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Official V6 Away Thread
Handler: RC
Dates Away: 6th March to 10th March
Days Away: 5
Reasons for Away: Seminar
Characters: Alessio Rigano, Mafia

Aperature Science Mafia Signups!
There's enough spaaaaace for me left to join

I search a person with a good memory
Nope. I can't recall this ever having been in your sig.

Wait, don't be hasty
((Alessio Rigano continued from Let it Die))

He figured out that the Gym was the perfect place to ambush people, because of all the stuff lying around. He could fortify himself in this and if they walk in he could either surprise them with the sword or gun, or let them walk into a trap.

When Alessio, however, walked into the gym, he was surprised as well. Ugh, that was disgusting. There was a corpse of a girl lying in front of the entrance. That was not something he wanted to see here. It was weird to think about the fact that he'll stumble more and more into corpses the longer he was on the island. That was a worse reminder that his former classmates were dead, than the announcements, because it felt so extremely real and surreal to see the corpses of people you had seen alive a week ago.

No, not a week ago, it was a couple of days ago when he saw that girl who was a corpse now. It was Astrid.

But he was not here to mourn her. He was here to play smart, play safe, don't play aggressively.

This is the place where he want to build traps. There were enough ways to build them. There was stuff lying around that he could use. For example, the weight. He could put the weight up on the doorframe to perhaps injure the next person who would walk in. But how could he go up to the doorframe? That meant a lot of work for him. Putting the weight up the door. Hm.

He pulled a wooden bench in front of the door so he could place a weight up the door by stepping on it. That exhausted him extremely. These were not like the wooden benches he had in school. These felt five times as heavy as he did not have as much energy as he did back in Kingman. He felt tired, exhausted and he did not want to pull the bench or even carry the weight. But he wasn't Fanny, so he can't put a load off and put it right on Robbie Robertson.

But when he had the weight on the door it also took him a while to position it perfectly. He did not want the weight to fall down automatically once he released it. The door had to be opened slightly, but not too much. The weight should not be visible.

It took a while, sometimes it just fell down. He almost got hit if he had not reacted quickly. But after several tries it seemed fine. The door was slightly opened, the weight was balancing on the door and if someone opened the door it would fall down.

So Alessio pulled the bench back to its original position and sat on it to wait for a victim to come. His bloodied sword lying next to him on the bench.

Let it Die
Welp, he avoided the worst case scenario, which would've been him being killed. Now he was alone.

He just stared at the two of them leaving, Jon dragging Michael. Talking casually, while he was staring at them with his sword.

Then, Al sighed. His grip on the sword was not tight anymore. He still felt the blood bumping through his veins, but was mentally prepared to not die right now. He stood there for a while, before he decided that he should go back to the storeroom to wait for someone else to come. But nobody came.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Wait, don't be hasty))

Let it Die
Alessio was not the fighting type. He was always the 'shoot and cowardly run away' guy. He surprise attacked Cameron, then left. He stabbed Henry a couple of times, then left. He threw Astrid under a shelf, then left. There was Maria, who he saw dying, who he accompanied while she died, but that was the worst kill for him of all. It gave him the worst feelings.

He had no experiences in fights. Michael seemed like the guy who would occasionally pick up street fights in Cochise just for fun. Al had never been in a real fight before this island.

Sometimes, avoiding violence is the way to go. He tried to look calm and talk clearly and calmly, but what came out was rushed and one could hear the nervousness in his voice.

"Yes, that's all I got."

He took more steps backwards. He couldn't go forward. There was no way he could injure or kill one of them without risking his own life. He was outnumbered. YOLO sucked. He was still metres away from the wall, or the door of the storeroom, he still had time.

"Now, go away."

If it was anyone but Mike, he would've had his fake gun as a plan B to threat people, to make them go away. But as it was Michael, all he could hope for was that they would not do some stupid shit to end his life.

Let it Die
Alessio's sword collided with Michael, as he pushed Jonathan out of the way to take the hit for him. Alright. Both were on the ground.

It was not alright that he suddenly got a bottle to the face. He grabbed his sword even tighter to make sure he did not lose it while he instinctively closed his eyes and blindly swung around to see if he hit anything. But he didn't.

Then he opened his eyes to see that Jon was closer to him now. Oh shit.

