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Minus Something
They told him he could stay with them. Al wondered if they really meant it.

He was supposed to think of a way to tell that the other group members. He didn't need to tell the others anything. Raina, Penelope and Ben would understand.

Alessio wanted to tell her that she might survive, that he might help to patch it up, but he would have been a fool to have said that. No, the wound did not seem like it would heal. Kizi looked like in pain. She would die from the shotgun wound and perhaps that was better than her staying in pain.

Then Kizi offered that she kills herself for the sake of him not being in the announcement. As if that would have mattered now, after he killed so many.

"I don't care if I am on the announcements or not. You don't need to hurt yourself."

Can he carry her outside, though? His arm said no, he couldn't carry a person. I can try, he said in his head, leaving the shotgun on the table, his bag on his back and moving towards Kizi and Lili to help them.

Mass Effect Mafia Sign Up Thread
Vyse is lurking. Just four posts on one page?

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Minus Something
Alessio smiled.

"I like the idea of an island of peace."

So, it was really a big project and he missed it. Johnny was involved, too. He should have spoken to him in the Gym. Perhaps then, he would have realised that people were trying to resist against the terrorists. It seemed like everyone he met was hostile, crazy, a killer, hiding, lonely, trying to survive.

Everybody was in the kill or get killed mode. It seemed that everyone he met had played the game. Serena tried to survive, Astrid robbed him, Jae was hostile, Henry, Hannah and Johnny looked like they would be hiding, like they would run away from everyone, wait until everybody else dies, just hide, run away, avoid contact, Michael and Maria were playing by the rules, Dorothy too.

But now he knew there were people trying to group together and change a thing.

Kizi and Lili had a vision of an island of peace. An island where nobody kills each other. Alessio could meet his friends again, without fearing getting killed by them. They could do stuff together to distract themselves from their inevitable deaths. They could talk about their lives before dying. Peace.

He put the shotgun on a table nearby the entrance and sat down on a chair nearby. His legs were tired from standing. He wiped the tears away.

"Can...May I join? Or is it too late?"

Of course, it might be too late for him to be in that idyllic island. Everybody is selfish, nobody cared about him. It might be too late for him. They hate him.

Minus Something
"Glad you had a good time on the island, Lili!", he shouted at her with an angry face. "I did not have a good time. Good you two found each other. I haven't found anyone. I had to survive on my own and I did what you would have done if you were in my position when the only person who spoke to you was a man with a microphone."

Alessio normally doesn't shout at people, but now he just did. He regretted it instantly after screaming, but he wanted to vent the anger. That pissed him off. These two girls had fun spending time together while he was alone for a week and always afraid of getting killed. They could trust each other, he couldn't trust anyone. They probably could sleep without nightmares. They had a fun and happy time on murder island.

"A week ago, I meant," Alessio corrected himself in whispering. "A week ago, not weeks."

As Kizi spoke, she mentioned names. So, it was not just the two of them. That gave Al some hope that it might be bigger than it seemed. They did posters, probably to spread the message.

"What's with Penelope and Ben? Where are they?"

Really, how should he have know that there were people who would try this? Try this wait for escape thing. He did not meet anyone who wanted that. Serena wanted him to play, to survive. She woke him up so they could do stuff, be productive. She wanted him to get up so they could get her a weapon. Alessio did not choose his path. What other choice did he have other than to follow rules?

"And...you guys really have a plan? Wait until escape comes? A safe zone community?"

Alessio's ego was killed. If...if there were people who would try to escape. Jesus, Henry, Cameron, Hannah, Amanda, Maria. They did not have to die. Fuck, he did screw up a lot didn't he? He couldn't revive them. But how could he know? Al could blame himself, he could blame others, but the fact was that he fucked up. Tears came from his eyes.

Minus Something
Lili was unarmed. Alessio lowered his weapon, but did not move in further into the room.


Kizi and Lili were speaking oddly. Was Al not himself? Sure, he changed since the island, but for the better, didn't he? He grew up. He was stronger, ready for the real world, was not in his safe world at home. He had strength.

"I have no patience."

Al took a break.

"I don't want to wait any longer. We have been here for too long. If there is a chance of rescue it should have happened. It's too late, already half of us are dead."

He pointed his finger at the two.

"And I am no puppet. You two should be glad that I killed people, you two should be glad. If everyone had killed since day one, this game would have ended weeks ago. But look at this. It's still happening. It's torture. I want to be home. I want to go home. I miss my parents. I might never see them again. But someone here will. And I hope they will see them soon. Because delaying the winner the time of going home, giving them more scenes to experience, get them more traumatised than they already are won't help whoever comes out of it. No experience we will go through this island will be a happy one. It can just get worse."

