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Jeremiah Larkin


Jeremiah Larkin


Rays on Pinion
Awesome, she smiled!

"Primarly rock! But I don't mind other genres."

Al stared at the cover, it looked interesting. It was drawn in a cartoony style and it had trees. Maybe it was a concept album. No idea what genre Torche was, though.

Alessio was about to ask what her favourite genres were, but it was clear, as they were in the metal section. And it also explained the unasked question what genre Torche was.

So he asked something different instead, while pointing with the index finger at her, with the palms up.

"Uh, you really play the guitar well! Do you have a fave guitarist or so?"

Maybe the Torche guitarist. Who knows.

Rays on Pinion
She was smiling, joking about One Direction. And then Alessio reacted by chuckling a little. So she was selective about the album he had with him. Luckily, Hendrix was nothing like One Direction.

Okay, he could lie. Maybe he doesn't have Hendrix, but some awesome metal band in his hand, like...Metallica. No, he shouldn't lie. Especially in case she finds out, which is super probable. Don't risk anything. Tell the truth.

"Nah, I was just picking up the newest Justin Bieber album."

Was that even a thing? Wasn't that dude in jail or so?

But joking back seemed like a good idea. Wait, what if she takes it serious. She'll tell Vanessa. And things will be fucked up. Seriously fucked up.

A quick smile, then Al quickly showed the cover of the Hendrix album towards the direction of Cameron.

"Uh, this. Hendrix. Bold as Love."

Problem solved, hopefully. Unless she liked Justin Bieber, which would be bad. Maybe mentioning him was also a dumb idea. Oh god, that was a bad move.

"And you?"

Jeremiah Larkin
Thank You!


New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Man, this discussion is certainly interesting to read! And very insightful. But now that we have some amount of lawyer parents...do you think we could make some fun pregame threads where people sue each other?

Rays on Pinion
((Alessio Rigano, continued from Silence is Golden))

Alessio barely buyed stuff from here, but he knew that it was a good shop. Al was not often here. He preferred to listen songs on the computer - on YouTube, particularly. Sometimes on his cellphone or his MP3-player as well. He didn't want to be in the shoes of the owner of the shop. It almost feels like CDs were dying out.

But this shop had so much good stuff here. From the Beatles to the Gaslight Anthem. Alessio stood in front of a shelf, with an album in his hand.

He thought he found a cool album for his collection. Or rather his father's. They shared it, to be honest. A physical collection of them, instead of some digital collection. Al had no iPhone, didn't need one, but he knew that Apple liked to delete songs. These bastards. And who knows. Maybe his songs get deleted someday as well. Maybe YouTube videos get deleted or blocked. Or worse, like an internet crash.

Owning CDs was definitely cooler. And safer. And more legal. Also, it's good for the artists! Kinda. Or for the company. Whatever.

And the album didn't seem that expensive either. Else he wouldn't have considered to buy it.

Hendrix Experience. Axis: Bold as Love.

27 Club, Woodstock, drugs, Psychedelic rock. And also the national anthem. That was Jimi Hendrix to Alessio. That was what he associated with him. And good songs, lots of good songs.

But Alessio had not heard every song of him yet. Definitely not enough. And not much besides his most known songs, to tell the truth. Out of the album he held in his hand, he just knew Bold as Love. He couldn't recall when he first heard it, probably YouTube, but he recalled it really sounding awesome. So buying this album would be a good way to find more similiar stuff to that. Albums in general were a good way to do that.

But, maybe there was cheaper stuff. Or maybe there's something he'd rather like to buy than that. He had to compare. This album was definitely on his "probably buy" list in his head. He looked around through the shelves. With the album in his hand, he wandered through the shop and-


Instant recognition. The guitarist of Peyote Coyote. Or rather the one that wasn't.


They were best friends. And both played guitar well, although one had to say that Vanessa was definitely better, with her voice.


The girl was also looking for music, apparently. What should he do now? Ignore her? No way.

"Oh! Hi!"

He waved his hand, with a small smile. Didn't expect her here.

Al considered to quickly put the CD back into a shelf with the other hand. Maybe he wasn't going to buy it. But that'd be awkward.

So there he was, with the album in his hand. What will she think? Is he ignorant for not having heard all of Hendrix' albums? What if she hates Hendrix?

She was into stoner rock, though, that's what he could tell. Definitely. Like, why'd she be in the band, if she did not like it?

