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Introduction Thread
Hello, my name is Rockythetigre(not to be confused with Rocky from this site...yeah sorry for having the same name)
I recently found this site after googling Battle Royale RPG. And this site really interested me and I try to read it(even though it's harder to read,because the plots are seperated in several threads.). I have watched the film Battle Royale,read the manga and will probably read the novel aswell. Also I read some fanfictions, like 72 Hours,72 Hours Uprising or An Alien Perspective. And I watched the second movie and read the manga Blitz Royale.

As you can see my English is bad and unfortunatly I have no Roleplaying Experience,but I'll try to learn RPing and my goal is to Roleplay a character for SOTF V6 or even adopt a character in V5 and improve my writing skills and English. But first I'll try to participate in SOTF Mini.

And I want to read V1-5 and while doing that I'd like to try to compilate every thread so the entire story is in a thread(Like MurderWeasel did with EVO)

Also do you have a suggestion which character's POV I should read? Or which stories I should read?