He was outnumbered, but he already wounded one of them. Perhaps he manages to kill both of them. Would that guarantee him getting a better a weapon, a best kill award? He did not know or care right now, right now Jonathan was being a problem.

He takes a few steps back to create distance between him and Jon.

Let it Die
((Alessio Rigano continued from You Know My Name))

Steps. Then, it was quiet. Al was scared. What if they had a gun?

When Alessio explored the pub, he figured out that the storeroom was a good hiding place. He could've buildt a trap in the pub, but did not know how. However, he had his weapon he could ambush people with. Hide, then attack. It was a simple plan. Though, it took some time until someone actually came. Meanwhile waiting, he was plagued by terrible thoughts. But when someone came in, he was not prepared.

It was a risk, as he had no idea who he would encounter. If it was someone like Isabel, he would rather stay in the room to not have an encounter with her. But, he had to be prepared to attack, in case they went into his direction. He had the choice whether to be offensive or not, but if he was attacked, he had no choice but to fight.

There was a voice. It belonged to Jonathan. A friend of Mike, but perhaps a good soul. He had not heard his name in the announcement yet. If he had luck, he would not be hostile.

But then, another pair of foot steps came in and worse, the voice. It was a high, annoying, obnoxious voice he had heard way too many times the past days. The taunting voice, but this time so weak.

The words weren't clear though. What was clear was that Alessio had to act, react to the fact that Michael was here. Michael, who would've killed him if Audrey had not been there.

Attack or wait until they're out? Now, he had an opportunity. He did not know. Decisions are difficult. It was Mike, fucking Michael Crowe. Avoiding him was the solution he would've chosen back in school. But now? He was finally armed. Pressure, time is running.

Opportunity is opportunity. Al hated to think this, but he just had thought 'YOLO'. Embarassing.

He stepped out the storage room, without a word, no shitty joke like Mike would have done. Just his presence. While charging, he immediately swung it at Mike, only to realise that Jonathan was between him and his target. For a moment he hesitated and slowed down the swing of the sword, only to realise that he should not give a damn about hurting Jonathan.

The slowing down led to a stop, just so he could re-swing his sword to take bold for his sword to swing it at Jonathan.

I search a person with a good memory

V6 Podcast
a tiny cast, but a big fun

I search a person with a good memory
Hello, people of SOTF!

Pancapples has songs linked in signature. I want to re-find one. Can you guys recall which ones he had in V6 pregame?

It's making me crazy ;-:

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
dead kid number two.

MW's Lyric-Based V7 Character/Trait Prompt Atrocity

You Know My Name
((Alessio Rigano continued from Cooking Up Trouble))

Finally, Alessio could rest. Finally he could rest while he had the most important thing he could use. His hands. Walking in the asylum freed from the straightjacket was a way different feeling than walking while he had them on. Still, it did not change the fact that he was stuck in a bigger straightjacket - SOTF. It had been days he'd been stuck in that straightjacket and he had no hopes of getting out of it the next day. It was dragging. He did not want to spend another night here, he did not want to sleep here. He wanted to go back home.

The boy whose hair become quite messy during the days on the island, walked through a familar corridor, then went to a familiar room.

This is where it happened. This is where the bullshit with Maria and Michael started.

He looked on the ground and found what he was searching for, what he was missing. His gun. It was useful, he did not risk his life when attacking Astrid for no reason. So, he picked it up to put it in the pocket. It's not as deadly as his sword, but even more threatening.

But gladly, he had something to use, gun aside. This time, he finally had a weapon. A real one. Not a pickaxe, not a fake gun. A sword. He did not know how to handle them, but he had killed with it. The blades did not look clean, though. Perhaps he should clean them if he goes alongside the coast.

He knew he would not be welcomed and hugged by his classmates once they meet him. He knew that they don't trust him. But that's fine. He could trust no one here either.

Alessio wanted to build a trap in this room, but could not think of one. He did not know how to smartly play safe. To not fight, risking his life.

It smelled horribly here, too. He needed fresh air.

Perhaps he'll find a different location. So he strolled out.

He wondered what the other people thought about him being on the announcements. If they judged him as hard as Maria, or if they were relating more with him.