Peyote Coyote, the first stoner rock band he heard. They were amazing. Then, he got more interested in that genre and found bands like Soundgarden or Queens of the Stoneage.

But wait, this is the metal section.

Silence is Golden
With the corner of Alessio's eyes he could see Ty and Bee. They were cute together, kissing, cuddling. Having a girlfriend sure was something that made life better. Al had not, which sucked.

Ty then said something about Chaplin and a garden. It was confusing, presumably a private conversation. Or they were talking about Chaplin movies, but Al had not seen one of them.

It was probably bothering for them for Al to eavesdrop. Well, it wasn't exactly eavesdropping, but...well it kinda was. Better not disturb them. Alessio took his bag and stood up.

Maybe he should say "See you" or something like that? But they were conversing with each other. It'd only interrupt them in talking with each other. A smile would be enough.

Smilingly to the 12th graders, he walked towards the door of the library.

And so he left, pretending to know where to go.

((Alessio Rigano, continued in Rays on Pinion))

Silence is Golden
The first layer was solved.

His ears catched the word "cat". Oh god, they weren't gossiping about him, were they?

The second layer was solved.

Suddenly a new girl appeared. Al looked up and then quickly back to the cube. That girl did not stand out from the crowd as much as Yazzie or Fiyori did, but she apparently knew both of them. Her name was Bee or something like that. Gunnerson? Or somebody else? Al was not sure at all.

Just some moves more. And it was done.

He put the completed cube back into his bag. Solving the cube another time, especially with so many people nearby, was silly. Leaning forward, resting his head on his arm that was on the table, he stared at the clock. This time he'd listen what the other people would say. Maybe they were talking about something that was interesting? Or maybe they were talking about him.

Silence is Golden
Fiyori told him that he shouldn't apologise. Alessio guessed that nothing happened with his hair. That was good.

"I said sorry cause, uhm,"

Fiyori walked away.

"uhm, nothing."

Whatever, explaining his thoughts would just make everything even more complicated.

He looked toward Fiyori and Ty. Well, they were friendly towards each other. Of course they were, they were at the same grade. Something was said, he didn't listen that properly.

He shouldn't stare too much. Looking down at the multi-coloured cube, he was thinking. A quick look at the clock, then looking at the cube again.

Which moves did he have to do again? He forgot. So he kept observing the cube, till he could try to solve it again.

There we go.

<DEMO COMPLETE> Possible TV2 Fangame Opt-In/Help Recruiting
These updates look cool!

Also, Taylor DeVasher 4 protagonist 2015. Become a villain or a hero!

EDIT: BTW, will there be new teams? Because it's hard to imagine that every team is kept the same. And will the announcements keep the same? Like, will there be off-screen deaths or will every corpse be seen?

Silence is Golden
Whoa! Where did she come from?

Alessio did not expect that. He cringed a little, then turned his head around to see who had surprised him. He still held his cube in the hand, having not dropped it.

Fiyori? That was her name. She was also somebody Al could recognise in the school. She wasn't someone to sink in the mass of the pool of students of Cochise. Not to him, at least. The cyan glasses were certainly notable. Who else had them?

Did his hair touch her, while turning around?


Just in case.

Silence is Golden
Oh god, he noticed him. And asked him a question.

"Uhm, uh, ye-, n-, uh. No."

Mumbling. Alessio shook his head in case Ty did not hear his reply. He then quickly looked at the cube again. While facing the cube, he tried to smile.

"Uh, neat piercings."

It was a lie, but a compliment. Ty probably was not so amused at staring at him. So better not piss him off with doing something wrong. Example given, saying nothing or saying something insulting or so.

Al was no person who minded to be around with other people, no matter who they are. Well kinda, cause the big Ty was kind of intimidating.

Or was that smile on his face friendly?

Alessio did not look at Ty's face again, however, observing the cube instead. Figuring out, which moves to make there.

Jeremiah Larkin
Name: Jeremiah "Jerry" Larkin
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Ballet, hip-hop, aikido, comedy, sitcoms, watching hockey, watching MMA, watching professional wrestling

Appearance: Jeremiah weighs 134 pounds, is 5'8" tall and his build is muscular, but slim. The Caucasian boy seems to be upright and has a good posture. Jeremiah has straight, regular cut, medium brown hair, which he usually hides underneath caps. Jerry's face is heart-shaped, boyish, and above his medium-sized nose he has light brown eyes. His lips are thin and his eyebrows are bushy and brown. His skin is pale, due to him preferring to do sports inside.

