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V6 Roll Call
Let Al, Darius and Conrad be DESTROYED by the RNG.


Coming Soon.



Britian's Leap In The Dark
And even the non-british members want you to stay.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Handler: RC
Dates Away: 5th to 10th July
Days Away: 6
Reason for Away: Probably no internet?
Characters: Conrad, Al, Darius

Small steps can take you great distances
"Yeah, the main course should be tasty", Conrad said with a chuckle as a reaction to Emma's genius allegory.

Looking back at his cellphone, he directed the topic back at the current dance.

"Sooo, is there anything super important left to be done for Sadie?"

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Still, a year

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
It's been a year since the 10th birthday?

Geez, time runs.

Tiny Vessels
Childhood friends, eh? Conrad wanted to broach the subject again, but then Clarice wanted to go away. When she clamped her around his, Conrad turned to Kizi while walking towards the floor.

"Oh, dancing is...", he started, but stopped. "Yeah, see you later!"

Then, he changed his focus to Clarice, who gave him a look. She did not like Kizi and Aiden, given the expression, or at least the situation. Conrad kinda wished she would be more friendly and would like more people and dislike less. Like Kizi? No. Clarice is Clarice and is perfect for being herself. Disliking certain people is legitimate. Aiden was a jerk, yeah. Not as jerky as Bradley, no. Yeah, maybe Aiden was not a jerk. Whatever, the fact was that Clarice did not like him. When out of earshot, he said something.

"Cool, now we can finally dance again. You don't like Aiden, do you?"

Waiting for her reaction, he offered his other hand.

The Mafia Waiting List
One Night Ultimate Mafia II, please