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I missed this place
Hey! :D

I unfortunately have never met you (as I'm newbie-ish), but I like your awesome characters in v3! I haven't read much v4, but I believe I've read and enjoyed some Fiona and Tim, while reading some characters (like Leidman/Aaron/Raidon/the Kronwalls). You seem to be an awesome writer and an awesome person!

V5 is pretty interesting to read! And it's getting to its end sooner and sooner. So yeah, I hope V6 will start soon and will look forward to it, especially when you'll be in it! :3

Also, currently there's also the Mini "TV2" going on and there's a character put up for adoption.

Anyways, welcome back!

Roll Nulls

I too would like the roll nulls to return, Ciel, as they are an interesting concept, invited in V2 and I guess staff had a good reason to remove it.

I can't judge about early community, because I wasn't there the earlier versions, but I have to agree that the people here are very nice.

I feel bad about the lack of null, it was cool to see people in earlier versions to be saved. And seeing any rolled character being saved is always better than to see one rolled die. As the continuation of character's stories was always interesting and it gives people hope.

And yes, it fucked up some endgames and rolls OOC, but (I know I bring this argument too often in chat)...IC it always was intended to be the final five, not the final four. But yeah, the screwing with the rolls is a problem, that happened enough, so yeah I understand it.

So yeah, BDA...the deoping of the BDA was a cool decision, I guess. BDA and nulls shouldn't be together again, because they are too common then, I guess. Also the time difference would be a problem, too, because they stack after each announcement. And having too many nulls is messing things up...okay I admit it'd be amusing if everybody had a null and would null every rolls, so no one dies on the island for 1 day which would result to everybody dying. So yeah another reason is that people would for the handler, who they want to have a null instead of voting the character they like, who will be rewarded with an awesome quote. So yeah, I'll stop talking about BDA I guess, it just shouldn't be together with nulls. The thing about BDA however is that people whose character died had the card, which is pretty cool, as that way, people who are out of the game can have nulls, so the nulls are theoretically less for ones own, but for other people. That isn't the case, as most people have multiple characters. And that wouldn't change anything why the null was removed either way, I guess, even if people who are out of the game are the people who have nulls.

I like Persy's second idea, because...well it wouldn't be bad if awesome people are rewarded, right? And maybe people would try to be more awesome (even though it could happen that we'll all live in a fake happy and nice community). But yeah, I would like that to happen personally, because it would reward awesome people and would make it more rare, which would probably some problems.

The first idea's also cool, because...it's a safe way to reintroduce nulls.

Super Random RC Idea:

What about anonymous Roll Nulls? Like SOTF_Help PMs people that gain the nulls (because they were an awesome member or contributed or helped or more), so no one but the person and staff knows who the roll null has? That way, no one would be bothered about them. No one would know who a null has or if there is even one, until they are used, but then it wouldn't matter in any way. No one would be mugged about them.

Yep, that were my thoughts. This thing was discussed before many times, I think, so I don't know what this thread will change.

So I'll just sit here and wait that roll nulls return one day in a non dangerous way.

Character Comparisons, V1-5
(Don't worry, I asked, before I Sam Sorenson'd this up)

Well...V5 is also nearing to the end. So I think a bump might be cool, because I also want to hear other people's thoughts/ideas and the other threads were also interesting to read. And it's sad this thread has no reply.

I haven't read much V4 and V5 as V1-3, but I'll try to formulate some thoughts.

Max Sawyer and Kris maybe? Because their intentions to kill are similiar, because they feared and were a bit paranoid.

Maybe also Clio and Mariavel/Melina, because they both were femma fatale.

The Ishida twins could be a mix of the the Dollop twins and Dibenidetti twins: One of them becomes a killer, the other one dies early.

Maybe Illario and Bobby, because both were sympathetic killers that had a huge kill count and commited suicide at the end.

Liam Brooks and Wade Wilson both killed all of their kills, except one, in one location. Otherwise I find no one comparable to Liam. Maybe a bit like Bryan/Dodd, because he wanted to revenge...which wouldn't fit either, because Liam doesn't avenge anybody. Yeah he first's like a whiny person, so like Anna Dibenidetti.

