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Takeshi Yoshikawa
I always wanted to participate in V5. Maybe I'll get a chance to adopt, just like Zig, Mitsuko or RePeate.

It probably won't be handled as awesome as V2's B39 after adoption, but it'll hopefully be handled better than V1's B39 after adoption.

I'd try my best. I'd try to satisfy. I hope it'll be better than Adonis or Nick.

I hope it'll be fun to read him or write him to whoever gets him.

Good luck everybody who bids and zabriel!

And now I'll prepare everything and try to write a sample for the bot.

So yeah. Fifth try. I'll throw in a bid.
Just bid it, bid it, bid it, bid it, no one wants to be defeated.

Murder Critique Theater 2K14
Ah, this sounds fun and entertaining.

Maybe there'll be a SOTF roast in the future.

Okay, I'll throw Forrest Doe in here.

V5 Final Ten Predictions
Sorry for bump, but I guess now it's easier to predict now, isn't it?

I'm not only trying to predict the Final Ten, no, I'll try to predict the Death Order, too!

Yes I know this won't happen, I'm not LaZ, but I can still try, right?

BTW, V1 and V2 had the Final 10, V3 however had the Final 9 and V4 had the Final Twelve. So I'll guess V5 will have a Final 15. Because there are too many characters I wanna see far.

Still I didn't manage to put every fave character of mine in this list.
So people who aren't on the Final 15 list, but could be:
pretty much everybody.
I like every V5 character, no matter if they're now alive or dead. I hope everybody has the chance to go far.

138th - Zubin Wadia - Bludgeoned with the FAMAS by Hansel Williams
I think Zubin will either go far, or he'll be killed early by Mara or through a collar detonation. No seriously, he's a interesting character and improved from Jason Clarke.
139th - Iselle - Stabbed by Joachim Lovelace
Because Domino wants her.
140th - Cooper - Shot by Maddie Wilcox or killed in a trap set by Tyler Lucas/Travis Webster
I think Cooper's arc is pretty cool and probably underrated.
141st - Joey Grey - Shot by Hansel Williams
Good adoption, seriously a good adoption. We need more good adoptions that go far. I was kinda sad that Ben and Oscar died.
142nd - Stacy Grant - Stabbed by KK
Can't decide who. Everybody says Finn, but I wanna say Stacy.
143rd - Joachim Lovelace - Shot by Hansel Williams
I loved both his original writing and his adoption. He's a cool V5 character. Also with him going far, Paris will also be included.
144th - KK - Died in an epic fight with Hansel Williams
Awesome character. The Goo theory. Nuff said.
145th - Gray Emerson - Shot repeatedly by Matt Richards
Deamon's writing is pretty cool and Gray's profile was pretty cool, too. Gray went already pretty far, so I think he can go even further.
146th - Virgil Jefferson-Davis - Bled Out from wounds inflicted by Hansel Williams
I had a hard decision between Travis and Tyler. I asked myself: I want one of them in the Final Ten, they both are interesting villains. So the decision was that hard I told myself: Why not Virgil? I mean now the story of all three of them are connected. And I really look forward for the Tyler/Virgil vs. Travis story. It's getting intense. Also I love his Latin stuff.
147th - Deanna Hull - Shot by Hansel Williams
D/N is a pretty cool writer. I also like the fact that he mentioned in an OOC post that the final 9 of V3 were normal people. And this was mentioned in the V4 Epilogue Credits. He's a pretty cool vet, Deanna is cool and remember kids: Realism is awesome.
148th - Ami Flynn - Killed by a stone
It wouldn't surprise me if that would happen. Ciel was in V3 after all. And lots of people were killed by stones there.
No seriously, Jeff has to be in the Endgame.
149th - Maddie Wilcox - Shot by Hansel Williams
I really like her writing, reading her story is addicting.
150th - Rosemary Michaels - Shot by Hansel Williams
I really love her. She really is a good character and adorable! It'd be wrong if she wouldn't be in Endgame

This list was made before the current rolls :c
150th - Takeshi Yoshikawa - Thrown down the Shopping Centre by Hansel Williams (I predict that the Mall will be the Endgame location, because it's the only location that currently isn't a DZ and seems to be the most fitting for an Endgame. Beach would be boring, V4 already had the Town, V2 the School and the Park wouldn't make it as suspenseful as the Shopping Centre)
Zabriel is a V3 vet that has much experience, is a pretty cool writer, so he'll probably be a cool surprise finalist.
RUNNER UP - Hansel Williams - Died from wounds inflicted by Michael Mitchellson
Probably one of the best V5 villains, I really want him to go in Endgame. V5 will always be associated with him, I think.
WINNER - Maynard Mirabella Hurst Strong