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Pool Slingshot
Phew. That turned out rather well. Jeremiah would have hated it if Parkison would've monologued him or Junko. Jerry just hated it. Not because he was afraid of being ridiculed by the teacher in front of his classmates. After all, everybody looked at them anyway, right now, but whatever. It would've been just annoying.

Whenever a teacher or a parent wanted to hold a curtain-lecture. Sure, this was effective for little children, he himself was also intimidated by these in the past, but now? They were in high school, it was ineffective, it was boring, it was a waste of time.

Jerry knew that, even if either of them would not do their best, it'd have no consequences. He was good in PE, he couldn't give him an F on his report for bumping into somebody. Besides, he was pretty good in volleyball, so even then he would get a good grade. No consequences, this was ridiculous.

Parkinson's behaviour was really ridiculous and his threats were bluffs. But Jeremiah was smart enough to know that, heh. But hey, maybe his other classmates didn't know that. That's why Parkinson's a teacher, isn't it?

That was the goal. Make every student do their best. That's what Jerry did, that's what he knew without having to get a lecture. So he tried to swim slightly faster.

And then his opinion about the threats changed when he bumped into Mia, who was a dang fast and good swimmer.

He really should've payed attention instead of ranting about Parkinson's silly threats in his head. Now he realised that the threats might've been more than just annoyance why he didn't want to be drill sergeant'ed. And bored he wouldn't be.

New Official V5 Away Thread
Welcome back CD :3!

TwelveFourtyFive throws a cat at CD


Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Do we actually need AMF's vote? Isn't Persy lynched anyway?

I think if Persy turns town, I townread AMF more, but if Persy turns out to be maf...He'd be more suspicious.

Night Shift
Okay, it was getting weirder. Ben was looking for apple juice this late, because he forgot to earlier and Conrad still waiting for his sandwich. It'd be a good idea to go home soon: he wasn't in the mood for an extension of this small talk.

"Uh, yeah. The sandwich, please?"

He waved with his bill, though smiling and with a small laugh to not appear too unfriendly. But if he seemed unfriendly, who cared? It was past midnight and he needed to sleep to not get grumpy and unfriendly the next day.

Alessio's nose was being poked, which would've been weird if somebody he didn't knew would do it, but when Penelope did it while saying 'boop', it was pretty funny for Al. He considered to poke back, but he decided against it, because he had no hands left. One hand turned the volume down, so he could actually understand her. The other carried the bag. But then he put the bag on the ground, so he wouldn't need to carry it around the whole conversation.

"Ah, that is cool. I didn't know that you were doing this. Uh, You're doing yoga, right? I was shopping. Uhm-"

Well, he barely knew what else to say, so the interruption she did wasn't bad. Penelope greeted Adelaide whom he didn't notice was here as well. She was also a student in their grade, but besides that he didn't know her closely. She was apparently jogging, given that she was drinking from a fountain and also given that she was dressed like she would do something athletic right now.

With a quiet "hey", he also waved with his free hand to her.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Hm, okay. This Persy bandwagon might be a good choice


I wonder who will hammer. Or who won't.

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
Or something will get sponsored by Verizon.

Freedom to Love
Oh, it's finally legal now? That is amazing!

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Hello everybody, I present you my notes/thoughts while reading these pages

I too at first thought the colour could show the flavour that the cop usually gives, like town/mafia/3rd party. So the killer might be a godfather or so? Maybe even a weird role that changes the alignment on even/odd nights? I don't know, it confused me.

So I think it's safe to say that if a player knows who they are, they're not your basic vanilla townie, and otherwise, you are. With that adjustment, and a future comment by Frogue, we have MW, Vyse, and Frogue themself as confirmed townies already. Nice.

Huh, this was said by Persy, but he didn't mention Doc. So I'm confused.

ah, Vyse also mentions it. That's good that he noticed. Oh, and the Persy replies with suspecting Doc, cause it could be a reaction.

