guard in a pleasant way, either through its unpredictable nature or its unique execution?
V1 - Minase's death
V2 - Adrian Gray's slip
V3 - I did not expect Sean to die
V4 - Danya's death
V5 - Marcus Leung's death

Predictions, Preferences, and Positions

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? The crash

V5 Final Four: List them! This can either be an ideal list, or IC or OOC predictions. No thanks, not interested :P

Who of the surviving characters are you cheering on to win V5? Hard question, hard question. I think each one would lead to an individual and interesting outcome

How do you predict the ending of V5 is going to turn out? Awesome Epilogue, Tracen's first time to meet the winner, Hopefully it will be finished *looks at V2 and V3*

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy V5? Pretty much

What do you like the most about V5? I liked the realism and the minimalism. And the food in the BKA, it was a smart idea!

What do you think could have been better about the version? I think there should've been more scenes of awesomeness. But that's just my opinion.

How do you feel about V5 compared to prior versions? Different atmosphere, had this V5 feeling. I hope the V6 feeling will even be more awesome

What do you think of the overall 'SOTF' story? Many good characters die :C
Yeah, I like how the story is continued for the fourth time, while nothing interesting new is introduced in V5 (while V2-4 had many, many new things), I liked the fact that the fluff tells us more about the terrorists. And the fact that Tracen's new here, it felt like it was rebooty.

How do you think V6 will differ from/compare to V5 and prior versions? New characters, new stories!

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5? My sample post

Which of your V5 characters was your favorite to write? Danya

What are you proudest of in V5? Not writing terrible characters

What do you wish you could improve? Being able to participate :c

What is your favorite V5 memory? Reading all the good characters and announcements c:

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! I love music

V6 Concepts Thread
Round Two!

So first, Espi.

Ryder looks like a more-dimensional character who I'll definitely love in pre-game and maybe in-game, and I'm also interested in this "pseudo-philosophical" with his father. Maybe it'll be explained in Pre-Game or in Memories. But as your one-shots in TV2 were awesome, I doubt I'll be disappointed. He has interesting hobbies and I expect much from him and will look forward to read and/or roleplay with him.

Sadie is a robotics club member. And boogie's robotics club will be awesome. The school/social life/family relationship might also be an interesting point in the game, but more important in the pre-game, and will be interesting to follow.

Arianna is a member of the balletdeathsquad, I guess, and I think the V6 Balletkids will be an interesting group (much like V5's softball girls? Maybe? V1's Baseball Boys? V2's Bloody Fists? Who knows). She probably won't have a personality I'll like, and maybe other characters won't either, which might lead to super interesting scenes. Conflict's always good. If it's not over the top.

So yeah, now Freja!
Freja, your first concepts look pretty awesome, they are written well and feel like they have much depth.

Delphia's backstory and personality will have an interesting influence to the game and maybe pre-game. Her hobbies are pretty interesting and original, and the relationship with her Aunt is also be pretty cool. Although not socialising would mean that she'd be a bit of a loner, meaning that her pre-game would be a bit less roleplaying, her individual personality and her outgoingness could lead for Delphia to be pretty interesting to read in pre-game and the game.

Edric is a character that I probably would love because of his personality, and I think his hobbies will probably fit V6, as there seem to be many other characters who are into activism, so his pre-game will sure be interesting. His family story is bit too dramatic for my tastes, but others might like it, and it could also become interesting. I'm also super interested what he'll do on the island and in pre-game, especially with his mindset.

Yvonne actually sounds pretty cool, with the art stuff and her hobbies. It seems that she'll have a good, deep and maybe emotional story that'll touch me. However...abusive parents were always a problem in SOTF, I think. In V1-3 people had way too many characters with abusive parents, and most were handled inappropiate or bad and some of them were just bad excuses for their kids to be the way they are. I believe that you are able to handle it in a good way, but it still isn't a good idea in SOTF to have it. I'm not sure how many characters of V4, V5 and TV2 had these that weren't denied/changed, so yeah. Other than that she looks like a super interesting and deep character, who'll be enjoyable to read. Anyways, I'll look forward to her and your other characters' pre-games!


Okay, as promised, lemme present you my super rough concepts:

Alessio "Al" Rigano - Shy guy, who is pretty friendly, loves animals (especially cats), is fascinated by speedcubing, loves rock, is maybe in the robotics club, wants to become a veterinarian, probably. Also plays the tuba in the school orchestra, if the school has an orchestra

Jeremiah "Jerry" Larkin - Likes ballet and hip-hop, pretty cool guy toward others, however is pretty silent, just talks much if he talks privately, might be interested in hockey too, trains to get a black belt in Aikido and loves to watch comedy and action movies

Conrad Timothy Harrison - A friendly, talkative guy who likes to get a good reputation, probably by socializing and volunteering, is in the swimming club, is interested in languages and rhetoric, is in the student council and is interested in politics and activism, is nice to everybody and tries to help everybody, tutors as a side-job

Daniela "Danny" Harrods - likes to play the piano, also tap dances, avid reader of Star Wars AU books and sci-fi books in general, writes sci-fi stories and Star Wars fanfics herself, likes to hang out with friends, is interested in laws, wants to become either a lawyer or a police officer

Darius Van Dyke - Likes anime, gaming, a bit rebellious, is sometimes or most times a loudmouthy jerk toward other people, isn't serious all the time, wants to make his friends laugh, sometimes by making fun of other people, likes gardening, may or may not be in the Robotics club, likes to sketch

Maybe I'll drop 2-17 more character concepts in. I'm not sure yet.

Relationships/Improvements/Thoughts/something else would be awesome.