Eric Lorenz and Alex Rasputin are maybe like Garry Dodd and Trester Leskington?

Ivan and Tabi are probably like...maybe Dodd/Jones or Calvert/Johnson? Their storytelling is just more equal.

And Ema/Hayley might be the successful version of Chi/Wednesday.

Phillip Ward and Ben Ward, because they both are bullies and share the same surname. As Phillip was mean in Pregame, but rather nice in the game, he might be like Adonis.

Mark Little and Jameson Doeert, because they died early in an unfair way as the terrorists screwed up stuff.

The Tyler/Travis and Hansel/Theo rivaly could be like the old versions rivalies, like Langston/Starr/Dodd/Jenson or others.

Carson Baye and James Wade's day 1 group. Because they both played a game to have fun, while everybody kills each other everywhere else.

Raidon and maybe Eddie Sullivan, because both were playerhunters, I think. Even though the quantity of the kills is different.

Sarah Atwell and Peri Barclay or Mary McKay, because they killed in a very creative way.

Tyler Lucas could be a Eric Silvstedt/Andrew Klock guy, who'd try to kill people and fail doing it. But, he got a kill, which makes him a successful type of that I think.

Daphne Rudko could be like Max Sawyer, because they both killed many people in selfdefense. Or she could be like Staffan Kronwall, because both of them killed many people in so short time to be killed shortly afterwards.

Lovelace/Locke could be a playerteam like Barclay/Hyde.

Hansel and Rob Jenkins were racist, I think and managed to kill, if that counts.

Uriel and Jimmy Brennan, because they were insane in an amusing way. Oh yeah and Jimmy and Damien, because they both hunted bullies I think.

Even though their character traits aren't the same Bill Ritch and Ethan Kent could be compared, because they both died so the others could escape.

Dave Russel and people who commit suicide early on, like Wanda Lovett and stuff.

But the most obvious one is probably Franco Sebberts and Aaron Hughes, because they both are manipulative villains who made it far. Maybe Harry Hanley could've become that, too. Oh yeah and Alan Shinwrith also tried to use the others as meatshield and failed doing it.

Hopefully I've done it right. So yeah, your thoughts? Also yeah, feel free to correct my thoughts.

V6 Concepts Thread
So I just wondered why no one received feedback here, while the previous Version concepts thread had some.
I'll try to do it!
But I'll give you a fair warning in advance: I'm a newbie (so I have no experience from this stuff) and probably a terrible judge (so my opinion shouldn't be treated...like super important)

Uhm, I'll try to comment on every concept that wants to, because reading them is different than reacting to them.

The first one that wanted a comment and suggestions was Laurels.

Parker is probably an interesting character, because in pregame I probably expect some drama, as it is stated that he has enemies, but as he's a friendly guy he probably will have good drama free threads. And in the game he sure will be interesting, too because...doctors. People who have medical advantages are generally interesting people. For example in TV2 we have Sebastien and Gabriel, who are already pretty interesting. In V1 there was Hawley, who had some pretty interesting scenes, some of them were scenes where he patched up other people. In V4 Team Ego also had a medic styled character I think, who tried to patch up herself and then died. And as he is a golden boy, I think he's probably a likeable character. And likeable persons are probably good, because I think SOTF had many dicks. And his reaction to being put in SOTF will also be cool, I think.

Nagisa, a photographer is surely also a cool concept, as her pregame probably will be cool. I don't think photography has been done much before, except maybe Matt Wittany (Maybe some V4 characters, but...V4 is so big and I barely read anything of it). So yeah she's interesting. She has a low tolerance for idiocy, I think like Asa, but unlike him she got in trouble with it, which could lead to very interesting pregame scenes. And snarkiness is awesome.

Noah will be awesome, I hope. Comedy is pretty cool. And making people happy makes me like him as a person. Having him in threads will probably be fun in Pregame. Ingame he might be able to mood up the mood of the people there, but I don't know if he wants to be funny in that serious and dark situation.

Next one is leAloha.