The flavourlessness certainly is interesting and I imagine that Yugi has a plan for that. Maybe we need to find out who we are. But why did he asked us whether we wanted spoilers or not? Looking at the sign up thread both Doc and Ime didn't mind spoilers, so Yugi didn't do it for the spoilers.

Doc townreads Ime and Vyse, suspects MW and Persy.

The flavour/non-flavour thing still is confusing.

I'm not sure what else to say.

@TBH - How are Doc and I 'weirdly coordinating'? How are the arguments disingenuous? What makes you think this is a plot versus an actual agreement amount something? How the heck are past games an indicator of my alignment now? (Also, I've been a Town PGO as often as I've been Mafia here, and that's ignoring all my other Town games. What kind of research did you do?)

Like, there's so much bothering me about how you jumped on Doc & myself, it's not funny. More on that in a bit.

Vyse asking his partner would be a natural thing to do, but these questions are pretty direct and even with the day 1 talk, I doubt that Vyse and TBH are mafia partners, if either of them are partners.

Vyse asks the same thing MW, but I doubt that this meant anything.

MW could be a sleepwalking killer, due to the spoiler Aura gave about MW's role? I'm not sure, but it could be. Maybe, a turncoat as well! I mean, MW's currently high on my suspicion list.

MW's #179 read post also doesn't convince me as being scumhunting that much, despite trying to.

Slam's reacting to Doc's AtE by voting, I have to think about whether it's due to having found out himself or being told by others during the daytalk phase. Why I think about that? Cause Slam barely reacted to others before and used that explanation to vote/sheep Doc's bandwagon.

Goose and AMF's hammer votes look really sheepy and without much explanation, so I doubt that both of them are mafia, so one of the definitely is town.

Why was Slam killed?

Slam and Seth as low-key players just make me thing that high-key players are scum, e.g. Vyse or MW, so they continue to lead or so.

Or, a much more logical thing would be to randomly kill people to target a power-role? Maybe mafia thought "well, these people claimed townie, they cannot be PRs", so they targetted those who had not claimed.

Bik as mafia, because Seth suggested to lynch him? That'd be too obvious, right? So I'm not sure if that's the case.

Conclude, conclude, I am confused.

Maybe I shouldn't think about how the mechanics and the system and structure of the game is, but how to beat it? The day phase is just random confusion for me right now, but relying on the night roles isn't a good option either.

So yeah, the flavour is confusing and our sources are the wiki and AMF? I really hope AMF is town, else mafia'd have a huge advantage. Like the Toben's flavour role thing AMF pointed out is certainly a thing.

-random vote on Persy by Ime?

-Also, why does MW research with that medium thing anyway?

Also, the colour thing might be: Green=Townie, Blue=PR, Red=Mafia

Why do I mention this? I'm going meta, so excuse me for that, but Yugi has stated in previous games that he played Werewolf instead of Mafia, so Seer=Cop, WW=Mafia, etc. I imagine this being a werewolf setup, where there are 3 groups: The werewolves, that are the mafia, the townies, that are the powerless population, so they're multiple of them, and the powerroles, that are usually sided with the town.

And what does that mean? Seth dying was pretty bad, as we lost a powerrole, maybe a powerful one. Going to the flavour, MW might be right about the medium thing, but Seth also could've been a cop or a mortician or something like that.

Anyway, if Seth is cop, I think we should definitely get Bik. Also note down that he townread tbh and ricky, which would be good to know if he was the cop. And he replied to AMF twice, with a slight, slight push.

And if he isn't cop my gut says that MW would be a good choice as well.

Also, I suspect Aura for barely having interactions with others, giving his potential partners less attention.

Kingman goes Kinkman (as demanded by Frogue)
I cannot decide between B-remy and Danteverybody

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
It's weird to think that SOTF itself could legally own an own zetaboards account in 3 years and roleplay with us then.

But party time!

TwelveFourtyFive plays the trumpet.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Hello, I'm writing up a post with reads and stuff, but I'll probably post it tomorrow, because I need to think.

