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The Last Answer
Raina wanted him to help her, so he could just say a clear "Sure!" Hopefully, after he had helped them, they'd forget that he came late.

Sorting was something that Al did not mind. He walked to Raina and the messy wires, immediately trying to deconfuse the wires. It was rather easy for him and something he was used to outside of the club. Untangling wires.

The other parts of robotics on the other hand was something Al had to get into every new lesson he came in. He forgets this stuff after leaving the room, but recalls it again and again each time he reentered this room. At home, robotics was not something he thought much about. Or well, he used to do that often when he first joined the club, but now, unfortunately not anymore.

Lily had asked whether they had a method of avoiding the tangling. "Uh-", he started and stopped. Alessio had no clue and therefore just kept quiet. There were other people in the room who'd know that.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
VOTE: YUGI for stealing my joke.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
Pina Bucket's a stupid name tho. And Irene also stated why she's bad.

Claiming Paula Danza.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I claim Noah Whitley.


I am the lie detector. Pls say "I am town", everybody.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread

Lynch all lisplers and stuff.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Game Thread
I confirm to have received my role pm.

RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Sign-Up Thread
Then I'll put myself into the number 13. I know that I'll have luck.

Tiny Vessels
K to the izi? N to the o. Beaks. Beaks was really making Conrad cringe inwardly with the lame flirt he attempted at Kizi.

But he tried to ignore it and concentrated on the cake.

"Beaks", he repeated what Clarice had said. Well, with a full mouth. Eh, whatever. It did not look disgusting, it just made it sound more like a 'byyx', though.

Conrad looked at Clarice and noticed how she looked at the dance floor.

"It's tasty, Clarice. Don't you think?"

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
A good hero needs to kill good villians and needs to be able to play tennis or chess. Preferably both.

When V3 or V4 happened, he felt young, but now. Now it happened again.

He felt so young when the disasters happened, but now four years are over and another one happened. Nothing changed.

Another set of children abducted on another island. Where the fuck do they get those islands?

Neither McAllister nor the UN could stop them. Fuck them. Fuck their inability to actually change the world. But terrorism was terrorism. It was the war of the age Mr. Ambrosius lived in. He dealt with it.

"Nothing changed" was an overstatement. Things had changed these four years. For him, personally, a lot happened. The job, the family. It changed. A new daughter was born.

The kids and his wife were on a vacation, he couldn't went with them. That's the shitty side of his job.

He was bored, but that would not excuse looking at child murder again. He used to watch the thing happening in 2007 and 2008. Prior it, he also heard about it happening. But in 2007 and in 2008 he dared to actually look at it and research. And then it stopped. Since then, SOTF was finished. It was a finished chapter of Ambrosius' life.

Or would be finished in 2012.


The same mechanics as before, Best Kill Awards. As if that was a show or a game. He could remember Jimmy Brennan getting his. This time Katarina Ko-something got it. Lucky her. Did not help at all, though. Jimmy also eventually died. So would Katarina. So would the pacifistic group or the escape groups. They already are in progess of killing each other. Or the gravedigger duo. So would Theo, the punk, the cowboy and the other killers. Or Brandon. Or Summer. He couldn't continue watching, he stopped watching. This was just worsening his mood. The chapter ended.


What's this SOTF?

I Know What My Fortune Is
An object thrown hit the target. Dariush was thrown at with a can and now had more alcohol on his surface. But he had more alcohol inside.

OH, he was the creep now. Sure, Raina's not creepy at all. With her eyes of a witch or her fucking dyed hair. Who colours the hair in blue? Cyan. Whatever. It looked anime. Darius had at least a cool colour. And not his whole hair to imitate some vocaloid. Raina was being the creepy one with throwing liquid at Dar-

But luckily, before he could open his mouth to reply, Michael and Jonathan interferred and-

really, that did not stop him at all.

"Your face ain't worth it."

He let himself go from Michael's hand, stumbling but ultimately landing on two feet in the end. Hah. That comeback. Hopefully some witnesses of this event will remember that comeback forever. Or that rejoinder.

"Wayne, of course you're put off alcohol with that face."

Good. Now, after having been offensive, he had to defend himself. Gonna grind up all the defensive points, heh.

"Groves would spank y'all for your lack of musical knowledge, you philistines."

He tried to recall lyrics. Lyrics fitting and witty for this situation he's in. Other than Pirate songs his head was emp-

oh. Of course, the most obvious choice.

"Anone Hayaku, Pasokon ni...miku miku, dadadada"

This song sucks and was Raina's theme song and that's the reason why Darius couldn't continue singing and forgot the lyrics. Yup. But it showed that Dariush was able to sing. But he stopped. Because. He drank. Result: He had to pee. Junko wanted him to 'do something'. Watzlawick whispered into Dariush' ear that she meant that he should go away from the party. OK. Well, Pauly said that Darius should leave the society of drunk people temporarily, to let things calm down, maybe conspire against him; who knows. Because Junko was the only cool one who didn't instantly side with Miku, Dariush respected her wish. He also had to piss anyway. So Dariush left the place to urinate, distancing himself from the group. Singing to himself:

"Wherever you are, dadadadada. Wherever you are, dadadadadada. Whatever you say, dadadadadada."

And thus he went to search a tree or a bush or something.


Am I a freak?

Perry Brcaninovic might be one, considering the fact that he watched SOTF. He however hoped that no one found out.

What do the others think of me?

It was a secret, no one knew, except for himself. If his friends found out, they'd be see him as a weirdo, definitely. Who wants to hang out with a guy who watches snuff movies?

If his parents found out, there was no way they'd let him continue watching it, or even use the internet without them watching over his shoulders.