Bridgette is a balletdeath character, which is pretty awesome, I think. I guess her family backstory might be pretty import, which could make her a likeable person and an interesting read. So her Pregame will be pretty cool, I think. On the island, I don't know what she'll do, which is pretty cool, because it'd suck if everyone would know. But given the fact that she is a realist, she probably won't turn batshit insane and punch horses or turn into a Wade Wilson, which is pretty awesome.

Emil's backstory also could be interesting, as he talks to NY people and he is a normal guy with some cool backstory. I think he's a normal guy, who everybody would meet in their school (I mean, everybody else here is normal too!). I don't know what will happen in pregame or ingame, but he seems like a guy who isn't very well liked, but friendly. So his pregame might be very chilly.

Ryan seems pretty cool. His many hobbies/interesting mean that he's threedimensional I think, which could be interesting. His family is also pretty important to him as he's helping around. As he keeps his thoughts for himself he won't turn into a Uriel/Steven/Nessy character, which is probably cool. And his character traits also might make him a likeable character. I think your characters (everybody else, too!) will do normal Pregame threads, which is pretty neat, because that's what's cool about V5-like pregames: It's realistic.

Cool so Random's.

Adelaide seems to be a pretty cool character, who might have an important role in V6, especially as she's that way. I like the fact that every character has different point of views to other characters, so I think Adelaide will have people that like her and people that will hate her and people between. And the thing that will be interesting will be the interactions. Well, there's nothing else to say, but I'll look forward to pregame.

Tiresias' backstory might be pretty cool to read and the fact that he already has connections with other characters is pretty neat, too, because having some relationships planned is always cool. Well, in V1 and V2 things were different, which sucked, because they had to ask "What's your name. You were in my class." But yeah, the fact that Oskar works at his mother's shop is pretty awesome and I really like these connections, because it feels so connected.

Then Sansa.

Joshua is fantastic. I just don't know what to say about the concept, but that I look forward to read him.

Hazel, too. I'll look forward for the Korean stuff.

Oskar's also cool. Especially Alex and him have connections. I really like connections.

Yeah sorry for so few words to so many words, but well. I don't know what I can say. I have no clue what they'll do in Pregame other than being cool characters to roleplay with and being in character. And I don't know what they do on the island, too.


Barry seems like a cool character, as he's friendly and sporty. The soccer thingy, especially as he wants to become a pro, will help him on the island, I think. And the trusting thingy will be interesting both in Pregame and Ingame.

Bart is probably a very interesting concept, so I'll look forward for his Pregame. He's a nice person, who probably has a less nice aura. So his interactions and relationships with other people will definitely be interesting.

Rene also is cool, with the spider thing, it's an interesting hobby, that, I think, haven't been used yet. And the fact that she tries to be funny, could make her a very sympathetic character.

Then Will.

Elle is surely a cool concepts. I think in Pregame she'll be pretty normal, which is awesome. And the fact that she wants to be famous could also be interesting on the island. Again, the pregame and relationships will be pretty important, as some people won't like her due to the snobbiness, but she has friends she is loyal to. So I'll look forward to the Pregame.

Erica is a character I'll like as a person, because she seems very nice and friendly. So I think other characters will like her, too. So her Pregame will be fun. Especially if there's a party. But I think there were already party threads in previous version. Anyways, she looks cool.

JRenard, you wanted no critique, but a girlfriend for Jeremy. I could create one, if no one else does.

Last but not least Shangela

Cormac is probably my favourite of your concepts. I really love his backstory, with his father. And that he changed and developed before the Pregame. So his Pregame will be pretty awesome to read. So in Pregame other people will view him differently, maybe know that he changed. I mean changes haven't happened often, I think (I barely read profiles, so I have no clue). But anyways he'll be an awesome character, I hope. And on the island he'd have advantages, but I think the soldier/father thing could be a disadvantage for him. So his reaction might or might not be special.

Fatima and her aunts story is probably very interesting and probably realistic, too. I think therefore her backstory's pretty neat. Because influence is an important role in educations. And her Pregame could be cool, due to her personality.

Geoffrey's history is very interesting and his hobbies could be also cool. So his Pregame might be cool.