Night Shift
Tara made a witty joke and Conrad reacted to it by smirking, although it wasn't funny to him. Why the heck was she working here anyway? Conrad couldn't believe that one can gain much at working at a gas station at this late hour. She wouldn't become a millionair by working here and he assumed that it wouldn't be good for her grades, because sleep is necessary to concentrate during class.

He wasn't even going to ask. Ben Fields came in and he too was here at a late hour. Huh, what a coincidence. Three people from school meet each other past midnight, randomly. Just because that happened.

At first Conrad thought Ben helped Tara or also worked there. But the question whether there was apple juice here, gave Conrad the answer that this wasn't the case.

Conrad yawned, while covering his mouth with his fist.

"Good evening, Benjamin."

Hah, that kind of rhymed.

Night Shift
That was a good question.

"My mom ate nothing at dinner as she was busy, so I had to go here to buy her a sandwich."

And tuna was the one she liked.

"And you?", he returned, "What are you doing here this late?"

Night Shift
Or what? Pick one at random? Roll a dice, maybe. Awful idea.

While trying to decide for the selection, Conrad stared at the cooler.

Ah, he found what he searched for.

He smiled, "a tuna sandwich, please". He then prepared for paying by taking out his purse, while putting his phone into his pocket.

Introduction Thread
Jun 18 2015, 03:24 PM
Jun 18 2015, 07:25 AM
Hi, I'm Naft.
Hello Naft, I am dad
I thought we'd just greet naft when it's his birthday :c

Night Shift
No 'What do you want to buy', just a 'Uh, Hey'. Tara was probably sleepy as well or she did not really care.

"I'd love to have a sandwich to go."

He looked down on his phone again. Fuck, he wrote alot. He's going to look like a dumb idiot.

Night Shift
((Conrad Harrod, Start))

The moon was shining upon the city and while many people from the city were tired or asleep, perhaps a student who had been very tired, but also annoyed for this - Conrad Timothy Harrod, was lost in thought has he fiddled with the cellphone in his hand.

This was no unusual time for returning from a party, but Conrad did not visit a party that night. He had come from home to this gas station, going inside.

He had school the next day, but that did not matter. He would be woken up by the alarm clock in a bothering way either way. And well, if he oversleeps it'd be his mother's fault, so she'd wake him up.

After he looked up from his phone, there was a person in there, of course, and that person was from his school. Tara...was her name. Yes, that was it. She had a noticeable look.

With a flat, not very enthusiastic "Good evening", he greeted himself while trying to look not like the most unfriendly person in the world by smiling with a very small smile.

Well, it wasn't evening that much now, but whatever.

Conrad Harrod
Thank you very much for your critiques! :3

TwelveFourtyFive eyes the role model sentence.

You win this time, typooo-

((Alessio Rigano continued from Dearest Creature in Creation))

Alessio walked through the park, clothed in a green, checkered dress shirt, with not only the highest button, but every button unbuttoned; it was good weather after all. He enjoyed to walk through the park with his ears being plugged by earphones that are connected with his MP3-player in his pocket.

The tune of Nagasaki by Reinhardt he obtained from the internet in a not-so-legal way ended and a new song of his playlist started to play. This time it was something from the Dire Straits.

So Alessio carried a shopping bag, where a chips bag was on top of it, looking out of it. Inside the bag, there was diverse stuff, milk for the Riganos, milk for the cats, meat, food, cheese and various other things. Mostly food, though.

The park was a nice place to go through after having shopped for his family. He used to jog in the park often when the weather was good. Oh, man. How many weeks has he not jogged? It must've been a while. Maybe months.

He then saw Penelope, a friend of him from the robotics club. She's fun to be around and is an excellent roboticist. Apparently she now enjoyed the sun by sitting on a bench and has a flower behind her ear, which was kinda unusual. Well, Al wouldn't find it that unusual, but fitting, considering that she wore turtle earrings.

Alessio had to smile.

"Hello, Penelope!"