Jerry usually dresses in comfortable clothes, normally white and blue tank tops, t-shirts or hoodies and usually with blue baggy jeans. On the day of the abduction he wore a white tank top with blue jogging pants to make the bus ride more comfortable. He also has a black hoodie stuffed into his bag and wore blue sneakers. He wore a black Hard Rock Cafe Baseball Hat backwards, with hair coming out through the hole created by the strap.

Biography: Jerome Larkin and Daniela Fielding met each other at college and both studied to become car mechanics. After dating each other throughout the years of college, they married after graduating. Both got jobs as car mechanics, and years later their only child Jeremiah Larkin was born in Kingman, Arizona. But he often is called Jerry by his parents and friends. He grew up in a middle class home, where he was brought up by his parents and a babysitter on a rotating basis, as their work prevented them to take care of him the whole day.

When Jerome and Daniela come home from work, they usually tend to spend time together. They often sit in front of the TV to relax, and often watched professional hockey while doing so. When Jeremiah was in kindergarten, he also accompanied them with his parents explaining him how the rules worked, and he enjoyed this time with his parents. Throughout the years Jerry continued to watch hockey with his parents and they continued to root for the local professional ice hockey team Phoenix Coyotes. They only watch the matches via the television, as neither of the Larkins thought watching it live would create a greater experience, as it seems that everything necessary for enjoyment was already captured in the television, so it wouldn't be worth it. Besides, these sessions often lead to conversations between Jeremiah and his parents, throughout the matches, but also after them, which deepened their bond. One thing they converse about throughout matches are the predictions of the outcomes, which is a thing Jeremiah enjoys very much. Sometimes it occurred that Jeremiah was betting against his parents about the outcome of these matches for chores and ice cream or other things. Even when losing these bets, he isn't bitter about it, as he enjoys the betting and sees his parents more as friends. When watching the National Hockey League, Jerome also cheers for the Vancouver Canucks or the Toronto Maple Leafs over the Coyotes, while Jerry continues to cheer for the Phoenix Coyotes. This sometimes leads to merry teasing between them, hyperbolically joking about how one team was better than the other. The reason why he likes the Coyotes more, besides it being the most local and the one he was most familiar with as he followed them for a long time, is that Jeremiah's favourite player is Shane Doan, as he seemed experienced, successful and sympathetic.

When Jerry was in the 4th grade, he engaged in discussions with other students, who talked about various topics including wrestling and anime during recess in elementary school. When he arrived home from school, he looked up the TV channel for wrestling and was fascinated by Batista and Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio was the wrestler most of his friends talked about and Jerry really liked him. Mysterio's 619 is his favourite move, as he was amazed by his agility and him flying through the air, as Jerry himself was short and agile. So he could identify himself with him and he still considers his theme songs as one of his favourite songs today, as it gives him nostalgic feelings. Jerry watched the 2008 Royal Rumble, where Batista participated and he enjoyed his performance, predicting him to win. Even after the Royal Rumble, he enjoyed Batista's performances, and Batista Bomb also became a move he enjoyed to see. When the Royal Rumble 2009 happened, he was even more hyped as Rey Mysterio also participated there. Overall, wrestling is an entertaining experience for him.

When he started middle school he joined a hip-hop club as an extracurricular activity as he was amazed by a performance in a music video he had seen on television. He intended to impress other people, so he tried to practise his moves at the club he attends weekly and at home in the mirror, until he found no flaws in them. Especially he likes locking, as he thinks that it looks most impressive. He was a very nervous guy whenever he had to perform at school stage, but after having performed many times, in front of his friends, his parents, fellow hip-hoppers or at school, his nervousness faded away and he became calmer, leading to less mistakes. When watching videos of him performing, he often feels proud, as does not often break ranks. As he felt that he was good at this and looked impressive, he continues dancing and improves even more.