Minus Something
"Show me your weapon."

Al said while raising the gun to point it at Lili. He could not stay here if he was in danger of getting shot.

Then, he looked back at the shot Kizi. He tried hard to just look into her face and not the bloody body. That was disgusting.

"Have you heard the announcements? Everyone is playing the game, no one is escaping, no one is getting rescued. Why would you think you two could change it? You are just two people out of too many who are not into this idea."

Alessio was not sure how to think of this unicorn idea. It...sucked. Giving people false hopes before they would eventually die anyway on this island.

Minus Something
He hit Kizi.

Alessio then planned to leave.

He took some steps backwards to run away, but his eyes were caught by the posters. Selfmade, handmade posters, not made by the terrorists or people from the asylum, no, they were made by Alessio's classmates.

He could not see much about it, to do that, he would have to come nearer to the poster.

It were posters relating to the game. He ignored Kizi's bloodiness and her saying something to him. He read the last point of a poster, hanging off the edge of the table.

And the longer we hold out, the more we prove the terrorists wrong. And the longer we hold out, the more likely rescue arrives.

"Did you guys write this?"

Malloon's Attempts at Creativity
It is a pretty nice poem!

Also, I'd be interested in some german ones!

Minus Something
((Alessio Rigano continued from Takao))

This is where he lost his arm.

Alessio was sweating heavily as he opened the door of the cafeteria. He could smell himself being all smelly and smelling disgusting.

As he opened the door, he could see two girls at the table.

Alessio closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.

((Alessio Rigano continued from Time flies when you have a gun))

And here is the place where he learned to kill.

This place was too familiar. Every time he entered this room, someone died. Coleen. Maria. Arthur.

But this time, he did not enter the room. No, he just opened the door to see that again, he'd meet people again. Real people.

He held the door open with his foot to use his hands to shoot into it. Then, he regretted the choice as he realised who was there.

Oh fuck, this was totally a disaster. Not only did he shoot at a killer, who he should not shoot, because she would kill other people for him. No, this killer was fucking dangerous.

Alessio ran away faster than before and his arms hurt from carrying the shotgun while running. Fucking wound.

His arm.

He was hoping no one was running behind him

((Alessio Rigano in Minus Something))

Time flies when you have a gun
((Alessio Rigano continued from Rivers of Sadness and Mutual Need))

Fuck, this was scary. He was like a monster. Running around, trying to shoot everyone on sight he sees. It felt so insane, but it was the path to go to let this game end. It was the madness to stop the madness.

Apropos madness and insanity, he was back in the asylum.

He figured that this big building is where the people are hiding. They are hiding in this warm, safe building, not in the beach.

So, feeling like a supervillain from an action movie, he checked rooms. When entering the building, he went upstairs and checked the first rooms.

No, he did not check them. In fact, he hoped there was someone. He just assumed there was someone in there as he ran through the hall and shot in the first room.

He heard noises in there.

But as he entered the room he shot in, there was no one there. No noises. No person to shoot at. He just shot into an empty room. He had the feeling that he not only did he have no clue how to properly use a gun to kill people, no. He felt like he had no idea how to kill, even though he already did that four times.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Takao))

Rivers of Sadness and Mutual Need
((Alessio Rigano continued from Tea Party with Death at Dawn))

For Mr. Prospector it was time for a break. But just a short one. While walking around the island, he ate some snacks, energy. He wondered if he had actually killed Bryony, Sandra or Alice. He would find out tomorrow.

He walked around. He realised something. What he saw while travelling across the island. Who he met after going across the bridge.


No one.

The island was not getting smaller, even if the size of the number of peope alive would shrink. No, Alessio was not going to see many people who are alive. He would see more people who are dead. He would see more corpses.

But it's better that way. Better people dead than people alive.

Alessio daydreamt a scenario where he would just avoid seeing people, but just see corpses. He daydreamt that Danya would suddenly greet him and tell him that he's the only survivor, because everyone else died while he wandered on the island.

But as he checked at the hunting ludge for people, he actually found people.

Cass. Nice person, back in school, but that did not matter anymore.

He just had his head popping out from the doorframe of the living room, as he stared at Cass. So he hid behind the doorframe as he pulled the trigger. He still was not used to shooting the gun, after two times.

