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Return of the Revenge of the Realism Litmus Test
The cool kids




So 2


Also 2

The lame kids





Hello, I've created beautiful userbars.

Posted Image
Posted Image

please put that in your sig to spiritually support my hard fight against they tyranny of the sotf help:


if your supporting the tyrant sotf and want me to ban you once ive replace sotf help, mark yourself so with this:


And now a freestyle track. 16 bars.

sotf help, you suck/
cause ur like general goose - a duck/
your a psychopathic multikiller - #maxwell/
and your activity aint well/
we're both helping, but im better/
because i got swag [no rhyme required, because that basically cancels out everything]/
my prose is like pizza, delicious/
your prose is slow - fishes/
ur an acronym of badness/
i am an acronym of radness/
rad like pulp fiction or hansel/
and while im writing im dancin/
your green all day like a broken traffic light/
your in the support group like a backup in a fight/
im fly like a kite/
k, and thats the last line, finished, bye/


Attention, Humans!
Good evening, handlers of SOTF,

I am here to warn you about a dangerous handler, who is a threat to SOTF as a whole. The handler's name is SOTF_HELP.

SOTF_HELP is an evil handler, who has killed too many characters, also exceeding the character cap. In each version they handled more characters than they were allowed to.

Not only does SOTF_HELP break that rule, but multiple others as well.

SOTF_HELP was never in chat. Nobody actually knows who they are. Perhaps, it would be a fake account of another member, like Yomamma Kenobi.

History showed that they are malicious as well.

Also, the graphical details in their avatar and signature is disturbing and repulsive. It seriously is blood painted on a blue background. No manners. We have underage people here. This is irresponsible, considering how it contrasts with the topics of our website.

SOTF_HELP also is very inactive handler. Way too inactive. Their V6 characters Stella and Angel had been inactive for almost a year. A YEAR! I suggest us writing an inactive death resulting in their collars exploding. Breaking inactivity rules while killing other people's for breaking the inactivity rules? THE IRONY.

Have you looked at SOTF_HELP's user name? It is in green! Everybody knows all the staffers merged their colours into purple, after they were split in red and blue, to show equality. SOTF_HELP refused to do that. Not only is SOTF_HELP refusing to make themselves look equal to the other staffers, no. Do you guys know what else the colour green symbolises? Admin status on the Mini site, the highest colour in the ranks. SOTF_HELP does not only refuse equality, no, they even demonstrate their superiority to the other staffers. Rude. This is a sign of a major threat as it forshadows SOTF_HELP's plan to overthrow not only the regular members, but also the staff members. Disgusting.

Therefore, remove SOTF_HELP from the site and replace them with RC_HELPO. Thank you for your attention.

Come fight me, SOTF_HELP!

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Yeah, a limited vig would be a 2-shot or 3-shot vig. It has been used in past games as well.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Maybe we have a vig with limited amount of shots.

Also, Danny, that doesn't really work that way. No one can say "I'm not suspicious".

Like, if I said 'I am not scum, as I clearly have town intentions and I am playing like a town as you can clearly see', it would not clear me.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
See, this is a complicated situation. I think Danny's town, because he apparently role pm quoted something.

On the other hand, I don't think Danny has a good reason to vote MasterWeasel.

Ricky and Gianni's MUGEN challenge!
2 more days. Not sure whether it's worth it for me to start now :c

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Mar 29 2016, 04:46 PM
I dunno man, in a game I made once one mafia member was immune to nightkills despite the fact that the mafia had the only nightkill in the game.
we're talking about an empress plush game, that is even cut from its original size, as we're fewer people than originally intended.

Pretty sure miller wasn't just here for a e s t h e t i c s. Not a cool decoration.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
you basically answered your own question, bik.

It is confirmed that we have a cop now.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Miller is an interesting role in this setup.

That already gives away another role.

That review was long and in depth. I really loved reading it. It had so many details I did not get and the last notes were hilarious xD

I Know What My Fortune Is
Puns were sometime lame. Especially when people who are not Darius do them.

