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Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
This needs to fill. I want to read more reviews. I'll throw Forrest in, I guess.

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things!
Aw, thanks for the wonderful review! I'll try to use it to improve my writing for SC2 and V6! Also, I guess I'll try to fix/edit the OOC comments and grammar mistakes of my TV2 kids?

New V5 Reduced Activity Notices
That just sounds awesome! May the force be with you, I guess? Maybe you'll write Star Wars 1313.

Uh, next week I also am not at home, so I'm also less active. Just saying, so I don't miss something like a version start (or specific event/deadline thing) or so, I hope.

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
I, too, want to thank you for the feedback and I'll also try to make sure to use these two lovely reviews to improve my future writing!

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Oh yeah, true. 72 Hours was a very, very long fan fic, I think it was longer than the BR novel. And I think it was very influential for SOTF in general as well (Some concepts seem to be influenced by them and the BKA also came from it.)

However, you don't necessarily have to read everything, actually. I could write a quick summary of every character? Or even better, I could just say in which chapters the characters appear and then the handlers who want to read them can just read the segments where the characters are. Well, yeah, the Endgamers obviously would take longer to read, but there are some characters that appeared in just a few chapters.

The no profiles thing is something that'd make things easier with the time having changed, I guess.

But yeah, I might do an interest check. If the handlers wouldn't like the idea (and prefer original settings and characters), obviously this wouldn't happen. But maybe there'll be interest.

Edit: Ninja'd

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Oh, what were the reasons why it failed? I don't really know them. I just could randomly guess 3 reasons. V4 starting, the NPCs which were hard to handle and maybe it being the first Mini?

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
Hmm. Today, I got a random idea.

What about if we'd do a 72 Hours AU RP or an BRIIAURP? Like, BRAURP just with new characters and new stuff?

What would you guys think about that? Which one would you prefer? Because I'd actually be interested to play in one of those. If not, I'd love to host one of those. Actually, I am playing with the idea of playing one of those in the "Other Roleplaying" Forum (because I'm not sure if I should even ask whether it could be a Mini or not, so yeah).

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Aw, thanks for the dead sprites! I really like them. Forrest's face kinda reminds me of Darth Vader.

Also, the flag idea sounds super awesome.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
I guess I'll request death sprites as well



Yugi's critique thread????
Forrest Doe, maybe?

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Oh, I'm excited for the 100!

I also love the idea of ordering everything by version. The lack of V1 and V2 characters is making me sad, though :c

Hmm, the only Minis that are missing are just Evo and BRAURP. I kinda want BRAURP handlers to request their characters xD

Also, huge thanks for Scarlett. I'm happy that you made my V6 concepts and my TV2 characters into cute pixels ^^

I'm probably gonna request either an SC concept or death sprites, I guess, later.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Oh, people are doing second character requests? I should do that too. But I cannot decide.

I guess I'll request Alien from Spring Breakers!

Bananas Draws Sometimes
Oh, I really love the ghost! Also, the skulls and the birbs are awesome as well.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Dead!Michael seems so sad :C

Also thanks for Jerry, he seems very cool!

The death sprites were awesome.

I wanna request an alive Scarlett!


So...I'm out of V6 characters, unfortunately :c

Un sketches V6. And V5. And Mini. And Stuff.
Aww, that's so adorable with the caaat!

Also, the TV2 doodles are as awesome as the REvo ones! I really love them and the artstyle. Brendan's face is just so cute.

Not sure whether I should request another one or not. I guess I'll do.


V6 Q&A
Could you pleeeease do something special IC, due to it being the 10th anniversary of SOTF IC? Like a throwback to old versions and references to them?

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Woohoo, I managed to write another one!


Fenris does sprite stuff!
Aw yeah, I really like this version! Thanks very much!

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Oh, I really loved Darius' sprite! I need to write my other descriptions soon. Uhm, apologises that my Darius description was messy, because I said that Darius' green streak is on the right top of his hair, which is badly worded. I imagined it being above his right eye, but had no idea how to word. Now I edited his profile so it says that the green streak is above his right hair (so that helped me in writing my profile, yay!).

Apologises! But hey, I'm the first one to request an edit, yay?

Star Wars Mafia: Fallout Thread
Aw, thanks for the kind words everybody!

Also, D/N, the PMs were genius! We should totally all do the night actions IC the next games as well.

And yeah, the RC lynch is probably also caused by me playing risky and stuff and claiming too late and softing 3rd party. And I think the lynch wasn't that bad, I was glad to read all of the stuff happening from the graveyard, it was super thrilling!

I also wanted to say that the fluff from Toben was awesome as well (the messages when somebody got night/daykilled)!