Henry is a cool concept, even though her backstory is pretty dramatic. But I think it's pretty realistic and her Pregame would be awesome, too. She seems to be a person people will like, so yeah.

So that was everybody.

Yeah will post some character here sometime. Then I could do some relationships with them, too.

Will look forward for V6. I wanna play with everyone of you. Woohoo! I guess I'm getting repetitive.

I think an escape attempt has always multiple people (I can't think of a single person trying to escape alone, other than Ken Mendel. Even Ernest Decarteret had temporarily a group, although he was probably the only escapist in V2 that had a good plan/tried. If he'd met Ricky's group they'd have better chances to escape) and when one of them is rolled and they try to escape it shouldn't fail just because one person of it is rolled. I mean if it is logical and legit, not everybody has to die/having the plan fail. Having an attempt escape fail because of rolls would probably just exclude the rolled character, which would be pretty mean towards the handler of the rolled character. The escape could succeed, but maybe the rolled person dies after they succeed or something, Sean O'Cann style. Or the other collars are removed and the last person who gets them removed is the rolled character, whose collar gets blown up. Or the other people remove the collar wrongly from the rolled one.

Also what counts as an successful escape (attempt)? Removing the collar or go away from the island? Because even if they remove the collar, the escapists could die via terrorist squads or stupid classmates.

Yeah the fact that the collars exist is terrible.

There's also differences between the manga and the movie (I think the manga decapicated, while the movie just let him bleed out or something), how the collars work, but I think the manga's more canon, because the creator of BR has co-written it.

Yeah, I agree with you Toben, that Mini shouldn't have too many escapes, but it hasn't happened yet. But if (a good) one happens it could be pretty cool for everybody, as the staff would write the announcements differently and therefore would expand the universe. The writers would also be happy, because it might or might not be easier for them and it would be cool for the readers because it's never happened and could be interestingly written. The Epilogue could be like the V3 Epilogue! Just finished, which would make it even more awesome. Or like the Tv1 epilogue, where there were multiple winners, too.

But yeah, I'd hate a fleet of escapes, because...they aren't interesting when there are so many. I think the interesting ones are the ones that are creative. On the other hand it is realistic that some people want to escape.
V1 had some escape groups (even though some of them did actually do nothing to escape. They basically just were groups): Jeremy Torres' group, which have done actually nothing, Umi Hunter's group, which have also done nothing to escape, aside from talking about how to communicate without the terrorists knowing, Jacob/Dorian, which was basically lead to nothing, Jack's group, which was successful, Sarge, who was in various groups and had potential to escape in my opinion, Ken Mendel, who was basically commiting suicide, Duncan Wright, who also could've tried to escape if Angharad wouldn't have killed him, Mason, who also died, the Intrepid Six, which did nothing about escape. The only thing the Intrepid Six doing about the game was Dodd ranting, and when there were with River, they also talked about. Oh, and yeah David blew up the collar of Rais.
V2 had the Andi/Peter/Ernest/Alexander/Vesa/Felix/whoever group which broke after a time and Ricky's. I think it's the only notable ones.
V3 had the great escape, so yeah.
V4 had Aaron Hughes, Team Ego, Liz' group and probably some groups that also tried to escape, I haven't read of.
V5 had Gavin, which failed, Jesse Jenning, which also failed, Joey Caputo's, which also failed and Zubin, who might or might not fail.

I think a difference between the version might be that in the earlier version they didn't try it (which made many escape groups last long), while in the current versions they DO try it. V1-2 was "planning and not executing", V3-4 probably was "executing and succeeding or failing" and V5 was "execute and fail"

Heh, hi Grim!

I kinda agree with you and to be honest, Gavin's escape plan could've succeeded IC if they were in the V1 physics (because August was shot in the collar and it took very long to detonate). But yeah, the collars improve throughout the versions IC, too. And in Test Run 8 lots of people escaped, too. So for every attempt of escape it's harder to escape. So people have to be more creative I guess.

