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Waiting for the End
They left. He was alone. He was in pain. It was night, but the fire in his hair made him feel warmer, in a not-so-good way.

The Prospector was lying with his cheek on the sand, looking at the ground, touching his wound, as if that would stop it.


I need somebody's...


Not just anybody's...

Someone will save him...hopefully. Someone always did. He couldn't die. He never died. Someone will heal him. Help.

He had not chosen to be abducted. He had not chosen his family. He had not chosen his friends. He had not chosen them to die. He had not chosen shit.

Going to the trip was the worst mistake. It would have not fixed his loneliness. Let's be honest, if they had not been abducted, all of the other people would have joked and have fun. And Al? Al would have just played with his rubik's cube. Then he would come back at home and just be unsatisfied.

I am too young. I just lived 17 years...

Alessio's heart beat harder. Alessio tried to recall his first memories of his life. He was four years old.

Toys. Some toys, he could recall toys. A floor.

As he watched the sand, he recalled his parents and him walking on the beach. He will never do that again. He will never see the beach of Italy again. He will never swim.

God, what was he doing. Why did he recall that? That did not help. It made more tears flood out of his eyes. He recalled his first moments, and he is going to experience his last moments.

It's over.

He could feel the pain and numbness in his body. In some minutes he won't. He won't be able to touch anything. He won't feel anything, won't see anything.

He will not. Remember. Anything.

All of Al's life's knowledge, experience will be gone. That freaked Alessio out. But everyone else is dead, too. Everyone in his class was dead.

A generation dies.

Every night on the island he worried about this. The whole day he wished it could be stopped. But it was inevitable.

But perhaps Penelope, Raina, Johnny and Lili could stop it. Who knows? Hopefully. Save people, stop death.

Alessio was scared. Man the fuck up. Man the fuck up. Don't be selfish, you're not the only one.


It did not help that he was not the only one who had to be scared about this. He was not the first one to worry about it, he won't be the last. Vanessa and Michael, his friends, his enemies. They all experienced the same thing Al does now. And everybody else in the world, too.

But that does not make Alessio feel better. Not at all.







New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Yeah, in V3 and then that person did not get any BKA.

Waiting for the End
Alessio's eyes widened. Everything felt so hot. Everything felt so cold.

Jon's words were cold. They were humiliating. They hurt.

He now was lying on the sand. His brain focussing on all the pain. Jon and Coleen did not matter anymore. All he could think about was himself, was the pain he received, was his life beginning to end.

Waiting for the End
Jon kicked the gun. Fuck. Bullets came out, but missed him. But something unexpected happened.


Coleen hit him with the spear. Al felt coldness waving through his skin. Something was inside him.


He held tightly the gun, as if that would safe him.

Waiting for the End
Al touched his hair. Hot. He really wanted to get rid of the fire. But now, he needed to deal with Jon. He pointed his AK at him.

But it was too late. Jon already came to the two of them, and Al did not notice.


V6 Seventeenth Rolls

Waiting for the End

Alessio's shirt had flames. Al inhaled smoke. Al thought his hair burned a bit, which it did.

But that did not matter. Coleen had it worse than him.

Coleen was pushed against the fire, Alessio had control, and more importantly, Coleen used her fists to punch Al. That was fine, because she let go of the AK-47, which Alessio immediately lunged for.

He had power again. Alessio had a gun again, and even though he was burning, he felt safe again. He could swim into the ocean later, get rid of the fire. It hurt a bit, his face couldn't hide it but he had bigger trouble, it was nothing dramatic yet. But he could solve the problem by pointing the gun at the defenseless Coleen and pulling the trigger.

And so he did.

Waiting for the End
It was loud. Why are guns not quieter?

If Coleen had chosen to hit Alessio with the AK-47 instead of shooting, she might have not missed him. Mr. Prospector was too near to Coleen's body. And her head. Alessio with the flashlight in his hand hit Coleen's head with it. Flashlights did not prove to be that efficient, especially since Alessio felt weak and had no strength to smack her head hard enough. But it was enough that he repeated it several times. His other hand pulled Coleen's shirt. He tried to control her arm not having control of the gun anymore. The scuffle moved a bit more near to the fireplace.

So he used his flashlight to shine into her eyes, then used his free, yet broken, arm to grab Coleen to push her into the campfire. He dropped the flashlight to use both hands to shove her into fire like she was the Hag from Hansel and Gretel.

While running into the fire, the sand finally also made Alessio lose balance, so both Coleen and him felt warmer after falling to the ground together.

Waiting for the End

The dialogue between him and Jon was interrupted by a third person joining. That was a good time to end the discussion. There was nothing else Alessio wanted to talk about. He did not want to reveal his anger, his frustration, his fury of Vanessa breaking his heart. It was nobody's business. Alessio pointed his flashlight at the person. Alessio did not expect to ever see the person again. Coleen with her AK, this time without Arthur. Arthur was dead.

Without thinking too much, Alessio grabbed the creature Emma had hunted and killed and threw it at Coleen with all the force he had in his arms. He ran towards her, almost falling because of the sandy ground not being solid enough.

He would not win a Mexican standoff, he had no arguments, no excuse for his actions. But he could win a real fight.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
First Summer Sale I experience.

What 2 buy?

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Also props to kermit for being entertaining.

Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Wish we had a death chat.

I wonder what the mafia chat looked like.

Waiting for the End
"We'll see."

Waiting for the End



"They don't want me in the group."

"My friends are dead."

Waiting for the End
"What else...should I have done? It is the only option for us."

Waiting for the End
"No, it...I..."

"Jonathan. Stop this interview or change topics. I don't want. To. Talk. About. This."

"Things don't have to make sense. It is just the way it is. Uggh."

Waiting for the End
"No. This is not living. But after one of us comes out, they can live a happy life. I will appreciate living. When I get out, I just will do stuff that, uh, matters. I will know what it means to live."

"And I don't need a f-freak-f-fucking mask to kill someone or do dirty, bad things. No one here would do these...dirty things! On their own. It's, it really is not...it perhaps is my fault, but, no, no, I wouldn't. You know I would not do this if I did not have to. No one here. Uh. Does."

"A-a-a-nd, what I forgot to tell you. There actually is! This actually is, uh, could be living. There uhm, in the cafeteria, a group of people are having a safe zone, where no one dies. Their, their plan is to live together on the island. To not kill. To die together instead of, murdering. And that's my idea, too. No killing, but...peace."

Waiting for the End
"Do what you want."


"I don't know why I want to survive. I just want to."

"Living...is a nice thing."

Waiting for the End

"Let's be honest. This question is a trick. I can't answer it. It's too tough."

"Which answer results in me not getting shot by you?"

"What do you want to hear me say?"

Waiting for the End
"I've been here for over a week. I want to go home. But..."

"but I'm not sure. I'm not sure if they would even let us home. Why would they let us home? It would not make sense for them to not kill all of us."

"I miss my parents. But I also miss my classmates, my friends. I think I can start a new life after this. I can get new friends, but. Why would they be friends with a killer? No one wants to be friends with someone who murdered his friends."

"What's, what is...your plan? Hope to go home?"