His friend from hip-hop class Danny Brooks was a role model for Jerry to join ballet and he did so in the 7th grade. Danny Brooks and his brother Jacob Brooks impressed Jeremiah when they danced hip-hop and Danny soon became friends with him, as they both got along well. When he watched the Brook twins dance ballet, he was impressed and also wanted to try it out. Jeremiah weekly joins in ballet classes and still participates in ballet class, to hang out with Danny and partly to impress other people, although he is self-aware that his ballet dancing is not so good. Despite not being good in ballet, he is not afraid of failing to dance due to his previous performances. In ballet class he often tried to talk more to Danny than to concentrate on the class, but throughout the years however, Jeremiah improved at dancing at ballet, as he tried to listen to the advice his teacher gave him. He still identifies his fellow hip-hoppers as a peer group he hangs out most with.

During the 7th grade he was curious how it actually was to wrestle and briefly considered, or rather dreamt, of becoming a wrestler, which seemed like a nice idea, as they gained good money. So Jeremiah thought about signing up for wrestling, so he asked his parents about it. His parents were not fond of this idea, however, as they thought that he was too young for that. Afraid of him getting hurt, his parents forbade him that and also blocked the wrestling TV channel. Jeremiah circumvented this block by visiting his friends, and when he got his laptop when he got into the 8th grade, as he wished for one, he started to watch wrestling on it secretly.

As he was a teenager he signed up again for wrestling with the permission of his parents, but it did not interest him as much as pro wrestling, so he continued to just watch pro wrestling. However after signing up for wrestling during the 9th grade, an Aikido lesson caught his eye, so he observed the lesson. Curious, as he had never heard of it, he tried to practise it and also signed up. He had fun at classes as it seemed like a martial art he had fun to participate in and his parents also prefer him to do Aikido than wrestling as it seemed like a good way for him to defend himself. So they drove him weekly to the Slinto Tan Dojo in Kingman for him to practise Aikido. Jeremiah really enjoys practising Aikido, especially when using the bokken. The discipline he learns there also helps him at practising it and succeeding in it. He also finds it useful as it is self-defense, which he could use in real life, in case he gets attacked, which makes him walking home much safer. Him learning different and interesting techniques is also thrilling for Jerry and he can also show these to his friends, who often are impressed by this. He has a green belt and practises to get the black belt someday.

As well as sports he also does Pilates and yoga to regenerate. Jeremiah uses his free time to watch TV. He still watches hockey with his parents, although having never considered playing hockey himself. Jerome and Daniela also like the fact that he picks up sports as neither of them were athletic people during their youth.

He also became fond of comedy shows, and watching stand-up comedians like Kevin Hart or Jeff Dunham on television, as he loves to laugh, and is also a fan of sitcoms like "How I Met Your Mother" or "Two and a Half Men" that run on CBS, which he likes to talk about with schoolmates. He watches other TV series and genres as well, occasionally watching shounen anime that are on TV on Cartoon Network, his favourite anime being "One Piece" and "Attack on Titan". He daily watches TV, often while doing something else, like during doing homework and during meals. Visiting the cinema is also something he does, preferring to watch action or comedy movies. He enjoys leaning back and getting entertained by the plot, getting thrilled by the action and to laugh through the comedy. His parents often have a different taste in TV-shows than Jeremiah, like them liking to watch documentaries, so often they watch seperately as they own two televisions. The parents also disliked anime, as they were not entertained by some shows Jeremiah tried to introduce them. Despite all this, Jeremiah likes his parents and cannot blame them for having a different taste. His parents also were more relaxed about the shows Jeremiah watched than they were when he was a young child, never threatening to ban a channel.

When hanging out with other people at his age, he wants to avoid all the conflicts and tries to act cool and calm. While he is friendly to most people, he's pretty quiet and avoids speaking much, especially in public. He however talks more if the others talk to him privately, even if it is just to avoid awkward silence. The topics he likes to talk about are usually on-going series, movies or wrestling events.

As a teenager, his parents knew that he was old enough, so he also managed to watch wrestling again without visiting friends or using his laptop and watched the "Summer of Punk" during the summer vacation of 2012 on television. Due to his interest in wrestling, he also visits local wrestling events with his friends and usually enjoys watching these, although they do not seem as spectacular as pro-wrestling matches to him.

By visiting these events, he became aware of MMA and became a constant follower of the school wrestling team as well as local MMA teams. He also began watching local MMA matches with his friends in his free time, by recommendation of some mixed martial artists he went to school with. MMA interested Jerry, as it was different from wrestling, so he learned a new way of getting entertained. As his fellow schoolmates also participate there, he can also watch it live and cheer for them.