The first point makes sense, but I think it would be contraproductive if they would be saved. I mean in the Mini rules about the ten kill escape it's also stated that the character has to die even if they succeed to kill 10 people and are rolled. Even though it won't matter to the other people, as they are out of the game either way and wouldn't be a problem like nulls, it wouldn't be really fair, because rolled people should die. And it probably would encourage people to do an escape attempt death. And having 20% of the students die of escape attempts aren't...that realistic either. And I personally think it's more entertaining reading one character to die in an escape, while the others succeed. Maybe because it's more dramatic, or because I'm a bad person and enjoy the bittersweet ending. I think some V3 escape attempt deaths were cooly handled, even though they somehow sucked, because they were mostly inactivity deaths. And the deaths in the V4 Rescue thread were also pretty interesting to me, because...they were sooo near to escape. Yes, I'm probably a bad person.

And about the collars. I think the collars in general are sci-fi stuff taken from BR, that is way too complicated for anybody and knowing the mechanics would be meta the students wouldn't know anyway. So I think the exciting thing about escapes in SOTF is it to ignore the collar, which are unrealistic magic things probably and think outside of the box. I, for example have many, many ideas how to escape the island easily with using facts about...well I don't want to spoiler anybody, but I think it is possible to escape in many different ways after all. So if there was a clasp, it probably wouldn't be visible for students, maybe the terrorists have improved their collars due to the V4 escape (which probably gives the most canon collar details that currently exists, because I think it revamped the v1-3 stuff), but even then no one would notice but the terrorists, else it would've been mentioned by staff in the collar description. And I guess the explosion is the detonation size of the BR collars (because...it's based of them...else it wouldn't make sense). I'd suggest you to read the BR manga, because it shows a scene where it explodes. It's pretty interestingly drawn, but very, very gory ._.

But agree with you in the last point, that handlers and staffers should have a better connection together! On the other hand I kinda understand why the Main Escape rules are so rough and hard. It's because there already were 3 escapes in the SOTF history, and having yet another one would make Danya and his henchmen look like complete idiots, because, hell, they are military trained adults who got tricked by childs who just graduated, and would look like complete geniuses. That's also a reason why I think Main had enough successful escapes, maybe in some versions it could happen again, but not so many times in a row. And Mini? Mini had no escapes at all. No Roleplayed at least. And the Mini Escape rules are really more easy, and it would be awesome if people would successfully escape there instead in Main. Because it's easier there and it might or might not be encouraged by the staff, because in TV2 for example the collar have flaws and it could be possible to escape there. So I'd look forward for a Mini Escape, so maybe you can try that there if you want, because maybe there the collars are easier to remove. Tv2 also gave much information about them. And it would put more plot in the announcements in the Minis, which would expand the universe a bit. So it would be a win/win situation. Even though Tracen hasn't reacted to an escape attempt, I think he's smarter than his father, who was somehow schizophrenic and insane and killed his own people and stuff. So that could also mean that the new V5+ AT are more organized, smarter and more safe, which reduces the chances of escape. And to be honest, I'd rather read Adams or Ritzy react to an escape than to see how AT will probably go: Detonate random collars as punishment to have a creative way for inactivity deaths as a punishment, Liz Polanski or SADD style and we'll send Richard and Baines...Even though it might be fun to see them together in action again.

So another random thought of mine is that...if this thing, SOTF, really happened...I think the government would've probably try to find a way to escape the island and tell that to school children. Or they would've researched that on the corpses they found after it was broadcasted, as the terrorists left them at the island there. Or they would've sent an introduction of what to do when you're abducted into an SOTF, like a video that says: Do this and that, so the terrorists lose. Or McAllister would've done something different and they'd have done something smart.

But neither of it happen.

And do you know what that means, Grim Wolf? Cody Jenkins was fucking right.

Yeah that were my thoughts about it. Sorry, I barely have a clue about this and I'm neither a good writer nor am I a friend of realism, but I think I wrote my thoughts down, because...I don't know. I'm bored and want to talk about something. This post may or may not contain ignorance, grammar errors and lots of stupidity, but I wanna reply. And of course, I'll also look forward to V6, so maybe we might do something there together or not.