Then, he ran away. The hunting cabin. It was where he wanted to sleep back like a week ago, left his assigned weapon like a week ago. A fucking week.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Time flies when you have a gun))

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
((Alessio Rigano continued from We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed By Our Classmates))

Mr. Prospector walked away from the docks, gun in hand, with the image in his head that today at least three people had died. Amanda, Jonathan and Hannah. He had a gun now, he now was not afraid of attackers. He would shoot his attackers.

As Alessio walked towards the Church, the one Jae threatened him back like a week ago, was it a week? Was that already a week? A fucking week. As he did that, he walked by the Crematorium Gardens.

He breathed heavily. Three more names he could recognise. Like three flowers. Brown, yellow, blonde.

He was not near them much, couldn't understand what they were talking about. He could see them and recognise them, though. He knew what he had to do. SPAS pointed at them, he stared at them. Then.

He pulled the trigger, shot at them, then ran away from the group in case they had guns to shoot back. Perhaps he hit one of them. Most likely, he did not.

But the most important thing was that he shot at them.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Rivers of Sadness and Mutual Need))

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Classmates
There was a shot.

Alessio lowered the gun.

As Amanda was shot, Alessio decided to leave her and Brendan.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Tea Party with Death at Dawn))

Another Mafia Tournament Opportunity
I suppose yeah! Flare, do your thing again!

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Classmates
Alessio felt insulted as he was accused of Amanda of him wanting her gun to use on other people. No, he shouted at her being so dishonest. But the sad thing was that Amanda was right. He would use the gun on other people.

"Well, I-"

He now just stared at the gun of her, being pointed at him. He did not know what else to say. She threatened him. He could shoot her, but she would shoot him.

"Nevermind", he mumbled. Alessio had no idea what to say either way. He was confused.

Alessio was extremely confused as to what Amanda did to Brendan. What she did to Brendan.

She...just offered him help. That hurt.

For no reason she just went to Brendan and offered him to patch up. Just simply like that. Anger was boiling up. And she was so hostile against Alessio. But to Brendan she was so nice. That was not fair.

Brendan was a killer, too. Brendan killed too. Alessio was a killer, Brendan was a killer. When Amanda met Alessio she told him to fuck off and when she sees Brendan, she offers him help?

Alessio felt worthless.

Was there anyone on the island who offered Alessio help? No. There was not. Vanessa dumped him, Michael bullied, taunted him, Astrid robbed him. Yes, there was Serena and Mia who were trying to help, but that was during the first day. On the first day no one had a clue what the fuck was happening. No one knew how dangerous the island was. If Serena, Mia and him would have stayed together longer, Alessio now had the feeling, they would have killed him. Betrayed him. Use him as a pawn for being such a worthless piece of shit.

No, everyone on this island is selfish. No one helped him. He was alone. Vanessa left him, Alvaro left him, Nixon shot him.

But why was Brendan getting help from her? Why not him? Why never him?

He still pointed his gun at Amanda and said no word. He just had a sad face.

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Classmates
Jon shot back, but Alessio felt no bullets tearing him, so Jon missed hitting him, too. They were even. Alessio kept moving. This was like all ball games, except with bullets. You got to move every time to not get hit.

He however heard a gunshot sound coming from Amanda's direction, which drew all of his attention. Oh crap, she had a second gun?

It looked like she was sided with him, though, as she also shot at Jonathan. Brendan was defensively lying on the floor, Jonathan disappeared from his view then died, so Alessio turned his body to Amanda and stopped moving around to avoid bullets.

Alessio shouted something at Amanda's direction while pointing his shotgun at her. She was threat number 1.

"Where did that gun come from?!"

What a wizard. She shot Jonathan, why the hell would she not shoot him too? What a maniac. Alessio's impression of Amanda was false. She was actually a person who would use her gun to kill, to murder. Alessio was afraid.

Another Mafia Tournament Opportunity
Flare how were you doing last year, btw?

I volunteer if no one elses does, but if Vyse volunteers, I'm totally in for him being in the game, because he's the best representer.

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Apr 20 2017, 03:09 PM
Congratulations, guys!

May I add that both of you are extremely attractive and talented individuals? With great hair!
u silly fool skeleton queens don't have hair!!

Who wants Sandra?
I wouldn't mind trying to write Sandra on the island, but I already have a character who's alive and there are handlers who don't have characters on the island and I'm afraid of stealing that opportunity from someone else.

I guess I could try to bid, so I can tell myself that I at least tried to bid. But this bid already has a 'others first'-tone in it, so I'm not sure what you think of this bid.