That was different, when Darius was a bit drunk. Darius spent some time attempting stopping laughing from Junko's joke. It was so bad and unexpected that Darius had to continue giggling.

Other stuff happened as well, before Darius survived his sudden laugh attack. Fiyori came. That fucking bitch. He'll get her later. It did not help that Michael alluded to his beloved Nintendo.

Also, Michael pointed out a misconception. Darius, confused, was angry about Michael's ignorance. He'd never throw a bad party. But it turned into an inward smile. Darius never hosted a party. Ever. But he liked to pretend to be the host!

Hm, now if anybody else joins, he should also welcome them to 'his' party. Maybe, Dariush should try to trick Fiyori into thinking he was the host? And then tell her that she should fuck off from his anti-sadie-hawkins party? Hahaha. No, that would be too harmless for revenge.

But first to the hot dogs and ladies. Singular.

Darius wouldn't be able to eat multiple hot dogs.

Darius walked to Wayne and Miku, sitting down next to them.

"Hey, Schizo", as W saw double U. Fuck you, correct terminology. Fuck you, Bradley. He knew it was called bipolar disorder instead of schizophrenia, but who the fuck uses bipolar disorder? Schizo is easier. If anybody dares to correct him, he'd punch them straight into the face. But as Bradley wasn't here, he had no fear of getting corrected. "Can you reach me a hot dog as well?"

Looking at Raina instead, he showed of his very skillful skills he was skilled with of his skilled singing. Emphasise on kill. Darius began. Ievan Polkka, he began to sing with a moderate voice. Though he replaced every syllabus with a 'da'.

Dadada dadada da.

"You know this song? Sing along!", he stopped before continuing his artful Ievan Polkka solo.

Darius hoped he had not disturbed Raina's flirting with Wayne. /s

Small steps can take you great distances
Conrad had to release a strong, hard laugh when Emma joked about things blowing up when she's not organising things. It was an obscure thought.

When Bridgette added her comment, supporting Conrad's statement, he had to agree with her.

"Exactly! The committee would help you with organising all the things and you could relax. The Sadie Hawkins would not become a catastrophe. And even if it would be, heck, it's just Sadie Hawkins. The Prom would be much more important."

Wondering how Emma's thought on that was.

Sadness Augmentation
Ben shot the lamest joke counter attempts at Darius he had ever heard. Vegas Clubs? Trouble with ladies?

"A-ha. Ha."

Ooooh. No. Not worth a smirk.

"Just. There are other things you could do here. Instead of trying to fight me."

Ben seemed to be like an upset baby. That tried to intimidate Darius.

"Like...you could waste your time on. Playing with potatos or something."

Tiny Vessels
Kizi's grateful smiles made Conrad smile, with him replying with a quick "no problem", ignoring the quickly added velcro comment.

"Nono, it's fine. It's totally fine!"

Conrad looked at Clarice, who also wanted to go for a snack.

"After all, we-"

Conrad had to think about what to say. We all need to be happy?

"The dance would be a bad one, if somebody would be bored. It should be a good one for everyone!"

Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer
Oh, Henry seemed to have not heard him. Alessio probably was not audible enough. That was fine. That way the teacher couldn't hear him speaking either.

So many other people suddenly engaged to this conversation as well. Making jokes Al did not smile or laugh at. Just listening to them.

Alessio had nothing else to add. Maybe he should just listen to the others.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Interesting. How many mafia members do you want in endgame? How many are there to begin with?

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Night Roles can be passive as well. I bet this setup will also be complex, not only having active night roles.

You said, if you was mafia, you'd endgame naft. That's not a really reasonable reason to lynch naft.

a) You try to lead a lynch (ok, maybe not lead, but suggest) on somebody who's not a threat

b) Your mafia logic is a bit too unreasonable. If you was mafia, would you really try to endgame Naft? I doubt that.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Modkills are a thing, and we should not lynch Naft, especially when he has a cool night power to use.

Yugi, I think your vote on naft is the scummiest vote now, as it argues from scum perspective.

Rooster Teeth Mafia Game Thread
Who is Danny? I haven't watched Rooster Teeth.