While he was academically ambitious during elementary and middle school, he began to slack a bit more in high school as he struggles to understand the contents of some classes. He is often easily distracted during class with either conversing with other classmates, doodling or just goofing off, but he tries to be good enough to get through. Though he often asks his friends for the content he did not understand when learning for an exam, as he tries to learn hard for his exams to get a better grade. He tries hard enough to get approved at the University of Arizona where he wants to study. To get approved for it, he also told himself to improve in school during the following 1.5 years of school, by trying to focus better on his academics, hoping for higher grades in the 12th grade. He also realises that once he gets approved for the university, his grades there would matter more than his school grades. So he tries to be good enough to get through, doing average in school, getting a low B or a high C at average, although he tells his parents that most of his classmates got the same grades as him, who trusted him with this. The subjects that interested him most were PE, where he repeatedly got an A, and also art class, which fascinated him the most in comparison to other subjects. He enjoyed drawing in the class and to be creative. He preferred to research about artists and paintings than to research about historical events. As he was a fan of art classes in school, he also occasionally snoops through photos and paintings in his free time. He wants to study art in the University of Arizona in the future, as he liked to paint in school but also to dance as he considers it to be an art as well.

While his parents are worried about Jerry wanting to study art, as they associate it with much financial risk, he calmed them down by saying that he might want to study art as a minor and study something else as a major. After all, he had still time to decide what to study while still attending the high school for the next year. His parents however doubted that Jerry had any interest in becoming a car mechanic himself, as unfortunately cars do not interest him. In fact, he disliked driving in a car or to travel in general, preferring to watch TV at home. His dislike of driving in a car also comes from the fact that it is hard for him to read or draw while sitting in a car without feeling sick, which also leads to him chatting with his parents during a car drive often when they drive him to the dojo, which is a more enjoyable alternative than boring himself in the car.

Advantages: His laid-back attitude could help him in keeping a cool head. His practising of Aikido is a major advantage in self-defense.
Disadvantages: His silent nature could hinder him in communicating with others better. Jeremiah also may let confrontations advance far beyond his control before doing anything due to having been taught in his aikido training to avoid conflicts.

Silence is Golden
Aaand finished. The cube was solved, the problem was solved.

Alessio looked up and saw a guy. Huh, when did he come here? Al had not noticed him.

That guy was the some kind of scarier looking Mr. T in his school. Is that what his haircut can be called? Mr. T cut? His name was something with T, as well.

He wasn't in his grade, though. But he definitely had a noticable appearance, Al thought. He noticed him since joining Cochise, at least. Well, avoiding him seemed like the best idea to Freshman Al. And Sophomore Al. And Junior Al. And other students did that as well, so he assumed that it might have not been the worst life choice.

Taking a closer look at the face, there was much metal in his face. Everywhere. Eyebrows, nose, ears and...underneath his mouth? That must've hurt. Alessio couldn't understand why anyone would do piercings anyways. He could understand why people had tattoos on their skin, they looked awesome, but piercings? They must be bothersome and might lead to nasty infections.

While continuing to stare at the piercings, he shuffled the cube again, into randomness, this time with both hands.

The Mafia Waiting List
Mibbit Smiley Mafia, probably around 8 players.

Also, it might be just a flavour Dethy Game.

Silence is Golden
((Alessio Rigano, Start))

Al was dreaming.

He dreamed about going home and to play some game. He needed to finish Rebirth badly anyways. He hasn't unlocked everything yet.

But before school could end, this lunch period must end. And then he had to go to class. After that he was free.

Alessio sat on a chair and had his green lunchbox on the table. There wasn't anything in the lunchbox anymore, though, as he just finished eating his cheese sandwich. His mother made this sandwich for him and man, he loved cheese. Bringing food from home definitely was more worth it than going to the cafeteria. It was cheaper, quicker and more delicious.

If Al had to spend money for food or coffee, he'd go to Vacanti's or at least Diamondback. But he'd just do that after school, cause lunch time usually was not enough time.

He looked around and had no idea what to do now. He stared at the clock and realised that he actually had enough time, way too much time.

Then he pulled out his 3x3 rubik's cube from his school bag, while putting his lunchbox back in. After shuffling it, he tried to solve it with one hand. Well, he was certainly not as fast as Zemdegs or Cantin, but he certainly improved since he began practising with one hand.

He began to silently hum "7 e 40" and stared at the cube which slowly began to be solved.