And if the police found out, Perry didn't know what was gonna happen, but Perry didn't know whether watching SOTF was even legal. It presumably wasn't.

After Perry finished school, he went home. A friend wanted to invite him to hang out, but he declined. He had to watch it, he was curious. Not a freak.

Nobody was home, Perry had the place all to himself.

He turned on the computer and plugged in the headset. No loudspeaker, just headsets. Not that his parents could hear it from their workplace, but the walls could be thin, the neighbours might hear it. After all, gunshots and screams were loud, oh yes. And the neighbours were good friends with his mom, so it's better.


That was it. That was the whole day summary. Perry now knew what happened. He was curious about how day 2 will look like. What will the robber duo do? Will that Beatles guy escape? How successful will Miranda be? Will Nina avenge herself?

He'll continue watching, he was going to find out what exactly happened there, more than just a day. Perry Brcaninovic, a secret SOTF fan. Fan? Observer. It was disgusting, he had to admit. But damn interesting.

Then, he deleted the history.


Mr. Ambrosius felt old.

Mafia Tournament Opportunity
Dunno where to announce it, because it kinda needs to be announced somewhere, but Flare will represent the site, not me.

Can't Get A Break
"Yeah, I came here to eat all the banana splits available! By the time I graduate, Kingman won't have any bananas available. That's an achievement to reach."

Sometimes, Darius just needed good food to satisfy himself from his stressful days. It was a compulsive decision to go to the Parlor to eat some banana split.

"Oh, bad mood?"

Jonathan was such a nice, pleasant person - Darius could tell that his words to him were earnest and not a Pecksniffian 'you're a good friend of mine', as one would expect from godfathers or people who have no fucks to give for other people, but still acted nice. Of course, actually pretending to also care for that honest person would be the morally correct choice?

"What had happened? How was your day?"

Can't Get A Break
((Darius Van Dyke continued from Sadness Augmentation))

Oh, Darius totally forgot Jonathan worked here. No need to leave, though. Awkward, yes. It would be awkward for a friend to work for him like a butler.

But it would be even more awkward to just leave and say 'nope, will leave because you work here.'

Yet it looked like Jonathan was not working anymore. The inner hotel manager of Darius had to approach this situation by rocking his chair to the direction of Jonathan and catching his attention with a strict voice.

"Time is money! It's already 2 Dollars 37 Cents PM! No time to play with your phone!"

Sadness Augmentation
"I wanted a fight? Tell that your grandma."

This bullshit was not worth Darius' time. A middle finger was shown. A second one followed. Then a back was turned, away from Ben and the others.

"Sayonara, muchachos. An advice, though: Chain Alvaro so the wind doesn't take him away. It's windy."

And with that, Darius went away, to buy something else, in a different section of the store, away from Ben and the others.

His mood was not really better now. But he was amused at the thought of Alvaro wearing a collar like a dog to not be taken away from the wind, floating in the air as if he was a balloon. And at the end of the dog leash Ben was holding it, protecting dogs who needed no protection, asphyxiating chihuahuas in a bag full of bullshit.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Can't Get A Break))

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
Vyse, I did not worry about becoming an SK, because Toben is unlynchable.

Or at least wouldn't would have not outlived me.

But the other stuff you said reflects my thoughts!

Rooster Teeth Mafia Fallout
Yeah, the Danny editing thing was a pretty bad action. That was actually a reason why I wanted to lynch Yugi day 1 (he seemed to be the only witness of that, so lynching everyone involved in the editing thing would've returned the game to normal without a meta editing thing distracting the game).

I did not expect Survivor to be a given fake claim role. I was certain that Grim was mafia and that he made the Survivor claim up.

Also yeah, outing roles when doc's dead=good thing.

However, you should've probably not went for my lynch that early since that way you lost Prim's report that wasn't roleblocked. But that's what I was aiming for with the selfvote :P

Mafia Tournament Opportunity
For philosophical, mathematical and metaphysical reasons I vote for anarchy instead.

What now?

I Know What My Fortune Is
"You don't like Vocaloid? Kay, will stop. Will stop."

Dariush had no hot dog. God, hot. The hot dog of Raina was way too hot. Poor hot dog, burnt, roasted, for way too long. Just like his throat after doing a great solo of Ievan Polkka.

Ignoring Junko's question Dariush did not feel comfortable to reply to, he looked perplexed at the catastrophe. Dariush did not know why, but Raina looked very pissed. It is not as if Dariush was responsible for this, but Dariush was wary now. And Raina actually fucking hurt with her joke. Not that it was hurting him personally, but the joke was pretty bad. Raina was totally bullying him. Not joking, because nothing she said was actually funny. Haha, rofl, lol, topkek. Dariush's family caged him, lolololol. Raina, comedy god. Fuck you.

"Apologeezes Christ."

And Fiyori was worse. Threatening with violence. But even getting his larynx sodomized, it would have not been as terrible as Raina just ignoring him. It was not as painful as getting an important and valuable gem or console stolen, but it was still very degenerating. Ignoring him. Not paying attention and telling a dumb, elementary-school joke to Wayne.

"Your hot dog burnt? I...fuck, how can I tell you this? My condolences."

Dariush coughed. He needed to sing a sad song. He did not shout, but belted out the lyrics with a strong voice.


His overexaggerating hand moves were amazing. Well, Dariush was amazed by his gesture, how wonderful it looked like. He acted as if he was a very dramatic japanese rock singer, which is fitting considering that this is currently a very sad and dramatic demise of an once-edible hot dog.


Dariush had to. Dariush went to Raina and hugged her. To her ear, quietly, he sobbed the rest of the chorus "Let me forget all the hate, all of the sadness." The voice died down.