He already saw how Coleen reacted. He knew everybody he meets will antagonise him. He's the bad guy. Bullshit. As if the people's main concern here was whether someone was good and evil. He knew how Maria spoke, she was totally crazy. She was looking for justice, even though she, like anyone else, main concern should be survival. They don't judge him as evil. They judge him as dangerous. And that's not bad, he developed, he was stronger now. The Alessio who was abducted would have been killed in a second in a confrontation. He lived dangerous, he lived brave. He did not cry now. He was rational. But, even now he wants to be emotional, wants to cry, to regret, to hate his actions. Perhaps it will go away once he's out of here.

If he meets a person, there might a chance he doesn't have to fight them. Maybe he could meet friends, who can protect him, talk him out of killing, let him be a little teenager boy, defend him if another person accuses him of being a murderer, stop killing. Perhaps he doesn't need to rush cutting down the numbers of the students to let the game end. Perhaps he will find a group or person that he would like to spend his rest of his life with, slowly. Perhaps there's a group who plays games and has fun while everybody around them is dying, farming good memories. But he found no one of that sort yet. Alessio has played with his rubik's cube, but he never experienced fun here. There was a person he'd have loved to spent the rest of life on this island with, he could've died happily here. Unfortunately that person was a b-bitch.

But maybe there was hope, to find another person, a friend, better than her. Perhaps Noah, Lily, Raina or anybody else. Noah would be fun to hang out with, he saw him, he was in a group and he had not killed anyone yet. He knew there were people here who'd tolerate Alessio. He could tolerate everyone here, too. Even the killers, he doesn't hate them for killing. If Nancy decides to kill to survive, sure. That are the conditions set by the terrorists. Sure, the other people here won't trust him, be worried, be afraid, but there were people who would accept that he wants to live, right? The majority of the remaining people are more angry at the terrorists than at him, right?


((Alessio Rigano continued in Let it Die))

V6 Ninth Rolls
A hero would be cool. V6 is a fun version and I have many more ideas what to do with this crazy island. Crazy. Geddit, cause it's an asyl-

yeah, whatever.

Cooking Up Trouble
The gun was loud, very loud. It felt like a plane was just flying two feet next to him.

He did not want to be in this room anymore. It was confusing and messy. Arthur flew against the wall. Bloodied. The gun was too much of a risk of getting shot.

So Al ran.

Out the door, he ran and ran. Away.

After he could think again, he thought. Coleen had just tried to kill him.

((Alessio Rigano continued in You Know My Name))

Cooking Up Trouble
He was not getting out of this. He stared at the door. He stared at Arthur, at the gun. Arthur really acted like he was a dog that needed to be slaughtered.

He stared at the gun. Coleen needed to not point it at him anymore. Don't put the focus on him anymore.

"Arthur, put that thing away."

Coleen looked back. Not long, but long enough. It took four steps for Al to run to the gun. Giant, quick steps. If Coleen had fired, he would have been dead.

But Alessio used both of his hands, with the right one still holding the sword, to push the gun away from his direction.

That was a brave act that could end his life.

Cooking Up Trouble
That was an interrogation he did not like.

"C-can we change topics?"

Al was afraid. He looked behind Coleen, but the door to escape this situation seemed miles, even though it were just a few steps.

The gun made everything so much more difficult for him.

Cooking Up Trouble
Guns. Is this how he dies?

Coleen with a gun came in, and understandbly wanted to know what had happened here.

Alessio could not tell her. She would kill him if he did.


He said nothing. Why was he here? Because terrorists brought him here. He'd rather be at home.

This situation reminded him of Astrid robbing him, but this time the gun was going to be real. He felt cold. He wanted a blanket. He was afraid of the gun, death.

There was a second person, too. That person talked him to take things 'easy'. He just told him 'easy' as if he was an animal hunted by hunters.


He lowered his sword to show that he was not hostile. But he couldn't say anything.

Cooking Up Trouble
Maria was dead. Her corpse was bloody, just like his shirt. He wanted to shower, he wanted to take a bath.

He calmed down a bit, checked if he had any major injuries. His face hurt. What was making him uncomfortable in addition to the pain was that there was a feeling as if Alessio walked through a spider web. Because he probably did during the fight.

He walked to Maria's bag and equipped it.

Now, Maria and him were even. Where she left his own bag, he had no clue, though.

He heard steps and stopped his own steps to make sure that the steps he heard were not his own steps. Then, he stared at the door to look at who arrives, with his shamshir still in hand.

This is not what it looks like. He should be prepared to say that.